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Vansilli @Vansilli Montréal, Québec

F/A Flex Player for the Egg Enthusiasts - co-host for @VALORANTING - VALORANT caster - On the mic since 2002 - Business Inquiries: -

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@OmDhameliya @akrewhq @Luminosity @DarkZeroGG @squishguin will make the right moves come the right time. He's the man!Pog. Welcome back, orgs...amirite? @GhostGaming Còn em muốn nói cuối tuần em làm vườn viết sao ah
@JoshNissan @VALORANTING @geometric @boqcasts @dazzLeGO YOU GUYS GOT BEEF?!It's gonna be a good one @Vansilli, @geometric, and @boqcasts will be sitting down with @dazzLeGO and @JoshNissan
Retweeted by VansilliTHIS WEEK'S HOSTS @geometric / @Vansilli / @boqcasts Stay tuned to see who the guests are 👀
Retweeted by Vansilli @GH057ayame @PlayApexEsports All the good vibes to you, brother. Youre doing an amazing thing to stick with fam.VOD review of Boom Esports - @TrippyN2L 2 x 16 gb @ 3600mhz 2 SSD Harddrives: Crucial MX500 1TB and WB Blue SA510 500GB 1 M2 Harddrive: 1 WD Black SN750 1TB 3 Drives @BroReview The beard looks fire.What an incredible year for #VCTNA My deepest gratitude & love to all the talent, crew, observers, orgs, teams, pla…
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@HeliosAS_ @d00mbr0s and @eMIL_OW @rileyurk Congrats, Riley!~I think we should all go back to vandals after this series lol @RealStrongLegs @Glorinsz @Ballatw All GOATsI'm awake, we wait for @100Thieves vs @TheGuard for the #VCT #VALORANT LCQ GF - @prabalt72984020 Oh shiiiit. Something we all wanna forget!So many cool little giddy things for Champs. The twins, new Indonesian team, new Chinese team, new Brazilian team… @RiotJaker Thanks for allowing me to Watch Party! Was a great tournament!Clean 'wit da new sens - 1200 dpi, .2 sens PARTY TIME with @BrenCasts - twitch .tv /vansilli #VCTKRWATCH @MikesHD_ @BrenCasts we def all had sad faces on our predictions
We streamin - twitch .tv/vansilli @Yoube_Frank LOL what a plate! @Vanityxz @Cloud9 @JackEtienne @hoonmaru @jasl17_ you take 0 blame for this. Thanks for the good matches and shit posts @RAVENxy0 Naturally, NA best region @Sharkkangaroo MY HAIR BRO, ESPORTS MAKING ME SO OLDGetting my hair cut. Look at this pile of white hair that we cut off. Im getting old. @juv3nileow I think it was because i watched ONS get fucking thrashed by EDG in their opening game. Did not think… is happening?? @RavishingCasts In montreal, AYCE called Hanami SushiFull, satisfied, W. @SWAGGERNAU7 @RivingtonThe3rd Love you JoeIve never looked so handsome. ends it for @RivingtonThe3rd and I for the #VCT #VALORANTLCQ ! Always appreciate you all for giving me the su…
@Cloud9 vs @100Thieves with da homie @RivingtonThe3rd for #VCT #VALORANTLCQ - twitch. tv / valorant - Let's get it… @valyngod speaking with so much confidence and swag vs his humble "excited to be here" Stage 1 persona. I like this arc. @Tanner_Metro DUDE HE PLACED 0 TPs! @cryptXVAL Hope you're doing ok, reach out if you wanna chat!~Continuing VOD Review of East Asia LCQ - On Slayers vs Crazy Raccoon and Kone vs Reject - twitch .tv/vansilli GO @Sliggy_ @slowiscool side and i are streaming#VCTKRWATCH #VCT #VALORANTLCQ groggy, but we live watching EDG vs NTH - twitch dot teevee / vansilli @GoldenboyFTW Gym then game. Or Bring Handheld game to gym and play games while on treadmill. @JoshRTz @Cloud9 @hazedCS @s0mcs @777eeiu @texerino @ethanarnold @Zikzlol @MindBodyEsports @NRGbikeage gg Josh! tha… the ending we wanted, ggwp @cloud9. That ends our season in #VCT. We made big strides this season and I couldn'…
