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Anthony @vanitycsgo Austin, TX

Player and ingame leader at @version1gg #V1VAL #NeverDone - nothing happens until something moves - -

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here it is @Subroza InvO_O this and I’ll place you on here. @krnnguyen_ I’ll let @rikugoat tell u @krnnguyen_ I heard DN is good @bdog2916 @Renegades Nice win GL tomorrow Beast @Marved6 Learned from the best 🥶 @_PLAYERR1 Can’t hear u from down there little guyGoodnight 😋😜 @1pwny @KnightsGG god pwny @001laura_ @VellyCasts Nice ass @pennycsgothe bucky is my favorite gun in valorantMY BOY @jcrueL_ BEST UNSIGNED JETT ON GODim getting thick in the wrong areas @s0mcs best map in the game chill for me family @mooseloff @JonjiJlc imagine them watching brazilian CSif you care about shooting bodies you are a mental midget2-0 @TheRiseNation Playing TSM/spotup at some point to qualify for challengers 3 #V1VAL #NeverDonevalorant fans are in for a rude awakening when we start playing on stream more😴 @st9llar I heard you did a similar comeback before so I had to do something similar NISC playing rise soon
match against nsic soon IS INSANE @BradyGeb hope ur good B dog @GoldenboyFTW absolutely none of it makes sense @pandaeg0 good luck jared!!!!!!!!!!! ty for all of the help throughout the yearWith all of that said I am looking for a new job in esports/gaming now. I have 10-15 years of experience in esport…
Retweeted by Anthony @stator_ Will do whichever I can find first tbh.5950x or 10900k strictly for valorant performance ????Worlds most handsome duo queue @flexinja @NRGgg so much drip for the gym respectImagine trying to stream snipe and you have to look at this handsome man in cat ears the whole time
Retweeted by Anthony @caspercadiaN @refrezhCS @SjuushCSGO Sjuush one of the most impactful players I’ve played against GL boys @Average_Jonas Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress wi… @OkinFPS She plays with the laser pointer itself not the laser this cat is brokenI think the cat is broken @Bjorlulu against entourage playing NSIC tomorrow #V1VAL #NeverDone2nd match, assemble.
Retweeted by Anthonyplz let me test the new agent riot devs i will do anything @pacoman_cs fuck you @Zellsis2-0 against nc state esports #V1VAL #NeverDone
match soon o_o SKINS 9 MINUTES Riot: Please don't let players hide their name from their own team. If there is someone on your team that is…
Retweeted by Anthonybucky main"why are you asking us to try its ranked lol not a scrim" look up their alias on VLR and they have no profile THE… @ryann_cs Congrats buddy you’re still frailgames streamed 😈🍆 @JoshNissan @PlayVALORANT Plz don’t send me my Match history back it was a joke @JoshNissan @PlayVALORANT Ever since u stopped playing w/ me u lose ahahahayo woof pic = wins @OfficialAproto pink power ranger @smooyacs @Movistar_Riders Imagine NA FPL @smooyacs @Movistar_Riders Smooya on mirage 👀 @phoFPS @Bjorlulu not everyone can be as talented, handsome, and driven as BjorStream live 1-2 hours later today so I don’t play 10 hours before VCT 🤠The highest human act is to inspire...
Retweeted by Anthony @THump @zombs @Nokokopuffs_ that's light for guys like us @vanatizeS2 i don't know who this is but i've had it saved for years lmki am harnessing anime profile pictures in valorant tomorrow i will dominate ranked.This video stays relevant even in Valorant...
Retweeted by Anthonywas about to post a internet selfie and then my mom reminded me of the online sexual perverts that infest our society, not today pervsomen is just a better jett TP = dash + updraft Flash = OP BONUS POGGERS Smoke = smoke but bigger and purple ULT =… STARTS TOMORROW AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA @launders im horny
@hazedCS 🤫 @T1 @currydtx RAHULLLLLLL @Luminosity @thi9f @OfficialAproto @mooseloff @st9llar @YaBoiDre good luck my handsome and talented friendsEpisode 40 of #valoRANTING! 🎉 We basked in the glory of @vanitycsgo 's cat ears, argued about buying food vs buying…
Retweeted by Anthony @Bjorlulu knowing when i press "play" i get to play another game with my friend BBG bjorlulu makes all of this worth it !good stream today, accompanied by a bad day of ranked ty @Kehmicals for the host ^_^ @infamousbtw I don’t know if I’ve ever agreed with a tweet moreyou shouldn't be able to queue ranked when chat banned :)drew @Marved6 happy birthday goat 🥸 @SPUNJ Not going to deny I’ve tried it beforeI lost my preworkout scoop so I just poured some in my mouth hoping I can dose it right today might be interestingMy cat decides 4 AM is the best time to play with her ball that makes noise. Respect honestly I’d do the same if I was a cat @maazy4PF @leaf_cs He do be spittingstepped on the scale and had a panic attack. @001laura_ This when their favorite team loses @st9llar @bearkun @nerdstgamers STELLYMAMA @mooseloff Hardest carry and biggest trollMarKE legend of the game
@MochaTBE @uwujasminelol Lance? @Crashies @Sentinels WOOOO MR CRASH @ryann_cs No love will compare to the love Vic had for u on singularityThis was the truest love I’ve ever seen this bo5 I’ve concluded FNS master plan is still happening.Victor “food” Wong is the best player in the world @texerino @oofpezz SugondeseYO