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Vansilli @Vansilli Montréal, Québec

- host , analyst , commentator for @playVALORANT - co-host for #valoRANTING - Management: @badmoontalent - Business Inquiries: -

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@EsportsDoug Thx dweeb @itsbririvers haha thank you, Bri :) @ddkesports already owning and T1 looking good, Spyder actually is pretty sick as a Jett, Dazed is daddy iron. @MasterDalK thanks, legend!
The whole #Valoranting crew is watching now - with @VellyCasts and @UberShouts @Upmind_ thanks my homie, Keep killing it @BenikageCasts thanks Benikage!Running 10 mins late! I gotta poopoo! @IGIhosT thanks brotha! @emil_priver @launders *puke* @pall_tall @UberShouts @Cloud9 @T1 come and bet channel points on it! :D @dignitas @EMUHLEET @rainGG @LynnieNoquez @sapphiReGG happy anniversary to these beautiful, kind and lovely women!Thank you for this birthday gift @ethanarnold !HOLY SHIT! @MC_Lelicious @Tanner_Metro haha cam on, em! @Pyreon_ thanks for the kind words, Pyreon. You have an amazing positive attitude so I'm learning from youI'm finished with my nap. Gonna play a bit of ranked off stream and then get ready to stream at around 5:30pm EST.… @Teoiwnl_ haha i been down bad too. Hard suck Diamond 3 but ive also been playing like ASS @Myyyni @ANDROIDX23 ouch @InF1niX_ @PlayVALORANT hahaha WE GONNA GET IT MAN! WE GONNA GET IT! @wtflettuce Thanks bday neighbour! @Teoiwnl_ Thanks Teo! Howse the grind been? @samueljpark @ANDROIDX23 @VellyCasts 🙏🙏🙏 @Frodan you just gotta, my dude! thanks! haha @thepamin21 thanks man! Indeed! I hope the lans happen soon! @etohKP hahaha age is just a number at this point. I'm just floating in time. Thanks my dude @Tanner_Metro thanks homedawg. we gonna get it! @SullyCasts hahaha first Immortal Grandpa. I'll take that title. Thanks, young man <3Not as clean as @OfficialAproto , but we can take those @ItzBoltzy hahaha next time, man. Thanks for tryingFun stream today, but also didnt make it to Immortals. After 15 hours of streaming and about 10 hours of ranked, we… @BrentHarrington Hell yea @kindahsakkal Haha yeah back in montrealRoad to Immortal, anyone wanna duo? @Yehty_ @PresyPC @launders it's in my fridge. Will prolly throw it out for composting monday @Meerko_ @launders blame laundo @RiotPHRISK @launders Im a man of my word lol @ANPerfetto @launders blame mohan man. He's the worst influencer @launders I want a refund, laundersIve already lost my appetite, @launders
@GATpenguin @WARDELL416 100%. They looked sooooo good and Matt wasnt missing! @Wi5dom12 @launders i mean there is ham as well haha @launders you convinced me. I havent eaten a pineapple pizza in at least 10 years so i just ordered one to see if i still hate it @launders bonelessStream ON! - Ranked, Watch Party and more Valorant Ranked! - i still got it @jrush512 im already thinking of TSM with the double smoke agent comp they tried in challengers 2 :o @MrAdamAp @RogueFitness man your home gym is awesome @jrush512 yeah man. First impressions feels like she can even play like a Sentinel @CoreyDunn Shes gonna OWN! @ggbench The music is always banging over at RiotIm pretty sure Astra is my new agent just from look at the trailer lol. No more brOMEN, more sistASTRA. @IHOLDSHIFT @PlayVALORANT Thanks my brotha! @boxrTailored @food_cs @s0mcs I dunno man. Vandal b site into hookah battles hit diff. @Peterhchau @PlayVALORANT Cam on, conTomorrow we will do a longer stream to countdown the hours to my birthday! Will be live at around 5pm est! We will… @wtflettuce sending some in triples then @wtflettuce gimme a wish list and addy in DM. I send you a present @wtflettuce HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! <3
Chess, Valorant Watch Party and Ranked! - @sh0ts_tv @nerdstgamers yeah in a world where valTV doesnt exist yet (hopefully one day), it's a good compromisebtw i like the @nerdstgamers observer / no casters streams. I think it's a good opportunity for up and coming caste… @KOLER1337 Alllezzzz @wardino Love you, broSuper fun stream tonight. Had some fun convos around watching the Valorant games and then went up and down in ranke…'s get this. @WedidOfficial sticking to @eUnited vs Frag Ya Bag - - VCT Watch Party
@ShowtimeVAL @nerdstgamers hell yeahhhhVCT NA Challengers 3 Watch Party - @Nerdstgamers - @n0thing Wooooooooo😍😍😍 @meranvh99 @launders @JoshNissan @dallascowboys @evan_emode im vietnamese Kappa. @MC_Lelicious @TheUltraLex @OfficialAproto chinh xac, troi oi. What about Wild Things? @MiLLER_fps @EvilGeniuses @imjimmyLiN @omgitspotter super stoked as well! @piethrouer @launders @JoshNissan @dallascowboys @evan_emode that pink hat is a Jigglypuff hat I was wearing @launders @JoshNissan @dallascowboys @evan_emode Also loved the fact that you tagged the Dallas Cowboys LOL @launders @JoshNissan @dallascowboys @evan_emode Especially when they are learning smokes while in a live match in… @TheUltraLex @OfficialAproto Denise Richards @LandoniousGG @wardino haha at least i make it to mid/endgameGot the OK! The plan is to watch the @EvilGeniuses game at 6pm EST as I havent had a chance to watch them yet! May… @LotharHS that would be pretty insane. I wonder if it gives you like mad FPS drops while in the shift haha @nerdstgamers am I ok to watch party some of the games from your streams today?I was about to get ready to speak in an esports classroom about broadcasting in video games. Felt super confident u… @andbox_official 😂Let's GO! Gl to Jamppi, but also gl to Ec1s! @launders I only care if it's boneless @andbox_official I usually buy the skins i like in the bundle format because I'm a sucker for "deals". This is also… @DavidDale11 @Envy @Sentinels . You can find all the info on @andbox_official i think at least 800$ @DavidDale11 @Envy @_PLAYERR1 In like 5 days. So youre at the path of choose your adventure, Kev: 1) Try to qualify for Challengers 3… wanted to variety stream today but i forgot the act ends soon. Tonight we grind Valorant! Got some things to do b… @PlayVALORANT My hunch is that new agent is cosmic AI @fl0mtv @itsnoribear ❤️❤️❤️
@WillProduces @IGIhosT @ethuun @letsgohome @ramishro Naw it's a documentary series with Zac Efron. It's actually really good @hazedCS Why do you always win with your tweets? @Poach Happy birthday, Poach! @PaincakesVAL Don't do my man Tim like that. He's still learning