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creating elaborate excuses for inherently enjoyable activities. at @nianticlabs, one of @wildrumpus & @nowplaythese and made Cheap Bots, Done Quick! (they/them)

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It's landed! ShortBox #11- a box of 5 fantastic new comics from a veritably sparkling line-up: @lbtreiman,…
Retweeted by vone study estimates that between 340,000 and 690,000 people were killed by US nuclear tests in Nevada of my favourite Twitter bugs ever was the time that @/2880249322 started getting notifications intended for @/0xabad1dea.
Retweeted by v @hollygramazio @doridoidea It is a nice city! I had a good time there! @hollygramazio but yes, when I went there it was described to me as "the city of bridges" @hollygramazio here are my recommendations: - seeing the various mutual friends we have who live there - LikeLike g… @Ninfa_dp it was slightly cheeky to respond! but I would like to know you better, too! @legobutts I looked it up, and while it's a joke, there is a cataract treatment that inserts blue filters (as well… reaction to grimes' joke workout routine is a perfect example of how nobody ever assumes women are being funny on purpose
Retweeted by v @jennatar When I was a kid I called my pet rat Sredni Vashtar @wjjjjt it is very slightly larger than the USB-C adaptor I have, and less usefuleach of my ears heard the tone at a different volume for a given head position. because they're offset by the width of my head.I went to get my bike, and the bike storage room was filled with a loud piercing tone. but it was coming from [at l… @wjjjjt work issued us a Yubico 5C? I am not sure what the determining factors are in this, thoJustice for 66-year-old Jerry Foxhoven!
Retweeted by vand here's a game played with the web inspector panel, Dina Kelberman's work is so good. here's an excerpt from her new video: "I'm Google" is on instagram now @nicolehe I got a new work computer and am watching in amused resignation as unsaved Sublime Text tabs accumulate @netgal_emi banging my fists on a rock in a dappled forest: MOSS! MOSS! MOSS!Uhhhh where is Pierogi
Retweeted by vI don't care how cringey it would be, I'd totally use a gif keyboard that did quotes instead of GIFs.
Retweeted by vI'm sorry the what now
Retweeted by vHere it is: the guy who had a stroke that texted me at the hospital so I knew he didn't just flake on me
Retweeted by v @gracebruxner hullo grandmama @Ninfa_dp 🌻probably a lotglancing at someone else's boring presentation through the window of a conference room, and wondering what the tota… "The science which compels the inanimate limbs of the machinery, by their construction, to act purposefully,…
Retweeted by vIf you know any young creators in London interested in making interactive work, I'm doing a free workshop at…
Retweeted by vF_STYLE.BMF
Retweeted by v @Discourse_Stu @plentyofalcoves I liked my Moto G before - or, I am currently using a Xiaomi A1, which is great. @hautepop why isn't a 3-person biz sustainable? (I am one of the people who thinks that VC money will ruin things p…
@vivschwarz the first couple of days are along Loch Lomond! then there's a bit more up @hondanhon @dancharvey BOOORe-filtered the same pic of me through the Male/Female FaceApp filter over and are the two genders ever…
Retweeted by v @vivschwarz it's like a week plus, 100 mile route... but have you thought about doing the West Highland Way?Yesterday was my last day at Google. It's been a long, wild road, and I am thrilled to be officially stepping into…
Retweeted by v @pancake_puns I don't know the answer to your question, but I once had this happen to me and it passed without ill… an FOI, the most buses/trams someone has taken via the Hopper fare (unlimited taps in for £1.50 within 1 hour) is 27. TWENTY SEVEN
Retweeted by vPretty sweet process
Retweeted by v @notquitereal have you seen any of "Life in the Dreamhouse"? It plays with that plasticky style of cheap 3-D kids a… Twentieth Entry: SPY INTRIGUE (furkle)
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Happy to announce that Quantum Garden will be shown at this year's @sonarplusd festival in Barcelona! Come check i…
Retweeted by vThis image is part of my inkjet printer's built-in print test and I genuinely find it very moving
Retweeted by v @moreelen @hannaesthetic was it @ragzouken?Slack added a new feature and it's good & solves a problem I was having! (there's a button to take you to the conve… dried seaweed me, an intellectual:'s been done before:Greetings, we are Red Candle Games from Taiwan. To all of our players, industry and media friends, we would like to…
Retweeted by vFinally sending off the updated Dicey Dungeons text for translation
Retweeted by vA Top 20 List of IF
Retweeted by v @mcclure111 I think if you linked it as the first of two links within a tweet?
