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❮ hi im vinny : chatter, art, goofin' ★ they/them ★ 26 yrs ★ mex-american ★ pharmacy tech ★ 💜 @AlkalineKisses 💜 ★ priv: @carnespecter ★ nsfw: @nsfwolfe ❯

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@puppygirlfan84 like.... for your sake please just log off. a day or two, a week, idk but youre so bogged the fuck… Armored Reaper Fish-shaped 裸虎 铠虎 镰虎 鲉狮
Retweeted by sun also confirmed for flat @unicornmantis i thought redraw memes were supposed to be fun "what would this look like in a different style" lmao @fosloart @NinGeko_Art BABI @lollipupcomics its a bit of a blink and you miss it gag tbh @angelmaws yea duh @dirt_frog YES HNFHFHFJ @dirt_frog remember when gir threw himself out the window in the halloweenie ep @lollipupcomics HAHA if you ever watch it again, be on the look out :3my price to pay for being the biggest invader zim fan during its original run is that i have perfect recollection o… @angelmaws fucking confirmedyou know the version that aired on television had scenes cut from it including the scene where a guy holds his arms… want to remind you all of the invader zim christmas episode. specifically the part when the robot snowman shoves…
@unicornmantis chases my own damn self then @pazurmazur these are the cutest dang sphinxes ive seenFunky sphinxes! 🐆✨ Lesbian(me) sphinx, trans femme sphinx & trans masc sphinx!
Retweeted by sun also confirmed for flat @Psshaw blacktoday has been really nice... cozy and a buncha happy trans folks ^w^ @felinefarmhand @melmawolf yeah! you can have bp/ocd/similar conditions without sexual trauma and still have issues… @Rituwools SICK @OkamiWolven sticks my hand right in @bonedaddysmi bro... @Miss_Dhalgren im looking mainly to spawn them for chances at the ephemeras.... but thats so tricky lmao
Retweeted by sun also confirmed for flat @Tanuki_Buki no holy shit its ok!! ive helped multiple pals get the hang of wf, its a tricky game sometimes so im happy to help ;w; @Tanuki_Buki oh!!! i play on pc, so if you wanna add feel free to hmu :0 the only thing tho is theres no crossplay… @Miss_Dhalgren meridians are grineer!!! but im a sucker for freedom fighter archetypes lmao i need to spawn more l… @Tanuki_Buki pats u lots.... do u play pc or console :0 @Tanuki_Buki OH NO.... babies first lich... yea unfortunately youll want some pals to help out, or randos if you as… leopard staring blankly into the 2020 “I got nothing left” abyss is me.
Retweeted by sun also confirmed for flathee hoo @bloodwurm dshdkkjdf his last v-dub stream a couple weeks ago was actually really fun, he played a couple Babi Gams… @bloodwurm BRO.... SAME..... hes like the perfect sleepy comfort. especially sunday streams despite all the screaming apparently @bloodwurm im such a simp @ecunderbase also if u do pick it up feel free to hmu for help bc warframe is notorious for being COMPLETELY OVERWHELMING to newcomers lmao @ecunderbase ok so honestly? i really dont like shooters. i dont mesh with them at all. but warframe is.... A Lot a… binyot binesauce... @Blotberry looks like it :0 @snarbolax good game @AwfulHours thank god ive never owned a consoleok got the spotify thing working thank goodness @Twinsharks_ I TRIED THAT AND ITS NOT...... @heavenbreached GOD i wish i was herhow are ppl getting the fun spotify 2020 slideshow bc i try to use the link and it just logs me into my playlists :(we have the budgetive been playing warframe for 7 years so its really very charming to look at the frames in order of release and see how much DE Expanded Ass @_akhmorn to reach the top shelf @heavenbreached we are all just gay disasters hereif i can hook line and sinker other dumb gays into playing warframe i consider that a win @AlkalineKisses haha idiot @wormcircle no this is perfect @DocFGeek sniffles such a glow-up @tzarl98 tyl is up there too bc im just a sucker for mad scientist tropes and freakishly chiseled asses but kela just hits different 😔 @unicornmantis and like yea some of it is really embarrassing and stupid, and i laugh, but i just cant really hate… @unicornmantis that video i showed u going thru her writing rules, she Does have genuine good direction buried in t… @unicornmantis compared to other internet weirdos shes really not that bad. kinda like.... overzealous