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Chan @vamplacey United Kingdom

I've gone from The Full Monty to Peaky Blinders 🤙🏾😛

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Mase really needs to stop with these early wake ups 😖😖
@ChessFan13 😂😂 nah The Sex Clinic @DavidMackayyy I mean wouldn't the camera man hanging around give the game away 😂😂😂. Well that's not really doing i… thought you could only get genital warts on their feet??? Are they for really??? #gogglebox's got genital warts #goggleboxHe's got sandals on #goggleboxNever watched Hunted #gogglebox😂😂😂😂 #gogglebox!! Even the drawings of Weinstein are disgusting 🤢🤮 #gogglebox @Crazier 😂😂 @Crazier @Crazier That's too good for them, throw them in the sewers"Suppose he'll be coming out next" 😂😂😂 Giles 😂😂😂 #gogglebox @Crazier I just want to get all Hulk on them ain't even listening to Mica 😂😂 #goggleboxThat laugh #gogglebox's #gogglebox timeYaay it's #ModernFamily time! @stellabellav Just make sure none of your clothes are missing 🤣🤣🤣 @stellabellav 😂😂😂 or your dirty laundry 😂😂 @stellabellav Painting or sniffing your knickers 😂😂😂 she didn't take the minus #thechaseWaiting to see if Alex will take the minus offer #TheChase @stellabellav Does he fancy you?? And does he want some added 'extras' 😂😂😂 @shereneb3 Maybe in a few months time he'll get his toys back 😂😂😂Well done Terry #thechaseMason has just asked for a certain dragon toy and I've just told him the bad news that I threw it away two weeks ag… @YTVChase 😂 sorry Albi, didn't mean to spoil your fun hahaLeast now the new teacher knows not to give Mase the homework sheets......his other teachers should of told her that he doesn't have themThey don't like him and was hoping this would make him move out #judgerinder @welshliam93 😂 yup @brummie1984 I feel like I have a migraine coming with that shirt 🤕Has he got sellotape round his glasses??? #judgerinder @brummie1984 I can't look at the screen when he's on 😂😂A courgette??? Who the fuck has a courgette?? #judgerinder @YTVChase 😂😂😂 I've got me glasses onHe pissed in a bottle??? Was the toilet occupied?? #judgerinderThat shirt is messing with my eyes #judgerinderCan't they clean up after themselves? #judgerinderWhy would a security guard check your home to see if it's ok for the cleaners?? #judgerinderWas he a smelly bastard? #judgerinder @Beckie_Miller_ @Beckie_Miller_ 😂😂 mine tooI knew Drew reminded me of someone 👇🏽 has he saw Pennywise lately? #judgerinder of intellectual property?? Really??? #judgerinderYou didn't have to get a loan out #judgerinderHer laugh is annoying #judgerinder🤣🤣🤣 everyone knows you like your grub Eamonn #ThisMorning @tashalou89 @YTVChase Rochelle is presenting @niteyeti @Beeee_20 🤣🤣 gosh......@YTVChase is going to explode!!! #ThisMorning one tax dodger to another #Lorraine #ThisMorning @MissLionHeart I know yeah, he really needs to get one @Browbar1 Morning petal 😘Yaay! It's our favourite doctor #LorraineThat's a cool jukebox #gmbWhy is the bath towel on the cooker? #gmbHope this protest is not during school time 🤔 #gmbWhy don't they just close all airports and stop people from entering who have come back from countries that have the coronavirous #gmb @The1stCoco It's a good word lolBet Prince Andrew is loving all these Harry headlines cause nobody is talking about his noncey ways and noncey friends #gmb @ZanderLaw There has to be a second series after that!
@Beckie_Miller_ 😂😂't kiss on the first date?? #firstdates!! The two cuties are gonna see each other again!!! #firstdatesShe'll friendzone him #firstdatesWho doesn't love someone who's a bit dominant in the bedroom 😛 #firstdatesI'd love to go food shopping with him just to see how many trolleys he uses and what he buys lol #firstdatesShe is pretty!! #firstdatesShe's even more pretty with her natural curls #firstdates make a cute couple #FirstDates10 kids you know 🙈😂😂 #firstdatesThose cocktails look nice #firstdatesShe's waaay too loud #firstdatesAww he's so nervous #firstdatesI absolutely love Merlin #firstdatesShe's 22??? I thought she was older!! #firstdates for #firstdatesAh shit....he woke up! #FleshAndBloodWhat? He actually does have a daughter??!!! #FleshAndBloodSo it really was Mary......we was right!! What a wonderful woman, take a bow Mary take a fucking bow #FleshAndBlood Mary! #FleshAndBlood @HAFP84 I love that womanMary is a wonder #FleshAndBloodDiazepam?? Why was diazepam in his system??? He wasn't on it was he? it was Jake......I so wanted it to be Mary #FleshAndBlood @BaziaLushbubble'm loving Mary 😂😂 #FleshAndBloodViv is now questioning all the things he's said to her #FleshAndBloodShe lied about being pregnant and now her periods late.......and the married she's sleeping with is sleeping with h… @DavidMackayyy They have interviewed him, that's how last nights episode finished cause they asked how he hurt his handYaaay! Russell in boxers!! #FleshAndBloodAnd had a massive drink #FleshAndBloodWhat is Mary baking?? Something to piss Mark off?? #FleshAndBloodHe actually does love her??? He's actually leaving his wife??? #FleshAndBlood likes him more than she's letting on and that's why she's ending it #FleshAndBloodTake the clothes off Russell #FleshAndBloodWhy haven't we seen pictures of this daughter or even heard her voice?? Does she not ring her father?? #FleshAndBlood