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ये दुनिया अगर मिल भी जाये तो क्या है? phding @cal: dams+foreign policy. tweets mine/rts=nada. she/her insta—varshaoforange

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who wants to fake date and watch this together on valentine’s day
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hate @ansel_berg unacceptableIn my kitchen on Nov 9, 2016 I was eating sour cream straight from the container and my husband said "get over it"…
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hateThe diaspora has had multiple meetings about this by now and we’ve been texting all day trying to figure out what y…
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hatetfw you burn 750 calories during dance class and you decide, ok, this is it. i can pass out now. @kevinbaker listen, if you bring ezra on board, how the fuck can i say noi would like to remind all you natural-born american citizens that i am willing to go to the damn post office to ex… @jbouie thanks! i knew i had to do something with those combination of wordslol women. This administration is now targeting pregnant. women. When you single out the most vulnerable, th…
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hateyo, if i'm going to be in india in november, how do i vote?i hope @kevinbaker is happyi'm voting for bernie now. @whateverwithjj @prisonculture i'm not allowed to DM you, should i unfollow and follow again? @whateverwithjj @prisonculture me!dump him's a dog on this bus! @DLindthey are toms hank, and i can't wait to meet one of them literally don't this was sent out by a govt account
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@MusicalElo that's fairi outlived mr peanut
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hatei think we can all agree that the only prince who can send us malware is the swedish prince
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hatei'd walk around without a phone case if he told me to my god @Pmorgan320 @MusicalElo q: do they really teach children all these tenses in france? seems like torture. @Pmorgan320 i should have just taken spanish in college again. spanish has like almost pronpunciation tricks and i can roll my r's. @MusicalElo i'm gonna tweet at you any time i have questions now, thanks 😇 @kevinbaker THATS MY PROBLEM, AMERICA DIDNT TEACH ME GRAMMAR @kevinbaker lol i went home from class and immediately downloaded the pdf of this, i am much more grounded in my kn… get hives just reading the words "la croix" and i've only been taking french for two days @Pmorgan320 i can't believe freshman varsha thought this was the coolest language, what a noob.try to give it voting rights in a republican district. @Pmorgan320 exactly @Pmorgan320 if only someone had told me this (jk everyone told me, i just basically decided to be icarus) @Pmorgan320 patrick, is the phd worth it at this point?me: what is the subjunctive tense, exactly? french teacher: *gives an explanation in french that i don't understand at all* me: oui oui.i wish i could learn punjabi just because punjabi rap is ah-mazingthe candidates' silence on the death of mr. peanut is deafeningWe cannot rule out the possibility that Mr. Peanut faked his death and framed Gritty for punching a child in some s…
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hateThey are saying, "donde está la biblioteca".... to democracy.
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hatewhat a wuss screen protector is off center on my new phone, and i know if i try to fix it i'll mess it up more but i...just...can't deal @FarrellGabriell @TeamWarren 🗽 @donewman no worries ☺️ i was mostly kidding anyway @cmclymer 🥖 🇫🇷 @cmclymer très drôle, Charlotte.who's willing to read my french homework? 🙃*insert funny caption here and go back to reading* @DeGolierThomas i like your opinion of me, it's flatteringAs everyone knows, prosecutors usually begin criminal trials by saying that the defendant they’ve brought to trial…
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hate"I certainly see nothing remotely racist about this." --John Roberts, June 2021
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hatei like that when something makes a creepy sound in my apartment i ask "who's there" as if the serial killer is goin…
thinking about the amount of pushback from Bernie supporters I got on this tweet like you guys do you realize why p…
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hate @LemieuxLGM merci beaucoup, scott.legend
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hateday one of french wasn't bad, the teacher seems really nice...but my god i forgot how hard french is to follow in personAny bets on what historical Senator slipped milk in there?
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hatehonestly same"Listen, my children, and learn of vanity From the midnight ride of one Sean Hannity, On the twenty-first of Januar…
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hatethat train looks extremely cool now
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hate @DeGolierThomas i used to think french was all sophisticated and cool, no fuck who used his checkmark for good
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of haterip Jaboukie sacrificed himself for the cause
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hate🎶 दारू देसी 🎵 old roommate/bestie is back after two years in india and today is the best day ☺️ @itsmebeccam yup totally, i def use heat protectant
Sanders and Warren debating Indian food backstage at the #BrownandBlack presidential forum @vicenews
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hate @ChelseaMDO1 yea that makes sense, ok i'm less angrybut it's chaussettes - socksevery time i start refreshing my french or hindi all i realize is that the american schools i went to were shit at teaching english grammaralso "un" pantalon = a pair of pants ???une chemise - a man's shirt BUT un chemisier - a blouse gender pronouns are weirdEDITORS: Write in "Bunheads" for president
Retweeted by varsha - fighting squalls of hate#NewProfilePic rocked the braids though @GregWiker salty + sweet, you can't go wrongnever have i wanted to shove my hair in the face of all the assholes in fourth grade who made fun of my braids, but today i can do that. @GregWiker where is the abominable ice cream tho?no i don't know if that is correct grammaroh i have to take french this semester to prove to the school i can read, so souhaitez-moi bonne chance car je suis… @DavidAstinWalsh @GregWiker i bet this is how all the bancroft prize winners writei deleted facebook off my phone and my life is somehow better because i'm not getting the inane notifications i did… @GregWiker greg 1) grow your hair out 2) get a revlon one-step 3) wear only turtlenecks like @DavidAstinWalshy'all!!!! i swear tyra banks is just about to crown me america's next top model nice hair is making me feel excited to write today lmao @bkarey13 i used heat protectant before, just in case people go without it! @Lady_Historian i think if you do your hair like you have in your profile picture, this is worth trying and returni… @Lady_Historian flat irons take a long time (even with my short hair it takes an hour to straighten my hair). this… @Lady_Historian yes! it ACTUALLY works!!! i'm amazed. i swear i was ready to return it right after it got delivered and i had tried all don't understand, now when i get my hair cut i won't spend the extra $10-20 getting a blow out, like whoa got influenced by the internet and bought the revlon one step dryer, because i air dry my hair anyway (i never le… @JakeAnbinder wow ur so mean, what if documenting that is all they have to *live* for jake? @DavidAstinWalsh omfg davidi have increased my sweatshirt count by one ☺️, he's self-aware, better than biden at least.'m losing followers steadily today so i've decided to up my shitposting, it's the only way to get rid of all of you except @mikers86