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@33LOUVRES fax @donttellurmom_ enggak lah boongan aja puasa mentahu goreng sedaAPkongkek la ya kali engga16 days to gocapek dari kecil gedein adek adek, sangking capeknya tu gue sampe ga kepengen punya anak sendiri😀😀dream blunt rotation
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not me craving mcd spicy sprite
Retweeted by v normal for a friendship to come to an end, i hugged u for the last time, wishing u nothing but the best.but deja vi by olivia rodrigo is catchyi fucking hate salty ex,, move on lol?Amy winehouse crying rnjust ranting cs the article suck af just go read @TheParrotReview instead lasO uNcoMforTaBle,,,, just say udw share the bread and leave,,, and “im so glad i nv posted photos of my boobs” but… is this honey😀😀 @rice_media just bcs shes pretty doesnt mean shes better than the rest of local OF creators,,… everyone said onlyfans is patreon but for porn looool,,, theres so many creators making hentai on patreon and m… romanticized lolita as well???😭😍😍 gahdamn girl @rice_media you profiled Macy Yeo (or Lola Woo or whatever the hell she calls herself now) with no mention of the r…
Retweeted by talking to me only,, no other bitches allowedwhen his phone drier than my grandma pussy😍😍😍😍circuit breaker ramadan wasnt fun lol what yall talking abtu literally pushed ppl away loool stfuberdosa bestieyaallahshould i do 50% discount on my of to celebrate ramadan????can next month come alr i wanna changr my phone so bad fmlHeavily pregnant woman in her third trimester who previously suffered a miscarriage making this a high risk pregnan…
Retweeted by hari raya besties @33LOUVRES yea now reply my teledo u guys think she bouncing on dick rn??? on earth is my fiancé going to meet my parents??????? I don’t even like my friendship groups mixing 😭😭
Retweeted by relationship ain’t cute , I wanna be loved & respected 😂.
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looool me an agnostic talking abt converting someone to the religion i dont even believe looooldo u guys think my pussy can convince my bf and convert him to my religion
Retweeted by wanna watch vinchenzo as well
Retweeted by YOU GET DEJAVU WHEN SHES WITH YOUUUUUim gonna miss his ugly asswhen ur circle is alr small but ure still barely anyone’s first choice😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by by masdoWe all deserve a person who says, "We can fix this, I can't lose you."
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just had sex,,, crave satisfiedi hate male speciesgirl i know my worth i just choose to be dumb as fuck
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i wanna buy new books as wellim rewatching coven, back to watching kdrama with my mother and started a new anime,,,,im just gonna buy wigs next timesorry bestie but its getting too easy for me to get bored,,, everything is boring nowadaysand dyed it red after couple months, cutting it due to over bleached, and now im back to blacki matched with my bf on okc with half pink half blonde hair, met for the first time with my half blue half blonde h… more red hair bestie @_h265 committed to stds😍😍😍intimidating mfs get on top of me nowNigga like me would’ve gone to see God
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Retweeted by guys r assholeswatching doja cats new mv for the asian buff dudeI NEED HIM
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Retweeted by really need to change my phoneare you a bimbo pretending to be smart, or smart pretending to be a bimbo
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Retweeted by was on sale at the dollar tree ion know why they shaped like dat ?
Retweeted by news: After years of flawless service, the Tooth Fairy hit a rough patch this week.
Retweeted by a fine ass significant other is not for the weak😂
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Retweeted by Eyang Putri (right) confronted by her pro-Japanese colleague for refusing to do Seikerei earlier that day (1943)
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“u changed” yeah bro i hate u now
Retweeted by granny was such a vibe in the 1940’s
Retweeted by want tatujust saw bitches with flat tummy,, weeknd ruinedi just wish i have a flat tummy and waist on thinna moment without starving my assi just kinda wish u were gay
Retweeted by guys do me a favour and rt this so people know. THIS IS NOT ME. Someone is using my pictures to talk to minors…
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