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Lanky lass becoming more angry at inequality & injustice as I get older

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@DrAdrianHeald Understanding the underpinning philosophy of our lead parties should influence our votes. Tories wan…
@nurdtwitt @matthewcpinsent I agree they were great but standards might slip if there is no possibility of competition for the rights @nurdtwitt @matthewcpinsent Every nation is allowed one rights holder who gets footage from the OBS. Not sure why i… @MattHannot Really not sure how anyone working at a food bank is happy to pose for a pic with a rep of a party, in… @MartyBritts @ifg007 @judi_sutherland @gnomeicide @threadreaderapp unroll @MartyBritts @ifg007 @judi_sutherland Seriously, what is the point of tweeting like this? If you have a point of vi…
@MartyBritts @ifg007 @judi_sutherland Patronising moron @MartyBritts @ifg007 @judi_sutherland Explain please. I have studied the issue in depth. In order to travel regular… @MartyBritts @ifg007 @judi_sutherland Absolutely nothing. Currently sunning myself in France. Am I pissed off that… @MartyBritts @ifg007 @judi_sutherland We have to leave the U.K. now (before Dec 31) if we are to secure and enjoy t…
@DaleksGamertag @Ashuk2020 @JonathanRiffman @LBC @mrjamesob Why? @edentrucky @JamesH1963 @LBC @mrjamesob Define success? It is difficult to see how it will be when the bureaucracy… @Yatesman_ @gingermarauder @mrjamesob @DavidHo57450429 The lack of immigration control, if it bothers you, which ra… @Yatesman_ @gingermarauder @mrjamesob @DavidHo57450429 Some, but not most, wanted to Leave the EU for the reasons y…
@LorraineLocke8 It’s not exactly ONE colour, is it? Sunbed orange with flesh pink extras
@PeteOlusoga You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take @ChrisEl56946585 @jemmy_wood @Elainebks The delights of eating a Morning Coffee biscuit in a gas filled room having… @laughingginge There is a difference between stupid & uneducated. Our system has produced too many of the latter w… @PeteOlusoga @WinterEdward He was such a presence at SHU. Invariably kind and cheerful. Very supportive to me when… @MrsJsKitchen Bonjour, you can read it here: @accessjames: This is not a normal time. I think we're at the early st…
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@RachelB36245295 Help for those with mental health issues is, in my experience, inadequate. Mostly not the responsi…
@jemmy_wood All government slogans are 3 words. They have done their research, they know 3 words stick. Compare "I…
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@mitchsweiss The portents that this was not to be a vintage year started early. Around December 12th.
@mrjamesob Sneaking a huge investment in his pet project ARPA into the budget and keeping its funding despite CV-19 crisis @Sharneoliviaa Keep going Sharne. Meditate or something. Or escape. @mojitoBaB @grumpygit2 The state of Britain in 2021 and beyond will be blamed on the impact of the Coronavirus and… @TheRealIJM Benusbg Cub ervatvh
@itvnews BJ’s ‘Starmer needs to be with us’ response is such rehearsed rubbish. Is he suggesting that, as life bec…
@PasionariaUK @Twiz007 @LukeGldng @coyleneil Correct. Brought my dog into France today. The new requirements are U.…
@gddik @henrietta_22 This is a clear and very important & relevant insight into the English psyche @lorienpettit Right now it’s sh1te for young people. Keep going Loz. Set up your own business. You know how #SHU @derekjames150 I think that they have learned that they can lie and get away with it so have now become autocrats @noskcajluap @GreenPartyMolly I have looked back through your time line but I can’t find the description of benefit… @grobykid Our current democratic systems require ethical protagonists if they are to function - a degree of self-po… @grobykid This Gov has learned, over time, that by removing, or ignoring, all the checks and balances they can do a… @grobykid Covering their ineptitude with blather (lies) has become 2nd nature to this Gov. A combination of poor M…
@dontbrexitfixit @BorisJohnson I literally try every morning to believe that. Life would be so much easier if I cou… @mdouganlpool Can still be done, if you can move quickly. I am off to France tomorrow. Got to go, packing to do #newlifeEU @seebsouq I retired last year, have spent time engaging in politics. Abhor this Gov, have serious concerns. There… @JMPSimor Don't go, just visit the garden for a day or two until their venom dwindles away. Some people are just da… @VeeCee30 I offered to agree that how one votes has no consequences. Apparently I was being sarcastic. Really?? @VeeCee30 Agree. Even if intellectually I can see where he was going, realistically the policies were too far remov… @VeeCee30 Husband of BF, in Feb, panic stricken abt how underprepared NHS was. Tory/UKIP voter. Doesn't want to inv… @VeeCee30 Endless conversations.. 1. Gov had choices re response to virus 2. UK was underprepared due to Tory polic… @phantom_flinger It is lovely with red peppers Do not confuse with Sunak @PeterSm94657273 @JMPSimor An honestly motivated Gov would have reflected this issue, the narrow margin of victory… the false counter narrative gets its trousers on let’s make this clear: it’s not the chlorine that’s the iss…
