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Martyn Warren @VelcroCow2 Bournemouth, England

Illustrator, designer, photographer and former host of Ambience & Noise on Frisky radio.

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Ok, I'm going to close the competition and let the random number generator choose the winner at 5PM today.
@2006Annelise @Britnatureguide Great fact - is that 12 distinct eyes or 2 eyes split into 6 parts, I wonder? @JACsciart Incredible, as always @rowenaaitken Choon @franzanth @wizentrop Tell me about it! @AshWhiffin @KellyBrenner @MeganShersby Wow - those wings are incredible. What's this species' name? Might see if… @RuziMyrmex Amazing - thanks @RuziMyrmex Wow - faster than a Mantis Shrimp's punch?! @LisaSky_Art @thisnorthernboy I guess the iPad only has enough virtual memory for a set number of layers. The bigge… @rowenaaitken @thisnorthernboy Yep, left to my own devices I'd easily have 200+ layers. The limitation certainly te… @thisnorthernboy A4 or A3 if it's got wings. I find that at A3 I have to keep flattening as I can only have 19 layers at a time. @thisnorthernboy I've got some other threads showing the progress, but no idea how to share them in this here Tweet… @ReneCampbellArt Thanks René - means a lot coming from such a talented illustrator:) @thisnorthernboy Thanks Rob. 3 main ingredients: 1. A good reference photo (which I take myself) 2. A lot of patie…'ve really messed up the order of this thread, but anyway - here's my new stag beetle, Odontolabis ludekingi more day to enter. Some fantastic facts so far!
@Akin0_o_ @DaveRapoza I've learned 2 things. 1) Bugs are fascinating 2) You lot are fascinating So much knowledge and enthusiasm. @PSebae Well that's a stroke of luck! @KeithTrueman Absolutely @Smeaton2019 @MGLnrd That's crazy @Akin0_o_ @DaveRapoza Pearl? @finistierra Yep. I'm quite enjoying Procreate. @Heidhat @DaveRapoza I work from nice detailed photos, still room to improve though, I reckon. @PeetsJason T'was written in the stars @DaveRapoza Thanks Dave @desdin0va Yep, and I do actually have a cicada specimen waiting to be drawn. Might do an Elephant Hawkmoth next th… @DarrenMcNaney That's right - I buy the specimens off ebay and take nice detailed photos to reference. @KeithTrueman That's very kind - I'll post them out Monday lunchtime. Thanks Keith. @KeithTrueman Nope, that would be unfair. I will, however, sell the A5 ones for £7 each. You can see the range on… @KeithTrueman My prints are £12 for A4 or £18 for A3. I try to price them to be as affordable as possible. @KeithTrueman Yep, I started out wanting to draw them a bit more loosely, but my natural tendency towards drawing d… @KeithTrueman Thanks Keith - not as detailed as your photos though ;) @soph_kate11 Holy moly @joabaldwin That would be A LOT quicker than drawing them!I’ve fucking finished!!! @clarelogan7 Aaargh @Viking_Ma @EmmaNor86796517 That's impressive @G_Pask @AshWhiffin Wow! @Himmapaan True @Himmapaan I think teenage humans do something similar @claner That's impressive. I can only pull 2-3 double-deckers normally. Maybe 4 if I've had my weetabix. @tasturm1 I'm assuming I'd have to be near some termites for this to work. Do you know why they do it? Chemicals in the ink? @GabiVintescu @69NBG0D Yeah, I prefer drawing from specimens as it means I'm not infringing on any photographer's r… @_erikaroper @AshWhiffin That's some impressive co-existingSome really fascinating facts right here @nathanegraham Wow - that's dark. I wouldn't be surprised of one of these recently got promoted to Boris's cabinet #PoliticsBanter @MickJones9 @AshWhiffin @BBOWT Ah yes, I only recently found out about the gears - nature is fascinating @SPoyton Wow @ratcliffest @Myrmecos Oh great, thanks :) @69NBG0D I'd love to draw a bull or leaf cutter ant, but tracking down specimens might be tricky! (I buy most of my specimens from eBay) @maryepworth @upulie @SometimeSpez Did the vinyl elaborately fold out of the sleeve? @69NBG0D Superb @luontomies Ah I see, so not quite as unpredictable as I'd imagined! @69NBG0D Makes me think I'm going to need to draw an ant soon... @69NBG0D Wow, I didn't even know ants slept! @luontomies Wow, it's strange to be so dependent on such an unpredictable event for food. @trilobiteglass Don't we all? Oh. @janijarvi Superb fact, and such a beautiful moth. I'll add them to my (long) list of bugs to draw! @rich_gibbs I would definitely watch that at the next Olympics. Scientists, over to you... @DonWoka Wow. Wow. Wow. Top fact! @thisnorthernboy Definitely! @missdalys Excellent use of emojis right here @FreezeSPreston @alex_cattoo An excellent fact! @2200PM @belgeist I do a similar thing when threatened. @electret_ Great, thanks. I'll investigate! @upulie @SometimeSpez Incredible, isn't it? Imagine if jumbo jets did the same! @thisnorthernboy That's a lot of ants! I wonder what the figure would be for all invertebrates. @outhwaitegeorge Amazing!Terms: Everyone that supplies a fact will be eligible - I'll choose the winner using a random number generator. I'l…, competition time. For a chance to win this signed A3 beetles print, just reply with your favourite bug fact. T… @abacharillus @prof_capsicum Thanks Amadeo! Here are some of mine.
@jamesblake Good for you for speaking out. @SarahMackAttack @hood_naturalist @Afro_Herper @jesswade @webmz_ @biologistimo @1NativeSoilNerd @Napaaqtuk @SarahMackAttack @hood_naturalist @Afro_Herper @jesswade @webmz_ @biologistimo @1NativeSoilNerd @Napaaqtuk Sure, I'…'m going to do a competition tomorrowIf you ever need a scientific illustration, check out the AMAZING @JACsciart! These will be in all my PhD talks.…
Retweeted by Martyn Warren#LoveBugs #LazyOpportunisticMarketing @RamonaFineArt1 Beautiful work
@OxDoodleClub @emillustration1 @britishmuseum SuperbNow THAT'S how you make a logo @EmmaIllustrate @ava @JharrelJerome A phenomenal and important series @EE why does this keep happening?
@KentWillisMD @nuzzel @medpedshosp Mad Crow disease (nearly)Yeah @BRillustrations @ladybirdbooks That's true. Worth a go, I reckon. @folioart @owendaveydraws Which, of course, is my way of saying this is a beauty of a poster!Things are swimming along nicely over here in the studio... #animation #SciArt
Retweeted by Martyn Warren @Richdraws @OxDoodleClub @morethanadodo You absolutely should. For a whole week. @folioart @owendaveydraws **Gives up** @BRillustrations @ladybirdbooks That would give my line work a somewhat jittery quality @OxDoodleClub @morethanadodo And this stag beetle is from their collection too @BRillustrations @ladybirdbooks You're a machine @OxDoodleClub @morethanadodo I also drew this Edmuntosaurus @OxDoodleClub @morethanadodo Thanks for sharing - I'm hoping to visit again some time this year. I could spend weeks drawing at the museum.
Looks like a good opportunity, guys illustration. I know they're not the focus, but look st those LOVELY CRISP CLOUDS @ErinEARoss Really interesting- thanks for sharing, Erin @BRillustrations @ladybirdbooks Superb - and you're making excellent progress