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Valerie Tosi @valerie_tosi Los Angeles CA

Agent Nesbit on S3 of @StanAgainstEvil • Standup • Actor • VO • Writer • Host of @MermaidComedyHr at @HollywoodImprov • IFC, Netflix, Buzzfeed, Sirius XM •

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@TimJamesAuthor @Vanyaland617 Omg 😂😂😂Anddddd this is why I have Google alerts set. Thank you so much @Vanyaland617 for the glowing review!! @PeteCapella 😂😂😂 @allison_pons ❤️❤️❤️
@MitchCleaver @MermaidComedyHr @HollywoodImprov @TeamCoco Omg I love this!!!! Thank you so much!!So proud of @valerie_tosi for making her debut on #Conan tonight! Go check out @MermaidComedyHr at the…
Retweeted by Valerie Tosi @Vanyaland617 Thanks for the love!! 🥰Lynn Represent: Watch @Valerie_Tosi make her late-night debut on #Conan
Retweeted by Valerie Tosi @thisistherevolt I’m a masochist. COME AT ME BROInternet trolls have come a long way. All of the comments so far have been “she’s not funny” and NOT ONE "she's fat… @dmiraglia @TeamCoco My Mom is from Revere so this tracks 😹 @kariassad It’s never been more obvious that I am currently self managed lol @kariassad It’s now part of my contract 😂 @thedarkkristal Thanks Kristal!! 🥰🥰🥰 @jennyyangtv Thanks Jenny!! 😻😻😻 @BossyBritches72 HahahahahahaMy @TeamCoco set is live!! Thank you so much to everyone working on the show... You sure made a girl feel special.… @valerie_tosi!!!!! She's hilarious.
Retweeted by Valerie Tosi @saraschaefer1 Sara!!!! Thank you so much 🥰🥰🥰
@mericanoroberto @TeamCoco Thank you!!! @gaulstone Thanks friend! Drinks soon? It’s been way too long! @RecreationalAn1 @TeamCoco Oh there were ppl that said it hahaha. Thank you so much!! @ButtRockBrett BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG DEEP CUT!Last night I was on Conan but today I have a commercial callback where I mime making a salad and that is where I TRULY shine..@valerie_tosi on why virtual assistants are voiced by women. #CONAN
Retweeted by Valerie Tosi @TSWHITLOW @TeamCoco Thank you! Boston rep!!! 😻 @valerie_tosi @TeamCoco Caught your set. #hilarious 👏🏾👏🏾 #Congrats
Retweeted by Valerie Tosi @avfoundry Thank you sweet friend!!! ❤️ @valerie_tosi Congrats! Finally got to check out your set this afternoon. You killed it! ❤️
Retweeted by Valerie Tosi @NakedDerby @ConanOBrien @TeamCoco Eeeeeeekkkk!!!So proud of the very funny @valerie_tosi making her debut appearance on @ConanOBrien this evening! #teamcoco
Retweeted by Valerie Tosi @_ellystar_ Thank you!!!You did amazing tonight @valerie_tosi - congratulations! 💖💖💖
Retweeted by Valerie Tosi @DropkickValerie You are so sweet. Thanks for giving Valeries a good rep. 😻Just witnessed a dude open the door to Subway and proceed to shout his order from across the restaurant as he appro…
Retweeted by Valerie TosiAn all-new episode of #CONAN with @roryscovel and @valerie_tosi starts NOW on @TBSNetwork!
Retweeted by Valerie TosiPlease enjoy my little brother being very sweet immediately followed by one of his friends being aggressively New… @valerie_tosi @erinfoleycomic Great set Valerie!
Retweeted by Valerie Tosi @anylaurie16 @erinfoleycomic LAURIE!!! This photo is so great, thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @erinfoleycomic @anylaurie16 Thank you sweet lady!!!
