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Dirtbag leftist & revolutionary LARPer. Best debater alive, possibly ever.

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What the fuck how libertarian do I need to be @LumiRueLuv Looks good!
@BluePolitics2 @adamkokesh Thank you! Likewise. @shoe0nhead I can’t believe they’re trying to punish you for the political views of your friends. They sound like a communist @VaushV more 👏 simping 👏 for 👏 men 👏
Retweeted by Vaush @haybee711 Cute! @LivPosting a better worldhow can simps be real if women aren’t realApologies, kinda just chose a handful of random mutuals I had with a decent following, but would you mind retweetin…
Retweeted by Vaush @ClaudiaBrown100 Politics is excited to host a debate between @adamkokesh and @VaushV on the morality of capitalism in two ho…
Retweeted by VaushDebating libertarian presidential candidate Adam Kokesh on the morality of capitalism in two hours! I’m super sleep… @jph_anderson You deserve it, king
@TankMan_T309_81 A trans man - if they pass - does benefit from some male privileges, and there are ways in which t… @TankMan_T309_81 Is the question whether or not trans men are men @TankMan_T309_81 What? Yes @TheQuartering That wasn’t what I planned on talking about, but no worries buddy @TheQuartering You should come on stream sometimeI love my comments feed so much counter-revolutionary. When we do it, it’s not called imperialism you think they’re gonna means-test COVID-19 vaccine payment aid or will it just cost $2,700 for everyone @AshBCoffin TTRRUUUUUEEEEHmm art style spectrum
Retweeted by Vaush @nobubiddy @biggestjoel Why would I yell at himFucking lol Claudia’s never done the Reverse Stand-Plant Wheelbarrow, what a virgin @biggestjoel Politics, media, advocacy. No worries if you’d rather not, but I think we could have a decent conversation. @DrunkenPeasants When you’re pushing for 100% completion @DemiSutra Nice try plaguebringer but I’m practicing responsible social distancing @DemiSutra No, only typo nazis. You have to find a mistake, them’s the rules @biggestjoel Would you be interested in coming on stream sometime?Holy fuck @jph_anderson finally posted the first Witcher video the absolute madmanEveryone complaining about typos can choke on my entire ballsack thank you @HTTP_Lovecraft shhThere, I also wrote a Medium article. It's on the Dogpill landlords can’t afford their own property without tenants, then it’s the tenants providing them with housing - Not the other way around.
Retweeted by Vaush @AndrewEBuckley1 Bring it to my discord! I’m afraid I don’t have much free time but there are many kind and smart people there. @Lubed_Waffle HmmWell now I want to write a Medium article @ChrisRGun Dude that’s fucking hot did you take a picK*ren is the one slur I won’t touch on my streamsran a shitty emote i made of @XanderhalTV thru the renaissance art generator and i regret to inform you that i have…
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@chrisiousity @biggestjoel ty @chrisiousity @biggestjoel he's saying he likes mesolidarity to @VaushV, we can all improve as people but it is not our responsibility to set criteria for any other…
Retweeted by VaushHi this is my joke &my dog. His name is Jack. May I have a car please? 🙏
Retweeted by VaushThe goalposts are moving so fast
Retweeted by Vaush @CountDankulaTV @PunishedHoliday Ah gotcha, just checking @CountDankulaTV @PunishedHoliday What is this even in reference toI have it on good authority that @VaushV is a full blown authoritarian communist that wants to kill puppies and the…
Retweeted by Vaush @ClaudiaBrown100 its not a jokeIn 20 years liberals will be whitewashing Trump’s presidency. Get ready to wake up one day and read on your holo-… @MouthyInfidel You’ll never take me alive>I wouldn’t call myself a Vaush stan That’s how it always starts, I’ll get you eventually
2020 @NonGloriaFero I'm? Not on Twitch?I'll vote for Biden, but fuck every autocrat liberal who says we shouldn't be able to criticize him too. Why vote a…*Obama as he pulls into a rest stop during a road trip* “Uhh let me pee here” @CalebJHull If a Republican official was drinking a glass of whiskey during a home livestream you all would be suck… @shoe0nhead Wait why is he yelling at meI'm just saying, I won't turn down a good piece on how exploitative American cruise lines are or whatever just beca… frustrates me when leftists look down on people who get information from non-leftist sources. They're liberals,…'m a starIt's wild seeing clips of mine get thousands of likes on TikTok @LivPosting TruTankie tankie tankie. Manbun @LilithLovett Voter fraud is statistically not an issue in the states, so it doesn’t seem like a good excuse to put… @creature_maria I’m next to Contra Pog>when you don’t believe China owes the entire planet reparations
Do you guys mind game streams being Warband while I casually talk with chat, rather than new flashy games? Just for a while. @shoe0nhead >When you’re so woke you end up reaching around and being bigoted again What the fuck is wrong with these peopleman you guys really just want me to only talk about ben shapiro dont you’m sorry my dudes I was gonna stream today but I had some legendarily bad sleep, I’ll make up for it by being extr… screams because he cannot figure a way out government know y’all gone be wylin if they said 4 months so they gone tell y’all 30 days at a time lmao
Retweeted by VaushIn case anyone is curious what it looks like to live through history
@shoe0nhead Who? He already blocked me pepelaugh @unlucky13irteen @EranHelbitz Yes, unquestionably. @EranHelbitz Like, by the nature of my job, I produce all the content singlehandedly and handle all social media in… @EranHelbitz Worker coops usually exist on the principle that everyone works and contributes at comparable levels.… there with saying it’s hypocritical for people to call themselves capitalists but not know every businessI assume this is a Molymeme fan because he did this too. They’re so desperate to accuse me of hypocrisy (fallacious… “Vaush is a hypocrite for not running his channel like a coop” P2: “Vaush can’t run his channel like a coop be… you’re a socialist, yet you like looking at naked people? Curious.
These people are fucking lunatics Youtuber Tim Pool is getting sued by his little brother Chris Pool, who also wears a beanie
Retweeted by Vaush @MindWavesTV @cyberwitchlexi @LumiRueLuv @ScuffedDario @touringnews1 @AmyeC3 @theserfstv i was briefly on twitch and goodTrans people get a lot of hate, yeah, but they also receive more support than anyone could have imagined a decade a… is extremely unenjoyable at its current state in development but I'll remain optimistic
Get ready for an incredibly ghoulish push by Trumpist media to question the number of deaths attributed to coronavi…
Retweeted by VaushFamous non-fascist Andy Ngo signal boosting famous non-fascist & non-homophob Stonetoss to own the Libs
Retweeted by VaushPraying for all the leftie coomers whose dick appointments have been cancelled by quarantine 🙏Vaush being Steven Crowder made me shoot coffee into my nose @VaushV Fucking hell dude. This made me laugh.
Retweeted by Vausho shit Bannerlord is out
@SichengsBabyNB @GaIIae I think that’s really weird and the reputation for toxicity Kpop stans have is earned @SichengsBabyNB @GaIIae Are you actually Sicheng’s enbyfriend or are you another example of how Kpop stans are creepy and parasocial @vintage_miranda Ah. I’ll watch it later on after I’m done with work. @revan_unicorn I’m probably way more familiar with TERF rhetoric than Destiny, so that’s to be expected probably. @Mcrtrash666_ TRUE fuck all women