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Ooooh look @Philippa_Carter a gothicy autumny-moody thing turned up today 😍 #amreading’s not a fucking ‘deal’ Johnson you dim Tory twat, you’re talking about funding a public health crisis 🤯 #channel4newsThe whole of Manchester only got 20 times more than Secret Cinema. 👀
Retweeted by VeeSolidarity with #Manchester. Johnson’s government an ongoing fiasco of a disgrace. Words escape me. @Beherren @joe_beale @Alpro ‘Very’ ?! @joe_beale @Beherren @Alpro Relieved I don’t do my grocery shop with Brian: not enough time in my life to check ing…
Two on the Aisle, 1927 #hopper #edwardhopper
Retweeted by Vee @jonnybluejeans1 @Fifthcolumnblue @tartanlady2 Just the kind of solidarity the UK needs at the moment. Thanks to Johnson for promoting it.
Garforth, Leeds, late 1970's. Photo submitted by Nancy Griffiths.
Retweeted by VeeRe Dawn French comments there: just wanting to clarify that switching off #Marr when Gove comes on is more of a men… Stop. Referring. To. Matters. Relating To. Our. Health. In. The. Context. Of. A. ‘Deal’. Ffs it is blowin… Hecker — Ramot Housing, Jerusalem
Retweeted by Vee“In late October tall bracken fronds are turning from russet to golden yellow, and the colours blend with fungi, th…
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I meant hashtag football focus actually 😬None of those half and half scarves at Sunderland Newcastle derbies either I’ll have you know!!?! (The cheek) #MOTD @MoaVideos @faizashaheen Fair enough. That’s commenting on twitter for you! Enjoy the victory anyway :)The woman in the bath bit of the actual book still haunts me on occasion 😟😨 #amreading @MoaVideos @faizashaheen Back to previous point: therefore be thankful that as citizens of your country you’re incl… it’s some sick joke that Trump and his cohorts can get treated with drugs that aren’t available to the populace… France has to deal with more of this recurring shit I feel more European than ever. Shared values and that. 🇫🇷🇬🇧🇪🇺Ladybird Nature Corner. Robin #JohnLeighPemberton
Retweeted by VeeI’m in my company’s ethical pension pot and would ❤️ my fund to include music instead of the animal testing and bom… to somewhere without an extradition treaty.
Retweeted by VeeVienna Judenplatz memorial to 65,000 Austrian Jews murdered in the Holocaust, by Rachel Whiteread. The outside surf…
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📣 Community cast open call! We are looking for a cast of community performers for a new Sunderland community play i…
Retweeted by VeeJust found £1 in my handbag! Is most exciting event of week so far! Now have £3.70 in physical money and it’s the a… @jeremy_hume Agreed. Johnson halfway measures wreck economy but have minimal effect on covid. Shambolic.Remember when London was under the #covid cosh and the whole country went into lockdown? This poisonous and stupid… all this talk of ‘doing a deal’ really appropriate language for UK government’s approach to tackling #Covid? ‘Ne… @willsfilmgig We’re Sunderland tweeps. Could think of more Surrey racecourses than football clubs 😃This #NiallHoran gig for crews thing 👏🏻👏🏻 @willsfilmgig We thought it may have been Sandown as the fences looked racecoursey and that was the only racecourse… I’d been paying Andy Burnham bingo (with vodka) during that Raab non-interview on #BBCBreakfast there 😕
Going to have to step away from the twitter since my TL is suddenly overflowing with London tier 2 what’s going to… @Peymasad Maybe now Londoners have them too Johnson and his cohorts will be forced to act decisively. When it was o… because. 💓💖 #ballet, 1977. Photo submitted by Bradley.
