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@thholyghost @denimcatfish When my cat was dying (18 years) she used all her strength to get on my chest and purr l…
@piratecashoo For us prices also have randomly changed a few times in the last years...ugh In any case I'll keep an eye out! Thank you @piratecashoo Nooo I love the bug boys so much...i can understand not wanting to deal with int. Shipping it's a nightmareppl think they are Walking Dead Norman Reedus when they can't even handle a few months of minimal sacrifice @realRAGtime You have murdered me @noobsydraws Same! I've only been getting groceries since all of this started, visited my brother once and avoid ti… cool my colleague who doesn't believe in covid has all symptoms of it save for cough and doesn't get tested @johnny_kitten Same! It's also very noticeable in the grocery store @LiseyWins It's a tired thing to say but our attention spans have really suffered the last decades Then again, rea… one is keeping distance anymore and it stresses me out bc we will have to do this probably into 2021 and people…'s go to the woods and play (OC Sweettalker)
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sometimes u gotta treat yourself to a redraw idk from when this is's go to the woods and play (OC Sweettalker), if you get those freezer pretzel for baking them yourself, ditch the salt paket and instead spritz them with o… @TenHimself Oh youuu when its colder again I'll make more - high temperatures make the dough absolutely impossible…
Gotta be away for a bit - you can write an email to creepyeverything at gmail if you need to contact me See you! 🖤
@TenHimself wonderful @nimatkaja yeah like...I’m already careful to say things like “this suggests” or “current observations can be expla… @JessicaPaige_92 Yeah. We still do “I cant see it, it’s not there”And I see the comfort of conspiracy but the truth is that life is horrifically random.I’m tired of refuting the same arguments over and over and stopped being dumbfounded if each of my points get waved… of course the classic ”what can I sell to profit off this”“Besides, It is mostly [group I don’t belong to] that is affected so who cares” ”it came from [country] so now I h… pandemic gave me a deeper empathy for medical history. I mean apparently we are still doubting germ theory an… @petterigustav It only occurred to me now that I’ve avoided oil painting bc of the smell but then doused a whole pi… @petterigustav *to protect @petterigustav I am trying to repurpose an old wooden wardrobe and gave it a new linseed coat into protect the woodWill my flat ever stop smelling of linseed oilSidenote, it's not helpful to try to assess where you stand using case numbers alone. It's likely that there's way… wave is not having outbreaks due to corona rules being lifted. Second wave (should it happen) will be change… is when looking at waves in endemic contexts ofc, not pandemic)If external conditions have not changed and cases have not been down for a while it's not a Second Wave. America i… 6 ppl on the train 3 without facemask including the person who is here to make sure that everyone wears face…
wondered how I do my watercolors? wanted to see some sketches from liminal spaces? I put together a pack of 25 STE…
Retweeted by Veit 🌈🖤dont go outsideI’ve always loved doing fake screenshots...heres some #bioshock ones I did in 2010 A DECADE AGO, KILL ME
Retweeted by Veit 🌈🖤dont go outsideCan’t stop
Retweeted by Veit 🌈🖤dont go outsideMy Instagram ads make me think that weighted blankets are reaching the neurotypicals Yknow, hashtag treat yourself… mom would call every animal she rescued Fridolin and I have no idea why Miss you every day. Two years without y…’ve always loved doing fake screenshots...heres some #bioshock ones I did in 2010 A DECADE AGO, KILL ME’t stop
Deer Bites and Bolt are the two youngest on the ship and they have similar hobbies but they don’t vibe with each other @Airbuilder7 There is Splinter and ShatterAnd a doodle @i_dunno_mik A coin! She has a hole in her head and the coin keeps it closedReally felt the 80s anime aesthetic today... (Bolt and Barrel, OCs)
Retweeted by Veit 🌈🖤dont go outside @bwusagi I love the way your paintings often look like there's a flashlight pointing at the subject! Everything is so realBoth belong to a pirate crew Bolt fled because she was going to be burned as a witch (she's just a great gardener)… felt the 80s anime aesthetic today... (Bolt and Barrel, OCs) @cercherai Comes usually from ppl who go "hehe car in space" and know nothing of the horrendous shit he pullsIf one more person says El°n musk is an example of a Good billionaire im going to scream There cannot be good bill…
@TincekMarincek You are such an inspiration to meI'm at my little brother's home again for the first time since March and he keeps hovering around me with slight to… why do I think I did nothing all day when I put together a table, sanded off an old wardrobe and gave it a fre… angry all the time is exhausting Maybe I'm not depressed but just fucking angryWhy are men such
I wanna get back to this series... But it's warm and I'm weak and don't want to touch ink or watercolor...
