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It's on, folks. • Jen • asian nb lesbian • dragon enthusiast • they/them • 21 • read my blog links • ♡@Gay_Furby♡ • icon and header by @prismaticrealm

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Retweeted by Jen差し入れを届けるクルー
Retweeted by Jen新たなタスクをもらったクルー
Retweeted by JenI'm happy to finally open up the Treasure Fighters Discord! A hub for playing and discussing Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyo T…
Retweeted by Jenstop making and sharing and praising fanart of bernie or aoc or whatever please god they are politicians and they'r… #Godzilla vs #Kong teaser. Real authentic footage, fresh from my uncle's cousin who works at Legendary.
Retweeted by Jen氷に顎を乗せて寝ているアグ🧊🦭✨
Retweeted by Jentotal body count between these guys is roughly 4.5 million and counting
Retweeted by Jen @mamarinpalace this hole... it was made for me // execution pervis payne is set to be executed on the 9th of April. Do not wait until last minute to speak up…
Retweeted by Jenjerry man derringepic heather mason moments
Retweeted by Jen @primordialdream he looks like he just cried for 50 hours straightGrubHub is facing multiple lawsuits for creating fake listings for local restaurants who don’t use GH. They result…
Retweeted by Jencoogie run time @ButchRomulan @Succubusgender not a single twitter person can help me with this issue right now @zexalchange Unfortunately, yesmy girlfriend sent me this weird thing named ""Sucklet"" and once it was freed it stormed my cupboards to eat my gr…
y’all are like “let people enjoy things” & the things in question are war criminals in designer suits
Retweeted by Jen @aokohio they should draw them like this played syrup and the ultimate sweet the other day! really cool visual novel
Retweeted by Jenwhite people getting on my nerves with the "yes we know biden sucks🙄 stop complaining let us be happy" like oh sorr…
Retweeted by Jen @alphacomplexer ur right actually @alphacomplexer wha? i'm not cringe...? @Fireysprinkle thank u...i just thought maybe funny if he were to be playing anong us during the inaurguracion however you spoell it
Retweeted by Jen @ratdickronnie those are the big round ones right? yeah they'll always be crunchy but they should be sweeter when ripeive been losing my mind over this anime
Retweeted by Jen @roboticoblitera give if you can to help house a Black teenager!! Who can cover at least half of that $75 tonight?
Retweeted by Jenかようびのあさは モルカーをみながら ごはんだよ🐹🐹
Retweeted by JenReminder that we have only received one stimulus of ¥100000 and two reusable masks per household since this all sta…
Retweeted by Jenichijou has a malewife now?
Retweeted by Jen i finally made a gfm to raise money to find a place for me n my gf, please help out n share if u can !
Retweeted by Jen @primordialdream vibrio @MFer_Morgan thats okay i think. @MFer_Morgan WHATT!!! @MFer_Morgan what is he learning @MFer_Morgan 5head
Retweeted by Jeni made a cousinsona. hope that isn't cringe dog walked on stage during a biden rally and joe had his campaign team bury and seal the dog underground with…
Retweeted by Jenguys dont hold your cats like this just incase you didnt know
Retweeted by Jenking of all cosmos get therapy challenge.... when the king did this i felt this hide and seek in the woods!
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Retweeted by Jenonly now realized i forgot "to" @SourJillyBeans yeah completely understandable, mii faces get really distorted when u wanna remake a certain charac… @SourJillyBeans miitopia had a lot of cool exclusive mii emotive faces too :^(shipping dynamic ☺️☺️寝てバイバイしている時だって、カメラの写りを気にします😤 アザラシシーパラダイスのアイドル🎤ひよりです😳💗✨
Retweeted by Jenngl I take issue with the statement that every flag "copies the rainbow flag" because it's straight up reducing the…
Retweeted by Jen @strangeauthor I LOVE SKIBIDI MM DADA (BOOM) @alphacomplexer hi claireFUCKING BABA @WorldBowser ok see you on disorp @WorldBowser glad i checked my notifs before the timelineEveryone sharing their favorite @mega64 moments today made me want to share mine: Garrett's magic trick.
Retweeted by Jendasharezone sucks for this onewhy are you all rting that you're sick @zotethemighty we love katamari. the origami kid said this.
IM GOING THROW UP @muuminlaakso omg they really do look like vintage wood toysif anyone wants to go report this video (which, btw, he's got monetized,) and go support brennen instead, now would…
Retweeted by JenRT + follow @Nintendeal for your chance to win $20 Nintendo eShop credit! Tag a friend! Level up this giveaway! 4…
Retweeted by JenHi, I’m a 18 y/o black trans teen. I’m trying to reach my goal so I can afford facial feminization surgery. I have…
Retweeted by Jenhampsterdance is back!! #epici want to play katamari i want to play katamari so bad waaaaaaa @octoling LESBIAN TAMAGOTCHIS??A Bayonetta... you know, as a treat 🍭
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Retweeted by Jen @WorldBowser ok (whoosh)forgot to upload this #BugFables fan art I did.
Retweeted by Jen @WorldBowser HELP HELP EHLP EHLP I DONT REMEMBER THIS POST QQWSKQFWJ @WorldBowser its okay you can say it's the tf2 players who have slurs in their username @WorldBowser at least engineer gaming himself is sensiblei know the way they stylize ppl in katamari is half due to graphical limitations cuz theres like thousands of objec… uh sorry my trap wasn't supposed to do that..... sorry im opening the exit now you can just leave im sorry
Retweeted by Jenhappy almost anniversary to jaboukie's noblest stint in twitter jail
Retweeted by JenHey y’all, a dear friend of mine has had some terrible medical news and I’m hoping y’all could share or possibly do…
Retweeted by Jensucklet and friend mushroom fairy
Retweeted by Jen @alphacomplexer THIS RULESOK im still seeing (non jewish) people in 2021 (mostly on tumblr but nonetheless) use the "goblincore" aesthetic so…
Retweeted by Jenfave ship dynamic
Retweeted by JenThe fuck ARE U SO FUCKING CUTE!!! christ!!!!! king...🤔 #りゅうのおにわ #げつようびの1コマ #ドラガリ
Retweeted by Jeni am obsessed with katamari ball on the potty and with a diaper on👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
Retweeted by JenMy 2 year daughter puts her katamari ball on the potty, then puts a diaper on it. @KeitaTakahash
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