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Cartoonist and creative writing MFA student. Writer on Bendy’s Crack-Up Comics Collection. Pronouns: He/him, they/them. Repped by @grahamophones

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every poet's mama on the phone today: why can't you write nice, positive poems like that nice young lady in the yellow?
Retweeted by VannotesYou forget you’re a depraved Little Monster until Stefani Germanotta sings the National Anthem and you are once aga…’s is written in Dutch 😅 freeing Brittany, calling for an investigation of RuPaul’s fracking operation, and criminalizing cartoonists.All my political effort the next four years in Idaho is going towards this finally being achieved:'t give up on art because you don't make money at it. Art is speech and everyone has a right to a voice. Make ar…
Retweeted by VannotesI'm a hyper casual Joni Mitchell listener, but I MUST have this book.
@CyberBrandogg Enjoying the lack of likes @Trungles This isn’t for everyone since it takes time but I’ll say, “This ____behavior pattern___ is very serious.… @kaitfeldmann When I say my prayers every night before bed, except I swap out Kait for Lisa. second pic is only the recyclable materials. Most of what’s in the bag is plastic, plastic, plastic!It’s sad that I can pick up at least a bagful on every walk with no real effort to hunt down extra litter. Most of… taking slightly different routes for my trash walks, I am shocked anew at what people toss out their windows o… @sandy_jarrell Far and away my favorite inker on his workWould I love to be working on comics full-time? Yes. But I’ve been able to go to therapy, gain life experience, and…’m lucky. I’ve had health insurance, am going to be vested in the public employee retirement system, and have neve… college students: Its okay to take jobs in fields that aren’t art. It may sound like an absolute bummer now, bu…
@toonyballoony Thank you! I can’t remember why I bought like 200 sheets of color card stock, so I figured I better… had 1,000,000 things to do, but I ended up spending my afternoon making little cut paper collages. @cathygjohn Ooooh these are beautiful!Me before reading Moore and Davis’ Captain Britain run: I don’t get any of this alternate universe mumbo jumbo Me now: I love himbo Dr. WhoGang Orca’s cape is the most ridiculous shape and I love how silly it is.Putting on weight over the last few years has been one of the best improvements to my self image. I don’t want to l…’m working towards being able to do the One Punch Man workout, subbing in 10 km for 10,000 steps each day (I hate… who draw Gang Orca as a human really don’t understand do they?Twitter Hivemind: I need a little advice. I have several dozen of these bags I got for comic conventions which like…
I accidentally am making four pizzas.My hand is feeling rough today, so I guess that I have to do “normal people things” instead of drawing anime and wo…
@hpheisler Oh and green. Green is awful to try and mix. @hpheisler Honestly it’s so hard to mix brown that I always make sure I have a light and a dark.Continuing my acetate experiments by drawing my crewsona saying my most iconic in-game dialogue on our Discord serv… around with some overhead projector transparency sheets I swooped on a couple of years ago. @doctopmary My mom does 😅Did some crafts tonight. ✂️ 📄
I must get my hands on the boys as soon as possible!!!“For only $10 a month you can help a nerd catch up on his favorite shonen series.” @saracentury Science side of Tumblr, do supeheroes always sleep nude?What if I got Trung’s tarot deck for my birthday so I can figure my life out? @CyberBrandogg Listen it was a natural lull. I was within my rights.No one talk to me, I’m grinding for Iridium.I have talked so much today and now I will do nothing but play Stardew Valley.
We're still looking for submissions from #queer creators who write short stories and/or create comics! Submissions…
Retweeted by VannotesThere’s just no other sad like it.Anyone else want to watch Evangelion and get that distinct flavor of Evangelion sad?Neal Kirby, the son of Captain America co-creator Jack Kirby, was distressed to see some of the January 6 terrorist…
Retweeted by Vannotes(It is the cowards way to break kayfabe, but Kait and I being engaged is an ongoing joke. She wants my legal last n… @kianangu @kaitfeldmann @kaitfeldmann Honestly if you don’t think this is the funniest thing on earth, we were never meant to be fiancé @kaitfeldmann broke up with me because of The Mr. Potatohead Show and I am crying real tears. (Mostly b… Fruitcake is me.I am excited to inform The Mr. Potato Head Show fandom that all the episodes are on YouTube.
