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staff writer, @newyorker. teacher, @slcwriting. hitched with @reneemchung.

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one weave to another @dstfelix MC Lyte is trying to get it outThe Weave from Hellyoung lady gave away her natural for a mess of pottage smhIf you've already read @vcunningham & @alissamarie on HEROES OF THE FOURTH TURNING, here's more ink on it: my piece…
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@tylrmntg Haven't seen her in a while but still remember the day she showed us that clip lol. True legend @tylrmntg Hahaha @tylrmntg One of these women (Debbie D) became my youth pastor lolin case you're seeing Heroes of the Fourth Turning for the first time this week, here's my review there exit polls for early voting @_Zeets lmaooo got that "pillar of the community" lookI interviewed bus operator Terence Layne for the New Yorker Radio Hour airing this weekend. Tune in to hear what is…
Retweeted by Vinson Cunningham @ianmcorbin1 Yeah man @crewdsonstudio thank YOUWow, Trump disaffiliates from the mainline tradition: “Though I was confirmed at a Presbyterian church as a child,…
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@alissamarie Wow that pizzai'm intensely jealous of the people in southern california who get to see @crewdsonstudio's new show in person. one… @bdmcclay yes, glad you can go! (i feel the same about going over to my mom's—she had it in April—although she's much closer) @bdmcclay i'm so sorry. ❤️I have a story in this weekend's This American Life that I've been working on for the past couple years. It's about…
Retweeted by Vinson Cunningham1967, btwKwame Ture (then Stokely Carmichael) speaking at an anti-war rally outside the U. N. headquarters New York Times C…, you dirty theater fetishists: Circle Jerk will pin you down and spit memes into your mouth
Retweeted by Vinson Cunningham @TheFakeAbeBeame Dinwiddie will also be busy acting as his own agent! @TheFakeAbeBeame i don't know yet what conflict of interest might exist between cryptocurrency "plays" and NBA head… @TheFakeAbeBeame I was counting kyrie and KD, at least! @jack_hamilton shawn marion!that makes, what, five head coaches over there now? great, short profile by my main man @JordanBrooklyn and @TheEmeraldMedia're doing 5 *live* performances of heroes oct 21-24. in this time of uncertainty for the theater industry and our…
Retweeted by Vinson CunninghamI cannot recommend these films enough! Block out a few hours, watch them all in a row, have your life changed!
Retweeted by Vinson CunninghamMy column is up @NewYorker:
Retweeted by Vinson Cunningham @alissamarie Yup @ClarkeAtAmerica ha! right there with you for better or worse @willystaley took me a sec to bring that favorite scene of my mom's into focusit's Dale time baby tell me all the lies danny @caseyjohnston The Phonics President @caseyjohnston haunting @royashariat some real perversion @clewisreviews hahathe dactyl people should voice their discontentu / uthe scansion on trump's pronunciation of the word "industry" is a nightmare @ericobuechel somebody should say this! @CarlosLozadaWP Sure didthe worst part is—i have had that thought so many times. never once crossed my mind to say it! @Csvich SURE DIDdidn't think the guy could surprise me, but here we are @chungover 😬that pan to the moderator during the BLM question was the visual corrolary to the ", who is black," magazine construction @AsteadWesley @GeeDee215 you take that back right now
Edmund Vincent Gillon, 1979 / @MuseumofCityNY @pamelacouncil trulylord please whisk me away episode of @KnowYrEnemyPod for your listening pleasure: Rick Perlstein and Leon Neyfakh joined us to discuss th…
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@laurenzcollins @MuseumofCityNY i'm gonna mostly be fanning out in silencewe'll be discussing a bunch of images, too—many of them from @MuseumofCityNY's excellent archives. here's one, by a…
Retweeted by Vinson Cunningham @zombiesfj @MuseumofCityNY trulywe'll be discussing a bunch of images, too—many of them from @MuseumofCityNY's excellent archives. here's one, by a… evening i'll be talking with two of my favorite writers, Luc Sante and Garnette Cadogan, about the idea and th… @Csvich one of my most cherished annual rituals @TheOlivesMount those arms flappin around @peterberkman i could tell you a story about another tough guy, who fell among thieves... or i could tell you simply "tutti"when the man says tutti, he means tutti @thefarmerjones brother i'm *vibing* right nownothing is more soothing than watching the world series without having seen a single previous second of the season or playoffs
@emilynussbaum @IChotiner @parabasis hocusing arguments into view @IChotiner @parabasis but........but he said "ipso facto" @Csvich masked singer for me lol @blgtylr impossible to argue! @blgtylr bro lolLangston Hughes, living my ideal day —James Weldon Johnson Memorial Collection in the Yale Collection of American… @jodyrosen the corps are having a ball in our bank accounts! (this champions league experience is unbelievable, though) @Kwatrekwa hahaha @Kwatrekwa Sir Marcus! @jaycaspiankang among other things, i think the NBA accidentally branded "the bubble" as a different sport than basketball @jodyrosen feel like i owe you the update that i caved and got fuboforget about it, thank you rashfordfeel like i'm watching the wrong match @DAMendelsohnNYC @WSJ can't wait to read it, DanielShort book, yes—but a long and profound review in the @WSJ :
Retweeted by Vinson Cunningham @JonMalesic @commonwealmag congrats! @_ShamGod michelle buteau's new special had some good out-loud momentsNew Yorkers! The city gets a new digital subway map today—showing live service updates, and even moving trains—and…
Retweeted by Vinson Cunningham @DrMiltonJBravo CAN'T WAIT50 Cent interviewed me over Skype for a sketch show writing job and the whole time pulled bills from a loose pile o…
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watching f**tball for the first time in a long time—feels like sneaking cigarettes @poemsabouttoast i have extras!i profiled saidiya hartman, one of the greatest thinkers on black life. or as arthur jafa calls her, "the archangel…
Retweeted by Vinson Cunningham.@NYCMayor @NYCDHS, this is an unacceptable disgrace.
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@kainazamaria ridiculous @gens_lucifuga holy!Lanzini for prime minister or MP or duke or whateverholySunday Reading: The Long Con. My latest archive collection for @NewYorker is on hoaxes, con artists & infamous sche…
Retweeted by Vinson Cunningham @ebruenig FROSTBITE @tgwilkinson ha, I wish!! @pamelacouncil that's amazing @pamelacouncil Yes!bieber's set designer has been on my ig