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rae @Valkyrae Los Angeles, CA

Streamer/Creator for @100Thieves on YouTube🎉 | | | alt account: @itsraechill |

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@Jae_Day6 yes pleasenew video!! 🎉 300IQ way to prove INNOCENT as IMPOSTOR in Among Us.. while also destroying the entire lobby with Ni… @Corpse_Husband FINALLYYYYY @DisguisedToast Among us Cosplay to celebrate @lex_simp The multitasking tho 😂RAMEN NOODLES ANYONE?! @DisguisedToast @pewdiepie @Sykkuno @Jack_Septic_Eye @michaelreeves @MoistCr1TiKaL @LilyPichu @cinnamontoastk
@pokimanelol WHOLESOMEEEEE QUEENNNN @Corpse_Husband You stream too😡Among Us today at 12pm PST! @pewdiepie @DisguisedToast @Sykkuno @Jack_Septic_Eye @michaelreeves @MoistCr1TiKaL @Froste HAPPY BIRF!! 🎉🎉🎉 @jordanfisher LMAOOOOOOOO I thought you were going to kill me hahahahaha 😭^-^ @brookeab :)
@Jae_Day6 Proud of you!!! @CouRageJD @xQc Just wait till we play again tonight☺️Thumb created by @RoboEye5 🎉New Among Us video! 🎉 I have never been gaslit this hard before. The ultimate betrayal. Enjoy.… @Ali68199731 @salvi__04 I always block for a reason but since you reached out I’ll unblock ❤️ @kuwumiho @itsraechill This is so cool!!! 🥺 @TheRealRyanHiga a degen. congrats and welcome @alexiaraye i am happy to stalk u ma queen
@InnerslothDevs @forte_bass happy birf!!!!!!i still want to try this with a group plz @DisguisedToast My policy is as long as toast got his YouTube video for the day, he dies first ☺️ @NoahJ456 The riskiest play EVER Noah.. I was balding @hana_tjia HAPPY BIRTH HANAAAA 😭🥺🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @QuarterJade CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍 @Frosturne This is great!! @Itchweeed87 :( when I feel anxious, I like to sit in the bathroom with a blow dryer and make myself really hot and… @scarra @peterparkTV Coming from the king of grinding streams.. this means a lot to me 😭 @janjanalt LMAO @xChocoBars I got to meet my best friend and roomie 😭 ily!! @devon_u_suk Sending you good energies 🥺 @peterparkTV I read this in your sarcastic voice and now im mad @yvonnie NO THANK YOU FOR ECOSTING ILYYYY @scarra @peterparkTV You too scarra 🥺 @QuarterJade I’m so happy I met you Jodi 🥺🥺🥺 @superrose765 🥺❤️❤️ @peterparkTV You’re one of the great peoples I’ve met through gamingVideogames really have introduced me to so many incredible people and gave me a lifeeee .. always loved gamin and a… @bnans @cloakzy There’s no way
@pokimanelol @Ninja I’ve learned to keep Tyler alive because he’s likely to become third impostor lol 😇 @pokimanelol @Ninja I was so sad when they slaughtered you right in front of me after we were having such a good time 😞 @fuslie Sock is perfect ;_; @RoboEye5 @Lazarbeam Vouch
This video is longer than usual! about 20 min .. testing to see how well longer videos do! let me know your feedback :DNew video!!! 🎉 The crossover we all didn't expect.. Among Us with PewDiePie, JackSepticEye, OfflineTV and friends!… @CouRageJD WHAT IS THIS LOLLLLLLL @CodyBennett12 @MrBeastYT @I_AM_WILDCAT @BasicallyIDoWrk @NoahJ456 @LachlanYT @Lazarbeam @muselk @Jack_Septic_Eye @CouRageJD ....... I know exactly what game you’re talking about LOL☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ sure Jack, I hate you and can’t wa… @Natsumiii I mean technically it’s morning and breakfast time rightLive! 🎉 Chill night playing random games with friends! Presented by @CashApp ☺️
@CallMeCarsonYT no im Carson @VBI Rae likes it a lotThis intro is just WOW.... How do you guys like @Valkyrae's new revamp?
Retweeted by rae @xmooten @monster1861 @Jack_Septic_Eye I meant all three games are great but if I had to pick one out of the three,… @Jack_Septic_Eye All of them but super Mario sunshine is a MUST @Jack_Septic_Eye More games soon? 😃🔪
New video! 🎉 How to INSTANTLY expose Impostors in Among Us ☺️/🔪 ft OfflineTV and friends! Enjoyyyy… @ChicaLive 👀 @Trainwreckstv @tristanharris Vouch @DisguisedToast Yes :)once a month selfie checkin in ^-^)/ @NeytiriTV 23 is still baby tbh @Jack_Septic_Eye @LudwigAhgren i still dont know what this means LMAO @LudwigAhgren Honestly you did impress me not only with your plays but the big words @BasicallyIDoWrk LOLLLLi have peaked
@Jack_Septic_Eye BLAST HIM OUT THE AIRLOCKLive :D Among Us with Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, moist critikal and OfflineTV!! @Jack_Septic_Eye See ya soonnnnn 😃/🔪 @Jae_Day6 ... pretend you didnt see this @NightDF_ @Jae_Day6 ITS A GREAT SONG I PROMISE @Jae_Day6 omfg its the teaser i got so jebaited.. @Jae_Day6 ITS FINALLY OUT!!! congrats jae :D LOVE THIS ONEPlease expect technical difficulties lolLive!!! Launching my entire channel rebrand :) New alerts, new intro and outro, new badges, everything Reddit… @peterparkTV @scarra Thanks for saving that tree stuck in that cat peter
so uhh idk how this happened but tomorrow 12pm pst I was somehow invited to play Among US with Pewdiepie, Jackse… @TheRealRyanHiga It’s only one game @Jack_Septic_Eye :O @REALMizkif Are you ok lol????????Thoughts on GTAV RP? 👁👄👁 @itsraechill Yo fuck u... is it too late to delete and post this on my alt account lol...
...i was such a stoner back then LMAOOOO @leopisty MY OLD CAPTIONS ARE SO CRINGEEEEEEEE LOLL @DKhaaaan In my closet lolGoing through old photos and found this.. it’s Feb 14th, 2015 A few weeks after I started streaming!!! THE NOSTALGI… @VBI 😭🎉🎉🎉TOMORROW! :D 9/15 Live AT 6pm PST @pokimanelol @DisguisedToast @Sykkuno @CouRageJD @Ninja @jordanfisher @BasicallyIDoWrk @hitchariide me - actually d… BIRTH TO @Jae_Day6 !!!!!!! You have been such a cool friend since the day we met.. thank you for existing… @Jae_Day6 @Natsumiii I THOUGHT IT Was TOMORROW ??!?!?!!?!,!, @jcambriz_510 they are always credited in the video description section. @Classify @xQc @DrLupo i hired two thumb artists! this one is by @RoboEye5 , the previous ones are by @Otriggad :DNew videooooooooOoOoOoo He got the kills while I made the innocent look GUILTY. Among Us Impostor winnnn mwhahaha… @macawcaw123 ILL POST IFYOU POST @leahdb98 ... the amount of times ive gone back through my phone to find an old photo... i have ran out LMAO