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#VIRGIN Streamer for @100Thieves // overwatch peak rank 21 // trappin out in my boyfriend’s wife's basement // he // 22 // @umentalow // 🏳️‍🌈

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@hunter_hhhh cited and everything...i can't talk right now, i'm pacing around my apartment @JoobiVEVO @Piggy__OW boss up @_ThomasPearson_ yoooo is that the same place as the tame impala album cover? @AngeIicat wait u guys call them "bowls" in britain we call them Holdy Spritzets @Sneegsnag ceon DICKS lackin???? hmmmmm??????????? @LemonY2K now you’re learning! @_claypot you could've tweeted this at any time besides the last 3 weeks and i would've agreed
@omjisung @omjisung goofy. @Yisrayel why do people make the WORST fake tweets i've ever seen?????? why so obvious???? @OWAnonymous18 i thought i tweeted this lol @mercuryswhisper this still happens? sorry sis @jkap fuck all that pride jibber jabber for a few minutes, i wanna see some damn stones!extremely funny that the twitter description writer decided this is why jerma is trending, and not the more obvious…
Retweeted by vawkie @krter_ @HarryButAverage HAHAHHAHAHAHA @radlcIes :( @weesterner why are you telling them's 3/6/21 can i please break it? it'd be so funny...Dream from MC SMP is Super Straight! #superstraight
Retweeted by vawkie @Fitba @zyyes AW YEAH FOKOE!!!! @Miqzah i can make an ass fart, and not just my own. @ZEN_SANITY move yo hand. @TaartFart i've never seen this before haha @TaartFart who would care enough to diss a video game to-do list? @RykerLion gooood!!! i made edibles and the make college bearable. u partying big guy?? @RykerLion i'd shove u down a flight of stairs <3
@rroger_ and planting meth in local communities @rroger_ funnel cakes :D @chromaatical he's so preoccupied with whether or not he could that he didn't stop to think if he should. @TaartFart the forbidden keyboard @goobysart @LilNasX yo nas boy @LilNasX hello sir? @ItzMaxK if it helps, show them the funky monkey friday videos. they’ll understand. @JustinNoTime @fractalcounty dude no one brings up the his reply was to my Very Obviously Ironic tweet LMFAO astounds me that people took this tweet seriously. @fractalcounty YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you apandah followers :]NEW IDEA COMING LIVE. YOU’VE HEARD OF GAY SEX. BUT NOW: SEX. (standard edition) @Calvin2une yo @spybblez i'm honored @CeegeU ok.... no one likes me enough? 😢hey mooties!!! flex your vawkie follow in the replies!!!!! @LilNasX @icedoutomnitrix nassy..... huh ????????THEY BAN VEHICLES IN FARMING SIMULATOR ESPORTS 😭😭
Retweeted by vawkie @JustinNoTime these are just too straightforward to be funny. @jschlatt @prezoh thats mean he's still the left 1 :/ @OrangeSliced @sn0wchesterrr @Pikaclicks where da tweet go ? @JustinNoTime idk what ur even talking about lol @JustinNoTime @JustinNoTime i missed u 🥺 @chromaatical i'm not your fan i'm your babysitter. please eat your dindin and sleep. @stckfb drop a verse 🎤 @_claypot i doint like you.
real good take, dude
Retweeted by vawkie @EyEyChill peep reply @ShutUpBrick_ idrc they're mentally ill and it's not our job to save em @0ffenT the nsfw loli community could ratio an anti-p*do post if they banded together. this is not much different @ShutUpBrick_ i don't wanna read further into it lol it's grosstheir parents should be arrested. stans calling my friends c**ns on my TL ????? @AtlasanityShibe i gotchu @chromaatical @HarryButAverage how many subs did you gift to get moved outta F?there's a nut rasengan in my abdomen and i cannot let it out. @KittenEnjoyer hopefully mine @PlNKMOUSE some dream merch! @fractalcounty who fucked up the most?I drew it in paint, got a facility, a website and hired and maintained tens of people with good conditions. I got a…
Retweeted by vawkienew era of the internet @HarryButAverage hey :) [just for pretendies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] @MIGHTYJUICEB0X i guess @MIGHTYJUICEB0X i don't see ur point @MIGHTYJUICEB0X nah, dream is much more awareit's official. he's trolling. no one's this dumb. @TailorTF i gotchu hol up @snuffles the dogs @goobysart hbd i guess or whatever...... nice hat @goobysart @JustinNoTime it's the creator of jimmy neutron's birthday too! @Yisrayel ?if i rt porn and my crush likes it we basically made loveso like.... EVERY SINGLE CAR has a different exhaust pipe??? .................🤤 @VaushV cancel your data plan and uninstall.haha i love twitch emotes check this out peepoCum peepoYourFace @Sneegsnag tilt down
@m2ro_ i don't get the question @CBSNews what’s wrong with less kids in an overpopulated society?PEER PRESSURE UR FAVORITE MUSIC ARTISTS!!!!!!!!!! me a woman @fuckincoolart stfu all my friends know u have ass that could shift the tectonic plates @fuckincoolart show me that u care @fuckincoolart maybe i fuckin will. at least their boobs won't hurt me like yours. @fuckincoolart no babe @Calvin2une @Yisrayel you lie.
Retweeted by vawkieregarding my calvin tweets, i was told to let his close friends handle the situation as best they can. i’m deleti…
@TrollIncidents @hun____ter it hurts. @Ratchet6859 shiii man i GUESS so @Slinkythx it's ok, if u rewatch it maybe ur pea brain will get it