Retweeted by Veit 🌈🖤dont go outsideI dreamt that @slimyswampghost s Siren Head got a telephone pole girlfriend and I'm so angry at my brain right now
@panicbone_ Carved them myself!These belong too The first two are radium girls and the others have carved stamps! wanna get back to this series... But it's warm and I'm weak and don't want to touch ink or watercolor...
Here is an example of one of the step by step images! The pack has 4 more wips of this piece btw
Retweeted by Veit 🌈🖤dont go outsideDigital Color Commission for @theshivingtree! Thank you so much!
Retweeted by Veit 🌈🖤dont go outsideHere's some cute Bloodborne hunter lads, courtesy of @Veitstanz, to dazzle up your timelines.…
Retweeted by Veit 🌈🖤dont go outsidedressings are just excuses to hide your garlicHey just gonna say all my commissioners have been really awesome so far! Thank you for being so great to work with. @AssortedAra Sadly this is one of the "stricter" criteria for "healed". Most countries just go by "out of hospital"… knowing which structures in the body get invaded I would guess we won't see the full effect for another decade or soAlso our central institute for infectious disease defines someone healed as 1. Not in the hospital 2. No severe sym… entirely new since we saw that in SARS but the combination of all these things worry meBasically we have a natural immunity to intruders and a learned one. The latter one is the response to having been… only does corona probably make a cell poke virus material into adjacent cells, it also has a protein that basic… Color Commission for @theshivingtree! Thank you so much!
Here is an example of one of the step by step images! The pack has 4 more wips of this piece btw @HerSynthPaladin Oh not at all! I'm not sure if the these lend themselves to studies, but yea I don't mind @poibeans muji pens are so fun....I love writing with the .38 hhhwondered how I do my watercolors? wanted to see some sketches from liminal spaces? I put together a pack of 25 STE… @poibeans this looks so cool!! I love your color choices along with the linework here @MamaDuck5x1 I bought them for another purpose, but now they mostly get used to carve stamps or make cuts in bread before baking haha
resists urge to put bandaid on plant for funI don't have garden shears or anything so I used a scalpel to prune my tomatoes feels on brandb i o h a z a r d that's not how you're using this we keep making tiktoks of people reacting enthusiastically to things? I like those a lot
@CuyHart Me while shoving icecream in my face "i do this for health" @sporkbot I feel like they looked at peppermint oil for tension headache and just. Ran with that @sporkbot GVFHNHJ WOULD YOU LIKE SOME RASHES WITH THAT TMJ i once had to set up a care regiment for someone who th… @sporkbot Did you know it takes just a drop of lavender essential oil and half an organic onion on your facemask to… my face gdiSpeaking of which I have a fun recommendation for you Recently someone got in my post bc i was wearing a facemask… is my facemask mlm that at least might cause a bunch of karens to desperately l wear a facemask every single…'s these scam bandaids that PULL TOXINS OUT THROUGH THE SKIN that have a pad that turns dark with moisture so… I just lay down on a Halogen spotlight lightbulb in a futile effort to alleviate some of my back pain? Maybe(she also docked me points for saying that vegans and especially vegetarians don't necessarily eat better but that… of the examiners tried to do a ***clever*** segway from me having worked in forensics to the topic of veganism… a fun aside, I got to say the words "Excuse me, but are you saying human corpses should be bringing food to my m… @realRAGtime YUP. like even aside from ethics (huge huge aside) it's just a bad idea @enthusiartistic Yup.... Highly inappropriate to air out on a Twitter account linked to KIDS SHOWS... @enthusiartistic Oh I have no doubt that there's truth in those tweets. I'm just saying that ppl act as if there ha… is a warning to all of u bc I'm not a professional artist't think those tweets are as scandalous as people make it out to be honestly. Just someone who is bad at keeping…