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Plymouth Conservatoire Graduate, Actor, Co-Host of @BlackwellPdcast, small gay cowboy in a big bad world. all thoughts/opinions are my own, unfortunately

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esp in chap 3, I am struggling with some of themsome of the missions in bully are lowkey kinda difficult
new moon drop @karlibra Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!!! also this look is everything😍💓
everyone look at logan’s dog and appreciate coco’s little outfit with me
playing phasmophobia by myself at 3am just to feel something
i have been stuck in rank 16 limbo on dbd, doomed to never escape @rowanred81 Yeah it’s definitely one of the downfalls of following all the gays lol. The same happened with portrai… wishing the timeline hadn’t spoiled every single gay moment from Bly Manor
We are live! Today, we are raising money for The Diana Award and will be joined by @rebbford, @themiabyte &…
Retweeted by Sian✨ @gaysonvoorhees bro I am just trying to help you live your truth @gaysonvoorhees @thekilcannon the way in which you are the most talented person I know
@gaysonvoorhees I would never disrespect u like thatwhat if my dreams stopped bringing up unresolved trauma wouldn’t that be sick @gaysonvoorhees do itJust had the same killer twice in a row and 3 of us escaped both times bc literally all they did was hook someone a… the WORST like thanks you’ve just made the game boring af for everyone else involved ???killers who just camp the hooks in dbd: just say you are shit at playing as killers and golis comics are back and so is my amberprice/pricefield brain rot
@JamieVoiceOver I lowkey wanna get it but I’m scared LMAO
wish I could be the type of person who wears lots of rings and and looks super cool doing it but I was born with sh… @BringBackJanet LOL the latte but it is have given me momentary serotonin @BringBackJanet I’ve been getting them every time they come around for like 3 years now bc they really are scrumptiousgot a pumpkin spice latte to feel somethingmaybe this is a hot take but rock is almost always better when it’s by women and I will not take any criticism on thisdonna missal if ur reading this my life belongs to you I’m just living it
religiously, and the ps2 game meant something to me’s the worst on Instagram, I LITERALLY cannot know a post up on my story bc I see people viewing it and simply cannot handle it lolGenuinely me when I post something and then delete it 30 minutes later bc im afraid of being perceived
@Jumanjamey I know, fingers crossed!I was waiting for it to come out in March and it just never did bc of covid and… them bullying her for her tea making technique was real bc I immediately said ‘ew what is she doing?’It’s to the point where I’m like ??? Are these people even british IRL bc what accent is thatWhy do british people in tv series always sound like That, I literally have never met anyone who sounds like thatI’m lesbianme and logan are starting bly manor let’s go lesbians @Jumanjamey I’ve literately been waiting since they announced this movie and I’m SO glad we have a release date now😭I actually don’t know if she’s a lesbian I haven’t watched it yet lolain’t this how the hot lesbian from the haunting of Bly Manor dress?
Retweeted by Sian✨For everyone on HRT, activated charcoal FLUSHES it out of your system. PLEASE stay away from it! This includes T, E…
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i JUST think that WOMEN!!!!!! @gabs820 I haven’t watch this show yet but when I saw her in you I fell in love with her... she is SOOOOOO !!!!!
@_cinnamomroll @_rouxgaroux this is REAL! I actually had to stop listening to podcasts on public transport bc I was anxious people… FINALLY THIS IS ALL I WANT you see me wearing earphones and a mask you best believe I am lip syncing for my life under this thingfeeling bri’ish
dbd had been trying to find me a match for a good 20 minutes... wake up everyone I’m trying to get scaredit is lesbian visibility day so once again, for one day a year ONLY, I give you all permission to perceive meit’s international lesbian visibility day meaning all lesbians will glow in the dark
Retweeted by Sian✨miss gf
@_cinnamomroll I’m glad I’m not alone in this!!!! I SO struggle to find jumpers and things to layer with that don’t… I lied I lived in Germany but tbh it rained a lot there tooI’ve literally lived in England my whole life but my winter wardrobe is ABYSMALif there’s one thing I don’t know how to do, it’s dressing for rain/cold weather
“State your annual salary requirements” bro I am just applying for a Christmas temp job at a card store @rowanred81 Until* @rowanred81 they are leaving her u til last bc she reigns supremethe witcher twitter don’t be shy show us yenneferLooks like the guy in the film who gets infected by the zombie virus & thinks he's hiding it
Retweeted by Sian✨ @EliDiazVA a healthy man who’s ready to be around other people, obviously
@EliDiazVA yeah as you can tell he’s DEFINITELY doing “extremely well” like the media is reporting @gaysonvoorhees I am left with no choice but to stan @paigelacoste_ HONESTLY it feels so dirty?? it hits different when it’s shows that have literally already been renewed too @paigelacoste_ Me too! I was SO looking forward to the next season but apparently we can’t have nice things😭Like I literally do not understand, other than scheduling but like even then,,,, can you not just,,, wait??? and wh… I’m dumb so feel free to explain this to me, but why do things keeping getting cancelled bc of Covid??? Can y… all Netflix do is cancel the only shows they have with any substance and lieI’m mad as hell NETFLIX WHY IS NOTHING GOOD SACRED TO YOU?! @d1no_nugget WTF IM SO MADNOOOOOOOO WTFFFF lowkey wanna buy the Nancy Wheeler character for DBD but also feel like I’ve invested too many of my bloodpoints… @elimnebe OMG A BABY!!!!!! I’m so jealousfeel sick just want a cat
@_cinnamomroll Yeah I can totally understand that, I just guess in my personal opinion there is difference between… @gaysonvoorhees Like you’re aware of the situation and claim not to support her but STILL thought it would be a goo… @gaysonvoorhees Yeah it’s really... questionable tbh bc like you KNOW what’s happening so why are you turning a bli… day I go to google wondering when Promising Young Woman is going to be released and every day I am left with no answergood day to remember when Ellie Williams @gaysonvoorhees okay dykeI wish kpop were gayer @gaysonvoorhees she IS the blueprint after allno twitter don’t focus on my face focus on the fitslooking through old photos and recalling that I am in fact, the cutest @lu_kej love it when gay and lesbian culture collide @loganwillis1915 @gabs820 I believe in Alice supremacy @gabs820 @loganwillis1915 And she’s wrong for that @gabs820 @loganwillis1915 Possibly but I think she actually doesn’t really like Shane @EliDiazVA it’s okay I like it I just wanted to make this jokeall the lesbians in my mentions okay pack it up the l word @loganwillis1915 @liitt_art bitch wtf is a macro @gabs820 I meant what I said @gabs820 LOL I made this same joke a few months ago, great minds...
@EliDiazVA Oh I totally agree, it’s definitely circumstantial tho. for me it’s just an easy way of engaging with pe… @EliDiazVA Losing followers for posting content is always the WORST bc like... what do you want from me? NOT to pos… @EliDiazVA I wish to revert back to a time where my only purpose was foraging for bugs and berries lmao. @EliDiazVA Yeah it’s the same for me and I hate it! my relationship with social media is pretty skewed as it is, I… singlehandedly combined being a lesbian and a himbo to create one powerful beingPls join us, European servers