@MadisonShepard Me too and it’s ok because I haven’t gone through makeup yetOh, so it’s actually happening? @valerie_tosi goes on @teamcoco. She's fought tooth and nail, earning every single thing that is to come. Tom…
Retweeted by Valerie Tosi @valerie_tosi is on Conan O'Brien tonight!! @TeamCoco #bestillmyheart 😍😍😍
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TONIGHT! Come watch me do my final run of my Conan set, and enjoy our divine murderers row lineup for the last show…
@jillmnoble STOP IT @jillmnoble Wait I wasn’t following you?! WTF @MohanadElshieky My mother literally said “Well everyone back home watches Fallon, soooo...”My favorite part of getting Conan was telling my mom... Me: I’ve got exciting news! I’m doing my first late night…
@TheSofiya @TaoComedyStudio @turnzerogames @HollywoodImprov I legit just realized you’re even drinking a mimosa in… @TheSofiya @TaoComedyStudio @turnzerogames @HollywoodImprov I legit can’t wait for you to be champagne drunk backstage @thealux 🥰🥰🥰My phone exploded yesterday & I feel like the luckiest gal. Thank you so much to everyone who reached out, and for… you hear Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmastime and start screaming you also are me and worked as a seasonal employee at The Gap.
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@annavisfun Love you girl ❤️❤️❤️ @thecrassceiling Eeeeeekkkk!!!! 😻😻😻 @dmiraglia @TeamCoco Thank you so much!!! 💋 @DivaDelux @TeamCoco Thanks babe!! @SarahMowrey Thank you!!! 😻 @hilarybarraford Thank you lady friend. Game respect game 👊🏼 @joleenlunzer Start the merch lol @joleenlunzer I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @Lil_SJL @TeamCoco Dyingggggggo @Galaxy_Sailor @TeamCoco Think they’ll let me sing too? 😹 @CapnSassyJas @TeamCoco Hahahahaha I’ll never say no to a moonpie @anylaurie16 I AM SO EXCITED YOU’RE THERE TOO!!! @MadisonShepard Thanks sweet bb!!!! @JenSaunderson @TeamCoco Thanks so much Jen! @jennyyangtv @TeamCoco Hahahaha thanks girl I’m freaking out!! @matthewdowsmith Gahhhh thank you!!! ❤️ @AaronMMarsh @TeamCoco Hahaha @AngieDavisHaha @TeamCoco Thank you!! 😭 @kDuncanG @TeamCoco NEVER @ThePatrickRollo @TeamCoco I adore you, thank you!! @ConnMan520 Thanks Connor!!! @FeliciaMichaels @TeamCoco Thank you so much Felicia! ❤️ @Obliterati @heytherejeffro Thank youuuuuu @thisistherevolt @TeamCoco Right?!? @thecrassceiling @TeamCoco *loses shit* @TotallyAllen @TeamCoco Thanks Allen!!!Happy Friday from ya girl who just found out she’s making her first late night set appearance this coming Tuesday 1…
@kaichoyce @danagould @punchlinesf The spell was broken when I got yelled at for kissing him with an Altoid in my m… @KennethWReid @danagould @punchlinesf these corporate emails should just say “We’ve updated our privacy policy to invade yours.”Three weeks from today you can catch me & @danagould at the @punchlinesf! Fun fact: The only/last time I was in SF… wonder how many relationships end at Christmas arguing over who has to hold the crock pot in the car?
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@Jarlent Don’t worry @heytherejeffro did not support this messageLet’s all female reboot the system and make Kamala Harris Elizabeth Warren’s VP.
I did it. I won LA license plate bingo.
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@EliasToufexis Ooooh this IS closeI did it. I won LA license plate bingo. favorite part of dieting is holding your partner hostage while you ramble off a detailed list of all the healthy things you ate that day.Shout out to Tween Yoda, startin' to notice changes to his body and feelin' like makin' out with other yodas and shit.
Retweeted by Valerie Tosi @goddammitsarah My grandfather was a dirt bag so it kinda wasI haven’t seen The Irishman, but I HAVE seen my grandfather’s car set on fire in our driveway because he was a book…
Me at 8pm on a Saturday after cancelling plans
Retweeted by Valerie TosiSure, my phone alarm wakes me up, but it also wakes up my sleeping cat from the other room, who thinks the alarm is… at 8pm on a Saturday after cancelling plans Millenial Dinner, party of one
@msdanifernandez Hahahaha @heytherejeffro & I were saying the same thing!!!!