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Anthony @Vanityxz Los Angeles, CA

Player and ingame leader at @Cloud9 @C9Val - nothing happens until something moves - BFF of @qpert999 -

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Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.Daddy’s home @chetsingh Think he misses u @Marved6
Any Brazilian Portuguese -> English translators that know VALORANT (+ esports) and are local to LA?
Retweeted by Anthony @hazedCS Love esports <3My Fucking GOAT @TrickAIM
What happened 🥺 @valynfps @NiSMO_VAL @Disguised Nothing you can do when @777eeiu steps in the server 🥶🥶🥶
@bangzerra the goat seanzo best Hand models in valorant no cap!Rate My Collection @RossyUA GL BABY @effysgo The Messi of esports @SWAGGERNAU7 This Might Be The Best Day Of My Life Thank You Riot Games @SWAGGERNAU7 XENOHUNTER PULL OUT? >?? ? ?After two years of incredibly successful Champions collections, we're launching the #VCTLOCKIN capsule to allow fan…
Retweeted by Anthony @DrJordantsai HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING @thwifo needed this today from ulisten closely, the story doesn't start until the main character takes matters into their own hands whoever you are, keep it pushin🙂👍
Retweeted by AnthonyWe got closed quali for Rio. Happy with the progress! Small steps 🫡 It is crazy how hard it is to go deep down in c…
Retweeted by Anthony @MatthewCElmore Come meet my cats tonight
I respect people that do everything in their power before pointing fingers at others for the way their life is going.
Retweeted by Anthony @n0thing Of course @WillFPS @MADLions_EN Meow @AYRINval I always knew you could do it @sethfowIer Yep @JimMcGrath22 Can’t expect anybody else to laugh if I don’t laugh @Xeppaaa @SicK_cs @leaf_cs @NiSMO_VAL Stinger needs a buff @Corey_OW I don’t even remember what happened In those games @Squizzward @LanceMoch @BradyGeb @GrantCappy Really makes you think @LanceMoch I miss us @BradyGeb @Squizzward @GrantCappy @MikesHD_ @DerrekOW Daddys homePlease Stop Putting Me Into Bind/Breeze DMs 🙏
@AsycLoL ❤️ @AsycLoL Looks like he’s Never releasing that video @jarod_mp4 killjoy >
@st9llar Ty 🥰 @kumayalol @Cloud9 Good luck!!! @Potthoff @PotthoffsWife Congrats king ❤️ @Guiiimond HAPPY BIRTHDAY MON FRERE @NiSMO_VAL @missl0pes This will be us one day @777eeiu
@effysgo Old man still got it @johnnypulatie 🫶🥳the face of that lowkey nonchalant and unpredictable dude who usually keeps to himself but occasionally chimes in w… @Sender Handsome bastard
Talking to my friends Soon are closer to Jan 1st 2030 than we are to Jan 1st 2016 @qpert999 @Add3rTV Anyways, !sens @qpert999 I got to talk to my best friend for 45 mins 🥰 @sethfowIer I kiss uYour progress does not to be seen or validated by others to be real
THE WISEMEN - EPISODE 2: THE CHALLENGERS @Hiko / @JoshNissan / @Slasher / @seangares / @Sliggy_ featuring specia…
Retweeted by Anthony3 Years @portilho give me it for free @SWAGGERNAU7 Common Joe Banger @SWAGGERNAU7 not having prelude is the most disrespectful thing i've ever seenIk it can be hard but for the people that may be nervous/anxious in the 10 mans If you comm/(help) initiate plans…
Retweeted by AnthonyKobe Bryant passed away 3 years ago today 🕊
Retweeted by Anthonyphantom > vandal @Vanityxz
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@OfficialANGE1 another ange1 bangerpeople sleeping on G2 @RiotSuperCakes my goatHi! Wanted to share that we have much more in development than we talked about in the kick-off video. Lots of thing…
Retweeted by Anthony @AsycLoL Nice Tweet, nyaaa~ asyclost every game and everything. in the C9 VALORANT house
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Your significant other doesn't need a Valentine's Day gift this year. They need you to stop complaining about your…
Retweeted by Anthony @BrosephSZN DINO NUGGETSMY REACTION TO SEEING THE NEW LEGACY JERSEYS #LegaC9 @priusOBS @leaf_cs IM ALREADY IN DJ @hazedCS @tarik i'll also take blame @yay Just A Normal Day @leaf_cs @s0mcs @777eeiu dan in scrims & ranked >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Eventually if they invite everyone to the 10 man's won't you just be playing ranked again?
Retweeted by Anthony @MatthewCElmore Yea But Hear Me Out We Cant Hurt Peoples Feelings @Cloud9 @JackEtienne 🥳🥳🥳A decade of light, memes, and esports #LegaC9 Read more: The 2023 Cloud9 Official Legacy J…
Retweeted by AnthonyDon't call it a comeback, they've been here for years Cheers to 10 years of Cloud9 🥂 #LegaC9
Retweeted by Anthony @C9_Bobby i'm sorry bobby :( Sending love ❤️What are you ordering from the Club9 menu?
Retweeted by Anthony @jawgemo W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W
@vapenfps @TryMetafy YO @Xeppaaa @leaf_cs @JamezIRL lets sign up @realmocking (I am a big fat sponge) @funnysmartguy12 Good Tweet, chase!twitter won't suspend me because they know it'd make my life better @Lear_VAL Was throwing it back in my chair when this happened @THump @Zellsis bro ur literally a billionaire let me hold $100 @THump @Zellsis 50k a week @Zellsis ironic coming from u @vinnerwinner @zeldrisval @Jonaaa6_VAL @Lear_VAL @nillyazVAL @vapenfps @yongwoon_chris @godlyaudrey @OREsportteam Y… @PaincakesVAL GL mateLFT as smokes and sentinel player, can igl. Let’s get it
Retweeted by AnthonyMY GOAT @vinnerwinner