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Newcastle til I die, Lingua Ignota is the best musician of modern times

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@RailoReina @TheRealOVA @Bills71107969 @MollyJongFast I think calling an occupation historically ran by the KKK and…
@SappingtonKole If you are able to rub the 2 braincells you have in your head together, you can clearly see I'm rep… @ChadwickFredwar @AWeaselyMidget @makitstop_remad @AgedContext @PoorlyAgedStuff Still far from not being planned if… @ChadwickFredwar @AWeaselyMidget @makitstop_remad @AgedContext @PoorlyAgedStuff Pipebombs were placed outside both… @Rec_reation_12 @metztlion @pug_rocky @chrystallee00 @FreeSteveeboy @TheGoodDr03 @DrEricDing Also, don't call peopl… @Rec_reation_12 @metztlion @pug_rocky @chrystallee00 @FreeSteveeboy @TheGoodDr03 @DrEricDing Almost like there is a… @makitstop_remad @AgedContext @PoorlyAgedStuff There is footage of her breaking glass to try to storm the Senate fl… @Rec_reation_12 @metztlion @pug_rocky @chrystallee00 @FreeSteveeboy @TheGoodDr03 @DrEricDing So, by your own words,… @Vincent10180347 @SappingtonKole @Why_Ambie @RoninonRecRoom @736Aaron @markiplier Also, don't like your own tweets loser. @Vincent10180347 Maybe have your evidence be more than filming news reporters loading up film equipment and claimin… @vegabuster2 @Giga_Bob They literally broke into the capitol building with weaponry and started attacking police to… @basharalassadf1 @slayergoddess69 @BodhiiMN @abzzzzyy @MuddySchmuck @AOC Imagine posting this and not acknowledging…
Charlie Kirk reaping after sowing @CN_WetSuit @WontPassDaBoof @MrAndyNgo She should've just followed orders 🤷🏽‍♀️ @MarkWbbr @WontPassDaBoof @MrAndyNgo Oh, NOW cops get charged for shooting people without weapons? How many of th… @kidkyros Free us, Jeb @SappingtonKole @Why_Ambie @RoninonRecRoom @736Aaron @markiplier Yes, cause a president that allowed 300k Americans… shit it’s jeb!
Retweeted by Vandalian @SappingtonKole @Why_Ambie @RoninonRecRoom @736Aaron @markiplier Good thing that never happened and every court dis… *depicts an America that was culturally stuck in the 50's and never gave up its paranoia of an encroaching…
Retweeted by Vandalian @GramsciFag69 I'm sure the group who voted 84% nationally to elect him and joined groups like QAnon are just GIDDY… was all leading up to this
Retweeted by VandalianFor once, I'm not so upset that facial recognition software works best on white people
Retweeted by Vandalian @LyriaRose @Sentry023 Give me Cascadia or give me death @Sentry023 @LyriaRose If it was in Latin America, these people would be supporting it lmao @LyriaRose "It's not a coup though, it's just an act of terrorism organized by sitting members of congress with the… @Paul_SacconePOV: you think calling out coup d'éats means you are supporting usurpers @Paul_Saccone @baleeiro_andre @katz_murray @byaaroncdavis I'M AN ANARCHIST, JACKASS. I hate these people, I just know what words mean @Paul_Saccone @baleeiro_andre @katz_murray @byaaroncdavis Also, what's your Canadian ass even doing having an opini… @Paul_Saccone @baleeiro_andre @katz_murray @byaaroncdavis This isn't the OKC bombing, this isn't 9/11, this isn't o… @Paul_Saccone @baleeiro_andre @katz_murray @byaaroncdavis Terrorism is an attempt to cause damage and fear. A cou…'s crazy how the tanks won't start, the tear gas won't launch, the guns jammed and the batons went soft all of a…
Retweeted by Vandalian @Paul_Saccone @baleeiro_andre @katz_murray @byaaroncdavis Two can play this game, idiot. Now stop defending fascist… @xanuui @dgliamm @Kitsune_Manami @erickhempelii Yes. Cause one fights fascists and the other fights people who bel… @LindaLBelk @BNONews Earn that trip to Hell bae, s l a y 💅🏽As we watch Trumpers storm the capital with guns. Just a reminder, this is what America did to Native protesting fo…
Retweeted by Vandalian @Paul_Saccone @baleeiro_andre @katz_murray @byaaroncdavis An attack spearheaded by members of the government to ove… @Paul_Saccone @baleeiro_andre @katz_murray @byaaroncdavis No, it's the utter definition of a coup. @Sentry023 Why would they stop something they planned themselves, 4headThe enlightened centrist once again logs on to say "Complaining about the vote and storming the capital building wi… if youre one of the 200 million people that hasnt watched baby shark
