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Kyle it’s clear he’s a genius - Wannabe Actor - Streamer for Hammarby IF- King of Twitter according to @EW

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@Element_Five @MiloshTheMedic Never left 😎 @clarkeeen @Element_Five No okay I can’t let this be. Only Skåne is Denmark. Gothenburg is unfortunately Swedish. Kalmar those areas too. @clarkeeen @Element_Five And everything north of Stockholm is Norrland. @BikiniBodhi Cool kids only @MiloshTheMedic @Element_Five @Element_Five @Bjurgard Magnus you invited me 😡 @clarkeeen @Element_Five I don’t see the issue. If you guys are in Denmark what’s the problem @Element_Five They know!!!!!On my walk this@morning this popped up. IM IN SWEDEN!!!!! “Welcome to Denmark”. I did not go for a swim or anything…
Retweeted by Valter Skarsgård @zunorham @jazz_inmypants It’s hard to tell through the crying @jazz_inmypants Yay @jazz_inmypants I need to hear this also I miss Sammy @itsonlyaubrey @KylePlantEmoji @jazz_inmypants @CNBC Vouch
@jazz_inourpants Nasty Freestyle? @SamLangellier @steak_umm NiceYeah you could say it’s getting pretty serious @steak_umm Beef I miss you too. What happened to us @steak_umm Ignoring “braise” because.. Beef boss..?Zendaya, Tom and Jacob really woke up and chose violence #SpiderMan3
Retweeted by Valter Skarsgård😏
Retweeted by Valter SkarsgårdOkay if we know each other and you’re on Clubhouse lemme know. Need to follow more people @susannamllr @jazz_inourpants @jazz_inourpants NoOH MY GOD YOU CAN'T MISS THIS #ClickBait #TheNoobStream @TheHyyyype Hype this has to stop. These tweets that make no sense and perfect sense have to stop @Element_Five @UbiMassive Woooooooooow new low Magnus @AndrewsNotFunny @WhatsAGreenhorn @TheHyyyype Also yesEn vädjan till polisen - för svensk fotboll
Retweeted by Valter Skarsgård @WhatsAGreenhorn @TheHyyyype Yes yes we know I’m short @crossslide @FireBeets @TheHyyyype Did you have a stroke? @TheHyyyype the moon is the earth's dog
Retweeted by Valter Skarsgårdlet's try this again, uhhh, sam rockwell is the bradley cooper of david spades
Retweeted by Valter Skarsgård @TheHyyyype Why does this make no sense and perfect sense at the same timetimothee chalamet is the tom cruise of michael ceras
Retweeted by Valter Skarsgård @Element_Five @UbiMassive Where’s my invite? 👀Yep I’m 1.68m’m a short king (of twitter)God fucking damn it. Okay you know what? Twitter I’m 5’6 or whatever that is. Okay? Cool. Yes it does. a picture of yourself as the final boss without downloading new pics. @and3rsjansson Darth Maul IS still alive. @EwdatsGROSS @michirage I repeat, WHY @EwdatsGROSS @michirage
@plutolympics @dave_cactus @plutolympics @dave_cactus Crazy how that worked out huh @plutolympics @Effy08811959 And that’s where I unfollowit's a free country and ur certainly allowed to like pickles but putting them in a sandwich is upsetting to me. the…
Retweeted by Valter Skarsgård @Trip_Maverick Why not both? Not like there will be ONE Star Wars filmdid you forget what magneto’s superpower is? lol
Retweeted by Valter Skarsgård @Trip_Maverick Why not @dadthatwrites I mean if you insistOkay just hear me out.. What if.. Christopher Nolan.. Directed a Star Wars film.. @sarahnicoleryer @michirage You look photoshopped @ArizonaTeaStan @plutolympics No cuz they still weren’t on the list we replied to.Okay jokes aside Michael Caine in The Dark Knight Rises is just pain in pain. Every scene is tear jerking.Must not be a very good looking guy that Tom Hardy @LlamaInaTux Here you put that behind all other Spider-Man moviesSpeaking of underground filmmakers there’s this guy called Tom Hardy who is in a few films with that Nolan guy. Dec…’m watching one now where this rich guy, lmfao you won’t believe me but it’s true, this rich guy dresses up as an… don’t know if you guys know this but this guy Christopher Nolan, he’s made a few pretty decent films. Kinda under… @LlamaInaTux I’ll have you know I am a man of principle to an unreasonable extent @ArizonaTeaStan @plutolympics Those weren’t on the list @plutolympics I know. I’ve seen all of them. Several times. @ArizonaTeaStan @plutolympics Right. So there’s one MCU movie there. Deadpool is being brought in but the first two… @plutolympics You didn’t even remember you had seen more than 1 until now. @badboychadhoy @michirage I honestly don’t know Chad @plutolympics Don’t add to the list Pluto the lists are separate. Everyone is talking about MCU @plutolympics @ArizonaTeaStan No one was talking about comics it was literally about the MCU show WandaVision @ArizonaTeaStan @plutolympics I’m sorry 3? @ItsAndyRyan @plutolympics Alright Fair fair fair @plutolympics @ItsAndyRyan You’re slaughtering the MCU chronology @plutolympics @ItsAndyRyan I hate you more for every second that passes @jazz_inmypants @michirage In your defense she is very small @plutolympics @ItsAndyRyan I could have said “MCU Film” but decided to go with the more natural phrasing assuming m… @met2art @ItsAndyRyan @plutolympics @LlamaInaTux First of all Thor movies weren’t mentioned here and also my brother is in Deadpool 2 which you claimed… @plutolympics @ItsAndyRyan Not the same thing. @ItsAndyRyan @plutolympics Which ones ARE mcu here @ItsAndyRyan @plutolympics I’m sorry “half”? @plutolympics I’m sorry LISTING then @LlamaInaTux Fucking CAREFUL NOW @plutolympics @thiccybarnes @LlamaInaTux Careful nowThis is him ranking MCU movies. I’m just gonna uh leave this here. @thiccybarnes Ugh this GIF sucks it looks great when sending it and then it gets crunchy @thiccybarnes I’m gonna mute both of you @thiccybarnes “Let the kid ruin his own experience and watch a show he won’t understand a single second of instead… @WandaVito Not if you haven’t seen anything then it’s completely fucking pointless. The entire show is just “rememb… @plutolympics Name them. Literally name them.Motherfucker has seen ONE marvel movie ever. Decides to jump in to the one show which entire point is connecting ev… @plutolympics I’ll block you if you do I’m not kidding @TheChowderhead @TheChowderhead No matter what I’d send you’d claim it was fake 😔 @v3n0mch3mn1tz It was better before I sent the tweet 😔 @TheChowderhead Read the GIF again @LKRIDOUT @jazz_inmypants @basedevin0 Pickles suckMe every day on twitter. @jazz_inmypants @NebraskaMegan Did a senator just reply to one of your dumb tweets what’s happening @LKRIDOUT @jazz_inmypants @basedevin0 But is he wrong? No