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rae @Valkyrae Los Angeles, CA

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@KarlJacobs_ Safe flight kawrl! @Casey Happy early birthday!!! @itsraeload @TheRealRyanHiga Save Ryan 😭 @xChocoBars Goodluck with your tournament!!!! @itsraechill True😭I can’t believe how beautiful my dog is 😭
Retweeted by raeWHERREEE AREE YOAWWWW!hii live today at 6pm pst! miyoung invited me to play phasmophobia with her, sykkuno, hjune! then maybe valorant af… @fuslie i would like to eat mcdonalds on that kotatsu with you someday :') @brookeab Very thank very you! Very games soon?? @sonii Stop TROLLING😭accessoRAE!
@Corpse_Husband Nope thank you and that’s final @100Thieves One of my favorite videos we filmed so far!! 😁I don’t know who needs to hear this but it’s time to work towards removing that toxic, energy sucking friend/relati… @joohertz I’m taking this weekend off! But since I’m busy today and my makeup will be on and new valo season is out…
@Visualhighs_ It’s @LilyPichu ‘s music! On her YouTube comfy beats :DI need your opinion on stuff but can’t ask you guys because it can’t be announced yet -_— bleh @peterparkTV Play both. Both are great @peterparkTV If yes, then play Fran Bow. If no, then play both @peterparkTV Have you ever played little misfortune? @Kkatamina @itsraechill How did you find my alt get out of my diary @Kkatamina YOU SCREENSHOT THIS LOL NOOOO @bretmanrock I am here to confirm and validate that you are the baddest bitch❤️ @jadesteatime @TheRealRyanHiga Don’t worry, I definitely haven’t forgotten ehehehheheheheuueueueu @mornmeii @LilyPichu I love this and you’re talented and wow @xChocoBars I’m curious I wanna try 😭
@Natsumiii I go to sleep for a week LOL😌Idk if it’s because im entirely exhausted but I’m so emotional that I’m tearing up after stream LOL. Im so apprecia…
Goodmorning! Doing a 12 hour stream today starting at 8am PST! (1 hour from this tweet) Starting with Among Us Haf… @teeeno10 @peterparkTV @Sydeon LMAO
after tomorrows 12 hour stream i need a break & by break i mean work on off-stream projects & not take a real break… @pokimanelol A P P R E C I A T E *********************************** @pokimanelol sweet baby angel that i love and apprecaite btw✨live today at 12pm PST! playing Monopoly with poki, corpse, karl jacobs, sykkuno, tina! maybe some valorant or st… @artsy_vii @Corpse_Husband @Sykkuno @DisguisedToast I love this 😭just amigops game night things!! ☆ @Corpse_Husband @Sykkuno @Valkyrae @DisguisedToast #amigopsfanart
Retweeted by rae @arianabonifazz omg thank you LOL just fixed it! @valkyrrae yes, yes i am :D @Class ive been summoned @Froste @Nadeshot excited to see the upcoming vlog of your new tat matt!Gamers, assemble.
Retweeted by rae @Class @Froste @Nadeshot say lessI've been convinced to redownload tiktok and post gameplay! idk why i haven't done this sooner..😅 time to grind..…
@jamescharles @Dream @GeorgeNotFound @Corpse_Husband @pokimanelol @DisguisedToast @Sykkuno @tommyinnit @Quackity @KarlJacobs_ y..yes 😳New YouTube video! 🎉 We decided to play Pummel Party at 3AM in the morning.. ft. Fuslie Sykkuno PeterPark Starsm… @starsmitten_ ???? You guys did great!!! It was so close. I love u! @xChocoBars WELCOME TO MA MOTHA FUCKN WORLDDDD
@halcyonwilbur 5pm pst!amigops uno today!I have the coolest friends and the coolest community and everybody is just so cool thanks for being the coolest!
@thesarahkey congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@QuarterJaded Stardew valley @Corpse_Husband seee yaaaa tomorrow!!! @jodisrae I wanted to know what it was like, terrible experience LOLPlan! 2/23-2/27 (PST) Tue- Live 3pm! Among Us (Corpse’s lobby) Wed- new YT video then Live 5pm! Amigops Uno Thur… @brookeab @TeanaKitten me proud 🥺 @JustaMinx People will ship even if you insult your friends 😞 @TheRealRyanHiga @Jack_Septic_Eye Big dickles 😭 @raeismyqueen No stream today but tomorrow! I have a really fun week planned, will post schedule later :D @jodisrae Get some sleep plz @runn_the It’s a good time to get creative! Maybe a new hobby? Cooking? Art? Music? Read something new? @Victoria_Lim_XZ Congrats!!!!!!HAVE A BETTER DAY THAN YESTERDAY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @milaenniumm I’ve beat it! One of my favorite games :D @Jack_Septic_Eye You will love it @Bjergsen Happy birf!!Trying to schedule this weeks streams.. what games you want to see/with whom? very down to start demon souls remake…
@fuslie Congrats weslie!!! @bretmanrock How to be cute and beautiful at the same time @LilyPichu I woke up thinking of all the copper ore I need to mine in Stardew valley @RRen109Spam to* i won’t delete I refuse @RRen109Spam Bold of you to think I’m sleepin not seeing what you all up too 👀 @a1ienrat @RAEnbowsxzcs @Corpse_Husband @Sykkuno @DisguisedToast Incredible 🤯The amigops as kids from little nightmares bc I love this game so much I want to cry.
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@dellor I’ll try to ask some people at YouTube for you! I’m sorry you had to go through this :/ @brodinplett It’s ok Brodin he’s just misunderstoodIt might be time to start workin on some merch @Ninja I was talking about Stardew valley but Tyler WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU LOL @peterparkTV play the first one first!! And just remember everything is there for a reason 🤯 @fuslie play little nightmares 2 plz i promise you and your community will love it @peterparkTV its a MUST i PROMISE 10/10 brilliant game!!!! @AngelsHA20 THE LOYALTY ;__; @radiationlimit ty for being scared with me! :D @jamescharles das u!!!!!!!! @KarlJacobs_ next time game with us >:{ @peterparkTV plz tell me you're going to play LN2Seeing an average of 45,000 viewers watch me play a solo game like Little Nightmares 2 from start to finish is so w…
@bitchingkelly I’ve been practicing! ☺️no mirror pic SPAM @LilyPichu @KarlJacobs_ @Corpse_Husband @Sykkuno Guys?I woke up to #raetwtselfieday and I just want to say you’re all very cute and I cry !!!!!🥺❤️ @amemimii !!! @carrotsprout_ @Corpse_Husband @Sykkuno THE SPEED @Corpse_Husband @Sykkuno I’ve removed my eyes what did he say ? @Corpse_Husband @Sykkuno I’ll remember this and u will suffer in unowhy are your profile pics uneven @Corpse_Husband @Sykkuno stop