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Silly Vansilli's Silli Vanilla - @playVALORANT caster - On the mic since 2002 - Business Inquiries: -

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@missharvey @AirCanada Im grumpy this morning, Steph :(. I just dont want a loat baggage or broken bag because it is a weekender bag ;(."No more place for carry on baggage on overhead compartment." You forced me to check in a weekender carryon bag.… @g5taz Gg legend @RiotEvrMoar Hollow Knight
@coL_Fantasy Howd it go?? @MikesHD_ buying it rn @Verizon @anniepoo_ @DazedDreamx @kale4kaleTTV @PresyPC @sarcopels Got too hype for Game Changers, our bad. Here’s…
Retweeted by Vansilli @missharvey Bon courage, missharvey! @Reinforce @valesports_na @Verizon @aEvilcat @Ballatw @boqcasts @EsportsDoug @DanDryad @gompersx @LemonKiwi_ @KP_fps LETS GO!!!!!! <3 <3 <3The competition is getting fierce this year. We'll find out if V1 and SR are still that far apart from everyone els…
OK I know EMEA is happening RN, but i dont have perms so we're gonna watch the other 2 NA Challengers series - twit…! Karmine Corp trolling? TIME TO FIND OUT
Retweeted by Vansilli @Captaincow285 @SAB3R5k @TrollmanVAL @cursedvserov super fair pizza @XSET Turtle Troop? and A GC Roster? @ExWarrior_ and @endercasts getting all the OTs
@sjokz im literally doing that rn too just days before traveling and it really does get overwhelming @Liz_Lombardo @zacklombardo 🤣🤣 @BARBARRcs happy bday legend @zacklombardo This game is fucking easy @RiotNu The most important update for VCTs. I'M READY! @HotSauceVD @cathfps @athxna chet thiet @cathfps @athxna stardust is what i call myself at this point, Cath @TALON_ESPORTS @AaronnFtw What if i renamed to Vansiboy? @peterparkTV @QuarterJade @Sydeon @tupperwareplays @TrulyTenzin @kyedae @CoachRuin @DisguisedToast omg LOL @AaronnFtw @TALON_ESPORTS yoooooooooooooo @DanDryad is that your VALORANT rank? @CoachRuin cant wait to see you guys next week, Ruin! @DisguisedToast You don't need to justify anything. I think this is a super fun move and i cant wait to see what Tu…’re excited to announce that Game Changers 1 is expanding to 48 teams! You can find more details on the format a…
Retweeted by Vansilli @UnderscoreSilky to all the people who voted string cheese: CAN YOU EVEN MAKE A CLOWN NOSE WITH YOUR WRAPPER?! HUH?! CAN YOU?!FaZe Clan GC is looking for a Head Coach, if interested, please reach out to me via DMs.
Retweeted by Vansilli @dazzLeGO all the best, dazzle! cant wait for the Loafman arc @Vanityxz congrats, Tony!
