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@madwells22 shut up
Lance Henriksen is 80 I can't deal with this
@murderxbryan I feel like an ernie so muchsounds badass actually @LisaO_SKINMETRO @Ruth_HHopkins Wrong band maid song is the end credits to a 2005 action movie with a bunch of graphics of like a skull turning int… you get a big bite of new Mexico style chili in the mid 90s I had no computer, just vibin. The amount of deranged people I encountered was significantly l…
@MutantsMichael administration is gonna be a record 4 years of the fbi finding mentally disabled forum posters, giving them b… @Hippoplatymoose @hodgepodge80s @FallerForIt You're 53 and single that won't be a problem @blurrycryptid Etienne is another guy who gets misattributed but the economic theories of most members of congress are crazier than this @BradGroatman @RBReich @Sen_JoeManchin @SenatorSinema Bad news @mehdirhasan You won't lol @HillaryFan420 I think some places have curtailed it. I figured that's why I haven't seen it in so long. But hey, w… @GafasGroucho @neilkli Well that is actually something they look for. Technically it's supposed to be illegal activ… one even advertised drug dogs @neilkli I didn't see any but that's essentially the ployHaven't seen one of these in years but saw one today. Do people still fall for this shit @punished_hoover My neighborhood is primarily one gender to the point that the sewer company was just out on the st… @radleybalko Dementia medsFamiliar's beta orbiters crawling over each other to show her the funny tweets. Hate to see it sure man"Green" tech scams to fill that new capital stream for investors's funny how much we were led to believe that Trump and the CIA were at odds and how much these rubes lapped it upTweeting from the basement of Langley to obfuscate Trump's massive escalation. Immense boon for Raytheon and co team truly understands optics. These images will inspire our friends and shake our foes @mattyglesias Incredible list of dimwits congratulations @scaterwauls political ideologies class @markpalmberg @annamerlan @lyzl You're a shit takeholy shit man fireworks @DaChangeling @hbeckpdx @ByMikeBaker @Bencjacobs soil my dick, nerdSomeone is showing bernie these memes and I can hear him saying who cares lolsobbed/boo hooedDeranged @banalplay I don't have to take this
Tfw you and the boys meet the predator @Geeky_Waffle @ArmyStrang Nothing has changed thenFound where they've been storing your dana scully fan site @IlhanMN Good so what @ArmyStrang This was the tea party strategy and it worked pretty well gave probably the only honest inauguration speech in our lifetime when he was like everything fuckin sucks ma… @willmenaker This guy runs airwars lol @willmenaker Why did you make me do this was overtaken by events don't think I'll ever experience a moment of comedy again like watching the 2016 nyt election needle start climbi… dude is 100% a winter shorts guy. You have seen him walking to 7-11 in the snow in crocs middle class white liberal day of hope @punished_hoover Reportedly it was an upper decker Biden every two hours while a nurse spoon feeds him soft food @jelly_pack I listened to an interview that said it already is @MutantsMichael I still see them on my deliveries @MutantsMichael I baffled my partner when I said I wanted to work in a 60 year old wood paneled shipping and receiving office @MutantsMichael Also I was cackling at the carvel commercial. He honestly sounded like he was improvising it live @MutantsMichael Still a strong disco sound to the commercial music @drvolts That's cause you're a dumb hack's bad folksthats enough anthony mackiePracticing for tomorrow's right, all of you dimwitted psychos, democrat or republican, were the same murderers inside 80s kids remember the christian identity movement absolutely wilding out @Jezzerat She said each other pal
Sorry but if you saw a family member at the Capitol and turned them in you're an enormous loser @ConanOBrien rich guy tweets @banalplay I recommend ranch style so you don't have to try and cool the upstairs during the climate crisis brown outs enough time to prepare all the Cheese Pizza they're gonna need GOONS chased me down the street when I was simply hanging from her window sill never happened but you know you dress like an assassin's creed character so stop playing around sick Biden planted a flag for every baby his administration will abort Obama @RandyRainbow Sorry about your career going away @ArmyStrang Why'd they make her a Hamilton cast member though @GarbageApe Nobody who spends any time on here has any dignityIdaho's 3 main exports are potatoes, various white supremacist organizations, and reggae @ArmyStrang That's cause in Idaho they have the sense not to enlist @tarabea80 @HillaryClinton @SpeakerPelosi Are you a moron
@Sturgeons_Law Repopularized lasch is doing a lot of work here. 100 terminally online people got his books and ten of them read themHillary eats human child flesh in the 90s were way wilder. Kids these days have no follow through @ColMorrisDavis @CawthornforNC You're a war criminal @FastCompany Dystopian garbageThere's people who get on here and argue about jimmy dore 16 hours a day. Psycho shitWendig breeding operations underway @politvidchannel Treason is good, nerdNerds all around me handmaids tale started with a small fire kind of close to the capitol hope it's the new radicals getting what the deserve @Jezzerat The blackface frog can't dance on that