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V.B. @vb2616 San Diego, CA

Catholic mother of two. Unwillingly divorced. Pulled out of darkness by God’s grace through the power of the Holy Rosary and the TLM.

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@KenPlatt45 @KUSINews @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Yes. I think so. @JackPosobiec May this be a warning to all men: Never marry a liberal/feminist.
Retweeted by V.B.One of the reasons Catholics were encouraged to have large families! #Vocations
Retweeted by V.B. @MyDailyCross @Joeinblack Sending prayers. She is blessed to have you. 🙏🙏 @NovusOrdoWatch @Gerald12_ryan @JackPosobiec What will you do if they try to force you to teach it? @marymar49743095 This is so sad. 😔 @mea_maxima 😬 @slnanina One time my penance was to go around blessing people. I now only go to traditional priests only for confession. 🤦🏻‍♀️ @m_eleezah @YogaGo_app @YouTube Thank you for trying to be helpful but I most certainly don’t practice yoga because… @Deusetmealux @dlongenecker1 No, it wouldn’t be from them for sure! It would have been from a traditional source. I…
@Deusetmealux @dlongenecker1 I read or heard it somewhere. The message was that there is only one church, the Cath… @Deusetmealux @dlongenecker1 What I meant by that is that even when Protestants are baptized they are baptized into… @m_eleezah @YogaGo_app @YouTube I can and do meditate but I don’t need to worship deities in order to do that which… @gailbud @CBSNews No, it’s not. @CBSNews How sad is this? Nobody should be engaged for that long. If they truly loved each other they would have married long ago. @drcrouchback They offered Gregorian Masses for my grandmother. They are amazing. @dlongenecker1 I read somewhere that all baptized people belong to the Catholic faith (though they may not realize it). @LadyTeapots @CtCathCorner C @SubmitToRome I believe prior to COVID they were celebrating the Latin Mass once a month but I am not sure if it wa… @SubmitToRome They are doing a $2.5 million renovation right now. It will be even more beautiful when that’s finish… @SubmitToRome Yes and this parish is actually pretty full usually. Have you ever been to Our Lady of the Rosary? It… @mea_maxima What was the date you posted? I understand her feast was moved from the 12th to the 11th. I’m following the old right now.This is from my former parish. I can’t believe that someone would think this acronym is clever. Weekend Masses ha… @KUSINews @LorenaSGonzalez What a disaster she had caused for so many Californians! @justin_hart Right and all of people in the cribs live together? Nonsense. @ChristIsComing4 I’m sorry. There’s nothing like the pain of divorce. 🙏 @LeilaMillerLCB 🙏🙏 @FiatLuxGenesis Fr. Ripperger talks about detachment in this video: Our Times: From Our Lady's Perspective [Exorci… @FrDaveNix What saddens me the most is seeing small children riding their bikes around the neighborhood wearing their miniature masks. @BpSeraphimMary Now? @chriskjksc @ServizioVatican @JonahofNinevah Also... @chriskjksc @ServizioVatican @JonahofNinevah Yes. Catholics believe baptism is necessary for salvation.… @mcscarney @ebsm93 @tokiIIthedragon Thank you.
@KindWildness @marymar49743095 In memory of the saints who lost their place on the calendar. @KindWildness @marymar49743095 Happy feast day! I wonder why all three couldn’t share the same day. @ebsm93 @tokiIIthedragon Divorced. My husband left after 15 years of marriage. There were many signs that I should… @lunaaseaa @YogaGo_app Learn the history of yoga. Here’s info from a website that offers yoga classes. People actu… @GentileNJ @Ken47188750 Good luck! I was just wondering if I’d qualify the other day. Thank you for the information. @GentileNJ @Ken47188750 My grandfather here to work and became a citizen which is how he was able to bring my grand… @GentileNJ @Ken47188750 What are grounds for citizenship? Do the ancestors have to only be Italian citizens and not U.S. citizens as well? @tokiIIthedragon I wish I would have had the courage to do that when I was young. 🙏🙏 @Maristlizard @Petrongo1Amedeo @TaylorRMarshall Thank goodness! 😅“Susanna, having refused the offer of marriage of Galerius...son to the Emperor Diocletian, because she had made a…“Tiburtius armed himself with the sign of the Cross and walked boldly on the coals. Learn from this, said he, that… @Geskalima @marymar49743095 @MrsCasey6 Just saw this post about Geska’s Mass @FrDarinSchmidt There’s no end in sight here in San Diego. Our parish doesn’t have the room to have us all come to… @KUSINews No thanks @CityofSanDiego! @knight_atlantic It would look like this! May Catholicism like this spread all over Japan. @MrsCasey6 Men who are feminists are so repulsive because they support abortion when their God given role is to protect women and babies. @CCityCatholic So thankful my priests don’t look like this at Mass.
