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Martyn Warren @VelcroCow2 Bournemouth, England

Illustrator, designer, photographer and former host of Ambience & Noise on Frisky radio.

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@Prehistorica_CM Thanks ChristianStunning @GrossiCraig Thanks - it's digital pen and ink on top of digital watercolour wash.
@johnnyhobbs Would love to enter, but I don't weigh 21kgs. @LaurencFitton Thanks for sharing, Lauren @Ilex_ulmus Ha, I will take that as a compliment, but dispute the God part. @michaelmcguk @NicolajHatman Great, I shall work my way through them. I liked to use stuff like Burial/Volor Flex t… @JCTArtStudio Your fans are here to support in any way we can. Stay strong. Ps I bloody love my icthyosaur mug!A big thanks to everyone who's kept up with my progress, commented and helped me share :) @lil_butters Thanks Emma - many hours of drawing, but I'm very pleased with the final result. @Prehistorica_CM It certainly will be in a week or so. I'll do a short run of A4 and A3 prints and they'll be avail… @michaelmcguk @NicolajHatman Really, really good mix, Michael. Atmospheric and coherent. Great stuff.Guys. I finished. are lauching our class blog tomorrow in @StJamesYear6 We'd love some comments from around the world - please can…
Retweeted by Martyn Warren @michaelmcguk @NicolajHatman Awesome @michaelmcguk @NicolajHatman Will have to give this a listen, I've got a lot of time for Volor Flex, even if he do…
@Himmapaan Then my mind is also phenomenal.Why are tails, though?
Retweeted by Martyn Warren @Himmapaan You texture work is phenomenal @brandonsurowiec @steveschoger Amazing - thanks Brandon @steveschoger Oh @steveschoger Amazing - thanks :) @SerpenIllus Wow - thanks for explaining :) @SerpenIllus So do you think this skeleton was arranged incorrectly, or was this guy an exception? (With his front-… @SerpenIllus Wow, did this vary across species, or was it pretty ubiquitous? I only ask because I'm so used to seei… @SerpenIllus Lovely markings. I'm curious, why do so many of these dinosaurs have hands facing 'the wrong way' (ie… @steveschoger I've been told to make some ui concepts (for a dashboard) look more 'digital' and 'futuristic' (t… really are quite nice indeed @boarderchick02 Thanks, it's definitely been a challenge to my patience!
@saturnloft Thanks Holly. I reckon 2 more days and I'm done.So. Fucking. Close. @KurlyKrissy @RNLI @MailOnline @thetimes No surprise, given her description @Handsome_Frank I knew there was something missing. @Handsome_Frank Finishing this bad boi
@fleamotel @AbiStevens_Art Hey, I'm Martyn and I like digitally painting bugs @LindfordHedgies Thanks - they look even better in the flesh @camilo_julianc Superb work @LindfordHedgies Or... buy my insect prints!Our Annual Exhibition and Trade Fair returns to @kemptonparkrace this year Sat 12 Oct 11am - 4:30pm Tickets availab…
Retweeted by Martyn Warren @RCDidles @amentsoc I expect @amentsoc will be able to give a much better identificationI've waited a decade for someone clever to sum up the austerity con in one simple sentence. Take a bow Alexei Sayle…
Retweeted by Martyn Warren @RCDidles @amentsoc Looks like some kind of shield / stink bug (depending on whether you're English or American)
Thought for the day: I can't particularly relate to someone wanting to change their pronouns to 'they' because it's… @alexnail Breathtaking shots @MattDoogue @poeticpenguin I'm going for a newly discovered amphibious star-nosed mole.Hoping to have the bottom wing finished by Sunday. We need to act now to avoid climate disaster. Public: Yeah right, where's your evidence, nerd? Calenda… @totalgaming Agree with this, really hope @Konami are working on a patch to fix players ignoring the ball. @BRillustrations Good point! @Jon_Hopkins_ Looking forward to this! @BRillustrations Show off!Buy these beauties with money...
I'm going to smash this #4styles thing when I can be arsed to find my old illustrations on my PC. Velcro Cows vs my… work
@outhwaitegeorge @ThreeTailArt Rebelle by @escapemotions is a phenomenal watercolour simulator. Give their demo a whirl.Hey #ux community, I need some inspiration for awesome dashboards, anyone seen or designed anything cool? Bonus poi… @amentsoc Still nothingYellow-tailed Black Cockatoos, one of my favourites to see & hear flying overhead in the bush, pencil on w/c paper…
Retweeted by Martyn WarrenI'm going to India next month (very excited) so will be closing my shop from the 10th-26th October. Until then ther…
Retweeted by Martyn Warren @eagermeagre Good luck! @eagermeagre Thanks Manal, I think it's possible that I try to do too much detail! I started out doing simpler beet…
@StationeryWoman Thanks Katie @SerpenIllus I'm definitely leaning that way right now!Here's a zoomed out 'progress' shot @SerpenIllus *in @SerpenIllus Thanks - it's getting kind of ridiculous how many hours I'm putting it!I reckon 1 more week of hard work, and then I'm NEVER DRAWING ANOTHER MOTH EVER AGAIN EVER.* *For at least a mont… feathers <heart emoji> is the single biggest killer of men under 45. 41% of men who contemplated suicide felt they couldn't talk…
Retweeted by Martyn Warren
@amentsoc Oh, no it doesn't look like it. Would you mind resending?Soul balm on an overcast Monday morning, one from yesterday's wonderful sunrise #BushyPark 9/9 @Teddington_Town
Retweeted by Martyn Warren @amentsoc Hi @amentsoc sorry to chase, but I'm really keen to secure my space - I have so many new prints to share this year @VictoriaBolton_ That's very kind of you, VictoriaAbsolutely stunning work
Wow. Wow. Wow. @highheelgeek Classic stippling. You're lucky I wasn't doing it - we'd still be there weeks later! @highheelgeek Ooh, they* look awesome. One for my list, methinks. *the moth @69NBG0D I'm glad you said that, I feel a bit like I'm spamming people, but I think it's quite good to see how much… wing finished!
Hello. Are you #autistic? No? Cool. Now then, here are a few guidelines for how to work, play and live with…
Retweeted by Martyn WarrenWell, this looks excellent @botany_beck Thanks Rebecca :)
Excellent @petetrainor Address the causes @Matt_Greenwings Thanks Matt @Matt_Greenwings Awesome, I recently had the pleasure of drawing one of these @amentsoc Sent to @amentsoc Email @amentsoc Awesome, thanks!Hi @amentsoc I don't seem to have had an invoice through for my table yet. Just wanted to check you've got my application?Do do do do do do
@DustinOHalloran @DGclassics Well deserved- looking forward to itHey there new followers 👋 I’m Ash; #museum person, guardian of dead #insects, wearer of #EntoFashion, #beetle bothe…
Retweeted by Martyn WarrenAh man, I wish I had a scientific background! @saturnloft Thanks Holly, sometimes I have to remind myself it's just a hobby and there's no time pressure! @BRillustrations Damn you! @mweiss_tue Hey Michael, I can look in to it, but from memory it's quite expensive (unless I buy in bulk, but then… @highheelgeek Yeah, Brian's a dick.