it's really something how much of a difference it makes to print it out full size, fold it carefully, and frown at it a bittoday, i have been having fun making small adjustments to this text @betterthemask thank you for your tweets! i don't normally follow cricket, but tuned in for that and i am so very g… hell @tambourine conclusion: England wins. because the ball hit the wicket before the bat got over the line. that was it… @tambourine it's very exciting @tambourine After hundreds of points, a series of unlikely and very tense events have just led to England getting e… HELL this cricket @HarryJosieGiles it seemed very obvious to me, too. but i liked that it was merely a possible reading.
Retweeted by v(to be fair, with the power button off, there was an LED lit & the machine was accepted serial commands and respond… was going to tweet something boastful about my skills at making random collections of software and hardware final… thought-provoking quote by Steven Pinker
Retweeted by vI live for this shit day, another executable file that is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerousI'm going to spoil it for you because it's so damn important. Microsoft did a scientific study - based on MS Vista…
Retweeted by v @innesmck at least they're well worn inI decided, in the interests of getting nothing done today, to rejoin tiktok. And after a few hours, I am pleased to…
selfies really killed the whole thing where you stick your fingers up behind someone's head to do bunny earsthese games are so charming & happy, I love their goofy flat style and all the little secrets they hide. we showed… just backed QT: COMPENDIUM OF CUTENESS on @Kickstarter @patrickashe @notquitereal thank you for this post, I did not recognise QT or the art, but I want to back this! bec… post - P1 SELECT
Retweeted by v @dinosaurrparty on the one hand, you're right. on the other hand, ughhhh, but these things are hard, and I am okay… @AvaFoxfort @WordMercenary also the case for TikTok, imo"xenoestrogens aren't real" i assure myself as i close my eyes and ram my shitty endocrine system with BPA by touc…
Retweeted by v @WordMercenary TikTok is built on it, too, tho it helps that it's always been algorithmic. And also that the videos are very short. @WordMercenary i listen to Discover Weekly & Release Radar :/ @FlorianVltmn @notquitereal it really is amazing work. i can't wait to see it without twitter video compression!!Welcome to my roof party, watch your step I still need to model some props that function as obstacles, but it'll f…
Retweeted by vyou: complaining about seeing people @ing brands to complain about bad customer service me: enjoying collecting adv… is so cute - a tribute to local legend #FrankSidebottom from pupils at Chapelfield Primary in Bury.
Retweeted by v"This 8,000-page, eleven-book reference work was understood immediately as essential to scholarly research and teac…"Regrettably, it fell into technological obsolescence after only a few years, and it was long thought irretrievably… @philippawarr if i were you, i think i'd look at doing it with substack instead? better tools for doing a newslette… @SzMarsupial (imo the only good use for allyship is to give plausible cover for those that don't want to publicly c… @SzMarsupial i think you can feel obliged as an ally & i think you can feel like you want to help (but don't see it… player feedback guides us to make the game better! woke: player feedback only represents a vocal minority w…
Retweeted by vThis is dramatic - how you will meet your partner - implications still being worked through I think
Retweeted by vThe Sleep Blanket A visualization of my son's sleep pattern from birth to his first birthday. Crochet border surro…
Retweeted by v @katbamkapow @notquitereal please know that i am bad at and self-conscious about my inability to correctly apostrop…
Richie Rich is not an Archie Comics character. Please stop sending us pitches for a gritty Richie Rich reboot. Thank you.
Retweeted by vsome personal news: I met a dog Friends of Ringo Ishikawa is currently on sale in the eShop. If you're still on the fence or know nothing about…
Retweeted by vGood news, everyone! There's an accessibility setting that can make the mouse cursor freakishly large instead!