Retweeted by Fan of Evidence @RexChapman Thank you @Tim_McNulty It was her birthday on June 26th. Was this a late gift? Do they all get one at £70 each? Who pays? @ukiswitheu @SpanishDan1 @andrealeadsom Can whoever made this make more please & show them all lying. Johnson & Gove in particular. @JamesMelville Watched an old episode of Panorama the other day. 1981. They used the line ‘The Government says X b… @1883Of @JMPSimor The share that is in the Withdrawal Agreement that we already signed would do for starters, and t…
@1883Of @JMPSimor What EXACTLY did the 52% of those who voted leave vote for? Did they all vote for the same versio… @Apathy_R_US @DfJackson89 @SamanthaMalin @trussliz Seriously? How many dead of Covid? More or less than the officia… @Apathy_R_US @DfJackson89 @SamanthaMalin @trussliz I live to feel able to trust my Government. Not feeling able to… @1883Of @JMPSimor Who is ‘you lot’? I like to know how I am being labelled #ta @1883Of @JMPSimor We have already left. We are now agreeing the terms of the divorce. If it was a marriage, built u… story here from CLive Tyldesley on Jack's greatness
Retweeted by Fan of Evidence @max_walrus @timjn1 Anything can come into UK for a while, as we are not ready to check. EU is ready so nothing can… @jolyanda_moron @JMPSimor We've left. It is the terms on which we Leave that need more discussion if democracy is t… @JuliaHB1 Right wingers grasp the idea that they don't control the people around them. They know that others are no… @JuliaHB1 other people have different experiences which are as valid as theirs. When faced with a different opinion… @JuliaHB1 Just checking whether the opposite is true. Right wingers do not live in echo chambers. They engage daily… himself! 🤣🤣
Retweeted by Fan of Evidence @derekjames150 I have three masks. One, the last one I bought, is much easier to wear than the others - hence why I… @JMPSimor And while I am cross, the fact that in 4 years, no one has managed to represent the interests of the 62.5… @JMPSimor 37.4% voted for Brexit. 62.5% voted Remain or opted out. Within the 37.4% were a range of Leave options… @brejoineu Recently, easy travel back & forth, with no time constraints to house in France, with family & dog. As a…
@BlueVotr @IvankaTrump @JoyAnnReid @JRubinBlogger @MeidasTouch @ProjectLincoln @SenatorCollins @Ironhorse76 @Sharneoliviaa I was possessed by the spirit of Belinda @Sharneoliviaa You need to get out more. If only you could heh? #Leicester @TheRocketVan @ExasperatedTory Will a servicewoman do? Me @realDonaldTrump Oh Donald. These organisations teach students to think. After that, their educated students reject… @Nigel_Farage Wouldn’t have happened in the first place if some nasty right wing individual hadn’t tried to blame m… had a McD breakfast. I know I shouldn’t but it was really good #hashbrowns @mac_puck @pmojl2 @merchant_amyn The failure of the negotiations, then missing products & medicines will be portray… my son plays with the dog he unconsciously mimics me in what he is saying and how he says it (silly voice). In… @TonyTonynewone And some people still believe him #deluded @ROADSTER60 My friend had to stay late in theatre to try to save the life of a child in what later became a nationa… things. I love listening to my son wrestling with the dog & talking to her in a silly voice. Makes me smile. Good morning #family @simoncosgrove This is such a sad thread. I am confused how it came to this, by how many cannot see what is happen… is Johnson getting married? Will the bride wear white, blue or red? @mac_puck Ah. Project Fear in black & white. Except, as we all knew it would be, it’s real.
@merchant_amyn @mac_puck If you read Barnier’s recent evidence to House of Lord’s committee, it’s clear that the EU… @JasperBarry2 But he doesn’t care that we didn’t @artemis0801 @LeetStephenleet I amm60. My French & German friends all learned to speak American English. That they… also didn’t use the word ‘billion’. Five thousand million pounds sounded like a lot more money than just five billion.I just saw Joanna Lumley in Sainsbury’s and all she has in her trolley is a bottle of champagne and some coriander and this is not a dream
Retweeted by Fan of EvidenceWatched a 38 yr old episode of Panorama tonight. Presenters said things like ‘The Gov says X ...but here at Panora… @JessicaCheshi15 @krnlg @SchroedingerFC @BylineTimes Yeah, but communists who aren’t really communists @MimiJ9 My theory is he went as it was seen as a right wing, libertarian world of opportunity. What he learned ther… @JessicaCheshi15 @krnlg @SchroedingerFC @BylineTimes Yeah. So pressure to hold out & not publish & it works for all of them. @JessicaCheshi15 @krnlg @SchroedingerFC @BylineTimes Not sure. Report is into meddling in U.K. democracy, so I woul… @JessicaCheshi15 @krnlg @SchroedingerFC @BylineTimes They really are dumb. The longer it is hidden, the more any no… @matthewcpinsent @Barbara06062710 @mrjamesob It is troubling that, such is the state of the nation, she doubted your ironic intention
Ah, but Liz Truss..... @IanMaher7 Is it clear who can bring them to account? The existing system appears to be based on honour & integrit…