YO WHAT?! This is actually so cool! haha figured it out. It's Phoenix' stunt double because Phoenix is afraid of heights. It's Tom Cruise. @ExWarrior_ @endercasts @valesports_emea Yo wtf @endercasts ' look fucking goes HARD in this pic. You both are gonna kill it. @Shiick oh im dumb HAHA @uberchain Isnt Team Forge: ?!?! @Shiick THATS KO?!?!?1 diss? @melanie_mhs Lets gooo @xilvobs POG @coL_Fantasy @sierradawnx3 @AshCasts @gompersx @RivingtonThe3rd @Tanner_Metro Ty for beating my puns and dad jokes!… @MUNCHKING_ Happy birthday, Munchkin! @Stewie LETS GO, gl hf young stew! @yangsin Glhf be safe! @Kaniwani928 Truesay! @ImJoviGG @RivingtonThe3rd <3 <3 gl in finals, my friend"Jovi lets them loose but doesn't let them lose" - @Vansilli. Appreciate all the kind words, yall are the best!!…
Retweeted by Vansilliback to hosting the @Complexity Paradox Invitational with @RivingtonThe3rd and @Vansilli for LB finals 🕺 then endi…
Retweeted by Vansilli @tarik @Nadeshot cya there, lil'bro
Everyone get in here! #ParadoxSeries Day 2 about to go live. We got @EvilGeniuses @Complexity @CLGRed and…
Retweeted by Vansilli @Jazzyk1ns Right in the middle of your game @purenoobage1968 I get suuuuuuper gassy @Sacriel Agreed. The music supporting the scenes were just awesome @mirrorstraykids Because cheese owns! @AutumnRhodess Getting on it! @GrtBambrough @Thorin you dont remember him wearing a Penguins jersey on the analyst desk in like 2013? @emijuju_ i should read up on it! @willemdatoe yeah i get yelled at all the time LOLI'm lactose intolerant and i love cheese. just ate a block before sleep. I'm gonna hate my night. @coL_Fantasy @AshCasts @sierradawnx3 @gompersx @RivingtonThe3rd @Tanner_Metro a BLAST. excellent job putting this t… @pansy have a blast, Lauren. GL HF this season
@JessGOAT @IntelGaming where's my NUC :(Watch Complexity with me on Twitch! Go @EvilGeniuses casters with @Tanner_Metro and @Vansilli Woo-hoo
Retweeted by Vansilli @itscameronbloom @AGONbyAOC yesterday when i showed @Tanner_Metro the products i used! @coL_Fantasy @Complexity event* @coL_Fantasy @Complexity hahahaha THIS IS GONNA BE A SUCH A SICK EVEN, SOREN! THANKS FOR HAVING ME!love the beats @ImJoviGG @Complexity IM CASTING EG AS WELL, JOVI LETS GOLast event before we start traveling for VCT Americas. Looking forward to the cascade agent picks/bans that… @vctpacific that is... ADORABLE @Yehty_ @willemdatoe @EsportsDoug With me , you will do 0 burpees on Time and Time again. But, I am also down for… India #GEFighting @victoriacheng no i couldnt because i have to cast another tourney today so i had to catch some sleep :( I will re… @victoriacheng im here now!
@launders @EMUHLEET you're doing AWESOME, Emuhleet!! @DanDryad naw this is all naturalWatching M80 vs Moist and The Guard vs oXg .... but not on stream @RayndayGaming Reservoir Dogs, babyyyy @walqaw damn. sorry you were affected by this, Wally @mr_mortified please gimme recipe! @endercasts @valesports_emea @LotharHS 😂😂😂 cant wait to see your magic in VAL again, Ender. Missed ya! @valesports_emea @pansy @zescht @MiloshTheMedic @LotharHS @ExWarrior_ @endercasts @Dezachu @MitchMan @Tombizz @valesports_emea @endercasts spent too much time in LoL calling B side Ascent "A".🚨 New Tournament, New Shirt! To further support the community, we've partnered with @LenovoLegion to donate $5k, p…
Retweeted by Vansilli @sapphiReGG @LiN_fps Was this still Evil Genius arc and not Evil Geniuses? @victoriacheng @RiotJaker the first VCT broadcast of all regions is enough dopamine to keep me awake haha gl hf! You're gonna do awesome! @photon_YT 🙏🙏🙏 @RiotJaker @victoriacheng you got it! i'll prolly even stay up to catch it live! @Tanner_Metro i dont think this hit as hard as Dan, Tanner @RkTcaster @valesports_na @DanDryad @vh_gatotowsky @SoyKEVHO @7Mitssu @nosfehh @OrdnaelGG @adcsuga 😂😂😂 I ended up… @valesports_na @DanDryad @vh_gatotowsky @SoyKEVHO @7Mitssu @nosfehh @OrdnaelGG @RkTcaster @adcsuga Hello friends, I… @DarfMike Let's go Mike! You're working so hard at this shit. Just like Mark, I want nothing but the best for you!… @YinsuCollins @Tombizz @vctpacific @Sliggy_ Here's a vans take for all of you. It doesnt matter where you are in t… @RiotJaker @victoriacheng 😂😂 And sorry for the pun because im now old af, but you're making waves in this scene so…