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Congrats Sam Cooke, born on this day in 1931 in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Here he is singing “Blowin' in the Wind…
Retweeted by VanLathanDid we ever get this show? Jalen we need this show. you go, I gotta cousin that wants to holla at you. Leave me out of it. @TrudiiBee SaluteI’ve made love to everyone it was God’s will for me to make love to. Take it up with him. @TrudiiBee LMAOShe was very sweet after. I hung around backstage and took pics for a while @realdonreynolds Praying you still have a great day brother!This is what happens when PREPARATION meets OPPORTUNITY! #born2win #blessed #GodsPlan 🐯💛💜#2ndborn2ndson #MM4M 💪🏾
Retweeted by VanLathanThank run was fireNah, in NYC to take this run in 27 degree weather.
TrendsetterU #LSU
Retweeted by VanLathanStaying in Williamsburg coffee house put Ryan in ring with Tank right now would be super irresponsible on Golden Boy’s part. He ain’t ready. Tiger Talk lifeguards ready course it’s not on them, but I think people asking them to help makes sense. A lot of people in West’s conditio… New York.Isn't it amazing that admitting evidence into a trial counts as a major concession?
Retweeted by VanLathanWhoa. know you've been waiting... It's the National Championship game highlights en español! #GeauxTigers
Retweeted by VanLathanDon’t put my name in this shit anymore., the fact that #GetTheGat is back poppin is making my year. We legit jammed to this in ‘94 in MIDDLE SCHOOL we are to honor and love Martin Luther King, we must be clear about who he was. In this historical moment, we es…
Retweeted by VanLathan @MarketAnalysis1 I live around the corner from skid row in Los Angeles, and have gone on record many times about ho… The account “NFL Game Recaps” is an official account created by an NFL and Facebook partnership. “…
Retweeted by VanLathanFacebook verified account “NFL Game Recaps” ignores the 2012 Season’s Super Bowl XLVII which featured @Kaepernick7,…
Retweeted by VanLathanNah this some Avengers shit saw that @SHAQ @IanKarmel gotta be going nutsIf you’re making fun of Delonte West not only are you corny, you’re dangerously corny and heartless, bordering on evil. @SendARavenPlz @ryansatin Is satin getting swole?Unforgettable moment. #NationalChamps #RBO🙏🏼
Retweeted by VanLathanWhy don’t you do it Josh? Bron can have the NBA hide the video. #SEC Rankings: Justin Jefferson —— —— Receptions (#1) 11…
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Here’s a hint, Bloomberg for Georgia, don’t call our sisters “emotional” for not believing in your guy at the outse… on now Bloomberg for Georgia. I asked specifically what YOUR GUY could and would do for Black people. Can we… Florida is still down with poll taxes I see. That’s essentially what this is. The Florida Supreme Court has ruled in support of Republican legislation that requires people with felony c…
Retweeted by VanLathan#HappyMartinLutherKingDay #AceVane #Tagsomeone #Share #MLKDay
Retweeted by VanLathanThrow your heart across the line!! The rest is history.
Retweeted by VanLathan😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @VanLathan you made a critical and important point regarding the importance of seeking primary news sources and thi…
Retweeted by VanLathanFree @jaboukie
Retweeted by VanLathanEverytime Jaboukie fires off a first-ballot hall of fame tweet he gets suspended
Retweeted by VanLathanLiterally a day after his last suspension. @jaboukie is the only person using Twitter correctly
Retweeted by VanLathanPreserving the tweet that got @jaboukie insta banned, for future generations
Retweeted by VanLathanFree @jaboukie tho 🇯🇲
Retweeted by VanLathanAll of L.A. just fucking lost it. week ago, LSU won the natty 🏆 Here's your reminder that Coach O is still a national treasure:
Retweeted by VanLathanWhy do you support him though? I’m a 39-year-old Black male who’s voting my community’s interest this year. Why is… Team of Destiny... National Champions
Retweeted by VanLathanAnd I I wanted was to HAVE a body wash. NFL/media: Colin Kaepernick was the last quarterback to take the 49ers to the Super Bowl. No matter how much yo…
Retweeted by VanLathanTHE defining MLK clip for me. the different types of NFL players arriving to the stadium 😂😂😂 @thecheckdown @TwitterSports
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Dang, I'm casting my vote for the @NAACP image awards and for outstanding motion's tough! Everyone ca…
Retweeted by VanLathanGotta be shitting meThe National Champions of College Football Your Fighting Tigers of LSU!
Retweeted by VanLathanYo. FANTASTIC @png4eva TypoA Heroes' Welcome
Retweeted by VanLathan @TheKingCait DamnPrince Harry gave up an 88 million dollar brand for love, fellas we gotta be better with the remote. @notbuaydubz Haven’t seen it in yearsSTOP. @FBornu I’ve seen the movie legitimately 100 times.Mash up ✨
Retweeted by VanLathanLOVE IT is dope tho BUGGING @RKnight36 Love this movieI didn’t say best. I said my favorite. I’d have to give you answers for best, but for my personal fave, not so much.
Halle Berry’s Catwoman. It’s the weirdest belated second wave feminist leather fetish movie with Benjamin Bratt at…
Retweeted by VanLathanThe Burbs is great’ve seen it. I’ve seen all of these movies people are naming, and no bullshit, i love 95% of them good pull watched it a couple days ago. It’s really hard to watch LOVE VAMPIRE IN BROOKLYN @AlcornAlfie Turtle turtleGolden Child is probably my fav Eddie movie I really, really agree. that movie WRONG the the answer one throws a party like us #GeauxTigers
Retweeted by VanLathanName a movie you know is terrible, but you LOVE it still.18!!!
Retweeted by VanLathanThe. Greatest. Ever.
Retweeted by VanLathan“They decided having character is cool.” Character leads to winning. Nothing is cooler than winning.…
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Retweeted by VanLathanYou can though. This is literally a “made up” interpretation of what Bernie Sanders said. I’ve been critical of him…
Retweeted by VanLathanUsed to be cool going down. Then I thought, “what am I paying for?” It says to your door. So now I ask them to to c…