This charity provides support for pregnant women in the San Diego area. Perhaps you have a similar pro life charity… is why we do Red Rose Rescue (RRR) and get arrested inside abortion centers. RRR is not a political stunt. I…
Retweeted by V.B. @slaccdaddy It’s very sad. Let’s say an Ave for Alyssa Milano that she may return to her Catholic faith. 🙏“I am the Lady of the Rosary, I have come to warn the faithful to amend their lives and ask for pardon for their si… @CatholicCharm Very beautiful! God has blessed you indeed. @kaitbagley That won’t happen if your pray first thing in the morning. ☀️ @10News Maybe his lungs are used to the lack of oxygen from wearing a mask as a doctor. It’s irresponsible for him… @DianeDeHan @loubtube64 @annoyingtradcat @SBC_Catholic That’s exactly the problem with Protestantism, everyone has… @Carolyn83103672 We visited your parish last year. It was wonderful! Sorry to hear someone is harassing you all. Th… @Ken47188750 Wow. 🙏 @MrAndyNgo Where are they headed with what they stole, HELL? 🔥 @TheCrushedBones Sorry I spelled your name wrong! @EdsPurgatory Thought you’d like this: Burn Your Mask’ bonfire held on Mission Bay to protest Public Health Orders @EdsPurgatory It would be such a blessing (if your have the means) for your wife to stay home with the children. I… @DianeDeHan @loubtube64 @annoyingtradcat @SBC_Catholic You should not spread lies about the Virgin Mary as it is of… @sonsofstjoseph St. John the Evangelist in San Diego who Bishop McElroy told me is the diocese’s designated “gay fr… @FiatLuxGenesis If you keep praying for forgiveness for sins you have already confessed know that God has already f… @krackthor @Johnthemadmonk We have to register too but can only do so every three weeks based on our last name. @Maroune_e77 Worshiping a false god will bring about all kinds of bad things. @LionelMedia Priests, my children, and Our Lady’s intentions. @DianeDeHan @loubtube64 @annoyingtradcat “The perpetual virginity of the Blessed Virgin is a fact of Christianity.”… @KindeandTrue So she got COVID because others were “selfish” and didn’t wear a mask? Ugh. @TheCrushedBones Happy Feast Day Lawrence! 🙏 “When I was asked, I acknowledged thee to be the Lord; now that I am… @EdsPurgatory Yes, it’s especially sad to see small children wearing their miniature masks. I feel so sorry for them!Inspired by fast-food drive-thrus & under the pretext of avoiding the plague, Catholic authorities in the U.S. are…
Retweeted by V.B. @MrsCasey6 I remember a priest saying to be prepared when praying for humility because it’s so difficult. @cvbars @johnamonaco The bishops here obey him as if he is Cardinal or Pope Newsom. @benjmave @Geskalima @marymar49743095 @MrsCasey6 I messaged her brother anout the Gregorian Masses and he said he d… @BabiloniaAponte Whenever I see him now that what I think about! @PeekMarc @TrumpWarRoom You are probably right that most people did better. From 2016 to 2019 my rate went up by .7… @PeekMarc @TrumpWarRoom I’m not. Middle class. @BruvverEccles No. 😂 I’ve heard it many times in the U.S. Maybe she was only popular here. @FrDarinSchmidt @YouTube @BishopBarron Yes and Pope Francis confused things further by signing the Abu Dhabi docume… @FrDarinSchmidt Those are good points Father and I thank you for them. Yesterday I watched this video about Extra E… @FrDarinSchmidt I read the catechism to say that Jews and Muslims will be saved even though they are not part of th…
@FrDarinSchmidt You bring up a good point. What does that mean exactly? Does that include Jews and Muslims? As a Ca… @FrDarinSchmidt The new catechism no longer teaches that the Catholic Church is necessary for salvation. This error… @marymar49743095 @MrsCasey6 @Geskalima I sent a message. I’ll let you know if she responds. @TrumpWarRoom Sadly, my taxes have risen with this presidency. @BruvverEccles She sings, “Running up that hill...🎶” Surely you’ve heard that one. @marymar49743095 @MrsCasey6 @Geskalima I know Geska talked about Gregorian Masses. It wouldn’t surprise me if she h…“WHOEVER wishes to be saved must, above all, keep the Catholic faith. For unless a person keeps this faith whole an… @MrsCasey6 I think Taylor Marshall talked about this yesterday. @alfredsa8 @SubmitToRome My husband stayed at home for the last several years of my marriage. Men should only stay… @JihadiJoey @BVMConsolatrix Women who want to imitate Our Lady should not leave home to go to work. Ven. Mary of Ag… @SubmitToRome I see she blocked me for suggesting that she reconsider becoming a doctor if she wants to be a wife a… great interview about “Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus” with Br. Andre Marie. @TaylorRMarshall God willing, this is my plan. Right now my FSSP parish only has room for us to go to Mass every th…