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Lanky lass becoming more angry at inequality as I get older

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@MikeLawlor17 @markoftheD And coconut! @gailmarie1958 @markoftheD OMG school dinners. @MikeyKayNYC @MalcolmNance Is this your ‘cousin’ @MarkFrancois12 You know, the one you don’t talk about. Grandson o…
@pjm56tw @Peston @BorisJohnson Part of their role is to educate @olwenmcg @Peston @BorisJohnson @BBC Yep & then have political ‘commentators’ who merely tell us what happened toda…
@badgerthecat2 Agreed. But please don’t say F this country, stay & work hard to make it a better place @TherealNihal UK’s role in the Arms Trade
@PaulBrandITV Same tune, same level of disconnect @City_Livery_SM This week I collected a car in Geneva drove to France & back with a Brexity mate. Had ironic ‘fun’… @Sharneoliviaa Good job you learned all about tax & accounts then!
Currently in a French ski resort. It is full of young energetic Brits from all walks of life - an Oxford law gradua… EU's Single Market is the biggest integrated market on the planet. It was a British invention that helped us be…
Retweeted by ValCStevo #GirlyBrexit @TheAndyMaturin Right now there is little we can do, the road to 31st Jan is set. After that, as things start to ch…
Please avoid the bottom
@schooltruth So fed up that the right to buy turned working class folks into Tories @louanndavies What is the appeal of RLB? She has no charisma, talks socialism as if she reads books on it. What mak…
What a lovely country we have become...
@Nigella_Lawson @TheSTStyle Can I adopt you as my soul sister? I turned 60 last month, my mother died aged 52, I ha… @MarkFrancois12 How is @wself? He should be here supporting your endeavours @PeteOlusoga You are not alone. Most thinking individuals are with you. Trouble is.....not all individuals are thinking individuals @PeteOlusoga Racist Bungle 😂#NotMyPM @ShippersUnbound My sons are now 19 & 20. Both pot washers from the age of 14. All their mates had jobs, for indepe…
@henrietta_22 I recorded it. Will think of you when I watch it. @QPRNINJA @MarkFrancois12 Think you should have shown this, not 633. The hands on face goggles thing would be great… @13sarahmurphy Yeah, excellent. Leave Europe, become totally dependent on an orange loon for economic security, sai…
@dwhembro @Tokyo2020 @TeamGB Eight years since London. Is my kit still in the foyer? #canIhaveitback
So now that the Brexiters have got absolutely everything they want. Now that they have a harder Brexit than even Fa…
Retweeted by ValCStevo #GirlyBrexit @13sarahmurphy I have a sinking feeling that after years of spouting divisive shite, reconciliation will be the new…
@grobykid It is just a load of meaningless waffle. She needs to revisit her Marxist perceptions of the working clas…
@August05398614 She is a type - don’t like social change & have failed to deal with it. Their ‘British’ 1950s worl… @BoltonUni @Smithillsfarm SantaCan anyone explain to me how having this US led organisation, which appears to be in meltdown, with meetings in Bal…
@MarkFrancois12 Just look at this nonsense, taking a pop at ‘spitfire nationalists’. You and the ERG boys need to…
Genuine question - how long until any economic consequences of Brexit emerge? #BrexitAs we are leaving the EU will we all now get some kind of rebate or reduction in tax bill - to reflect the apparent…
@nigligee @MarkFrancois12 Maybe @MarkFrancois12 could arrange a rerun of some British classics next Christmas? Love… @francis_finlay Here’s hoping that you & yours have a lovely break. I am in Bolton this Christmas. Memories a plent… @ClaireH30486961 @Tamabellbrass It’s the different core values that make carrying on as friends impossible #theyarealrightjack
“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are - or, as we are conditioned to see it.” Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Hab…
@Battersea_ I am with you. I am a rescue dog & I have no pride @s_birrell @StevePeers @Channel4News Seriously awesome #respect @chezLysette Absolutely awesome & so, so brave on Channel 4 news. Bloody well done #HarveyWeinsteinThis. Just this. time of year for a lot of folks. Suicide Hotline 116 123 (Samaritans) A simple copy and paste might save someo…
@dasvee @IanDunt Seriously underrated tweet @JulieOwenMoylan Depends why you do it. There is def a divide between those who think all outside their circle are… for a three word response ‘Get Brexit Done’. As in ‘Get Brexit Done’ but ‘Split the UK’ or ‘Get Brexit D… @SamInFleet @mikew4EU But they forgot that ‘Get Brexit Done’ also meant ‘Fuck The Needy’ and ‘More Tory Policy’BREAKING NEWS: High Court finds @ukhomeoffice £1,012 fee for children to register their statutory right to British…