Retweeted by VeeDear @BBCNews why on earth did you play that ridiculous and distracting plinky tune throughout your report on US v…
‘Decisive’ is not a word in Johnson’s lexicon as far as I can tell. Probs due to it being full up with more useful… Are. fucked. Johnson’s #omnishambles, hard to watch #PMQsWhy isn’t Newcastle in Tier 3 then Johnson you spineless, life-threatening fool #PMQs @AmandaWhiteArt @HumanOceans Not listening but I can guess the topic. Take your point but in many places the local… very much approve of recycling but whoever felt their need for (Billy) bookcases lessen ⁦@Philippa_Carter ⁦⁦…
And btw will fuckers please stop beginning every sentence with ‘so’ ffs man it’s out of control 😖My head is exploding at this feckless government #BBCNewsWhen you think you have no biscuits but then remember the chocolate rice cakes in the cupboard (full packet) 😍😍
@LouiseBrogan3 Not joking!!!!!!! 🤯 @LouiseBrogan3 You had the right idea 💁🏼‍♀️(I’m watching and none the wiser)Still none the wiser for NE covid rulers then. #omnishambles. Cheers Johnson you feckless nowt. #BBCNews #covidbriefing
Happy #NationalComingOutDay to all LGBT+ people. No matter where you are in your journey, Labour is on your side –…
Retweeted by VeeAnyway in other news: where I sit in window to home work there’s a gorgeous trees view and this crazy year I’m actu… glancing at yesterday Sun (WHICH WE GET FOR TV TIMES MAG, OK) and it’s honestly scaring me the editorial’s try… @RC_Garrioch Where do you even start? Maybe she’s been buoyed up by the circus surrounding Trump. Which is quite ob… @Philippa_Carter Hey, both your comment & following randomly popped into head: last week chanced on kids animated t… mean, we’re talking about feeding kids. The Chancellor actually found the Magic Money Tree. OMG the twat doesn’t… just knew the detractor was going to be a Tory didn’t you #BBCBreakfast
@Philippa_Carter You are doing a good job, don’t fret! Just thinking about the thousands of kids who have parents w… @Philippa_Carter 😂(Decided to commence tedious work task after singing along to entire record first. Saying as how it’s Saturday)Have *tedious* work task to do today but doing it to this ❤️ on #NationalAlbumDay @Philippa_Carter PS I got me mate’s kid some suffragette stuff from the House of Commons gift shop. Kid stationery… @Philippa_Carter 👍 idea! I’ll have a read of article. Without having read: it occurs to me there *might* be some no…
@Philippa_Carter It’s not all bad though is it. Just saying that actual fairy tales don’t generally have damsels in… these the same parents who favour Disney over the original Grimm and gory versions though? Parents say damsel… this a spoof edition of #tippingpoint tonight? 😮😬
#whatafuckingshambles #BBCNews#OTD 1959. General Election. Shock as Labour suffer third defeat in a row and 'SuperMac' triumphs Despite Suez -…
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@CatherineSimes @MazzucatoM As soon as I read about the words coming out of his mouth I thought ‘what a (predictable) dick’Yeah but it’s scientists asking for more measures and generally Tory politicians for less #BBCBreakfast
@MissLesleyW @salmawrotethis @matthaig1 Tbf Trump makes Johnson look dignified and sensible by comparison and that’s saying something!! @salmawrotethis @matthaig1 The language is awkward to say the least. Eg people who die of cancer just didn’t try hard enough @matthaig1 But getting over stuff is more likely if you are receiving the world class care and treatments that most… to see Johnson listing the Tories’ decade of failures there #BBCNews
Morning. In spirit of proving the past is a foreign country, just needing to share fact I’ve opened a book of Victo…
@Dorothy3737 @MarinaNigrelli @TheNewEuropean Hm it’s a bit too ruinous for adequate incarceration to my mindHaving just told my bloke about this bit of history can confirm he’s nostalgic for times when #SAFC had a goalie considered worth nobbling 😕Making me all nostalgic for the old days when Sunderland made it past the first hurdle of major cup competitions on A VW Beetle in Liverpool Dave Sinclair - 1980s – Flashbak Shop
Retweeted by VeeNever ceases to amaze me that journalists know so much more about virology than scientists #Marr @toffeechris42 I just misread that headline as ‘Jesuit’ and now the mind is bogglingA piece including my two favourite living novelists, and others I like a lot, asking another favourite her views on… @MarinaNigrelli @TheNewEuropean ... is something no resident of Barnard Castle would ever sayA window of the sky. The salt flats of Bolivia.
Retweeted by VeeLovely story ❤️ Though of course the flip side is that most people can’t do this for their treasured loved one, I’m…
Halloweeny enough @Philippa_Carter? @claifolk @JamesMelville Yeah I’m sure they said 20 times in that briefing it was a worst case scenario not a predi… on this. It’s like grownups can’t work out for themselves that official statements are designed to calm the… @DrLeonBlack @VerkehrswendeK @davejohnscomic @parents4future Don’t get me started on lack of investment in local se… @VerkehrswendeK @DrLeonBlack @davejohnscomic @parents4future The government has spent too much £ so far for them to… @DrLeonBlack @VerkehrswendeK @davejohnscomic @parents4future We have a perfectly fine service on east coast main li…‘To be threshed with your own flail’ is to suffer the same fate as you have allowed others to suffer, or to become…
Retweeted by Vee @VerkehrswendeK @davejohnscomic @parents4future In the UK we have this thing called home working. It lessens the ne… Mozart was 8 years old this tree was over 40 years old. 50 years old when the first Steam Engine was patented…
Retweeted by Vee❤️ these pics. Ours has an overflowing toy box herself 🐕 Haworth, Autumn Woods, 2020 #womensart
Retweeted by VeeI take it the on people slagging off the BBC on The Whingies (aka #Newswatch) for calling out ministers who can’t n…
I didn’t get ‘blase’ Johnson (you utterly useless excuse for a PM in charge of a similarly feckless ‘government’).…
@MrDavid_885 They are also pleasantly immediate! Though I remain v much a paper gal 💁🏼‍♀️To all you e-reader types out there: my new hardback paper book smells absolutely gorgeous this morning. Just saying 😍📚🤓Interesting piece making me feel frustration and anger on behalf of the young men living in my community... And for…