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GOD made ACTOR. RORY BREAKER 'LOCK STOCK & TWO SMOKING BARRELS'. UK Agent- @iAM_Global. VO Agent- @yaketyyakvoices. 20 Year's A FREEMASON. LOVE-BOXING

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'Arthur's Hallowed Ground' Produced by Sir David Puttnam, Directed by the great Sir Freddy Young - Four time Oscar… @DannyJohnJules @CrowleyOnAir Who's That young Black Actor Hahhahahaha? @YaketyYakVoices @iAM_Global @GBsBestElvis Always a Pleasure x @GBsBestElvis Thank you Mark x @gallery_of_doug @DannyJohnJules @CrowleyOnAir Your Sweet Dougie-Fresh. Crack on my Bro. Hahhahahaha @DannyJohnJules @CrowleyOnAir Hahhahahahaaaa. Baron-J ah weh yu find dis? "Arthurs Hallowed Ground" produced by the Great Sir David Puttnam. @scourtenay GREAT POINT SHANNON X
@annmarievazja The Picture with the little Girl is one of the Best you’ve taken Action! It’s Speaks Volumes especia… @Drinksbitch180 Proper Old-School 💥🥊💥🥊 @BeingBoycie @dapperlaughs @Ty75448181 Absolutely 👍🏿
DELBOY MATE @stevebeedie @Richie_K143 @SnoopDogg Likewise my Brother @stevebeedie ATTENTION 👍🏿 @Richie_K143 @SnoopDogg @stevebeedie Likewise Richie. Blessings & Love 💓 @Richie_K143 @SnoopDogg @stevebeedie Done 👌🏾 @WorldBoxingNews He posted a Video deeply apologising for his actions. The Video was RT by Lou @loudibella who also… @Richie_K143 @SnoopDogg Yep 👍🏿 They’ve got the Money & Snoop looks proper cool in the Ad’s. It’s works. They’ve mad…ኢትዮጵያ💚💛❤ ገረዓልታ ተራራ አቡነ ይምአታ ቤተክርስቲያን ትግራይ! ⛪🙏
Retweeted by Vas Blackwood @Richie_K143 @SnoopDogg For One days work maybe made anywhere between £500,000 & £1 Million . Skint? Not big SNOOP DOUBLE GG @DanHubbard @IAMKEVBISH Bit harsh Dan 😳🥳💥🥊 @IAMKEVBISH What role did you originally go up for ? @kp0w22 @StorrorParkour 👍🏿😂 @georgegalloway @real_meaning If someone called me an ‘Actress’ my Mother would be very upset. My Mum would say in… @georgegalloway @real_meaning Actress. @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @CNN Why did you give all those ventilators to Russia when Covid is rising in southern st…
Retweeted by Vas Blackwood @annmarievazja @annmarievazja Yu Battery Flat Action 😂😂😂😂🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🔔🔔🔔🔔PLEASE RT @IAMKEVBISH we see footage of the accidents please rather than TAKE-100. @Iluvbajanrum 🙏🏿💝🙏🏿 @coenesqued @coenesqued Black Actors can’t afford to create havoc like this EVER. 😂👍🏿School may be currently out but our Safer Schools Team are still working as ever 👮‍♀️ 🏫 DC Dickinson has kept his…
Retweeted by Vas BlackwoodSpare a moment. R I P LEE RIGBY 🙏🏿💝🙏🏿 @EssexPR Wise words Ad . Staying positive my brother 👌🏾 @michellegayle1 @thismorning EMPRESS 🙏🏿“In the abundance of water the fool is thirsty” 💫🙏🏿 @whamzam17 YES MY BROTHER. The Voice is always sipping honey & lemon 👌🏾 @loudibella Fair point Lou. He is showing humility. One has to respect that. 👍🏿I respect a human who shows humility. Yes the Damage has been done but Ammo is genuinely Apologetic. Going forward… Sky news piece on animal markets in China has made me feel physically sick. What is wrong with these people?..…
Retweeted by Vas Blackwood @whamzam17 Love then & know them both. Both absolute Diamond gentlemen outside the ring. It’s hard when you got it…