Retweeted by ValCStevo #GirlyBrexit @kentrosaurian @BootstrapCook Me too. What an amazing coincidence. #mylifemybodyShould we all just assume that, given her life of wealth & privilege, that the Queen is a Tory & therefore doesn’t… Debt when Labour left office was 69.1% of GDP. It is now 85.2% of GDP. Can anyone explain to me how this… @JohnSimpsonNews @BritishRedCross From @Refugees 2/3 of all refugees come from just 5 countries. 🇸🇾 Syria 🇦🇫 Afgha…
Retweeted by ValCStevo #GirlyBrexit @SayeedaWarsi Even though, in total, this is a racist rant, I have heard elements of this or similar stated by seem…
@RichardBurgon Just go home. @KilclooneyJohn @murdo_fraser If an undergraduate interpreted statistics in a research study like this, they would… is my birthday. It is pants having a birthday near Xmas. If you have a family member like this: Try to keep t… @woll_martin @BionicBirdAnna @joelbaccas But you only get one life. Some bargains around in EU as folks sell up fir… @PoliticsJOE_UK Man trying too hard look down with kids, and failing @MikeH_PR All the evidence is that Brexit will be bad for her constituents. She didn’t lead by explaining this, she… @helenmcpherson @wsionynw @matchristiantho @nickfthilton Try this. I found it explained a lot of what I see in my n… early Jan appointment for my Oct mammogram, part of my post cancer treatment plan, has been postponed until late… @MarkFrancois12 What aspects of patriotism across Europe are you currently researching? Such large numbers create h… a dirty oven glove in the washer. My son’s chef’s whites are now chef’s greens. #newthingHow true, so very true
Had a bath. Washed my hair. PJs on. Have forgotten to put the bloody bins out #whathappenedtorefusecollectiom @13sarahmurphy The Tories’ vote went up less than 2% overall. With the Brexit party they picked up just 335,000 vot… @fascinatorfun Will just have to buy his oven ready Brexit at Iceland
@SandraDunn1955 @TSax500 @captainsuth I am sure I am developing spotsThe stark fact is that Labour lost 2.5 million votes while the Tories and Brexit party combined picked up just 335,… @AyoCaesar Read this @strolltoitaly @captainsuth @FlashMob4EU But when you ask and they reply with misinformation which they refuse to q… @captainsuth This thread has made me feel far less alone. Thank you all x @elton_martyn @captainsuth Me too. They have been very supportive, when I needed it most, but they are also friends… @Wandsworth48 @ClareLaw23books @captainsuth It is really, really hard when you find out that ‘friends’ don’t share… @LukeShawWorcs @captainsuth I keep being told to ‘get over it’. Have come to the conclusion that they can easily d… @Sheena_Hatton @captainsuth It’s the fact one now knows that they have a different moral & ethical code that makes… view to. You did it, own it. @EmmaRome6 @Hankypants4 @captainsuth And they get all uppity when one mentions that. ‘No, I didn’t, I didn’t vote f… @RoseAnneBaile20 @captainsuth Did exactly the same. Do’t care if passive aggressive. Made me feel better for 5 minutes! @TSax500 @SandraDunn1955 @captainsuth My ‘friends’ and family are like this. Don’t want to be with them at the moment. Dreading Christmas. @TSax500 @captainsuth @SandraDunn1955 Or for their antecedents who fought and worked hard to create laws & organisa… @captainsuth When asking for a rationale I was told that I was naive & that I have lived for too long away from the… @coaching_review With you 100% Tried to persuade folks of this in life & on doorsteps. Heard so much not evidenced… @grobykid On the most likely to ruin athletic career @grobykid NGB making the most impact despite having no funding e.g. Water Polo NGB most effective at community leve…
And then, to keep things in perspective, SPOTY gives us @DoddieWeir5 Keep going Doddie! #awesome @zed_hearn @nicktolhurst SnapJust imagine how many less seats Labour would have won if they had lost the argument
Retweeted by ValCStevo #GirlyBrexit @Downsviewduo @CliveWismayer @CatharineHoey Yep @stevebimpson I am sure it will still happen but it will so much more difficult. My son, already told he may have t… @ajhanlaurence Train - they did actually Cap badge is Royal Artillery. @ajhanlaurence My brother, same regiment, same views. Is this what is now openly permissible & acceptable in the U… @EdDavie @schooltruth I think Fiona meant in a positive sense.......anything? Different list? I’ll wait #BorisActuallyIn post-election discussions I have realised that I find it easy to argue against the Tories but find it impossible… with toxic friends last night. Both sets have a child who lives & works in Spain. Both sets voted Tory & are… check on tax evasion, avoidance and benefit fraud. Tax evasion and avoidance is about 15 times greater than be… @CliveWismayer @Downsviewduo @CatharineHoey Actually, we all lost. Some folks just haven’t realised it yet. It will…
@SylvinaTMusic I have posted my statement on Facebook! Some interesting responses but silence from those who most needed to read it.