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@MaribethMooney I hope so tooProbably UCB
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhWhich side are we rooting for again?
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhturns out three men talking at the same time is my least favorite sound
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhwell that was just embarrassingDonald Trump is racist scum.
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhwait did trump just tell the proud boys to stand by? @ljp282 YesCan I vote for Chris Wallace?Chris Wallace is helping Biden more than BidenEverything sounds good when a car salesman says itNothing about Herman Cain?
Breaking: A member of the Breonna Taylor grand jury just filed a remarkable motion asking a judge to release the en…
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhWas going to organize my bookshelf by color but didn’t want people to think I have my life togetherWhat does “Christian” even mean?
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhWhite guys’ signature dance move is jumping and pointingAny of you have a friend that’s married but you’ve literally never even seen their spouse?
BREAKING: UK’s Channel 4 has obtained a huge data leak from Trump’s 2016 campaign. The leak reveals personal data o…
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhrefuse to make a joke about trumps $750 because I’m too fucking furious also we all kind of knew this already??I guess rich Americans just get to travel now? @Brennanator Thank you! I feel a little bit lameApparently my idea of vacation is staying up past midnight doing a puzzle
LMFAO coconut water tastes like somebody breathed on it before you drank it. I feel you little guy.
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhAfter years of listening to Republicans and Fox News and conservatives and Trump himself attack and undermine the r…
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhMy favorite books to read are my old tweetsthe nypd literally have nothing better to do than terrorize communities they don’t even live in. (Thread) wow did a not therapist make this??
@itsdannyneary Reductress has a small staff of maybe 5 people and then everyone else is a contributor and you get p… @itsdannyneary Through medium paid partners or something (?) entirely depends on clicks/views or whatever but that’… @itsdannyneary Lol my scale is free to ~$150An outdoor shower just hits differentFuck, just remembered I meant to make a Dutch baby in quarantine and forgotThe Trump administration took $300 million from the CDC mid-pandemic so they could make ads with Dennis Quaid sayin…
Retweeted by ughhhhhhh
i once walked into that building to report a rape. i was told yes, i was raped, however because i didn't fight back…
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Gonna go back on dating apps so I can be mean to all the cops @countrygonecool @artistamarisa @Kevinliptakcnn @marisaartista How does it feel to be a total fucking idiotLmao did we actually expect tami laymen to say something empathetic and insightful?Trump at the court as crowd chants “vote him out” — it’s rare for this President to see his opposition this up-clos…
Retweeted by ughhhhhhh @_chase_____ Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @DossyDu I missed you I hope Jack let’s you stay this time 🤗 @DossyDu Righttt well I’m glad to have you back :) you get a pass @tessaelliecraw I’m glad you like twitter! It’s my fav but it has a lot of positive and negative effects I just can… @DossyDu Lmao idk why you keep deleting them! @louisvillemayor Fuck you @aotiv Yes, but barely @TheDougKayne I’ll allow it!Moral of story don’t let racists gaslight you.Just thinking how back in June, when I got in a fight w my dad about going to BLM protests in cinci & I was mad he… don’t trust anyone who made a twitter account in 2020Maybe if the police weren’t such thugs...
Finally got off the library’s waitlist for this book HISTORY OF US POLICING: A THREAD The modern system of policing is rotten to its core. Here’s how we got here. ⬇️
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhWhite people feel free to riot too! The police are not on your side either
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhPlease join me in donating to bail funds in Louisville: Also, this headline is the correct…
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhAll the popular girls from high school are fascists nowif you are 39 I do not know what to do with you. are you my peer? My mom? Idk
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhMe Children 🤝 Talking about our poops @slamguy yes did the same w my parents
Depression is not caring which direction the toilet paper goesI have friends in their 20s who got Covid and now have high-blood pressure and breathing problems. don’t think ohio is a swing state anymore I think it’s Full Of Racists.people on dating apps collectively pretend their favorite hobby is literally anything but staring at their phones in bed for hoursAll politicians should be forced to retire at 69 because 1. They’re old and 2. That’s a sexy age @NBCNewYork Taken earlier this afternoon when will this destruction and lawlessness end?????? it's funny how some republicans think they're comedians
New York City, an anarchist jurisdiction
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhWeird everyone is watching the emmys and not reading my tweetsOk literally the 26th woman to accuse t*ump of sexual assault came forward this week and no one fucking caresI passed this tree today in my neighborhood and it made me happy
ok but why does Bernie always get excluded from this narrative gives me some peace is knowing no trump fan is truly happy @mattyxb @elonmusk This is messier than a regular ice cream cone.Me in back of taxi: I don’t need a seatbelt I’m invincible nyc baby woo!!!!! Me driving car in nyc: I am going to die.
Has anyone stopped to think millennials change jobs so often because we’re treated like shitI feel like it’s more uncomfortable if the mask doesn’t cover your nose?Mike Espy is polling better in his race against GOP U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith in Mississippi than Amy McGrath is a…
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhKnocking on the door of $15 million.
Retweeted by ughhhhhhh @OMaraRules all my white friends “heard about rbg 😔 damn that’s crazy.. lmk if you need anything ✊🏿” like they did me w…
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhHonestly fuck @Facebook @instagram and zucky for sending me this ad up from a dream my front tooth rotted then remembered our current reality and wanted to go back to the dreamLindsey Graham says this video doesn’t exist but here it is and we are all retweeting it.
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhwow forgot this was just yesterday.I've had a headache since March @itsdannyneary I feel like everyone just assumes its the south or farms like NOOOO a whole different awful breed @itsdannyneary Only WE know the type of weird & shitty it isYou're wondering what you can do to help? The most important thing is making sure that we take back the Senate. Amy…
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhwhat... do I do right now?ughhhhh telling me to vote. i’m gonna vote. i’ve BEEN voting. tell me when we’re meeting outside mitch mcconnell’s house.
Retweeted by ughhhhhhhOk but also how fucking fucked is it that RBG was the second woman ever to serve on Supreme Court jesus christ I hate it here
FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKFUCKisn’t it funny how most ppl are super fucking boring but we watch their Instagram stories anyway?✨NYC FREELANCE OPPORTUNITY✨ push me down the stairs
Retweeted by ughhhhhhh @itsdannyneary woofSo relived no one has suggested getting matching face masks w meAlways honored to be in a round up with @USPS thank you @JustAVerySmith 🙏🏻 yes I did cry after reading the news that the USPS planned to send 5 reusable masks to every American household…
Every time I get my car I expect the entire block to be there, up in arms about my terrible parking job, just waiti…