TOE TOO TOE WAR @richyf1210 @YaketyYakVoices @BlondShelley Send your details addressed to me @YaketyYakVoices @richyf1210 @YaketyYakVoices @BlondShelley Of Course @Chrissywill1977 @theRealEnzoMac No need for that 😳🥵 @BlondShelley @YaketyYakVoices Thank you “LIFE COACH” I couldn’t have done it without your help. I am weeping tears… VOICE OF CHOICE Working from Home, no time to shave yet fully on it like a car bonnet! I am spartacus...😂👌🏾Ta… @BlondShelley I still remember such events happening in my Garden as a child. They’ve gained a loving confidence wi… the Sweet-Scientist on the Money. As Iron Sharpen Iron 👌🏾 @ClodaghSnarks @BBCNewsEnts 😂 @BlondShelley Very Sad. The one consolation is that the Children will remember the significance of sharing “LOVE” w… @CaitlinDavies2 @thepondsfilm @comadad Nice 👍🏿Today we recall with immeasurable sadness the tragic deaths of 153 elderly Jamaican women whose lives were claimed…
Retweeted by Vas Blackwood @CaitlinDavies2 @thepondsfilm @comadad Yep. When you going 😘😘The Americans know how to “Pitbull Dog” train boxers but the British trainer know how to ‘nurture’ a Pugilist. Both… @Imamofpeace AMEN 🙏🏿 @EssexPR @CaitlinDavies2 @thepondsfilm @comadad Should be fun backstroke Social distancing 👍🏿“ “I never in a million years thought that the country I so proudly sacrificed my life for, almost died for, would…
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@annmarievazja POP STYLE ACTION 🔔🇯🇲🔔🇯🇲 @OnlyFoolsLines “NOR AS RODDY........😂“Getaway Car? I knew there was something.....” SHaa-d-oooooW 😂 @MissBobbyS @BBCSport @MissBobbyS @BBCSport FUNNY x @scourtenay Well done with Running Champ. Now behave with the Sunbathing Shannon 😂😘💝💥🥊 @packycollins 💯👍🏿 @afowler06 SLICK RICK 💥🥊💥🥊 @theRealEnzoMac @afowler06 YES. Hold tight my Brother Enzo x @packycollins The Irish are involved my Brother. The Historical times Booker was living in the USA the Irish where… @afowler06 Just finished my Workout now it time for me start writing my latest Screenplay. @Jon_Primett I love World Cultures. @VasBlackwood And for those who don’t know who he was..
Retweeted by Vas Blackwood @Pocimop Good man Craig 💖🙏🏿 @packycollins You know this PACKY my Irish ☘️ Brother 💝🙏🏿🇯🇲 @Jon_Primett This is interesting. When I was a child in the 1970’s-80’s my Parents used to take us on Hoildays to S… love reading, I don’t read enough so I just keep reading & self educate myself, you never stop learning. I’ve oft… @RealMattLucas CANVEY ISLAND 🌴 Just ironing it now 👌🏾 @annmarievazja Ku-ya! Look Pon Di Scallion....Yu ah real Country Action. Keep it steady 🇯🇲🔔🇯🇲🔔 @frankcottrell_b YEEESSSS 💥 @chrisrwright Nice post Chris. She’s a great Talent & inspiration to us all 👍🏿 Keep Trucking Playa 👌🏾 @MiaStJohnBoxer @TheStJohnFamily ANOTHER PROBLEM SOLVED 💝😘💖 @tippairie7665 Every-Ting Irie Tippa 🇯🇲🙏🏿🇪🇹 @SPatto82 @tippairie7665 Thank you 💝
Original Dub Plate session down in water house. #King jammy studio SAXON Muslehead, Bobby Digital, Junior Delagado,…
Retweeted by Vas BlackwoodORIGINAL TING PARDY. Real DJ DEM MAN DEH! @tippairie7665 @Jeremysutcliff3 Send them both my kindest regards 👍🏿 @Jeremysutcliff3 Well done Teddy. Sweet as a Nut my Son 👌🏾 @Jeremysutcliff3 @MiaFarrow 👍🏿 @RealMattLucas I Fooking hate those people but YOUR ACE MATT 😂👍🏿😉 @MiaFarrow If it kills him I am cool with whatever’s in it Sis! @theRealEnzoMac MUSTARD 👌🏾 @MiaFarrow Credit must be paid where credit is due 👍🏿RASTAFARI 🇯🇲🙏🏿🇪🇹 @MiaFarrow Well Earned. You got a Smart son, willing to work that extra mile. You must be proud. Your Blessed Sista-Mia 🇯🇲🙏🏿🇪🇹💫GET ON THIS! ITS AMAZING 💥🥊💥🥊 @afowler06 ......Mixed with a little ‘Dougie-Fresh’ 💥🥊💥🥊🥳 @afowler06 Go on Anthony my Son. That Oil’s working Brah 💥🥊💥🥊