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niggarmy and niggatiny are my code names

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@fairyprinceJk @BTS_twt u can see all the flaws he doesnt have @sanateeez yes ill give u 180 out of my 200 notifs 😭 @DIORJIMINN SIDHSJJSJS @sanaseoul coffee @sanaseoul HOW DO I DO THAT @cixfil drop the fancam @sanaseoul ITS NOT LIKE THAT, THIS DOESNT ALWAYS HAPPENΓ—>#&@>*@&@ @cixfil no 😩 @SUNGlECORE 3 @sanaseoul i swear its not like that 😭 @vantaepedia ur GREAT i get happy whenever ur on the tl and if u too need a kidney im here
Retweeted by π•žπ•–π•β·πŸ¦• @ICYY00NGI im not even sureHELPΓ—>$^>@*Γ—*#^#&@& oomfs pls adopt me, i dont wanna be here anymore..... @rmsmonichild im notttt @KOONlGHT bernie sanders, former candidate for the american presidential election @dionyoons wheres the flavour???? @jjuniiverse i hate 2020BERNIE DROPPED OUT????????? @Renzo_No_Benzo @dwtoulouse두둠칫
Retweeted by π•žπ•–π•β·πŸ¦•taehyung would give great lap dances, thats all im saying @ateezzzs san[#λ―ΌκΈ°] 밍기 μ™”λ‹€~~ #ATEEZ #μ—μ΄ν‹°μ¦ˆ
Retweeted by π•žπ•–π•β·πŸ¦• @fucktheheteros @fucktheheteros periodt @tranquilmindxx assassination classroom @wishinguks just one more episode @wishinguks I DONT WANT TOOOOO @NAMNECK IM JUST READING WHAT HULU TELLS ME @WHORE4KTH im watching assassination classroom, i love it @jyounhoo u know when i cant watch anime? when im asleeptell* im losing it @NAMNECK nO, assassination classroomits almost 4am, someone pls ell me to stop watching anime and to get to bed. i got school work tmrw 😭😭 @fairienamu nopeee @NAMNECK fantasy and i guess action?ΒΏ @kqyuta nada @BARBIEK00 nopeee @NAMNECK nope @NAMZ00MED eye @f4irykawa nope @seemsgay its 3am for me so i still need u to shhhh @NAMZ00MED is that an anime??? @lgbtyuku say it @J00NSTUDIO no @seemsgay its 3am, shhhh graceguess what anime im watching >>>>> @Netfreak717 @dwtoulouse park jimin, is that the context u wanted? @PrimeFederer @BayernBrummie @dwtoulouse @Muller_San_Mia @BayernBrummie @dwtoulouse teehee u in love with park jimin? @jooyunki i hope he didnt have any intention on hurting u. pls stay safe and carry small weapons if necessary @MinghaoDior i dont even stan seventeen or know much about them, but i agreedont tell me im the only one, but who else gets extremely anxious when you walk past men by yourself?? like idk i h… @y33kies lies @y33kies ALSO CALM DOWN W THE EDITS @y33kies SHOW ME UR POWERRRRRkpopstruggletwt has a clapped layout, there i said it 😩🀚🏽isnt that flower boy acc fake??? lol @leimontiny damn, shakespeare much? @caImsexx @vesperprayers @BayernBrummie @dwtoulouse @vesperprayers @BayernBrummie @dwtoulouse ratatata had a great time Bebe! Thank you for the wonderful song😁 We want you to be healthy and we hope we can collab som…
Retweeted by π•žπ•–π•β·πŸ¦•bts themselves are cultural resets @KlMTAEHVYNG WODJSJSJS I NEED TO CATCH UP ON THAT @Meccaella73 oh shit @ital_ian76 @dwtoulouse EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT A FLOURIST???? WHY AM I THE ONLY ONE CONFUSED??? L0NDON WAS WATCHING THE LIVE, WE CANT HAVE SHIT IN THIS DAMN HOUSE– 😀 not even joking when i say i would risk it π˜ˆπ˜“π˜“ for san you so much for doing an Instagram Live session with us Bebe Rexha! We enjoyed it very much! Let's collaborat…
Retweeted by π•žπ•–π•β·πŸ¦•BEBE REXHA WAS JUST TRYNA JOIN THE LIVE IN THE COMMENTS AND TXT JUST LIVIN THEIR BEST LIVES 😭 @SAB_XCVII @ATEEZofficial THE TALENT, I LOVE IT!! @NotMVP0121 @dwtoulouse and bebe rexha in their live: @yourhumiliator @TheMAURYShow @y33kies i love u @PJMVERT ??Γ—*#&@*@*@, @yourhumiliator who is dis @BayernBrummie @dwtoulouse screamed "noooo" when bebe rexha left the live. IM SO UPSET, HES TOO PRECIOUS#>#&#*@*@ πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­ REACTION HES SUCH A FANBOY IM πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί @yourhumiliator HABS YOURE BACK!!!on a sidenote: bebe rexha's teeth are so white what the hell– rexha: so do you guys have any π‘”π‘–π‘Ÿπ‘™π‘“π‘Ÿπ‘–π‘’π‘›π‘‘π‘ ..?? txt: txt look so happy to be with bebe rexha, NO ONE TOUCH ME IM SOFT– @atzvoid LMAOOOOObighit with their multi-million dollar company cant even afford good enough wifi for a damn insta live-YALL MY BIRTH FLOWER IS SO PRETTY WOWΓ—[$&@>@(&#^# @ICYY00NGI yesLOOK AT HOW π™π˜Όπ™ THE CAT ISΓ—*Γ·<>Γ—@(;#;## @leimontiny omg showi love fat cats @vryeon RING DING DONGguys look at this snail-cat, isnt it cool??? @vryeon that one shinee song that goes "babbbyyyyyy, my ladddyyyyy"my ateez concert was supposed to be in 10 days from now....... @GLOSSYKAGE i have vague memories of being there, i havent been there for many years but hopefully i can go soon. g… @radiojoonie they said bakugo, levi, sister lily, armin.....