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Anthony @Vanityxz Dallas, TX

Player and ingame leader at @cloud9 - nothing happens until something moves - -

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@oderuscs Karanni also @FNS Bounce back my friend @smooyacs Diet starts 2024 @Secret_dspnsr ❤️Match day @itsPatiphan @Envy 🐐 congrats bro
I told u mfs in 2017 sent the worst teams in the region just wait for BBG/RNG/IMT @AzaelOfficial @endercasts Riot script @sethfowIer BRI ISH LOL IS SO EXCITING FUCKKKKKKK @s4vannnah LETS GO S4 @Zellsis 🥺XetaChamp love Valorant. Every match is so exciting @sacylol NT ❤️🇵🇭 supremacy @Secret_JcVash @TeamVikings Congrats bro @paperthinhere @OfficialXETA 감사 해요gang’s all here
Retweeted by Anthony😍😍 @OfficialXETA @portilho @JackEtienne Me too I only have PUMA @Maticussy Happy birthday beautiful see u soon @staxVLRT GG BRO ❤️got the support team watching Interview with @OfficialXETA and Translator @Vanityxz 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Anthony2-1 @VisionStrikersSoon
Bed time day @VisionStrikers @Nagzet @Sentinels Nice win brotherHow am I supposed to sleep after watching thatVAMOS @KRUesports @penguinVALORANT Their entire attack side is looking really nice and well thought outKRU playing a really solid attack side split this is impressiveVAMOS @NagzetI knew that if I failed I wouldn't regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying. @WedidOfficial @PioneersGG Congrats WedidOfficialNAGZET WTF WAS THAT @LarryBanks05 Mf I could buy u for a pack of supreme Oreos @JoshNissan Too much Nashville hot chickenTENZ MARSHALL GOD @ExaltVAL @Glorinsz @Nurfed Some Orgs won’t sign people who push for set buyouts. So it’s either don’t get signed o… @JoshNissan @T1 🐍 @T1 @JoshNissan Fake news he’s on c9 @Rawkus @ValorantEsports @Mazinofps @Sentinels @KRUesports Tf u mean look YOU AREX10 ERA INCOMING @Linku @RyanAtRBM @Cloud9 i wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemiesnot surprising to see teams trying to import people when NA orgs are asking for 300k+ for players making 3k/mNA is over New fortnite update looking niceFather like son 🥶🥶🥶🥶 @DonHaci @OfficialXETA @neT_valorant Happy birthday dweeb @SicK_cs If u don’t have 300 ACS on an agent ur not good at it lolz @flexinja YESchicken 🐓 wing 🍗 chicken 🐓 wing 🍗 hotdog 🌭 and baloney ✨ chicken 🐔 and macaroni 🍝 chillin 🥶 with my 😘 homies 👯 @Squizzward Happy birthday big manLong cat @sethfowIer Pic for pic?I’m slim thick without the slim u know what I meanVanity🤝🇧🇷ITS ALWAYS ME @fullsense_gg They impressed me a lot. Chalalala best alias in esports
Playing @fullsense_gg soon @xandfps @mac1_val @oSeecs plz date meWhenever someone is giggling at their phone they’re laughing at you. They’re talking about how weird you look and they’re laughing
Retweeted by AnthonyGuys please stop threating players and write bad things them, in that kind of situation can be anyone, so be polite…
Retweeted by Anthony @FNS FNS 🤝 🇧🇷Praying to see VK and acend rematch @keznitdeuS VAMO VKLETS GO KEYD @heatfps GOD @MurilloHenn98 SORRY I WILL FIXHEAT GOD7-1 BRAZIL @JustHarryGG @yek1ndar yekindar great guySelflessness, variety, and friendship. The NA LCQ winner looks to prove why they're here. Meet @Cloud9!…
Retweeted by Anthony @sethfowIer BRI ISH @ddkesports @tacti_bear has it I thinkTHE ELMINATIONS BEGIN! Who will survive the lower bracket at #VALORANTChampions? Watch live at…
Retweeted by Anthony @Zellsis @fullsense_gg Mocking is replacing you on v1 shitterMatch day @fullsense_gg Cloud9 Is Good Looking birthday celebration @Vanityxz 🎂🥳
Retweeted by Anthony @Prestinni Thank u beautiful I appreciate you @_skag Our boy @MassiveDumps4U is 34
@Deadge_ I have no clue where this came from LMAO “Near Airport” is known as the fastest region to arrive at the Airport. Since they gave up on #VCT Champions, th…
Retweeted by AnthonyNA is over GG go next🧪SPAM🧪THESE🧪CHEMICALS🧪TO🧪HELP🧪SENTINELS🧪Bella SO GOOD + SEXY + BALDSACY GODToday we celebrate, tomorrow we grind ✍️ Happy birthday to our IGL, @Vanityxz 🥸
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Retweeted by Anthony @RyanCentral_ U got a cake wtf where’s mine