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vardaan arora @vardaanarora nyc / new delhi

anxious mess. i sing and write pop ✨i also act, if you can believe it

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@ckimberlinjr lol tragic how i’ve seen all of these already @bachzenson wait do you work today?!
is this tweet too sad omg i’m just being earnesti’m going to have my apartment to myself for a week (which, hi please come over) and am now also single so to to he… @sheikhimaan DYINGOne of the most consistently brilliant pop artists on the planet is @vardaanarora. Know the name, follow the conten…
Retweeted by vardaan arorareminder to STREAM this banger today @heyjessej legend @RyanKKrause i can only imagine what HE looked like @carsoneisenhart @alplicable i mean, i don’t consider grindr to be a social media platform...and also it has its fa… @alplicable no straights allowed @Max_Kapusta like??? wonder why / what they get out of that @ksenapathy nobody knows!the SNL writer’s room is H A R D right now @mrsamherbst LMAOOO GOOD LUCKMa (2019) as academy award nominated films
Retweeted by vardaan arorawow ok here i go thinking all my friends hate me again haha so new and imaginative i surprise myself sometimes
this is literally what being on twitter feels like sometimes
Retweeted by vardaan arorajesus i beat myself up so often and then something like this comes along to pull at my heart strings in the best wa… @nicwkelly currently on a plane back to new york from LA and this is making me very emotional. i’m just here to mak… to finally write something longer than 3 words about @vardaanarora
Retweeted by vardaan arorareally weird but...TSA wanted me to hand over my cell phone to them to “check it”? they took it away and did a rand… y’all are streaming
@Dougystyle4 not for a while (until i obsessively try to make it perfect) but yay!! thank you @dylarrno 💕💕💕impulse posting an unfinished demo snippet that i will absolutely be deleting later @adeelamini omg a serve @aniketchitnawis @Christian_Zamo get those papers in order bb @JAPullins can always count on you tbh @vardaanarora Right next to another recent fave.
Retweeted by vardaan arora @vardaanarora Right next to Queen Ralph!
Retweeted by vardaan arora @imelliotjones @Christian_Zamo we should be so lucky!! @feistyfletch @Christian_Zamo thank you thank you i try!! @breimels @Christian_Zamo 😘😘😘your dads say hi's been lots of great new music released lately 😍 Check out some of my favorites on my updated #MusicMonday pl…
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@vardaanarora On my release radar and new releases 🥰
Retweeted by vardaan arora @bronzeavery me coming to LA once a year to remind everyone i exist @nlabosco see if the fratpad gay porn company are hiring!! @vardaanarora 💘💘💘
Retweeted by vardaan arora @me_mickel ugh and right above my fav @jordymusic_ too @vardaanarora At the very top as always, right where you belong 👑
Retweeted by vardaan arora @imaustinryan yaaaaay ❤️❤️❤️ @vardaanarora
Retweeted by vardaan aroraAND you downloaded it! real fan confirmed ❤️❤️❤️ drama is on your release radar please show me!!!!thinking about this outfitJust between us and @vardaanarora, we won't tell!
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oh you want a tip honey i’ll show you THEE tip *connection drops*remember when i made an alt thinking i could be that kinda girl @ajdeluxe_ @_holmes_holmes queen of inventing records and putting them oni was getting a beard trim at a barber shop the other day and the guy doing it was like “omg you have perfect facia… @emmaownsmiheart no news about that yet but get excited!!! @Dougystyle4 ❤️❤️❤️ @VigilanteReads yessssss @emmaownsmiheart thank you thank you!!y’all...i broke 4000 followers on instagram y’all are streaming and loving DRAMA 💅🏽💕
@itscottmichael ❤️❤️❤️👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @vardaanarora! 💕
Retweeted by vardaan aroraDo you live for the #Drama? @vardaanarora and @iamnicopop sure do on their latest single. Listen here:
Retweeted by vardaan arora @jonaybish @billieeilish @tameimpala @dounia @AlecBenjamin @madisonbeer @Grimezsz @boysnoize @JackGarratt Arora is living for the Drama with nicopop on their brand new single.
Retweeted by vardaan arorai’m really sad to hear the news about caroline flack. it’s heart breaking to know that she was likely struggling al… too shabby for 2 days!! thank you so much to people streaming it, adding it to playlists, sharing it etc. it me… @Austroboy @iamnicopop @Emilyvaughnx 😘😘😘updated my pop i like right now playlist with fresh excellence from me x @iamnicopop, @guardsounds, @tatemcrae,… and @nicopop's new single "Drama" is an undeniably fun, catchy pop song that was also lyrically hone…
Retweeted by vardaan arora @ColeEscola lmaoooooh my god this means so much to me!! it’s one of my favorite songs ever and i am so thrilled people are bopping to…
@vardaanarora @iamnicopop step ahead of ya
Retweeted by vardaan arora @theruraljuror_ @iamnicopop thank you bb ❤️❤️ put it on repeatum @vardaanarora and @iamnicopop this is a fuckin’ ~bop~
Retweeted by vardaan arorai know this is curated just for me...but even seeing my name so close to miss duff’s...the joy!!!! think we ALL live for drama!!! GO STREAM PPL & @iamnicopop are ready for a #ValentinesDay full of #Drama
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Finally some Drama I can get into! ✨🎭🔥 @vardaanarora @iamnicopop what a f*cking BOP!!
Retweeted by vardaan arorai’ve been tweeting about DRAMA with @iamnicopop a lot today since one of my favorite songs is officially out in the… @RonnieLauth i KNOW @MateoDeLaMancha thank u!!!!If you don't have something nice to say, come sit with me and @vardaanarora!
Retweeted by vardaan arora @simoncurtis he tried it...anyway stream DRAMA you so much @gaytimesmag @samdamshenas! GAYS ASSEMBLE! 💅🏽☕️ @michaelxmedrano @iamnicopop could’ve dropped the link damn+ added "Drama" by Vardaan Arora, nicopop. to SOUNDS OF 2020 @Spotify #bestnewmusic #NP
Retweeted by vardaan aroraDRAMA with @iamnicopop is out everywhere NOW!!! so lucky to have released this with him. thank you to @emilyvaughnx @vardaanarora & @iamnicopop have both emerged as 2 of my favorite acts in Queer pop this past year so it comes as n…
Retweeted by vardaan arora.@vardaanarora and @iamnicopop live for Drama on incredible new pop anthem.
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jameela if you’re in LA stay away from the farmer’s market @hjaycee @iamnicopop is gonna be the peak of my week I can feel it! @vardaanarora @iamnicopop
Retweeted by vardaan arorathis V day...let’s get messy let’s get HOT 🥵 🔥 my song DRAMA with @iamnicopop is out tonight at 12AM EST / 9PM PT!…’s out in all the countries that live in the future (india australia japan etc etc etc) and will be out in other… @nicwkelly nic kelly’s stamp of approval ladies, gents and non binariesthis is so cute @RAC @matthewkoma @hilaryduff is a hit
Retweeted by vardaan aroraso excited to celebrate the release of DRAMA tomorrow night! if you haven’t presaved the song yet do it nowwww: @Dougystyle4 i only photograph the lighting when it’s good. duh