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Award-winning investigative journo. In news sites everywhere. Fmr @baltimoresun @PhillyDailyNews. Writes books. Real-life Socialist. #BLM #M4A 🏳️‍🌈 ♿ she/her

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@realDonaldTrump Why are you so envious of Obama? It's embarrasing. @realDonaldTrump We all witnessed what happened. You are lying. Again.The President of the United States is awake and lying to you on a sunny Saturday norning. Don't let him gaslight yo… @B52Malmet @DMR09 @slpng_giants @nandoodles That BuzzFeed story. Yikes. He just seems totally oblivious to how he sounds. @nandoodles @BuzzFeedNews Thank you for your work and also for your courage in telling your story. It is so critica… is the same guy who tweeted out a pic with a corona beer at the beginning of the pandemic with a snide comment… @HuffPostPol Well....George H.W. Bush pardoned Casper Weinberger and eight others so they wouldn't testify against… Scratch a GOP and find someone with no integrity. @OhNoSheTwitnt That is gonna be one hella dessert round!Disturbing piece about what happened when this reporter was arrested covering the protests in Seattle. I was arres… @OhNoSheTwitnt Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths for both men and women, but I agree with your premise. @WPalmerCurl On Thursday she asked people to stop tweeting her about her parents. I think she was getting a lot of… @jlwallen My book with filmmaker Judith M. Redding, Film Fatales: Independent Women Directors (Seal Press) Availabl… #Wayfair Trafficking Children Via Overpriced Items? False. via @snopes @TechExecCrystal Nearly all the white and Latina women I interviewed in 2016 who were Democrats who voted Trump did… Pardoning Roger Stone is not more "brazenly corrupt" than the Watergate break-in by Nixon. Nor is it more br… @SeayonceKnows I want to give hundreds of people the Catholic school slap every day for wandering around without ma… @SeayonceKnows Who has that kind of money to spend in this climate? Your brother must be really well off. @smithbrainz EXACTLY. "How was work today, honey?" "Really good. I sold 30 kids. Oops--I meant...cabinets." @cG98SzzkAAScJKf And I could be a fairy princess. @BethP0201 I agree. @nottherobin Pretty expensive last meal. @Scott217 @MidwinCharles @BritniDWrites Liebovitz would have final say--she isn't some newbie. She is a world-renow… @Tbolt65 @PrezHillary17 @gtconway3d You are welcome to your Canadian opinion. Having covered the Bush White House,… spoke with Wayfair several times Friday and also to one of their retailers whose product line was mispriced. They… #Wayfair CT demands we believe all 13k employees of the company are directly involved in child trafficking and… five years after #SandyHook, Alex Jones and other conspiracy theorists claimed the massacre of 20 children & 6… piece has all the data I researched Friday on this #Wayfair story--and as I did, completely debunks the conspi… @2017USAJane It doesn't cost $1k just to spend a day at the beach like it does to walk through the gate at Disneyland. @PrezHillary17 @gtconway3d That he helped orchestrate. I dunno why folks love these Lincoln Project GOPers. They really are playing people. @GeffGefferson1 @LostFaith17 They're too poor. @AW2B12 Too poor.#BREAKING Trump is going hard for the Latinx vote. This will make things easier for President Biden. McConnell and…*TWO WEEKS. Just TWO @realDonaldTrump is such a delightful story. This shop is so wonderful, as is the Blue Marble Bookstore across the street where… @gtconway3d You seem to forget you were in the Bush White House. Let's not get carried away.But but but Fox News says Trump was never involved with Epstein. (Melania's pose says otherwise.) should be a warning to millions, but the mask refusniks will find a way to dismiss it, just like he did. exactly is going to risk their life and that of their kids to pay hundreds of dollars to go to a theme park in… can't even social distance in the White House or at a Trump function. And those people are [purportedly] adult… entire Black population of America is suffering from #PTSD *because* of Minneapolis police officers. @eclecticbrotha I'm going to be thinking about this for some time.... @MidwinCharles @BritniDWrites Liebovitz has taken the most iconic shots of Serena Williams. What the heck happened… does Trump not understand that this means doctors expected him to be completely incompetent and were shocked t… @notcapnamerica I used to make poached pears in custard for my flatmates in London. And applesauce is cooked fruit. But what else is there? @sjgloria @AddieStan @vickymattson @Karoli That is GORGEOUS! Thank you!Slotkin is right--we cannot afford a reprise of 2016. On Nov 7, 2016 MSNBC and AP predicted Hillary would win the E… @4moreyears8 IKR? The Trump folks are out of their minds.Trump supporter thinks I am being mean to Trump. @dmcpa78666 It's true--Trump never stops tantruming. But his niece did explain some of the reasons why. @JefferyWJr Did you mean "rules" or "rolls"? You MAGA folks do have a literacy problem. Much like your leader. @LukeMor19529310 @stellaaaa It's good AND beautiful. @dennisdiclaudio I'm so sorry for your loss. ❤Yikes. Susie Shannon had 15 INCHES OF TUMORS removed. The campaign director called her in the hospital the day afte… Wife and I are watching this NYT piece on doctors and nurses treating #COVID19 patients and it is just heartbre… Pelosi said this in APRIL. It's July and not only has nothing gotten better, it is worse than ever. @donwinslow Why? It's not safe to be in classrooms.Smart not to kill kids and teachers. @WFKARS But Pheobe Waller-Bridge should have been enough for you.... @AynRandPaulRyan For the most part. Last night was more MA-LV.The MAGA folks are declarative. @RaeJTX2ME @CathyFo40475438 If you actually love America, you can't possibly love Trump. He's a traitor to this country. @RaeJTX2ME I'm an American, ma'am. If you want to go live there, you go right ahead.*pantomime @SusieMadrak No--this round is over my calling for Trump to be impeached again. The Wayfair people have lost their… little glimpse into the #MAGA trolls in my mentions. November is going to be all hands on deck. @JerryGTed That is an invented narrative. @FrankAmari2 @LindseyGrahamSC @marcorubio @SenTedCruz @SenJohnKennedy @SenJoniErnst @SenTomCotton @JohnCornyn piece that lays out just how Nixonian-level paranoiac Trump has become. He's really just flailing about i… She. Said. Channel your outrage. Trump again. Then vote him out. Then indict him. Make him the social, political and historical pariah he deserves to be.THIS. 100% Pelosi is focused on the nation. She is literally the only person in leadership in DC who is. who voted Trump proxy in 2016 are now demanding Speaker Pelosi "do something" about Trump's pardon of Stone.… @lawhawk That is the class issue I noted, yes. @gcflgcfl LOL. You claimed thousands of mostly women working for Wayfair are child traffickers based on a Russian R… @MEMEMAKER11223 @gcflgcfl You are 100% correct. But in an election year I don't think we can afford to let this stuff slide.These are absolutely harrowing stats that really highlight the racial and economic divide of this disease--another… one has even mentioned support staff in schools. Unsurprisingly, these people are nearly always Black or brown a… @ParksThriller It is wild. I forgot how absolute batsh*t these folks can be and how extreme conspiracy theories are.SIXTY-EIGHT PERCENT of people tested in Corona Queens in NYC tested positive v 13% in Park Slope Brooklyn, reports… that Roger Stone and his cohort are all wearing masks that say "Free Roger Stone."AG Barr said the Stone prosecution was "righteous." But Kayleigh McEnany says it was a wrongful prosecution.Speaker Pelosi seems to be the only leader in Washington these days. Calling out the Roger Stone pardon for what it… @FoolProphetic I hope once Trump is out of office and hopefully on his way to prison, you can get some much-needed… @TripleFireKing @elinorshira @Wayfair OMG, get some help. Thousands of women workers are not running a?child traffi… @FoolProphetic Nah, dude. I'm a reporter for real newd. You're the one in the Trump cult who can't even think for y… @ParksThriller Ah--that makes sense. That person's TL is full of Trump tweets, though, so.....🤔😣
Why would #MAGA folks be making demands like this of reporters? @thelatinagirlrs @gcflgcfl It's madness. @carrieblaydes EXACTLY. They could not care less about brown kids being abused by DHS. But somehow literally thousa… @MichelleInHell1 @gcflgcfl Oh no--Bernie bros are involved in this lunatic conspiracy, too?! I thought this was jus… imputation, @gcflgcfl, is that my doing my job as a reporter is the suspicious thing--not your support of a Ru… @gcflgcfl--may I call you that?--the way journalism works is to investigate the evidence. Your conspiracy… @Marmel E X A C T L Y.1,000 kids in the hospital with #COVID19 in Texas. Two deaths. @ucandoit99 I was deeply opposed to Biden as a candidate. The alternative is Trump. Ask your friend why she's votin… @ratdog69 @sarahcpr Sarah is brilliant. It does not mitigate 135k dead Americans nor 3.5yrs of attacks on the most vulnerable Americans.