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ये दुनिया अगर मिल भी जाये तो क्या है? whisky enthusiast/ dissertating: history, dams, foreign policy/ (she/her) rts mean nothing

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spent the day reading and barely even looked at my phone. it's like i'm five years younger.Job creation!
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshaA second Trump term would be so bad. So so bad.
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brown ppl literally created the 7/11 not 9/11 joke they can’t even come up with their jokes
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshathere is no narrative reason why Antz (1998) is spelled with a “z.” they just did not believe the movie was able to…
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshathis is actually a very good example of what democracy does not look like
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshajudge me i don't care think “all politicians are corrupt” cynicism makes you wise, but it just makes you a mark. Your belief is false…
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshaAt the height of Radical Reconstruction, Republicans included obstructionist racist Democrats in the Joint Committe…
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshaI hope this email finds you and in the darkness binds you
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshaICYMI here’s me & @varsha_venkat_ latest DRINKING WITH HISTORIANS #DWH featuring @ProfMSinha. Enjoy!…
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varsha9/11 sorry @clapifyoulikeme i'm pretty sure i incorporated milk snatcher thatcher into my undergrad thesisfun fact: thatcher didn't like the idea of free milk for kids @bucephalus424 a little life - hanya yanagiharapoirot and chill time conservative court-packing project is inseparable from the conservative voter-suppression project.
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varsha @tbalcerski i do not have the courage to email him omfg @pashulman @prof_gabriele i'll be rereading that book on my death bed mark my wordsmodernists rock @prof_gabriele @waitmanb maybe but you'll have my blanton's with you @pashulman @prof_gabriele meeting him is a bigger deal to me than meeting any movie star i swear to god. him and cronon. @prof_gabriele matt if you make it possible so i can meet THE ERIC FONER i swear i'll buy you a bottle of Blanton'salso i want to make clear, if i ever meet eric foner, i swear i will faint from the awesomeness @varsha_venkat_ according to @kawulf “historiography is lit” 😎 🔥🔥🔥 @prof_gabriele @ProfMSinha @OIEAHC #DWH
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varsha @TheCatPatterson @ProfMSinha @prof_gabriele @UConnHistory it will be on youtube tomorrow!Just a plug for @megankatenelson’s terrific work *The Three-Cornered War* re: #DWH discussion of the western front.…
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lol what @__acadame @kevinbaker i can ask dumb questions about this in order to help you do this, do it!*borat voice* "my wifi"
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varsha @kevinbaker i'm not sorry @kevinbaker well it is nature's metropolisthe deep state made me unplug my router and plug it back in
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varsha*runs in sweaty two days late* Now is the winter of our short-form content
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varsha @clapifyoulikeme fucking love that showturns out it was called the big comfy couch. carry on with your days.what was the pbs show with the girl and her giant couch? pls i can't remember and now i have to remember.Ominous but probably true
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varsha @ThenMrASays i wanna be a high school teacher so bad, i need the youths to be dragging me daily for my healthi want sexier chutney favourite thing about the founding fathers is that they got regularly wasted and talked politics. like the only… this is a great idea seems to love it, looking god gus sister is 20 today (cc @usherimposter) @A_NeedhamNYU no prob @A_NeedhamNYU @A_NeedhamNYU let me see if i can find it online @pawlbologna @edsreplyguys @EdMarkey super mario bros @yumcoconutmilk congrats!lol even better part of this story is that the finance bros who'd ordered the $2000 wine got the $18 pinot instead…
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshaWe have a lot of work to do.
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshai love that all of you are interested in history, but please don't talk out of your ass about it. it makes me embar… here. This is flatly untrue. Just ask John Wayne. Or Frank Sinatra. Or Jane Fonda. Or John Lennon. Or Me…
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshafun fact: no president has done enough for Black people. not a one.The right has a new thing self-described faction, "InCons," or "involuntary conservatives," folks forced into votin…
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshaThere's a preserved bar tab from three days before delegates signed the Constitution, and they drank 54 bottles of…
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshaHey #twitterstorians join me today with @prof_gabriele and @varsha_venkat_ with your favorite cocktail or glass of…
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshaWe know what we're doing at 7 PM. Can't wait to see @ProfMSinha on the latest episode of Drinking with Historians w…
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varsha @sanjuktampaul @dbessner ^most of the critiques of jacobin i've seen from serious people have been constructive. al…
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshamy sister wants to remind you all: gotta say “they were so well taken care of” took my breath away.
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshame rereading my research notes: i liked that @DissentMag piece you assigned me: goddamn that magazine is so good. student: have you writte… @scottjshapiro help me decidei didn't watch the debate because i was teaching but now i have no idea who to vote for! @carlosfnorena @kevinbaker ok at least i gleaned that much from it 😇 turns out i can read! @DeGolierThomas yea all i'm saying is being nice about the past doesn't help anyone achieve shitWho’s in charge of this mute button? JEFFREY TOOBIN!?????!!????
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshatfw one of your students cites shelby county v. holder without you having to mention it when talking about voting r… the past and giving trump the superlative, "worst human ever to hold office" doesn't help you understa… @Muskie1972 i would rank jackson and andrew johnson above him for surewe don't have to whitewash the past by pretending trump is the worst this or the worst that in order to prove that… referred to Trump as "Abraham Lincoln over here" and Trump interrupted to angrily clarify that he is not in fact Abraham Lincoln
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshame a historian: uhhhhhhh wasn't, but I still feel better knowing now
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varsha @kevinbaker i read it in college thinking it was important for me to read, uh it wasn't, took a history class about… is literally my job to follow politics and I'm only familiar with maybe a third of the allegations Trump is throwing around.
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshaLooking forward to a robust exchange of policy ideas for governing the world's most powerful country!
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshaOkay. Biden looking toward the heavens as Trump starts a verse of “I was put through a phony witch hunt” is the fir…
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Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshaAlso assigning them bits of Federalist 78: and obviously they all will begin by reading Art… my students are reading abotu scotus
calm down i'll be objectiveplanning to radicalize my student against scotus todayMe in conversation with my anxiety
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshai know this is a bad joke but it's like it's in my blood to be proud of kids doing math and to teach them math knope is behind this you tell the first grader you're tutoring that you're going to teach her subtraction today, and she responds "… @SopanDeb She's not even wearing the sari correctly i'm so furiousSTAHL: What about people with pre-existing conditions? TRUMP: I’ll protect it. Will be totally protected STAHL: H…
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshaHere's another ad for you, John! You're a sell-out, and Texans see through your bullshit. We're mad as hell that y…
Retweeted by 'historically sexy' varshaRepublicans’ health care agenda in one photo
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