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Film critic/LIT agent @draper_claire/ Lesbian/USAF Vet

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This is my older sister Attaysiyah she is actually missing and her mother and older sister and my other older siste…
Retweeted by Where the $ DOESNT reside @jay66roc @gloombugg What film is this? @nlcmre @gloombugg Not Jason goes to hell! @taosaf @gloombugg What film is this @PippiTheCat1 @gloombugg Cats eye? @NanaPharcyde @gloombugg I still don’t get this scene @kasoclaw @gloombugg Is this part 2? @gloombugg @mmvizier Love this film @Kelleyshaffer15 @gloombugg Why did thry have to do this to her man @ChillCookie25_8 @gloombugg The Grudge? @TrevellAnderson @BrookeObie That’s the word that came out of my mouth too @Lulamaybelle Not everything has to be good on the first try which is why my first drafts are shit @mildredsfierce @film_fag Same do I follow @mildredsfierce Tell me lol @whembleysewell im weaaaaak! lmao!! @Designed2Think @dionnewarwick strong tongue action lol @AngieAsadourian @SlothenKing @dionnewarwick @ValerieComplex
Retweeted by Where the $ DOESNT reside @cxhnow I see it ...respectfully @IAmQuisB @cxhnow I am so weak! @treymangum @shadowandact @ItsElleLorraine @MarcusScribner @Domfishback @stayMACRO @franklinleonard @TilaneJ @BasicBlaecGirl @erinmartina deceptionpromising young woman being this award season’s joker/bo rhap/three billboards is a win for girlbosses everywhere
Retweeted by Where the $ DOESNT reside @BasicBlaecGirl @erinmartina I TOLD YOU @IWriteAllDay_ well you know I got you
@TheMorphex @iambaddiee @PlayVALORANT I wouldn't even know where to begin to be honest... @TheMorphex @iambaddiee @PlayVALORANT I don't have anything to play that on. I quit gaming years ago @Montonena @Carlos_Film Ok @iambaddiee @TheMorphex No problem @iambaddiee @TheMorphex what? lolAfter you submit your pitch, How long do you wait until you submit to another outlet? @dionnewarwick So many exist at the same time @Festival_Cannes Is it happening in person this year? @juliekosin Why does that extra day make the month drag?! @dionnewarwick Wait til you find out about @KarlosTheFog ugh @payorwait I had so much fun last year @jennydeluxe @MaudieBlue_ @cordjefferson Thank you for sharing this! @Karnythia @trishhdoes “The Seahawks released a statement on the incident on Monday night, saying, "We are aware of… @MrbodyNobody @TheRoot Bro I got nothingAlso don’t go to Black Critics after White Critics ban a movie to save it . We see who gets what first. You either…
Retweeted by Where the $ DOESNT reside @LouluNevy Update on the child pls @MrbodyNobody @TheRoot You know what I can’t argue with this Bc it’s true @GodisRivera There is another video where you hear her head hitting the ground omfg @GodisRivera I have never seen anything quite like this. I am livid @carlfranzen hey! Thanks for the follow. Saw you got tagged, are you in comic publishing? @SassyMamainLA @ssbcpunk @hellocookie Thank you for this!! @RyanANJax @ActionNewsJax She took off like a track star @erinmartina The third act is not good @cevangelista413 That’s the continue or turn off window @craftingmystyle I can’t even process this right now it’s so bleakThis is hardly a new or profound observation, but every once in a while it really hits me that in the last year we'…
Retweeted by Where the $ DOESNT reside @812filmreviews Dont' forget the damn bus!Dani Leigh really being forced on us while Sevyn Streeter, Justin Skye, & Teyana Taylor are overworking to he heard…
Retweeted by Where the $ DOESNT reside
@DinoRay Pooya is one of the nicest ppl I’ve met @Steph_I_Will 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 I really do love this!!Please read this thread and then subscribe to her patreon. Let’s take care of each other! @IWriteAllDay_ I am so glad you’re ok. I hope you babe a support system around to help you get thru this @LesbienRaison I don't know why but I saw this coming. @thefilmnerdette @mildredsfierce Awful movieMy wife & I did all we could to protect our children, yet our daughter was murdered. She is no longer with us.…
Retweeted by Where the $ DOESNT residekellyanne conway literally leaked her underage daughter’s nudes and now she’s on tiktok saying she’s scared and beg…
Retweeted by Where the $ DOESNT reside @YesitsAlistair I have to review. My review is full of confusion about the fincher knock off @VyceVictus Awkwafina makes me not want to watch this but imma take one for the team @YesitsAlistair Not incorrect @SmallGiantGames I have been playing this game for two years. I’m addicted. I’ve spread the word far and wide about… @EyesFossil @NBCLX As an American I can say with confidence that I honestly don’t know anymore @Chaunait @VandaYacht Time to throw in the tile maam @kathia_woods See, see...if you had got the link first.... @IjeomaOluo “Prices right horns” @missnuma @jerrysaltz This comment has me so weak 😭😭😭 @strangeharbors Yay Jeffery!! @karlogan_ Ppl don’t have things of value to toss around @moneyymaya Do not move!Hey - if you notice that a Black woman has drawn a hard line online with a white woman who is exhibiting harmful, r…
Retweeted by Where the $ DOESNT reside @YesitsAlistair You dropped this alistar 👑 @ReelTalker All week it’s supposed to be like this. @mcastimovies The girls are always fighting @YrOnlyHope Wheatley to Misha Green? That’s an absolute stylistic shift @TheNYCFilmChick Oh hell no! Lol @NBCLX ppl have no jobs and no money. Why bring a child into that? @TheLadyKayB you are one of the hardest working folks in this business. You deserve!
@britany_murphs @mielfuzz I went to school with Jamaicans does that count? @iamcindychu SAN DIEGO??? @NAACP Can someone reach out to the dude who trademarked it so he can sue @IndieWire It’s her business. Good for her @elenawonders Hey sis can I dm you? I have a question @RottenTomatoes @VyceVictus @witchesonfire7 She been in the business long enough to choose smh @witchesonfire7 Seriously???? @TheLadyKayB @netflix @ComplexPop You do some good ass interviewsI spoke with the delightful #DamsonIdris about his new @netflix film #OutsideTheWire, what we can expect from the n…
Retweeted by Where the $ DOESNT reside @VyceVictus He’s old and has brittle bones. It’s age @DorianParksnRec OH WOWNYC weather forecast for today @StrawberryFranz Thank you even this genre isn’t diversified @WeIsTHETHEMS @kiminoa_seattle You’re apart of neither community then why are you here? You cannot be the center of everything ryan @WeIsTHETHEMS @kiminoa_seattle Not the first time I’m seeing this response. And This response has only come from white Ppl. *chefs kiss* @realJManz Will watch now