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@MatthewACherry @Maria_Giesela @craigzobel @TheCherryPicks Please keep me posted @MatthewACherry @Maria_Giesela @craigzobel @TheCherryPicks Does that have to be rsvp’d or show up?I’ll be covering some films for @Variety first time covering a film festival for a trade. @tyburr @craigzobel @TheCherryPicks Finally! @812filmreviews @craigzobel @TheCherryPicks So would you say it’s tradition that we spend at least one watching a m… @AlannaBennett U is cute, you is kind, you is in your pj’sThanks to @craigzobel and @TheCherryPicks I am going to SUNDANCE. @DankwaBrooks @missnuma Why would you consider anything relating to being called a nigger and overreaction. I think you should start there @htranbui Absolutely the same reason @ReelTalker @nytimes You took that L for us thank youAnd in other news, I recently compiled this handy dandy list of darkskinned Black actresses of various ages—beyond…
Retweeted by Valerie Complex♓️♋️♎️ @PhoenixDivina You kinda look like Kiera knightly in these pics @YrOnlyHope Forever nope lol @Joe_Bamba @IWriteAllDay_ @YrOnlyHope thank you for always checking up on me. I appreciate it. Are you going to Sundance? @julieeelogan @alyssakeiko Bc she never got with that guy right?
@Be_ll_adonna Things haven’t been going well. It’s been a constant onslaught of shit. Like I can’t catch a damn break @Be_ll_adonna I gotta double check I dunno if what I posted is right bc I’m pisces, cancer, Libra @Be_ll_adonna It’s a tough combo isn’t it lol @Be_ll_adonna I’m eh. How are you?! @ReignOfApril They are actually really cute @DaveAGiannini They are all long this shouldnt shock anyone @iamtikasumpter What?? You in this?? Now im looking doubly forward to seeing it @Sassy_Danny @IssaRae @kumailn I— @DaveAGiannini Sky fall was 2:45 whats 10 mins more? @Carlislegendary You got an express badge? Oh did I mention I’m going now🚨 Looking for a black set designer with strong skills who would be interested in working with one of my talented ph…
Retweeted by Valerie Complex♓️♋️♎️ @Carlislegendary These are all premiere events or press screenings @MrDashboard08 @DavidDJJames I hate this scene honestly @JasMoneyRecords Sorry y’all @dykesinfilm On the main @KarenMPeterson @lhbizness It’s unfortunate that white men @RebelleCunt But also Madonna is the queen of appropriation she doesn’t care @RebelleCunt @salivationarmy Ok but what club do they be at? @nickiville_ What did they do now? @dselwyns Dm= legs @ira No way, Jose @filmguy619 Anyone but Charlize @dselwyns Her head is so full of airDon’t attach your self worth to your work, Don’t attach your self worth to your work, Don’t attach your self worth…
Retweeted by Valerie Complex♓️♋️♎️ @rozzybox They got rid of a female lead one for this?Listen: I know the biggest news right now is Trump, impeachment & Dem infighting. But: *Right now,* NY prosecutor…
Retweeted by Valerie Complex♓️♋️♎️ @inkookang Thank you @ICONOCLASTIAE Her tweet is filled with white privilege @brownblaze The first time I was ever called a nigger was VA while I was in military uniform. Girl that nightmare i…, I'm going to say this, because whatever. You need to find out if your kid is a shit. I mean it. Find o…
Retweeted by Valerie Complex♓️♋️♎️ @brownblaze I’m so glad I don’t live there anymore@ @ivfischer_ Funny how legs are wide open @dselwyns @Carlos_Film This is such bullshit that at least Atlantics is not there @awards_watch @RottenTomatoes Deserved!Not sure how @ValerieComplex didn't make it on here at least five times
Retweeted by Valerie Complex♓️♋️♎️
@badwolfreigns Keep me posted I have cosplay photos too @ShelleyBFarmer I remember they wrote how she was snubbed at the Oscars @ShelleyBFarmer Is this from certain women? @lsirikul The show did what the movies couldn’t @POC_Culture @CarrieCnh12 Fuck I walked right into that one @CarrieCnh12 Wait all these ppl are dead but 2 @badwolfreigns New York City @FilmnSports21 It’s not coming to Baltimore next month? @dselwyns @qqnenfeu If Ariel hasn’t heard anything it didn’t happen. Ariel is on it! @qqnenfeu Wait I got interviewed by Telerama in November. They were looking to talk to queer folk about Portrait an… @qqnenfeu Wait, where?? @lindseyromain @elbirdilara Mark was also a pedophile @YrOnlyHope Deserves @PhoenixDivina @StevenRiseNYC Steven is good ppl @to_loka Men hate anything that doesn’t center them @to_loka They haven’t uploaded new ones in youtube 😭😭🥰 @to_loka Acacias? @ZalUIbaorimi Her work scares me @walmartshakira Thank you for the lovely commentWhen the black woman doesn’t have her name attached to her quote despite being in the center, yet the white men do,…
Retweeted by Valerie Complex♓️♋️♎️ @lsirikul I’ve hated miss Saigon Since high school. Just bad all around @lsirikul Not a great story PERIOD @106th @iamjojo @LILGOVERNMENT @FredTJoseph You should just prepare bc another round of trump is coming @NekoCase Thanks!! @weredawgz Yeah buddyWorking on an instagram page that will feature all my work but if you need to see some right now I can send you some links.Hello Sexworkers...Hire me for your next photoshoot. I know I can make you look good on camera. My rates are supe… @rubengualano @iheartmindy @iamcardib Ok but u cute tho @MillicentOnFilm Send me a thread of these pls doing something. Will explain @_BAFyb A king! @GuyLodge @AdamLehrer Never did answer the question about his joker review @KirkWrites79 Anna Karenina boring Atlas Shurgged War and Peace The Crucible Great Expectations The Glass Menager… @to_loka My dyke senses are tingling @BlckBolex Thry could not pull this off with a 100 million dollar budget I’d be embarrassedProud of this young person for starting this. @zomniums What movie?? @dselwyns @filmenfeu Imagine kissing @MatthewACherry White White Day @TheDCTVshow HOLY SHIT NICE TIE IN @TheDCTVshow Wait is this real?
@rozzybox @WearYourVoice I hate this movie @cxrodge Shoot me pls @cxrodge YIKES!! @letterboxd I remember getting your email address if I wanted to write for letterboxd but now I cant find it. Can y… @Carlos_Film You have arrived! You don’t write to appeal to the masses. Fuck them @IMDBorg @Rendy_Jones @MillicentOnFilm I support this as well. @davidehrlich You failed @cherryj0lly a gem TO YOU.