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Anthony @vanitycsgo Scottsdale, AZ

ingame leader at @ChaosEC - nothing happens until something moves - -

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@needgothwife RTi'd rather be a failure than never mentioned at all @Blazt respectAll of life is peaks and valleys. Don’t let the peaks get too high and the valleys too low. @appATL_ BAL is closethe frenzy is my favorite gun ever put into a video gameDFGHL,KMDFGHLKFGHKL rugratz for @DreamHackCSGO winter game was easy we play rebirth/triumph winner wednesday
playing in 23 minutes or something like that freaking out because a member of the CDC called me personally and told me I need to isolate myself immediately b… got kicked out the gym for going super saiyanAnother tournament starting today. Excited to play some more counter strike. #yeetdude why you don’t play cs instead of Valor ant... you have a big tournament in 15 days
omegakek you're telling me: 1. All the parents, worldwide, conspired to put presents under the Christmas tree in the dea…
Retweeted by Anthony @aaaaaaa03904433 Are we friends @Zellsis @SedatedGG @shaneVAL1 was ur mouse plugged inI’m finally realizing you gotta do what’s best for you and not what’s best for them🖕🏽
Retweeted by AnthonyWhen I’m playing valorant my game randomly freezes for like 2-3 seconds anyone know how to fix?just had my first experience with someone griefing a valorant game and all i can say is that was fun. as a coach in Valorant - 4 seasons of MDL coaching Team Singularity, 3 3rd place finishes, 1 2nd place finish…
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FloppyCSGOLive footage of @floppyCSGO at the afterparty
Retweeted by Anthony @VellyCasts @brutebrutebrute This is my biggest gripe with the CS commentators it’s never people playing well or th… day, another opportunity..
Retweeted by Anthony @milligan_kay 😼 all in on yourself is the best bet you can ever make.yo
hello guys disable steam authenticator and re-enable it and you are trade banned 15 days and keep skinsI wanna take a moment to appreciate all of you. Thank you for allowing me to pursue my dream. I don’t know where I’d be without you guys
Thank you people of Twitter. I can always trust you To be helpfulHey guys please link me things on Amazon to buy for my apartment!It makes no since every year we gotta get dress to eat in the living room.
Retweeted by AnthonyGrim is talentedThe only way out is throughWhat’s really stoppin me from bein the Greatest????
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16 hour drive one day 16 hour travel day flying the next 😼RICKY FLOPPY KEMERY @AlexExamples @rikugoat @st9llar :*Good stream today. Thanks for the host brotha @Subroza usually dont go 2 rounds but..
BDEN CHEATING ? ? ? PRO PLAYS VALORANT? OMG WHY! @leaf_cs no longer young prodigy now u are a boomer congratsEverything happens for a reason trust in the process
Retweeted by AnthonyWelp, after procrastinating for a bit, I did the dance video for @ChaosEC winning the tournament. Congrats to…
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see u guys in a few weeksi want to try the G pro super light someone plz point me in the right directionyo @MassiveDumps4U @Schovee Who’s stove his Twitter is shoe @dumaucs DUMAU MONSTERMove to the very end, dont give up, devote time to what you dream about and don’t listen to those who will try to h…
Retweeted by Anthony @seangares God steel will prevailAt the end of the day, hard work may not be enough. You still may fail. But you keep going out there and go after it.she wasn't very pleased guys. to call my mom and tell her i can't come home for christmas 😳 @mooseloff @MarkeCSGO @MatthewCElmore @Xeppaaa @leaf_cs @JonjiJlc GGs buddy @TriumphGamingGG qualified for global challenge 😼 My teammates r monsters
grand finals for my final IS NOT A REAL HUMAN THIS IS AN AI CREATED TO PLAY CSGO AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL POSSIBLEZYWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @Clayster Excited to watch the 🐐 back in actions1mple trying to leave no doubt he is the best player in the worldGood luck @ryann_cs nothing from everyone and everything from yourself
Retweeted by AnthonyCan hear a house party going on above me. Guys there’s a pandemic going on can we calm down @1grimcs Happy birthday Big mike 😼They buffed monkeys in the latest patch’s ok to fall but staying down was never an optionvalorant now fpl later EM HELL BOYS @vanitycsgo @MarkeCSGO @leaf_cs @Xeppaaa @JonjiJlc @ChaosEC
Retweeted by Anthonyhold my dick hahahahahahahaha @EvilGeniuses playing triumph tomorrow in a bo5 to qualify for a spot at the global challenge
playing EG soon opportunity popped up. Asking for a friend if anyone wants a top 20 team with an average age under 21? DM for…
Retweeted by AnthonySource 2 is out @SHEEBTS @_skag @PlayVALORANT We need huskyHey @PlayVALORANTPlaying EG at 1 PST today 😼 @daprcs Male model @m4nchycs yea it should be2 pc stream back in early december u can hear me mald in HD.fpl players lose their sites with a rifle and instantly snap buy AWPs 😼FPLLLL enjoying valorant i can play breach and i have 3 FLASHES ITS MY DREAM COME TRUE