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Lesley! @vanetti Austin, TX

I love you, you can do amazing things, you got this ✨ 1/8 of Gay Coops Stans ✨ @Mexicanity can get it ✨they/them enby royalty ✨ icon and header by @jojoseames

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@tricialorrene YOU KNOW WHAT? YOU’RE RIGHTis it uncool to wake up a sleeping man for this, I am unsureAt $30 for a bag of 10 candies, no one is giving weed to your stupid kids.
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Retweeted by Lesley!Unfortunate typo
Retweeted by Lesley! @Demonic_Cowboy I am so confused by myself @WastingYourGum really and truly, hormones were a mistakeI just woke up NEXT-LEVEL HORNY at 4:30 AM because there is no God @bloodychill ok what do I need to knowCRYING @geekoncaffeine idk BUT I AM CRYINGLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL @vanetti Aldi has amazing girl scout knock offs.
Retweeted by Lesley! @rudycoby ok but I already voted and I love popcorn @bridgeyrocks literally me rn @mattjay 👀 @prettysailorr this a Vampire Weekend albumWay to go, Travis County!🗳️
Retweeted by Lesley! @Chris_Meloni yes @horsegirlonmain I have no opinion but I can quickly form one 🤣am I gonna get into Paramore now??? probably made some art based on something very dear to me and i’m very proud of it 🤎
Retweeted by Lesley!This is the last photo that I have with my stepdad. He was deeply deteriorating from stage 4 cancer, and he died te… would give every penny that I have, I would sell all of my worldly possessions, I would do any labor required for… @simmerdovvn @MoonlnDaylight one time I was 24 and I sneezed real hard and had an Issue @simmerdovvn @MoonlnDaylight I don’t have context but everyone shartsI don’t know what he going through but same
Retweeted by Lesley! @oranicuhh @lNDUSTRYGAMES we did it @prettysailorr @Mexicanity bitch if you have seen literally one episode of this show then you already knew @julietted80 also someday the pandemic will end and I am reserving 12 hugs and maybe a nice lunch on the Riverwalk thank uI told @prettysailorr that @Mexicanity was just gonna play some video games while I watched This Is Us with her, an… @hareacademy BLESS YOU @julietted80 THANK YOU!!! So do you! For reallt any reason at all. But uhhh our of curiosity do you watch this show 👀YOU LITERALLY GAVE ME TWELVE HUGS YOU ABSOLUTE QUEEN 💖💖💖💖💖 just watched the premiere of This Is Us and I need like twelve hugs @SmalleyMcSmall 👉😎👉I swear to God if someone doesn’t give Mandy Moore her fucking Emmy soon, I’m gonna lose my entire mind
@lesliehakuna TEACH ME YOUR PASTRY WAYS @Nerdygal33 THEY KNOW WHAT THEY DID @Nerdygal33 I will probably add to it once I have had time but I wanted to make the tweet as quickly as possible lmfao, you're very welcome! @stormnerys lmfaooooFeel free to share and add your own GS Cookie hacks! Fuck Amy Coney Barrett and fuck the Girl ScoutsThin mint recipe here: Top with a teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter for 35 calories of healthy fat. Instead of the typical sand… Top with a 1/2 teaspoon of each creamy peanut butter, followed by melted semisweet chocolate.Samoas: melt down chewy caramel candies in a bowl sprayed with nonstick spray. Microwave in 15-second increments (s…, Samoas, Tagalongs, and Do-Si-Dos can all be made using this shortbread base (see below for specific mods):'s a thread of Girl Scout cookie hack recipes, what a coincidence that I very recently realized that I’m good at baking cookies ok Boss Billy Joe Shaver was one of the greatest country artists of all time
Retweeted by Lesley! @amywilson ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws @elinorgray strikes and gutters @Stealth_IsMetal @RandyS0725 the taste 😙👌 @DivWizard I ...... should also get a new prescription tbh @DivWizard FAIR FAIRMore Travis County voters have cast a ballot so far during early voting than in all of the 2016 presidential electi…
Retweeted by Lesley!Coco and I just VOTED.. I’m just gonna say if you DON’T Vote... And 🤡 wins again. Shut the F up for the next 4.
Retweeted by Lesley! @DivWizard if you have your prescription handy, you can plug it into Zenni Optical, they truly don’t give a fuck ho… @speccyferret Andy this made me laugh so hard idk why @Mexicanity @leboism @klandergan I have never seen these in my life, but yes @heartsandmouths that is amazing @heartsandmouths I don’t know where it is! I found it on the Internet™ @songlin221 @her_nerdiness @bigderoloenergy @_queerioes it learns FAST, too it had my number after about three hours @prettysailorr is this about the ball gameHow're you doin'?
Retweeted by Lesley!Proof backlash still works to some degree.
Retweeted by Lesley!An incredible, brutally simple idea with perfect execution: McSweeney's editors compile every single misdeed the pr…
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We all just keep saying it, but: if you're one of those 28 million, then please, return your ballot in person (or s…
Retweeted by Lesley! @minebyrights like dis @minebyrights boxer briefs are the only waythis was literally seven days ago for the past two months: PLEASE GOD MAKE THIS HEAT CEASE, I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE [monkey paw curls] @treklock 💅💅💅feel like I am running out of ways to say that covid trends in Texas are scary and getting worse
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Retweeted by Lesley! @miraphorism no one has a name without these lettersBREAKING: The Biden campaign has announced a three-day bus tour in TEXAS, starting tomorrow in Amarillo, Lubbock, A…
Retweeted by Lesley!omg🥺 have zero sympathy for anyone who regrets voting for trump. "oh i didn't know it was gonna be this bad :(" yeah??…
Retweeted by Lesley! @GoFrankGo @Mexicanity well now I’m stokedI won’t, I think that’s really shitty to do judge and shame them publicly, come on @GoFrankGo @Mexicanity was telling me about this yesterday~A NEW ICE AGE IS ABOUT TO SWALLOW AUSTIN IT'S ALREADY TOO LATE TO FLEE/HOARD UNNECESSARY SHIT FROM HEB!!!!!
Retweeted by Lesley! @AuntieTravis @KathyWelsh8 @threepatch Before we know it!! Til then, let’s stay strong @AuntieTravis I never would have taken Thursday for granted if I’d known it was gonna drop fifty degrees since then @KathyWelsh8 @threepatch I love and miss you so much
Retweeted by Lesley! @KathyWelsh8 @threepatch 💖💖💖 @AuntieTravis BITCH IT’S COLD
Retweeted by Lesley! @scullyseviltwin I hope he cries next WednesdayWho knew you could make it to the Supreme Court without ever trying a case and being a judge for only 3 years. Whit…
Retweeted by Lesley!In case you need some sweet kitty snores this morning:
Retweeted by Lesley! @geekoncaffeine I actually find all of these relevant to my interests 🤣Guess they have to do it before the sun comes up and they all turn to dust.
Retweeted by Lesley!I wanted to wait until halloween, but well you deserve something good to start the week.
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