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just want y’all to know this was in my drafts a WHILE ago GET HER!!!!! maybe her team will read this to her I—— @cornbreadsays LMFAOOOOO
BREAKING: Independent autopsy finds that George Floyd's death "was homicide caused by asphyxia due to neck and back…
Retweeted by vardaan arora @DMan_DC2020 yes. yes that is clearly the point herethis being said - if you are a white person at a protest - remember your place! do not go out of your way to make a… @RonnieLauth also it’s a multi million (if not more?) dollar corporation (most are in the soho area) they will be F… @RonnieLauth LITERALLY. other than steering clear of broken glass for safety reasons i would not blinkhow and WHY tf do you care if a dolce and gabanna got looted???? are you dolce??? are you gabanna? bitchwhy do so many white people feel the need to express their contrarian opinions? you will never experience the pain… @titussottertwin 💛💛💛it’s june 1st! bringing this back as a reminder of what not to do want people - especially my black friends and followers - to know that i am always available to talk via DM if… Let’s go.
Retweeted by vardaan arora @taliavcadet love you talia ❤️ please never hesitate to reach out if you ever need to talk.matched @itscottmichael unfollow them!And fucking listen to the black people speaking. You are not there to speak over them. If they are venting their pa…
Retweeted by vardaan aroraI think it's very important to point this out. The basics of pop music were forged by Black people. When disco was…
Retweeted by vardaan aroraPlease listen to this. Listen to the pain. Listen to the anger. Listen to the grief. See the dignity as these men t…
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@AndyRockCandy from @freethemall2020 to stop sending funds to bailoutnycmay since they received enough to close - but there… @ieuan omg and the fucking song!!!!!!! jailChicago PD Y’all. The same officers they send to Boystown for Pride, Market Days, etc (Via IG)
Retweeted by vardaan aroray’all PLEASE report this video
Retweeted by vardaan arorao 👏🏾 pen 👏🏾 your 👏🏾 purse 👏🏾
Retweeted by vardaan arora @RIZWANxSAMMA no idea but it’s pleasing to watch
Retweeted by vardaan arora @Terr ❤️❤️❤️It’s okay if you don’t have the funds to donate. Share it and get the word out.
Retweeted by vardaan arorakeep it going folks! we head into Pride month I implore every white gay on here to remember that we are standing on the shoulders of…
Retweeted by vardaan arorawatching this video over and over again is ASMR to me @marcjfranklin sending you love marc ❤️Black lives matter.
Retweeted by vardaan aroranonblack allies - if you feel like you are taking up space by performatively posting on social media, just remember… @AndyRockCandy yes to this entire thread. amplifying voices also counts as using your platform. RTing petitions / d… @kamilumin sending you love ❤️ please don’t hesitate to reach out if you ever need to talk.
@rosaIindfarrell ❤️❤️❤️hold up. ALLEGED MURDERER? WHO WRITES THESE HEADLINES protest marching in solidarity with #blacklivesmatter near union square today. tried to not get any of the… wtf is this???? How does an Instagram chain contribute to putting the racists in chains?????? How does that br…
Retweeted by vardaan arorahi! you are a white woman who wrote a book about “starting a revolution” and chose to plug it given the current sta… complaining about “riots.” Riots gave you 8-hour workdays, gay rights, and free speech.
Retweeted by vardaan aroramaking a tweet, providing your expressed support, saying that you do not stand with what is happening and helping s…
Retweeted by vardaan arora @freialobo i was on a conditional green card for 2 years and was actively warned to not make any of my anti trump t… @Nikhil09121 i mean i love a good murder mystery / crime thriller but it is FICTION.......some of y’all watch too many detective / cop tv shows where those characters are portrayed as heroes and your delusion shows @TheOCDfight here for you ❤️if anyone needs some cash to safely get to the Harlem protest today (either citibike/uber) DM me your venmo and I can try to help
Retweeted by vardaan aroraIf you’re a white artist who’s recorded with me in the past and you haven’t spoken up on what’s going on right now,…
Retweeted by vardaan aroraTHREAD: Over the last 3 days, I have cried myself to a fitful sleep. I’m a reporter which means I can’t say everyth…
Retweeted by vardaan arora @baradar85 love u
@baradar85 @brightlightx2 @DJRuBot she asked me but i said i was too busy 😌 @ieuan i saw you tweet this flag without seeing the context and it shook me to my core with fear for a split second @ShawnBinder wait this hair color is a servethis being said, i also urge you to pay attention to every person (celebrity or otherwise) who has been silent. i k… be clear this is not shade towards any non-black celebrity who is speaking up (they should!!) i am just urging f… @Alfred_R42 same here. every non-black person needs to speak out and use whatever platform they have access to. but… is great that your white favs are speaking up and using their platform but please stop making it about them by r… morning i just love dance pop so much @giltweetsstuff the best song on the albumDONALD TRUMP IS A WHITE SUPREMACIST. REPEAT AFTER ME.chromatica is IT. period. @michaelxmedrano me too!should i go l*ve when chromatica comes out since i’m the only person on this damn app who hasn’t listened to the album yet @marinaipatel i’m with you 100% - not usually a tequila soda kinda guy, but if you use lime lacroix it makes it a l… in quarantine sometimes feels pointless. what am i gonna do? get buzzed to go on twitter and just scroll?…
she agrees chromatica masala. is this somethingfeeling randomly inspired and excited about upcoming artistic projects? lemme figure out how to sabotage real quick @jakelhm sbsjsjs omg nooooo“this was a cultural reset sorry i don’t make the rules” yes tyler we know you don’t make the rules!!!! it’s 2039 a… @carterthedevil we love and appreciate a man who looks at things with an open mind without being afraid to re-evaluate their opinion! ❤️ @THOTTYBUCKY NOT GYPSY ROSE SBSJSJJSreminder to my fellow people of color that we are talking about black lives. not poc lives. BLACK LIVES. anti-black… @MrEAnders icons only psychic power i have... @mathewrodriguez @pfpicardi @TheBodyDotCom this is actually such an important, interesting read. shaming/guilting (… is an essential part of overall health. For @TheBodyDotCom, I wrote about how people who want casual sex should…
Retweeted by vardaan aroranot to mention a 2:37 length which is my personal favorite ballpark when it comes to pop songsgaga talk singing over a house beat with k-pop vocals thrown into the mix? how can you not eat this shit upok it turns out blackpink IS in my area and i fucking love it @solomonraymusic never too early in this situation. drag him @yavin_music @tsaisighs for me mint choc chip is a close second but i still stand by the true queen vanillaam i still a plant dad if my plant is fake? btw i’m fake too @RyanKKrause some people just don’t have taste! miss nilla has BEEN making points since she arrived at the scene @ianmnoone and most forms of pies! and also brownies / cakes etc. whatever floats your boat, really. @itscottmichael it’s sweet without being too sweet, and is also a good side with most desserts which is why i stan miss nilla @e_alvinmusic that’s the only kind that matters! @SadboiDeluxe ah yes. a wh*te man in my mentions telling a person of color about white supremacy based on a tweet about an ice cream flavor. @jeffyadar here you go! @dashofcurry ooooh interesting @e_alvinmusic i’ve been saying! @itscottmichael good vanilla ice cream HITS. add brownies for extra flavor if that’s your thinga lot of you are not ready to have the conversation about how vanilla is the best ice cream flavor. without it the… @Max_Kapusta also have these back in india and i agree!