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@CORPSE hey crops you should try streaming sometime! i think you would like it! @CORPSE when the world needed him most.. he vanished @peterparkTV peter you literally look so badass @valkyraehusband @amazingashleyp @itsraechill you all have changed my life for the better ty @ItzMasayoshi @QuarterJade @peterparkTV @yvonnie @bretmanrock @bellapoarch I WANNA COME PLEASE @amazingashleyp @itsraechill wait is there dark mode for texts LOL TELL ME HOW @bretmanrock @bellapoarch I love you both so much it hurtsMy two hard working older sisters ! So proud of you too ❤️✨🇵🇭 @Valkyrae @bellapoarch
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@bellapoarch GIRL @bellapoarch IM PROUDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Natsumiii @fuslie @bellapoarch youre my favorite coffee bean ;__; @qtcinderella can i be Rudolf @fuslie @bellapoarch how can you be one of my favorite human beans in the worldso um.. if any of my friends have any upcoming movies or music videos and need an extra, I have some experience ☺️New YouTube video! 🎉 Behind the Scenes of the making of @bellapoarch ‘s music video, Build a B*tch! Enjoy ❤️… @juniorl75990814 its not ready yet, need to reupload @GabeJRuiz he’s flexing now, as he should @sonii 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 @GabeJRuiz Don’t make me talk about how we had a month to prepare the BTS Vlog and we’re scrambling to get it up in time today GABE @larrayxo 5’3.5” 😤 @brookeab Thinking about kicking you makes me want to cry LOL 😭 I WOULD NEVER @KarlJacobs_ Wow karl you’re always so helpful ty! @emmalangevinxo I only care about the loyalty anyways🥺❤️Did you see the music video?! :D @starsmitten_ You are glowing 🥺❤️Happiest birf to ma roomie, ma Queen, ma inspiration, ma love and most importantly ma friend. Have the best day… @carrotsprout_ 🤯🤯🤯 @Corpse_Husband @Sykkuno @gawrgura Vouch @leahdb98 jkahsglkasjdlkashgliajgk @Sydeon honestly omen got that DUMPY @KarlJacobs_ @honkkarl it was the obvious answer!!! @honkkarl corn @bellapoarch ARE YOU NERVOUS @Sykkuno THE THINGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! @pokimanelol An actual QUEEN @starsmitten_ OK NOBODY ELSE GETS THINGS CELINE GETS THEM ALL HMPH
@FrodoGate222 @AmongUsGame THEY STOLE YOUR ART FROM MY THUMBNAIL @RoboEye5 @sonii stop leaking my valkyrae branded toilet paper 😡 @RatedEpicz can you get unbanned already the server isn't the same without you -__-- @RatedEpicz not sure but the thing definitely wont get you unbanned @cloakzy its not merch 👀 @tommyinnit ok you kinda said it in that sentence. i am proud of you tommy @pokelawls LOLL i got you, but its not a shirt huehue @pokelawls whats my first name poke @tommyinnit only if you say PLEASE @KarlJacobs_ whenever you wanna game, ill cancel my entire schedule 😤 @Natsumiii I will hand deliver it, my Queen @MrsDrLupo Already got you both!! @Ninja Got you and Jess ☺️ @AriaSaki youre one of the most talented people i know aria. you have been and always will be more than a number!!! @Jacksepticeye i already got you jack :D @qtcinderella @LudwigAhgren FOR THE PLANET @REALMizkif @mayahiga6 i hate that this actually made me lol @mayahiga6 @REALMizkif i was lurkin during your singing stream last night and im actually so confused why you don't… @KarlJacobs_ i put your name down as jarl kacobs @Symfuhny only if brooke says it's ok @Corpse_Husband HAND DELIVERED SIR @AnneMunition i got u anne! <3 @brookeab the thing will be very happy to be with you soon! @QuarterJade u been on the list before it existed @Shiphtur i got you and julia!! @REALMizkif im only sending it to maya dont worry ;) @bnans GOTYOUUUU @TSM_Myth GOT YOU @GloomyKassie I GOTCHUI'm releasing a THING this year, do I have any friends that would like the THING? My agent is making a list lol☺️ @lunaaq_ Ya!! Not sure what time yet but I’ll definitely go live before it drops :D @michaelaiperez Noooo probably DMCA @StaticPaNick Nope! The full song drops at the same time!To be more specific: The music video I’m in drops TONIGHT at 9pm PST / 12am EST! My behind the scenes Vlog will… @SnoodFN randomly caught this on my feed ;__; you're so kind!!! @brookeab @fuslie @100Thieves ma girls ;_; @Natsumiii wendy your schedule omg @StIcKyRamee @blaustoise i was forced to like this tweet @Sykkuno you saw the end of the rainbow road @LordKebun are you being held hostage rn? @bellapoarch 24 more hours 😳One of those non-stop laughing type of days :’) ty for watchin!
@fuslie @100Thieves I COULDNT BE HAPPIER FOR YOU ;__; WELCOME TO THE TEAM!!!!!!!! @100Thieves @fuslie WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW… way I had to lie to make sure I didn't leak @fuslie joining 100THIEVES lol😅 WELCOME TO THE FAM LESLIE I LOVE YO… @AnneMunition Happy birf anne!!!! @TinaKitten @bellapoarch ty tina for always being so KIND!!!!!!!!!! @RatedEpicz who the heck am i going to banter with now? :( @starsmitten_ @bellapoarch ty for always being supportive celine ;__;
@iGumdrop happiest birf bb girl!!!!! hope you and celine are having the best trip and safe returns and see you both… @ValkyJade @panversionofmj @pokimanelol nobody would get unbanned i would be so triggered lol @bellapoarch BELLA SUPREMACYSurprise!! I’m in another music video! @bellapoarch ‘s video drops this Friday, May 14th! I’ll be posting my behin… @bellapoarch IM EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @EnadZT @100Thieves @bellapoarch i HAD NO IDEA LOL @100Thieves @bellapoarch lkajgilkahikshfilfaujgloajiohklrkglikahjkfjjRae making MOVES this year 🙌 Catch @Valkyrae in @bellapoarch’s first ever music video this Friday.
Retweeted by rae ☀️ @raemiIa @itsraechill Thank you for deleting @valkyrat listen i didnt know i was getting an actual announcement for it just pretend you don't know ok 😭 @pokimanelol LITTLE NIGHTMARES!!!!!!!!! @fuslie I’m sorry our announcements are close to eachother and people think its correlated 😩 IM EXCITED TO KNOW WHAT YOURS ISSSSSSS @JujRose Good point!!Do I buy a Tesla? :0 @brodinplett Sorry you went through that :/