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@ewarren @nbc @KamalaHarris @SenGillibrand Here is @KamalaHarris--who had qualified for the December debate: "I am… @ewarren @nbc Referencing @KamalaHarris's video stating that money had driven her out and that she was "not a billi… statements from @ewarren when asked by @NBC about the prospect of an all-white December debate. Warren said,… @Tristanshouts @deepa_shivaram Obscene? So you didn't actually read it, then. It was a full-throated denunciation a… #PelosiTownHall, @SpeakerPelosi said it has been nearly a year since the House passed a bipartisan #GunReform bi… message from the Trump base. Always so charming. @AnyoneBut2020 @SpeakerPelosi Interesting. She's pretty center for me. ;) @WPalmerCurl @SpeakerPelosi I voted for that in 2016. @MJM2K @SpeakerPelosi LOL--you mean like the 3 guys her age running for POTUS? @Didikatz He is certainly dangerous to America. @AnthonyParrillo The reason we have a congressional record is so folks can't just curse at reporters when we cite f… reason we have a congressional record is so folks can't just curse at reporters when we cite facts like that th… @SwabbyOld @Good_Thoughts12 2020--@AmyMcGrathKY is running against him."Healthcare is the most important issue in every campaign....It's not just a health issue--it's a financial health…"I'm not on a timetable, I'm on a mission." --@SpeakerPelosi when Tapper asks if she will retire if a Democrat is e… says she is concerned about the children of America. "1 in 5 children lives in poverty and goes to bed hungr…“maybe they are still fighting the Civil War ... that could be” @SpeakerPelosi #PelosiTownHall
Retweeted by Victoria BrownworthAmerica is so fortunate to have @SpeakerPelosi. Regardless of whether she is too center or too left for you persona… "We have FOUR HUNDRED BILLS sitting on Mitch McConnell's desk. TWO HUNDRED SEVENTY FIVE of them bipartisan… audience laughs loudly when Tapper asks if she and Schiff should testify. She sighs and says “to ask me questio…! Pelosi says even Nixon said that subpoenas should be honored. #PelosiTownHallPelosi laying out the stakes for 2020 should resound with every American. She cites everything Trump is doing to er…"At the end of the day, all roads lead to Putin." ~~@SpeakerPelosi #PelosiTownHallRepublican Senators “took an oath to the Constitution- not an oath to Donald Trump” 🔥🔥🔥#PelosiTownHall
Retweeted by Victoria Brownworth"Our Founders left us a precious legacy – a republic founded on checks and balances across 3 co-equal branches of g… tells the story of Ben Franklin coming out after the Constitution is signed and people ask if there will be…“If he isn’t stopped, he will continue. He invited intervention.”~~ @SpeakerPelosi, who said the GOP should have do…'s simple: Trump is *not* king. No one is above the law. #PelosiTownHall
Retweeted by Victoria Brownworth"This is a very sad day. It's something that I would have hoped we could have avoided. But the President's actions… says that she was pressured to impeach Bush over the Iraq War. She said there was not grounds for impeachmen…"The Republicans have failed to honor their oath to protect and defend the United States." ~~@SpeakerPelosi #PelosiTownHall @fvmcgillicuddy @JujunluluJudy @TulsiGabbard @KamalaHarris It never was. She raised $11--yes ELEVEN--in her congres… @JujunluluJudy @fvmcgillicuddy @TulsiGabbard @KamalaHarris They are flat broke and have been since Hillary stopped raising money for them. @Ssebagala I would add that Turley is not an honest broker in the impeachment debate, imo.Pelosi: Politics isn't part of this. This is about protecting and defending the Constitution. #PelosiTownHallPelosi says she prays that Trump's heart to be opened to care about others like kids at the border, people on food… a Catholic who also doesn't hate anyone, even the many people who hate me for who I am and my family is, I reall… says she "finds it very strange that there hasn't been an intervention" by Trump's people to address his behavior. #PelosiTownHall @Ssebagala I think he probably didn't vote for either. @Yeoh62 I can't tell. Is it a furled flag? @LaikasLost @Boonhome28 @TulsiGabbard @KamalaHarris I don't watch Fox. Warren has been under attack for about two m… looks terrific. #PelosiTownHall @Sara_Shakoor @LisaTalmadge @TulsiGabbard @KamalaHarris Tulsi Gabbard voted REPEATEDLY against LGBTQ people as a st… @CathyFo40475438 @Kate_Kelly_Esq Thank you! @JujunluluJudy @TulsiGabbard @KamalaHarris I actually think most of Gabbard's donations are from the GOP. They seem very invested in her.Throughout this primary I have written columns that women and BIPOC candidates need to stay in as long as they can…
Retweeted by Victoria Brownworth @Ssebagala If you think that guy was a Republican plant in a tiny room of 20 old people when he was incredibly clea… @stevebiffle What garbage was that? I watched the entire exchange. He asked a question, he even gave Biden room to… Reminder that @SpeakerPelosi will be holding a town hall on @CNN at 9pm. The third highest ranked person in…
Retweeted by Victoria Brownworth🚨 All you need to do is mske the call. 🚨 @danger_kittens Some do, yes. It is a bizarre thing that he is an activist on this.There is no more important question with regard to impeachment. the United States of America, no one is above the law.
