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i find a way to take everything personally

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i would like a CRUMB of good news please i am starvingnot enough people are talking about how my airpods accidentally got thrown into the washer with my sheets and are now not working
@TheMirrorcle thank you! 🥰theorizing how many of my IRL friends have me muted across platforms...they will be dealt withwhen all i want to do is sleep because of the depression but my mind won’t let me because of the racing OCD thought…’s so inspiring ❤️ gays putting on a tank top: i just found out my reimagining of selena gomez’s song RARE crossed 200,000 streams on @spotify today! than… @me_mickel you’re truly my biggest cheerleader and i am grateful @Dougystyle4 🥰🥰🥰
almost never style my hair anymore so gotta document it when i do 🙏🏽 horror movie fans, you won't want to miss Wrong Turn, the reboot premiering on the big screen on 1/26 and 30 on…
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@rakeshsatyal thanks rakesh 🥰we don’t compare two queens in this household! @ANTFERNY no spoilers! ❌dreaming about a world in which it is illegal for annoying men to have podcasts...people getting paid $15 at a MINIMUM should not be a debate. capitalist worms have rotted so many brains. even if y…
@XHSMGX february 4 in cinemas i think!WRONG TURN is playing in theaters next week! though it understandably isn’t a safe/viable option for many to go see…
Retweeted by Vardaan Arora @10velociraptors could you imaginescreaming internally @kevschwa thank you bb 🥰🥰 @BobbyRemis glad i can be a small part of your exercise routine!i see that a lot of people have been discovering this little gem via spotify’s discover weekly! it’s almost at 200k…
@EmmaDumont STOP LOLwish i was more into astrology so i could blame my sign for my toxic traits like y’all do :(!!! thanks for adding rare, @terr! ✨❤️
@charlief_music attention? what attention? i crave no such thing. i am chillgonna cosplay as a chill person who simply does not care. taking that fake it till you make it approach. what’s up… @RonnieLauth @jeffyadar @heyrooneyhey y’all gotta stop hyping me up so much (don’t)🙂 🌈 @heyrooneyhey only about straight men obviouslyevery few weeks there is a “can straight actors play gay roles” discourse on twitter and the answer is simple. they… i am DTF Dangerously dependent on my Therapist and Fine with itshamelessly plugging my insta btw
btw @Dougystyle4 my goal!hilary and haylie duff omg favorite news outlet. the only one i trust! thing that’s very true is that we need to get rid of the stereotype that white supremacists are uneducated hill…
Retweeted by Vardaan AroraNot one lie spoken. @aoc let the Republican Party HAVE IT.
Retweeted by Vardaan Aroraexhausted luv x @EmmaDumont HAHAHa lot of “finding a reason to be mad” energy in the air for me today. who wants to fightyou buy ONE thing online and suddenly get 6 different emails saying your order was confirmed like i GET ITlike to cosplay as a “no romantic feelings” kinda guy until i start falling in love with literally everyone. cursed! @banelekay always my goal!
close between Rare and Heartbreak on the Dance Floor
Retweeted by Vardaan Aroramy days long depressive episode has, for the first time in recent memory, been successful in keeping me from tweeti… @banelekay appearing to make points when in reality i’m just sad! @Dougystyle4 🥰❤️ @plainjamie_ ty! @baradar85 🥰🥰🥰idk
@Will_Imler both so different. your range! @E_Glo a blast from the past! @ArellanoDanni yay! glad i get to be a part of your routine in a small way @mukss7 i think that’s my entire discography 😭
@all_fun_n_james lol whatever you’re cool for listening to me!!! @igotagrandeidea a special one for sure! ❤️ @readsrainbow like a polaroid has one of my favorite drops! @DeadMethodUk i always thought that was gonna be a sleeper fav! so glad you like it @iamsedgwick tbh i was listening to that earlier today @TMPTina_ two of my favs too! both shaped a big era for me @ChristopherIce wow that is indeed a big accomplishment. thank you!! @RIZWANxSAMMA strut strut struuuut @Dougystyle4 🥰🥰🥰 thank you doug! @andreadgiovanni ugh very on brand for you! 💕 @Dougystyle4 taste tbh! glad i put out that EP @gervahhn love love love! i see you like a good vocal chop infused dance drop @EmmaDumont it’s funny because that song weirdly reminds me of you ❤️ @sberg1 taste! @inarguableaxis a true fan! dance like you is an older one too - good for you for knowing that one 💕 @jamilghores a classic! and my first!what’s your favorite song i’ve ever put out?no. it is actually a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have but i have it your fighter
does the thought of someone being mad at you make you feel like you deserve to die or are you normallaze haze 😴 again i am getting on twitter dot com to say that i love my friends
yummy by justin bieber is a good song:( about to say something controversial and i’m scared to say it @10velociraptors you’re in canada right? it’s out on digital feb 23 over there @10velociraptors lots of fun twists and turns please watch!First Clip from the ‘Wrong Turn’ Reboot Puts a New Group of Characters Up Against a New Threat
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@ShawnBinder lmao! people jumping to a lot of conclusions! you don’t know how late this is in the movie / what happ… @rychavis a very limited “big screen” debut thanks to covid but technically yes! @bronzeavery screaming! @kevschwa @IGN 🥰🥰 @rychavis @IGN 🔪🔪🔪 @yavinhello you need to STOPSJSKSKF @bdanielcole @IGN far too high!Vardaan said:
Retweeted by Vardaan Arora @yavinhello LMAOFNDJDKDKFKGKHLGvnever going hiking again... an exclusive clip from #WRONGTURN via @IGN 🔪🪵 @FreddyInSpace @EmmaDumont theatrical release plans for all films are such a mess right now - which is a huge bumme… this to see just how woodsy i can be @kudzumon true. which is why i said it is unsurprising, i think. the white washing of problematic history and avoid…