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17||86|CSM|HnK|JJK|Jigokuraku|Bleach|COTE|. Like almost every anime I watch. 86 SZN boys|A-1 is feeding me too good

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@CEOofMisaka He's prob American considering he never even heard of Egypt lmao @deadboyshit W
@CEOofMisaka Ah I started the ln too I just haven't progressed past ep 3 lmao @CEOofMisaka What is this lmaoIzuku. Manga: My Hero Academia [Ch.317] #MyHeroAcademia #mha #bnha
Retweeted by Isekai Alex|86 SZN @CEOofMisaka Also there's apparently a special episode next week @CEOofMisaka 1. Glad you enjoyed it 2. The illustrator for the ln slipped up and said that cour 2 is coming in Fall, then deleted it @Guacoalt He is too, but yeah Frederica's design is cute @AlterKaze I hope for content past chapter 1 so we can see more characters @TheZackZeal They really showed you what happened in a way you wouldn't understand unless you read the source. Good job 86 staff
@RenanSintese13 There will be a special episode next week. Don't know what it's gonna be about @Whomst_z 86 animators: How do we adapt this one piece of dialogue? Ishii: Pictures🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
@YamabukiSlayer Twitter crop @ReignSenpai What about 86 🗿 @IslanderKevan Can't wait for second cour tho. It's the weakest part of the series but it'll probably be better in an anime format @IslanderKevan It did but still there are some things you just can't translate into anime (86 has a lot of narratio… @IslanderKevan You should start from the beginning since the anime kinda completes vol 1. It's the only volume real… @IslanderKevan But yeah I also need that MT cour @IslanderKevan Did you start 86? @IslanderKevan God of Highschool (I read the Webtoon, also look at the comment I made on your must watch post I wanna hear your opinion) @IslanderKevan Must read manga tbh, but the anime ain't it @IslanderKevan 86 (even if you don't like it the directing is just 10/10) Dororo Code Geass Re:Zero Mushoku Tensei… @ChibiReviews @this_vid @ChibiReviews Read the manga if you wanna experience the story
@SnowBusterVN So is Hellsing Ultimate...Did you watch the pv for Muv Luv? @Namaryuu New volume just came out also it had very strong eps recently prob because of that @NejireeKun Hi
@Namaryuu He's waiting for something to happen, just like Eren @fushiigoat Lena is a tsundere??? @Jaereku @Namaryuu I never expected a full adaptation anyway but I'm hoping for one. Mfs really complain for a gold standard adaptation
@Jaereku If they pull it off like they have so far..... it's gonna hurt them. But dw there's more annoying stuff to… @User69490900987 @ChibiReviews 86 @akifuki @Namaryuu Nah it's pretty accurate actually it's just not as detailed (well Kimihiko is kinda different) @ChibiReviews 86 easily @ChibiReviews Did you cry too? @001Lahin @ChibiReviews Very very well @ChibiReviews Can't wait for your video @SplashyMcNasty @Deathbound300 @animetv_jp >Has nothing to say "TR pfp your opinion invalid" @Yonbu_ My condolences @PresenceofKing @this_vid
@AidokuManga @Crunchyroll_fr @this_vid#エイティシックス
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Retweeted by Isekai Alex|86 SZNエイティシックス
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@kis_isaac @this_vid
@TheZackZeal This episode was just beautifulEighty-Six episode 10 watch thread!
Retweeted by Isekai Alex|86 SZNThis adaptation hits different @jdz__758 Haven't read enough 8 9.5 Haven't read 10 Haven't read enough Forgot most of it lol 9 8 Haven't seen
@Jaereku Same @saman1700 @AniNewsAndFacts Didn't Mob finish the manga? @Namaryuu Idk tbh I found it in my phone @Namaryuu I think of Book Depository and how the anime will probably start before I get my copy @hoyohu I can @Mati_TMOT @this_vid @Jaereku This really made me laugh for some reason. Mf really called her horny
@yenpress @Hapuzu We all make mistakes, it's fine @Minddy_SleepY @this_vid @Durabele I will but I don't have time and money now @Namaryuu Probably
@Durabele Tbh I have no idea but I don't regret it @priyamkkk34 @Namaryuu The merch is more important especially the Juggernaut kits and they're selling well, which is a good sign
@daily_86_ @this_vid @Infamous25Trey @AniTrendz Those are the rankings for ep 8, he might be number 1 next week for the rankings of ep 9 @nndmgreen You should color this it's beautiful! Same goes for @Namaryuu You'll get to her eventually @Namaryuu Anju and Daiya (?) holding hands isn't that abnormal @Namaryuu Hopefully it'll get oneRetweet for mutuals
Retweeted by Isekai Alex|86 SZN @AceOS_ @Jaereku Basically savior complex or white person providing help to non white people. @TheZackZeal I wonder how they're gonna do volume 3 @Jaereku It'll be kinda wholesome when it gets animated @NomiMatsu Jokes on you I watch these @Jaereku Grethe gets her design a bit later on @animetv_jp A-AOT L-Log Horizon E-Elfen Lied X-idk
@RanobeSugoi @Raul_Rl98 We have the ln for that
@RanobeSugoi 86 really went quite up huh, love to see it. Hoping the anime is also a success
@SHIRO_116 @RanobeSugoi Fr @RanobeSugoi It was a piece of artThis episode is the BEST. No one can convince me otherwise. Thank you, Asato and A-1 staff! #エイティシックス
Retweeted by Isekai Alex|86 SZN @RanobeSugoi Yet another spin off @jdz__758 The anime might dive a bit into vol 2 with the next 2 eps so I think watching up to this episode would be the best @jdz__758 Bet. Don't forget to watch the anime too the anime and the ln kinda complete each other @jdz__758 @roymuntazir I prob will. Did you read more of 86 btw @jdz__758 @roymuntazir If it's not a 10 it's bad bro on god 😤 I also have to read it but I'm waiting on my official to come @jdz__758 @roymuntazir Can't see the original comment but 8.5 high af @anime_minute @Namaryuu @AniTrendz Yeah there was that factor but it doesn't change the fact we don't really know w… @Namaryuu I mean I figured I just thought it got confirmed or something @Namaryuu It's getting an anime?TVアニメ「86―エイティシックス―」第9話「さよなら」ご視聴ありがとうございました #エイティシックス
Retweeted by Isekai Alex|86 SZN @Whomst_z @Namaryuu Unrelated but this pic is very funny in this situation @Whomst_z @Namaryuu When you don't believe somebody that it was their birthday that's crazy @Whomst_z @Namaryuu I'm 17 bruh my birthday was a month ago @Whomst_z @Namaryuu I'm "almost 18" after all @Namaryuu No. @Durabele @Namaryuu Great minds think alike @Namaryuu Idk anything about them but design wise the one with the white/gray hair that covers her eye @anime_minute @Namaryuu @AniTrendz There is a story beyond the discrimination like there was a story beyond Eren wanting to kill titans