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Anthony @Vanityxz Dallas, TX

Player and ingame leader at @cloud9 - nothing happens until something moves - -

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@Xeppaaa @Cloud9 dm'd u, make sure to send one @RossyUA @vinnerwinnerPLEASE NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW you Erick For Blessing Me With Mine. What A Great Friend 👊
Giving away billions of dollars if you take one whiff of this.
Retweeted by Anthony @ANDROIDfps happy birthday matepeople acting like the T2 scene isnt already horrible cause once you get good enough for T1 youre put into contract…
Retweeted by Anthonytwitteri’m doing a thing, glad to be back with my favorite igl @Vanityxz 🥰
Retweeted by AnthonyCSGO-MDL @FNS @IanImmi IAN? @floppyCSGO the unexpected.squirt gun @KngstnF @Apply @lyrics4n congrats dude also good choice w/ lyric 🤤live 10-15 @RyanAtDust2 Little do you know I am @DonHaci @DonHaci @RyanAtDust2 I’ll help ruin his DMsShoutout @RyanAtDust2 for getting me a ticket for Rio Major.. not sure how he did it but all I had to do was ask hi… @ScumbagLilTymeR @Zellsis My hate for him will allow me to skateGive me @Zellsis @realmocking @nyfu I would uninstall @JoeyNubzy yep @boqcasts if its on u stylish
@JoshNissan @TeamRazer B0n3RnSw34tpants @floppyCSGOmy favorite part of valorant ranked has to be that you can't play ranked when chat banned but you can turn off comms and play rankedOptic vs c9 highlights decided it was time for me to wake up Kerr on today's tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas.
Retweeted by Anthony @Zellsis dont ask questions @impulsive_fps nocturne now i was a leona support 1 trick priori am the greatest gold league of legends jungler u know @portilho congrats baby
@madafps @Xeppaaa this pic is fire ty for sharing 🥹 @Xeppaaa @st9llar @AlexExamplesjust got diagnosed with Gorillapox it’s like Monkeypox but for really jacked people
Retweeted by Anthony @DekyFPS Show me skag
short streaM @floppyCSGO I miss us 🫣🫥🫠🫡Y'all are gonna be the generation that does the most <3
Retweeted by Anthony @Clayster I’ve noticed this in myself the older I get, take us back a few years pleasesome days i give myself an existential crisis by thinking too much and other days i wake up in one for no reason
Retweeted by Anthony @Michael56362297 I am probably the biggest advocate for ranked grinders if they aren’t actual glue eaters @effysgo So neitherOne of the few ranked grinders who doesn’t turbo grief and play for clips, he always tries and I think he has a bri… @s0mcs @hazedCS Sam OhAnswer @CrazymojoVAL Good luck mateLFT, these lans have made me want to compete and i know i can be the best. - open schedule - senti and flex likes and rts appreciated
Retweeted by Anthony a lot of CS major and the A1 is almost as cringe as the Krieg meta @OfficialAproto What about the fact he can teleport pretty much anywhere on the map in the teleport @Fudgecakey Happy birthday 🐐
Karrigan won the major too isn’t too badHis brain is too big @Vanityxz
Retweeted by Anthony @Linku how do you even do that @currydtx @OpTic YOU WERE PLAYING ON A CONTROLLER?1-2 @optic reddit was right NOOOOOOO!!!!! @n0thing @zonic @FaZeRobbaN @Navi_B1ad3 have to bring up @guerriGame at 4pm EST against my best friends @OpTic ! First game with Rahul so if we win its a fluke and if we lose we made the worst move everRain with USP POG MOMENT @BradyGeb B DOG WOOOO
@Boltzy__ @AnderzzTV @ApothVal yea he def. has the potential but to say he's above any of those players currently is just delusion @Boltzy__ @AnderzzTV @ApothVal 100% below marved tigg skuba valyn aproto sick zander gmd so around 10ish @AnderzzTV @ApothVal he's good but it's a bit of a stretch to say he's top 5 atmsheeesh @C0Mtweetsboombl4 heard the desk say snappi is a better individual and took it personal my fucking godCSGO @s0mcs I always love s0mcs 🙏
ghost gaming from scrims is here to play. good luck to the rest of the worldsup @Cloud9 @TrickAIM @Cloud9 @Microsoft 🙏🥹🙏Catching your opponents off guard with one-way smokes is one way to get an advantage in game Learn some of…
Retweeted by Anthony @CaseyPandur My lordheard RNG is too scared to show up on stage vs me
Retweeted by Anthonybringing back a classic @bangzerra
@Average_Jonas SEE U THERE SOON 👀 @_skag miss u already skag @timboXVI give me a kiss @aEvilcat delta 1000%Got my boy @RossyUA on my FYP 🔥 @WillFPS DADDY WILL DE FURIA @Marved6 @Razer can i get the one that you used specifically @tarik @Xeppaaa we were scrimming yesterday, leaf lost a 1v1 and he told him to never touch the game again. Toxic piece of shit @RaraTwitch Happy Birthday Doctor @tarik i'm not showing up to scrims today TY for this @OctaneSam always knew u had my back @OctaneSam did you show her a pic of me or what's the deal @launders I want to kiss youBack in the day @best4blood She’s right here @MassiveDumps4U @noahbkim @FNS @Subroza that's another thing we should implement