tumblr woke… like fur ruff evoking tube around her shoulders. the killer noodle arms. the heels. the bravado. shes such a cunt and i love it @cottoncandyborg i look at that. tube. thing around her shoulders and her murder noodle arms and im a dead man @AlkalineKisses we cant get marriedperiodic reminder that kela de thaym from warframe is very shrexy and i think shes great @cocoaphobia yea!!!! three planets worth! @jellybats if you need any help in general feel free to hmu bc warframe is.......................... a lot @jellybats theres normie fish, robot fish, and floating fish made out of FUNGAL FLESH @jellybats yea theres three whole maps you can fish on with their own unique fish
@corust_ spineless acceptance in the furry fandom was a mistake @corust_ OH ok, i understand better now. i was under the impression that it was made by/for zoophiles to start with… @the_sanjo i just think of it as a really soggy bouncy castle @StrypeKorpsLogs and yea yea yes fiction, but its straight creepy for non trans mascs to elevate us to that point o… @StrypeKorpsLogs like, if their only worth is for how huge they are, and that they can be "saved" and used for late… @StrypeKorpsLogs admittedly kind of uncomfortable to fixate and fetishize trans mascs having huge tits before transitioning @corust_ wait ok so. im stupid and confused. is the con FOR zoophiles and theyre??? banning zoosadists or. is it a furcon? or. what @unicornmantis like frankly i dont rlly care either way if u wanna reclaim ur slurs if ur not using them to be mali… @unicornmantis literally thinking this every day as i see folks w fag and dyke in all caps in their usernamesordis' shitty lotus hologram: THERES QUESTS IN UR CODEX TENNO me, fishing for the thousandth time on deimos:the amount of quests i have refused to do in warframe would shock and disappoint you @CytricAcidArt ABSOLUTELY. its a real big bad mix of transphobia @CytricAcidArt yeahhh. the bad shit tho is how bonkers terfs have been going over it. that for sure hurts lesbians… @CytricAcidArt with elliot specifically at least, i dont think any of us have the right to start fussing over his p… DECEMBER!! TIME TO BRING BACK THIS CLASSIC FOR THE HOLIDAYS
Retweeted by sun also confirmed for flat @CytricAcidArt NO PROB gender weird and stupid and i think we are all vulnerable to getting hung up on like, trying… @CytricAcidArt oh yea people will totally overlook the conversations and changing of opinions and new info and stil… @CytricAcidArt i understand you dont want to be assumed bc i really dont want to either, but its unfair to put that… @CytricAcidArt yes! i think the big problem here is just that you misunderstood it as a much more specific term tha… @CytricAcidArt it can encapsulate that, yea, i believe so. but its also a wider term than Just that alone @CytricAcidArt and to answer, yes i have met lesbians who consider themselves trans masc who have gone on HRT to fi… @CytricAcidArt its an umbrella term, just like nonbinary. they arent individual genders themselves, but they encaps… @fairysockz @CytricAcidArt yes i absolutely agree. im not a man (nor am i a woman), however i Have medically transi… @CytricAcidArt thats not what it is. if an afab person looks/presents masculinely, that doesnt automatical… @chknbzkt PLEASE IVE BEEN WAITING @CytricAcidArt like if youre a butch lesbian youre identifying with your expression of womanhood and lesbianness, d… @CytricAcidArt thats... not what trans masc is tho??? its based entirely on an individuals own identity on whether… @CytricAcidArt technically trans masc is still appropriate! its an umbrella term for afab trans people who identify… burning Christmas tree with Jingle Bells playing in the background basically sums up the year 2020.
Retweeted by sun also confirmed for flatok maybe a little heat generation from tissue decayif you change identities as a lgbt person over your years you are no less the person thats alive and mattersas someone who ID'd pretty hard as lesbian as a kid before coming out elliot makes me feel a certain warm and mushy… my favorite photo is t4t now
Retweeted by sun also confirmed for flat @unicornmantis its ok to harass This black trans lesbian bc we said so thoNidus be like. 🤣 @PlayWarframe #Warframe
Retweeted by sun also confirmed for flat @FeetGecko OH