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Valorant Datamining & Info Name: Rumblemike | Valorant Influencer Contact Email: Do Not DM me for Upcoming skins or Info.

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@PlayVALORANT Behind.
Act 3 Weekly Challenges | #VALORANT ~ Here is every weekly challenge for Act 3.
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@VisionStrikers @DWGKIA_Esports @JUPITER_GG @Envy @G2esports @FPX_Esports @TSM @Immortals @100Thieves @Cloud9 This is great LOL
What do you think of Breeze? | #VALORANTAct 3 Weekly Challenges | #VALORANT ~ Here is every weekly challenge for Act 3.
@eperkaine @PlayVALORANT Sometimes, the opportunity is right there in front of you and you have to take it @PlayVALORANT after getting the spray use the free prime subscription here --> <--
sometimes you lose boys... gg go next @daprcs huh, make sure you follow the script. You go into overtime next map, and then someone throws.With the new Privacy Policy, Riot will now start to record Voice Chat in-game to help prevent Toxicity. ~ If you…’m rooting for 100T btw.I’m not big on esports but, today’s match is going to be really good. @DanaWhi90964225 no... but ratio @DanaWhi90964225 I mean, it's great he's grinding, but over 2000 in 22 games? That's over 90+ points per game? @PlayVALORANT
@Preeti_Riot @oniram177 Hey, you said it not me, its up to you to trust your co-workers. Well, see you in a month g… @Preeti_Riot @oniram177 Shouldn’t you take the word or trust your coworker? @Preeti_Riot Honestly, I just don't want to cheat you out of a loss that you are going to earn regardless. Remember… @Preeti_Riot Hmm, what if. In a month I challenge you to an Uno game, with randomized cards. As I don't want to che… @RiotNu that's just avoiding the problem but improving it at the same time. Good Choice. @RiotNu Come on Nu, you are a Software Engineer. Meaning that you can fix anything when it comes to computers! So just fix the RAM slot!A few days after @aimlab's teaser, it is now confirmed that Aim Lab and VCT Challengers NA have teamed up to create… @RiotNu does your computer still have ghosts? @MarshYRod @PlayVALORANT @Shiick @MarshYRod @PlayVALORANT going to tweet it today or tomorrow with a graphic, otherwise @Shiick has his tweet up with everything @PlayVALORANT I'm just hoping to finish it this time. @PHRISK3D @PlayVALORANT @riotgames Thank you for all of the work you have done on Valorant!
@Preeti_Riot If I win, we get anime skins, if I lose You get to choose whatever you want me to do. Regular Uno Rules.New Prime Reward: 200IQ Spray ~ Prime Gaming users can now claim the Yoru 200IQ Spray up, you can now play your placements. The bug has been fixed., @Preeti_Riot let's play uno again. want to see anime skins, Like THIS. you want a butterfly knife, I'm honestly just curious about how many people want one and why?
Alright, let’s see what people came up with. kind of Skins would you like to see in Valorant? | #VALORANT @PlayVALORANT @Preeti_Riot @SWAGGERNAU7 @RealStrongLegs @PlayVALORANT @oniram177 This a high level IQ joke. @Preeti_Riot @SWAGGERNAU7 @RealStrongLegs @PlayVALORANT @oniram177 I am smart @PlayVALORANT seems to be a bug is a bug with placements. I recommend to NOT PLAY YOUR PLACEMENTS DO NOT PLAY PLACEMENTS is online.This does not mean valorant is getting a battle royale mode, it could be a Downed but not out feature.Downed Information | #VALORANT ~ Downed health: 100HP ~ Max Downed Time: 15 Seconds ~ When revived, you will have… @floxayyy kekW i cant think straight rn, im multitasking too much are multiple references for it. Seem to be kind of similar how picking up and Orb works; Max distance: 200 u…
Retweeted by Mike - Valorant Leaks & InfoBundle also includes a Playercard, Spray, and Gunbuddy Bundle | #VALORANT ~ Forsaken Vandal (1775VP) ~ Forsaken Spectre (1775VP) ~ Forsaken Operator (1775VP) ~…, there is a string referring to being "Downed". No clue what this could mean. 2.08 Size: 1.5GB | #VALORANT @DonHaci @PlayVALORANT That comment was not needed bro. I played with good players too @DonHaci @PlayVALORANT You haven’t even played it. @RiotNu remembered i didn't finish the battle pass, I was only tier 38 Bundle: Forsaken | #VALORANT
Retweeted by Mike - Valorant Leaks & Info2.08 Patch Notes | #VALORANT can now hear Weapon Drop Sounds with HRTF 😃👍Breeze will also NOT be available in regular unrated queues for two weeks. The only way to play breeze is by usin… will NOT be available in competitive until 2 weeks after launch. | #VALORANTBreeze will launch with a Breeze-only queue that will last for 2 weeks. | #VALORANTIt's Breeze Day...
@DonHaci Haven’t heard of the NFT’s part, but they were doing testing this past weekend, (I Haven’t opened the link)
I had this tweet muted due to a war of opinions in the replies. Still, I think the cards are super cool. @GGameface @PlayVALORANT @riotgames It was a blast, lets run it again soon
Want to know what the full Forsaken Bundle looks like? Well, I made a video showcasing every Weapon, Variant and wi… @Arcohz Delete this. @arcticsoldier_1 Aren’t you sitting in my lobby rn? most important features of Breeze @RiotEvrMoar Good job
Made a video showcasing the entire battle pass, as well as all of the skins within the pass in-game. Go check it ou… Showcase | #VALORANT Showcase | #VALORANT Showcase | #VALORANT @EthanBenard YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOThe unique aspect of Breeze is the Chute, it throws you into mid. Operator (Variant) | #VALORANT Operator | #VALORANT Spectre (Variant) | #VALORANT Spectre | #VALORANT Melee | #VALORANT Showcase | #VALORANT Slots are releasing with Patch 2.08 | #VALORANT Classic (Variant) | #VALORANT Classic | #VALORANT Playercards | #VALORANT ~ Will be available with Code Redemption on June 3rd Vandal (Variant) | #VALORANT Minimap | #VALORANT Vandal | #VALORANT is no new agent with Act 3, There is only a new map | #VALORANTForsaken Bundle will be a Premium Skin-set and will cost 7100VP for the bundle. | #VALORANTForsaken Gun Skins will turn into a Sovereign based theme, with an variant upgrade. | #VALORANTForsaken Concept Art | #VALORANT*dab* Screenshots | #VALORANT (Thread)