Retweeted by Vansilli @Lythiara @RivingtonThe3rd appreciate you, man! Have a good night sleep! @penguinVALORANT love you! <3So on top of all the dubs today, I check my alt account and got the Riot Buddy from a Riot Dev without even asking…
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@OfficialANGE1 i thought it was those mIRC tags @VALORANTING @seangares @ddkesports i miss you guys 😭 @itsbririvers @ddkesports @Sentinels @Cloud9 @NRGgg you're gonna have to sew a half C9, half 100T hoodie, Bri @DerrekOW yo remember me now that you're famous af @ShahZaMk ggs bro <3In literal tears... I was bestowed the @Wyattriver_ Weekly Award. This is an incredible honor, the trophy I've ch…
Retweeted by Vansilli @shroud gg Shroudy <3 @Zellsis @100Thieves Man, what an entertaining run , but entertaining in a good way. A force to be reckoned with. GG Zellsis.Insane series and broadcast from @EsportsDoug and @Ballatw - @RivingtonThe3rd and I are gonna tag in now for the C9… FLICK!WE.ARE.ZELLSIS #1HPReally excited to see if there's anything cooked up from SEN on Haven.MAP 3! CLOUT GAME! LETS GO!bro @DerrekOW is so insane.tenz a big kill by Zellsis at arcade in that OT roundDerrek @itsbririvers and @ddkesports didn't like that strategyDoes it actually tilt anyone that my combo for my classic is this? I usually support so I would be buying more ut… @SyykoNT @DanimalVal Is your friend's list full? I have to do the awkward and sad (sry for deleting you cause we do… the kids in the's not only OKAY to's GOOD TO FAIL. long as you apply the lessons and…
Retweeted by Vansilli @albertotduarte HAWT @LiN_fps you just made me feel bad for ordering McDonald's @yayFPS Phantom Reaver 2.0 nice, but I'm going back to Vandal after seeing this.
@Aryandias7 @valesports_na @GoldenboyFTW @melanji @aEvilcat @EsportsDoug @Ballatw @RivingtonThe3rd @BrenCasts @TheGuard @PlayVALORANT "Ey yo, can you drop me your skin?" @BrenCasts Wanna play some APEX?But also peep goat @melanji ! in @SideshowGaming twitch sub sound. @OneStep_Time Appreciate the tip! Im in Canada, but a first time home owner searching so im learning these things! @priusOBS @xctbl Well now they got owned @priusOBS @xctbl Didn't work. You still have 0 retweets
@JoshNissan Yeah i can def see that. Especially with the ask being pretty low already. Thanks for the insights, Josh @JoshNissan Yeah will prolly be a fixer-upper place. Just the first time i see this clause so it was interesting @aCROOOOOOOOOO Merci! Je vais aller checker la maison avant pis jte ferai signe! @MasterDalK @ericfbrinkley Thanks for the help, homies @ericfbrinkley thanks man! what im gathering is : Get an inspector, hahaIs a home sale "without legal warranty of quality, at the buyer's risk and peril" normal?HUUUGGEEE thank you to @geometric, @Tanner_Metro, and @andersin_val for joining us this week and putting up with…
Retweeted by Vansilli @endercasts SOMEONE STOP THIS MAN. HE IS EVERYWHERE!Covering everything from LCQ viewership to EMEA roster moves, @Vansilli, @geometric, and @Tanner_Metro will have a…
Retweeted by VansilliFound my DS! @SimpleAloe @riotgames @valesports_na Lets goooo!! Congrats!! @geometric Fuck.Yo Twitter. Even if you dont understand Vietnamese, do you hear something similar to "cho annnnnn" or "an ngooooooo…
@iamdabinlee @SWAGGERNAU7 @SimuLiu lemme know if you need a bottom fragger that will give the best comms!Multi-Game Casting; 'Franchising' Incoming - Daring Minds 19 (ft. Vansilli) - VALORANT @geometric @Vansilli
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