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@chubbyboy84 😂😂😂😂 @AshtynCarlile Big time Facts! @WooZonMixer Thanks wooozy! 💙🔥Wishing you the best bro! Lets freaking go!
Retweeted by VantasticTV @CatchMeTVmxr 💙💙💙💙 @CatchMeTVmxr @WatchMixer My man! Appreciate you Catch!Doesn’t matter the platform we all inspire to be great content creators! We all share the same dream! Congrats to m… @wilson_ggs @UltimateHose89 @WatchMixer 💙💙💙💙 @mznisaelaine @WatchMixer 🧀🧀We did a thing. Thank you for all the support you guys! No matter the outcome, I appreciate every single one of y'a… @jaimielyn09 @WatchMixer Well Deserved! @ArtVandelay401 @o_Duckk_o Was hoping he was going to get a shot with the Knicks but it just never happened @o_Duckk_o Hes nasty because he went to the University of Washington #GoDawgs
Joe Hart easily @NoLifeShaq reacted to Young Thug on Joyner’s new song in his most recent video that shit literally had me dying bro, I’m in tears 😂🤣You ever want to get outta bed but your dog is laying with you so you don’t want get up because you know your dog i… @CatchMeTVmxr @MJ_678 @o_Duckk_o Definitely me this weekend 😂That new PlayStation controller ain’t it 😂 @CatchMeTVmxr @MJ_678 @o_Duckk_o 😂😂😂😂 @CatchMeTVmxr @o_Duckk_o Live! difficulties with the stream, ill be live as soon as I figure it out @xEcuaaa Hope its better than my Pires 😂
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@Leckakay was 17-6 and EA matched me up against someone who was 15-1.. because that makes so much sense right EA.. @EAFIFADirect @EASPORTSFIFA @CatchMeTVmxr 😂😂😂😂Gonna start on MW on MnK, but we'll see how long that last, dont really know what to play but I am Live! Live in about an hour, not sure what we are gonna play tonight! @_virgilmh @EseWrek 😂😂😂😂Been thinking about applying for Partnership, what y’all think?
Weekend league has been rough.. 10-5.. Oh well I guess
Retweeted by VantasticTVPlaying a scary game called Pacify with @o_Duckk_o and @all_zeus ! Come hang out! @ReLeVaN1x I appreciate you bro, hope everything with you has been well! Hope you and the fam are staying safe! ❤️Changing the squad again next week for Pogba, idc 😂 @Savage707 So I get called Tiger King yesterday and now this? Y’all on one.. ok I see y’allThank you, we hit 2.2k, we are growing every single day 💙 much love to y’all, appreciate it! really know what we playing tonight but im live hahaha
This squad would make @Dilla_DawgTV Jealous hahahaNew Squad for this weekend, should be a really fun team to play with! #FIFA20 guys tonight we’ll be live with #SouthPark the Fractured but Whole. I’ve been wanting to play this for awhile n…
Retweeted by VantasticTV @Dilla_DawgTV 😂🤣 might mess around and get Saint Max as well @Dilla_DawgTV I just got FUT Birthday Griez just to make you jealous 😂 @Dilla_DawgTV Hey! Adama is the best super sub in the game, and Ryan Kent isn’t far behind 😂Rainbow Six and Fifa rewards later!
@WooZonMixer 46 Followers in mixer!?! Bro let’s get it! My goal to hit 100 is getting closer! If you aren’t following alrea…
Retweeted by VantasticTV @CatchMeTVmxr @EASPORTSFIFA Oh it’s a April fools joke 😂 @CatchMeTVmxr @EASPORTSFIFA Think this is gonna give you pack luck? 😂 @WooZonMixer April foolsI'll give $4,000 to someone who retweets this within the next 72 hours. Must be following @Milankordestani, @WeAreTheDoe & myself.