Retweeted by Victoria BrownworthThroughout this primary I have written columns that women and BIPOC candidates need to stay in as long as they can… @EndCorruption60 @mnorian4306 Biden is not the nominee. @CocoaSwann @QueenMab87 Misogynoir is its own special mix. @QueenMab87 Same.When they threw dollar bills at Clinton, Sanders was silent. When Sanders supporters created a taunting gauntlet of…
Retweeted by Victoria Brownworth @lyn_cade That sounds right. I am always amazed at how fast people eat. (Also he's lucky!)Her immense bravery and quick-thinking are credited with saving lives. Video shows 17-year-old girl hold open mosq… @HawaiiDelilah W H U TSanders has the most under 49 voters and Latinx voters, Warren is 2nd in both, and is highest among women voters. B… is in a statistical tie with Buttigieg--he lost 7pts, Buttigieg gained 7pts. The poll was taken a week before… headline in large comprehensive English & Spanish poll. Warren in a statistical tie with Sanders for 1st… Name-calling Democratic voters is not a winning strategy for any candidate.Actually even worse: Trump initially was going to have an actual governmental group headed by RFK Jr, America's lea…
@KaraCalavera I am so sorry. This had happened to me. Usually if you go out looking for them, and calling, they are… really is the only adult in the room. At least there is one in American governmental hierarchy.There are serious issues on the table that should be the focus of Democratic candidates and voters. That this admi… @coreybking THANK YOU! There are still way more viable candidates in the race and Harris has been out for five minutes. @PtolemysWrath @lyn_cade @HillaryClinton We disagree. And please let us not pretend a woman or POC candidate could… @procrastin @HillaryClinton Come back when you've actually listened to the exchange since you did not. @EricKleefeld @HillaryClinton Sigh. @lyn_cade @HillaryClinton You must not have listened to the exchange. He was not a Trump voter. @VentaDarling @SenSchumer @dscc @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @SpeakerPelosi Yes, I wrote about that. Elections have consequences. @irenelegal Well, Biden challenged an 83 year old Warren voter to push ups, so it's all good. @TessEractica I was raised in a Socialist household, so I obviously agree with you. @FalsusInOmnibus @HillaryClinton So abusing voters who ask valid questions in a tiny group of 20 people is presidential? Really? @fran_adkins @HillaryClinton Did you actually watch the exchange? The man asked a valid question and Biden got hyst… @procrastin @HillaryClinton Attacking voters is pure Trump. If Hunter Biden can say it was inappropriate for him to… @computermuse @HillaryClinton You are a man so respectfully you have no idea what it is to have men creep up on/st… Reminder that @SpeakerPelosi will be holding a town hall on @CNN at 9pm. The third highest ranked person in…'s latest domestic plan is to literally starve the poorest Americans by ending #SNAP benefits to close to a mi… Biden not register how weird these push-up challenges he keeps issuing are? “Get your words straight, Jack!” W…
Retweeted by Victoria Brownworth#MisogynistHotTake: @HillaryClinton lost the election because she didn't challenge Trump to a fist fight when he… Are. Other. Candidates. your temperament is such that you cannot engage with voters civilly, you should not be running for POTUS.… week Biden told a young Latinx activist to "vote for Trump." Now it's an IQ test. What's next? someone told you this story without mentioning names, you'd assume it was Trump. No woman candidate could get aw… @PCUnitedPage @Carmenr1Carmen Or both. @Plindsey2323 You not knowing electoral history or party demographics is a problem you could easily remedy by readi… @OnePageWriter Alas, it would. But Harris dropped out and Warren is still in the top two or three, depending on the… @pDude24037284 Too smart for you? Because Democrats MUST nominate someone who can be the 2024 incumbent and that su… @HollyGo55 It has been on my wish list for a while, though in reverse order. But yes--fabulous ticket that checks all the boxes. @dianeb1962 Yeah--I see a lot of bleach and Febreeze in their futures. @scarybetty Yeah--I had envisioned it reversed, but I would vote it in a heartbeat. @SER1897 Interesting points--I had written about Palin being sent out to be the attack dog against Obama back in 2008.Interesting. Harris had previously said she was open to Warren, and they are friends. It's the smartest ticket the… how only Republicans are leaving Congress in droves. 🐀🐀🐀⛴⛴⛴ Republican Tom Graves announces retirement… week ago Biden told a young immigrant activist who asked him if Biden would protect immigrants from deportation t…