Retweeted by Vandalian @AmyLeighHerring @DezMartinezisme @RepElaineLuria @brikeilarcnn They literally broke into the capital building with… @AmyLeighHerring @DezMartinezisme @RepElaineLuria @brikeilarcnn And a coup on the US would crash the markets are ha… @TraciKonrad @jonbernhardt @217_savage His name has a D next to it, but he is more conservative than some Republica…
@ManFreedomScott @procrastington @shoe0nhead Individualism and its self centered nature just killed 300k Americans…
@ipodkillz @unvatorandom @0xD15EA5E @Slasher You can go to prison for DMCA cases, thanks to the Republicans
@TheGhostPt2 H u g s @holdmanzy @Queen_Vee7 @icemanchong @The1llusionist @GimmickAccsOOC I apologize you thought you were worth more tim… @holdmanzy @Queen_Vee7 @icemanchong @The1llusionist @GimmickAccsOOC "Yeah, the coronavirus is totally fake over 300…
@BebetTwitch @ThatIcey3 @stopquallingme @JudiciaIreview @LiaM0rgan @shaamocean ...or you could blame the parents, s…
@TWLadyGrey @Leslbee @ChrisAaronT @SuperGrover711 @amyewalter @DanaBashCNN Using Trumpian "Fake News" tactics to sh… @TWLadyGrey @Leslbee @ChrisAaronT @SuperGrover711 @amyewalter @DanaBashCNN @TWLadyGrey @Leslbee @ChrisAaronT @SuperGrover711 @amyewalter @DanaBashCNN Local Liberal Who Thinks Locking Childre… @TWLadyGrey @ChrisAaronT @SuperGrover711 @amyewalter @DanaBashCNN There are Native Americans who would agree with y… @TWLadyGrey @ChrisAaronT @SuperGrover711 @amyewalter @DanaBashCNN Hello, hi, female Cherokee here, Obama is a disgu…
@TimothyKerby @assorted_number @MarthaKelly3 @prageru Slavery is when white men can't worship slave owners, not the…
A clitoris has 8000 nerve endings and it’s still not as sensitive as a Spaniard when confronted with Spanish history.
Retweeted by Vandalian @RonnieB832 @FudgeDemKidz @SickofthePundit @ESPNFC You did nothing of importance in WW1 and only defeated Japan thr…
@HMnocontext @ShaykhMHSSI @commietski @Lesbiantimee @NoContextPrager You must really fucking hate Democracy then wi… @TTS_86 @Victorrmsk @neyoid @NoContextPrager @VaushV Lenin literally did nothing comparable to these two, or are yo… @forthehalibut6 @ChaosUmbral @GodHyperborean @thewendynerd @classiclib3ral "Yeah, I have a dark sense of humor" *w…
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Kendrick Lamar fan type behavior
Retweeted by VandalianWhenever I need to remember what happened in MGS3 I look over at my corkboard and see this
Retweeted by Vandalian @76Chickasaw @GramsciFag69 Don't you have a family of 4 to make homeless during a pandemic to increase your brunch fund or something? @BossBromm There are literal bread lines miles long right now in Texas The socialist capital of the world, Texas. @Mattjmjmjm1 @JackDonohue18 @poldiscoursebot America literally lost in Vietnam and haven't won in the middle east in almost as long regularly scheduled reminder that Gilead is charging $3,000 for a coronavirus drug that costs less than $10 to…
Retweeted by Vandalian @RealBBFan @SamDep31 @Out_of_Fear2 @ADifferentCat @NoelleHoover22 @jack "Wow, you think 2 plus 2 equals 4? So do a lot of MAGAts, curious" @zestocles I thought you were the other guy when I was typing it, ngl @zestocles @JoshLNielson @FUTWATTER7 @Natalie01016290 @JunkScience @JamesDelingpole @realDonaldTrump So was Chomsky… the amount as last time after months of nothing but private companies get trillions on a whim and a push of a… @TheGhostPt2 Fourth ghost baby best one @JoshLNielson @zestocles @FUTWATTER7 @Natalie01016290 @JunkScience @JamesDelingpole @realDonaldTrump You know you c…
“When do you think would be a good time” -1951
Retweeted by Vandalian @TheGhostPt2 You're a sweet friend and I like talking to you whenever I can @wowthatshiphop Ain't nobody who listens to Bob Dylan listens to fucking Gunna @pro_radiii I still want the 1k tho
@littleghostoooh Best of luck 💝 @picrewghost Hey hey
@daysafterastr0 Disco Elysium GTA: San Andreas Spec Ops: The Line NFL 2k5 Persona 5what the fuck dude
Retweeted by Vandalian @JVNUSTHEGOD "Oh, you think institutional racism is real? Well, *slur*-"
Retweeted by Vandalian @MoshuaJoss @RobertaAAvery @LaurenElizabth8 @AlsoWonderWoman @hollyotterbein @daveweigel It has been caught on film…
@godn0iseg0d @kidkyros We know why*avoid @TTabp @yankees0606 @axios Literally every pick so far has been a corporate crony, a Republican, or a right leaning… @picrewghost Hey hey Sally
Retweeted by Vandalian @VirgilKalimir @shoe0nhead Signing onto the newsletter and voting no to silence the Trump supporters that flank me…
Retweeted by Vandalian @pro_radiii Important hellhound @backxwash Ah yes, the legend @Wolf_Counselor @DaddyyMcnastyy @Public_Citizen @Snowden He got locked in Russia because America seized his passpor…