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Hey guys no stream tonight! But if you want some great content check out these guys! Their live right now!…
Retweeted by VantasticTV @xEcuaaa Go get yours brotha! 💯This how I feel when @_Keemo_876 just leave party to play wit his REAL FRIENDS 😑😑😑
Retweeted by VantasticTV @7Striker4 Same haha
Live! Shorter stream tonight, trying to finish these weekend league games! @chubbyboy84 @NepentheZ @Nick28T @davidrosbottom @The1ChampTV GGs, I got 11 or 12, you got to catch up! @mznisaelaine She needs to be holding a cheese and it would be perfect😂 cc 🌸
Weekend League Early Stream streamers say they moving to Facebook gaming
Retweeted by VantasticTVAmazing stream today. Ended the day on 10-2. Thank you to @ZwebackHD @CatchMeTVmxr @VantasticTV for the big boy hosts.
Retweeted by VantasticTVNo stream tonight, will probably stream in the AM tomorrow, trying to fix the sleep schedule!When streamers say they moving to Facebook gaming Live Now! For some #FIFA20 Stop by and show some support! ----->> Fueled by…
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@QueenChowder It’s not funny! 😂🤣Yooo thank you @VantasticTV for helping me reach my 40 follower mark! We’re getting close to the first 100 guys! I can feel it! 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by VantasticTVPop in my guy stream
Retweeted by VantasticTVSay it again !!
Retweeted by VantasticTVHow I feel when @VantasticTV , @all_zeus invite me to play @Rainbow6Game 😭😭😭
Retweeted by VantasticTVModern Warfare maybe some CSGO later and Fifa packs! burned the roof of my mouth last night eating a pizza roll. How was your night? 😂
.@JoynerLucas album 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥For everyone last night that said I wouldn’t, I just want to note I did wake up for FUT birthday but now I’m going back to sleep lol 😂🤣PRIME ICON PACK WAS A BIG FAT L. We got Pires. Threw him right into a Mid Icon SBC and got a borderline W with Mid… be opening a Prime Icon Pack, maybe a Mid and we are rebuilding the squad! Also gonna open my Elite TOTW rewa… @o_Duckk_o I thought you were waiting for FUT birthday to open packs @WooZonMixer Any possible way to unlike a tweet?
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Retweeted by VantasticTVMe hitting elite in #FIFA20 is so much sweeter knowing I didn’t have to take advantage of the mechanics to get ther… @CatchMeTVmxr It was tough to watch, but you cant help but just chuckle and say well I didnt see that coming 😂 @CatchMeTVmxr ill get Essien and we'll both get duplicates lol @all_zeus I know you wanna see this Elite Fifa game play but it'll have to wait @Giosaurus_Rex09 😂Gonna wait to open rewards until Friday for FUT Birthday & since Fifa was down all day today I’m gonna grind the re…
Ya boy is getting in the groove .. it had taken me 4 years and uninstalling and reinstalling it 3/4 times ... but i…
Retweeted by VantasticTVI wanna introduce myself! I’m @Ninjanzee and I live stream Sun-Thur at 6PM EST every week. Tonight’s stream is a li…
Retweeted by VantasticTV“We come in peace but we don't come in pieces, We on some tag-team WWE shit” Roo, @chancetherapper 🎶 #brothers
Retweeted by VantasticTV @Ninjanzee He’s easily my favorite rapper out right now, super creative and this song is just one of them @LargoMusician59 Bro you gotta check out his other stuff. Devils work, I’m not racist, sorry, Frozen, ect. Joyner…'m feelin like Will...
Retweeted by VantasticTVWhat a banger 🔥🔥🔥🔥 IQ play
Retweeted by VantasticTVWish you could’ve seen it from my angle 😂 Swaps for the prime icon
Retweeted by VantasticTVGonna take the night off after that stressful weekend league haha, gonna do some squad battles swaps and just chill, be back tomorrow 💙Heyyyy!! We’re live with #Pokémon black again tonight for part 2 of my stream! Come hang out and let’s get some new…
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