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an oxygen thief

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@R4NPPO This acc? @sbyfess Kalo english bisa ke aku @lilnzi happy birthday barakallah fii umrik @heart_o_cage ??? Goddess @hotpinkgoat BC i follow u everywhere tf 😭 @hotpinkgoat No and u know why @hotpinkgoat Hi queen @pucciiiiiiiii If u haven’t met me irl... it doesn’t count but whatever floats ur boat πŸ–€ @samrisux WhatMe and my life decisons... sighs @ustadchen Tolong yamy head hurts literally and figuratively @kklziess IASHWIEJJEELLS
@lilnzi not uEven faking for it too damn get a life maybeSome of you are really good at building internet personas that it scares me @keuraeji Apologize rfnTalking abt my twitter gcs rn is a trick question bc one has gone fr 🀣 @dofflzla Maaf... it was two years ago when we held walk the talk concert...Summer Walker is a whole ass racist calling corona Chinese virus but ok 😭 @kawaiiis8n Ok on a 2nd thought... @PurpleCaliSkies <3 have a good day to u tooHis whole ass can go @rayvieralaxmana Wah parah the nbhd @rayvieralaxmana Jadi jawabannya apa @notwilona @kawaiiis8n I’m ur homie @rayvieralaxmana Ngga @afat3000 Man rlly said brits rock need to go 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣This is the time to admit that 1975 is really aint all that @perunningan My uni is an english uni kan cabang nottingham uk @spilledprose Have a good wednesday cutie @demonicpegasus May today be good to u cutie <3 @procrastinatink Have a good wednesday bruh @buvesti Agreed @keuraeji Siap bos @keuraeji Jngan sedih ya today @veenarooth Have a good one todayI like that I can make u happy and turn you on at the same time makes me feel powerfulGm yall
@praisethellord Hi @NoContextZano Ok @perunningan Abis makan mangga xixi @notwilona Terbaik sepanjang masa @NoContextZano Duality @Marcillest42069 Emang bisa send ke luar jkt? @Marcillest42069 Kalo gw di jkt udh gw borong @qwonidin Jawab di 2nd tapi @c4tf155h YESCan guys please leave girls who seem like they’re alone in public no we don’t want your companion if anything it ma… @wickedsickkkkk I know but like HHHHHHHHHH @wickedsickkkkk Dav lu knp genuinely asking @spesdelune OMG CONGRATS @notwilona Wilona ,straight . . @wickedsickkkkk He chasin the bag @buruhbutuhdisko Yes unfortunately @ayesashimi Exactly as if she’s not using both Indo and English in the same sentence just say ur racist and go @buruhbutuhdisko Wait until she heard about Indonrsian words that are Hokkien loanwordsGirl never heard of akulturasi budaya really don’t feel well @woosexuals Do me
Capek @cudble Sending huhs sbrrr @Jaaypoh Iya ini nongkrong onlen nih @anggeeladivya Ass πŸ™ @tittydeejay Semoga istiqomah.. @bigcryingenergy BC UR SO FAR AWAY U WERE ON THE EAST WTFFF JAUH BGT DAN MAC ET IM SOWWY @buruhbutuhdisko LAH BELOM? @buruhbutuhdisko Bikin konten jakun @iselk0nt0p . @bigcryingenergy hi @dofflzla Akhirnya diterima keluarga πŸ™ @wreckitjess Alhamdulilah @luckystardusts Perwakilan jaksel @notwilona @scuuti SIRKEL RT TEASE @lKlTAl_ TAKUT DISERANG @notwilona Subhanallah @catsedih Bismillah... @topkrisus Abang none jaksel @catsedih Biar syari @mazzini_gsp 😭😭😭😭😭 @spilledprose Ukhtiana 😍 @ayesashimi Alhamdulilah @notwilona @keuraeji KUPING GW SAMPE PANAS WISHWKSNDJSKSKDHalloween mau jadi manusia yang berguna bagi nusa dan bangsa @kaionfession Awwww πŸ₯° @buenoseraa Moodnot @ me keelewatan lecture abt marxism grgr salah bac jam PLEASEEEE @skipberat Like what is he even trying to achieve @afat3000 Pagi pak afat hehe .. πŸ˜‚πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™Dont u miss when dedy corbuzier was a magician and minds his own business @buruhbutuhdisko Ok kak jakun maaf ya @buruhbutuhdisko Meme segmented ya @praisethellord Maybe if u reply my whatsapp @praisethellord AAAAAAAAAAAAA BISA BGT πŸ₯°πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ Akhirnya kelar @praisethellord <3 @iselk0nt0p Ok kita makan babi once im in jkt @lilacslushie Cakep bgtBaru mau record prayers are appreciated πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€