Thinking about how Wolverine in my memory is a near perfect movie except for the robot fight at the end. I can stil… little under the weather today so enjoy a draw instead of a comic
Retweeted by Vannotes @doctopmary We would have a live action Ecco the dolphin movie cashing inMy justification: I am exploring techniques that will be beneficial to future work My true knowledge: There’s just… mind hasn’t been able to hold on to a task today, so I spent a good deal of time looking busy at work transcribi… @doctopmary This is my favorite old person depression era sandwichThe day’s looking so rough I made a peanut butter and pickle sandwich right off the and the boys, fully vaccinated, summer 2022
Retweeted by Vannotes @kianangu @kaitfeldmann @kianangu @kaitfeldmann I do not condone this.Every six months or so I bumble into a small comics opportunity with little logic? Anyway I’m looking for comics sp… haven’t really worked on building a cohesive portfolio in years, but here are my favorite gift drawings from this…
Husband. Portfolio ***Hands you a sweat covered drawing of All-Might and Eraserhead smooching***It’s sad when you find a better coffee shop in your small town so you must break ties with every single person at the old one. @WhitLeopard 🎅🏾🎅🏾🎅🏾🎅🏾The only one that quickly comes to mind is the Incredibles, a movie series beloved by kids and adults alike.In fact I wonder how many modern superhero movies have had a kid in the main cast? Seems odd for a medium targeted at children.Y’know it is weird that Batman in film has never featured a classic Robin ie a 12-14 year old kid tagging along wit… you @fuseinotice for commissioning me to do this piece! I had a fun time working on this one!
Retweeted by Vannotes @raezing16 Step 5: Microwave and repeatWe were sharing shelves on a Discord server and here’s my comics shelves. Zines and prose are stacked away on ones… @CyberBrandogg Been there bro @tomshaps Why are you putting these strange words after FLCL?
It’s nice to have a job to break up my Stardew Valley playtime. @CyberBrandogg Ooooh I love doing that! It really sings when you trace a little ink over the top to bold out some lines. @CyberBrandogg I’m big Joyce energy.All I want for my birthday is My Hero Academia manga and Danez Smith poetry.My poetry professor read me for filth for my reading responses and I am humbled anew by my sheer ignorance of poetry.
I need a paper calendar of all the artist # days, because at this point I just have no clue when they happen.Writing a poem a day and editing on Sundays for my poetry class this term. I know nothing about poems, but maybe my… @kianangu I am in awe
I dunno why my birthday seems significant this year, but I want to do something special in 20 days.Ideas for Star Wars villains: - An evil space ship. It’s just not nice. - A big giant midichlorian! Like a big old… @kianangu @kaitfeldmann @MiMoccio I am taking the fact that all three of you followed my book Instagram at the same time as a threat.This Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood reference in Ducktales is blowing my mind!!!Hey visual artists, do you have a good way of recording weird little projects you want to do or artistic practices to try?I have never related to a character more in fiction than this duck. @kianangu I have been refused service!Consultation meetings are up for January! I have a few different dates for critique sessions for queries and first…
Retweeted by Vannotes @kianangu Can I get a consultation on my Among Us game?
@kaitfeldmann This has cursed image energy. @quasimaddi @JohnWilinski Lol so random dinosaur rawrAnd I think even an atheist in this time can admit that in 2021, you got to use whatever you can to get through this life.Being a Christian in 2021 is the weirdest vibe and there are many other faith traditions that bring peace to people… though it’s a rough ride, at least there’s a feeling that can still be found that there’s a divine justice for… think right now the most comforting books of the Bible are the books of the Prophets. God through the prophets is… New Testament, written in pieces near 2,000 years ago, can be a beautiful guiding document for bringing about G…