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@NekoNiji1 its not violence if a fish does it @xyrie_ aaaaahhh thank you so much!! 🥺👉👈 @cianbunnyball fish lady is a bit of a jerk 😔CTC update! (3 pages!) (Warning for some minor violence today) [Save file 4.10] ------------------------------- Upd…
@pastelpuffs_ tysm for reading! T_T @RobotCatArt The way you did her hair here... im in love with the strokes🥺I'm producing a new short film called "Pritty" that brings Black queer representation to animation!🌊💙 Help us bring…
Retweeted by Xiao Tong 🦋CTC @kianamaiart CONGRATULATIONS!!! Absolutely deserved 😭💕💕🎉 @mirkothicthighz AHHHHH Tysm!!! @tvbIue LMAOOOO thats kinda funny and sweet actually!!
@gayrobothell Omg good luck!! I hope it tastes good 🥰 Lilliums culinary skills are actually easily bought if you ha… @mirkothicthighz They’re from my webcomic countdown to countdown~ @kanimel20 They're from countdown to countdown! @xSlyyblue Thank you!! All pairings in ctc are still up in the air but feel free to ship whatever in ctc~ @SBDLWJ0523 wahhh thank you!!! ive actually never tried shakshuka before but... i want to, it looks delicious...Ignore that I'm so used to drawing Iris with scars that I forget that he didn't have them during the cooking scene… @mirwae I love... your lines and soft faces😳💕 @inariburst yes! @ariesgremlin standard pencil brush in sai! @tvbIue This is what rosalie carries around 24/7[ctccomic] hidden data found in save file 2 @AtlaTheWriter Congrats!!! That's incredible 🥰💕💕💕 I'm so happy for you aaaaa
@whydidoth Oh my gosh!!! This is beautiful!! 🥺😳💕💕💕 I looooove the shapes and his outfit aaaaa Thank you for drawing my boy!!!Hello everyone please read countdown to countdown by @Velinxi
Retweeted by Xiao Tong 🦋CTCHi I’m abelle illustrator and organizers of #drawingwhileblack ! Thank you everyone who took a part in this weekend…
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"he says he's sorry about what happened with your family." "aw,'re my family." (1/)
Retweeted by Xiao Tong 🦋CTCJUST-IN: Hong Kong actor #NgMantat (#吳孟達) died at 70. He was famous for partnering with #StephenChow during the 1…
Retweeted by Xiao Tong 🦋CTCHi #drawingwhileblack! I'm Gus, an illustrator from Brazil! I draw a lot of greenery, cuddly cats, and sometimes ac…
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@JeffShake Aaaaa thats so exciting!!! 🥺💕 Thank you so much for helping me out with the cover. I can't wait to get my own copy! @yinyu pains me to see wangxian linked to something like this but its just wwx's luck isnt it @yinyu NO. NO FCKING WAYYYYYYHi y’all Im Sway , twitter suspended my last account ( @JSwayArt) no reason what so ever 😭 . I’m a Black artist , d…
Retweeted by Xiao Tong 🦋CTC @revolocities Thats absolutely fair have a great day sir @revolocities HOW ARE YOU THIS FAST @PetitePasserine AAAAA Muri thank you!!! 🥺💖 @xyrie_ Thank you for reading!!! TAT @erindrawsstuff @PlayOverwatch THANK U!!! TT @Anhinck @PlayOverwatch aaaa thank you sm!! TT @JisuArtist This is absolutely gorgeous I can't stress this enough, your lighting and shapes here are so... *chefs kiss*
@RobotCatArt HEHE im glad to hear!! i try to be versatile >:3c @SaraAlfageeh THANK YOUUUUUU !!! @RobotCatArt Thank youuuu ^_^ @Chaos_Vulpix Aaaa thank you sm!! ^^ @denimcatfish Thank you!! 🥺 @LyndsayEly Thank you!!! 🥺💕 That'd be the dream haha @onemegawatt WAAAAAA Watt!!! Thank you so much! T_T <3 @LyndsayEly I'm so excited to get my copy and read this 👀💕💕 @kibalev Thank you!!! @crashwong Thank you sm Alyssa!!! @Seaabastian It's gonna be a novel by Lyndsay Ely! @steve_foxe 🥺🥺🥰 @itachivevo Thank you so much for your support!! TT @sakibatch Thank you!! @radioproxy THANK YOU!! This is a novel so theres no interiors that I know of? @daltonparkinson I was told he's 15 in this novel! So I did my best to make him look it haha @maevocado Thank you so much!! TT @LadyGT_DA Thank you so much!! @toni_infante This is SO COOL WHATTTT @InkedLuna Thank you!! ^_^ @tofurificc AAAAA AMANDA THANK YOU!!! 😭💕 @pixelghosts Thank you!!! TAT @ko_yuue Aaaa thank you!!! T_T @OverwatchNaeri Thanks for the tag!! I'm so happy you enjoy 🥺💕 @meintaiko Wahhhh thank YOU MEI!!! 😭🥺 @mickearts HAHA Thank you!! I had so much struggle with baby Mccree since I had to make sure he would look like his… @dasketcherz Thank you!! <333 @ginkgocrown Thank you Vero!! TAT @kazusunes aaaa thank you!!! @kirschetc Thank you!! TT @Radiant_Enigma It blows me away how long you've stuck with me!! Thanks for being there friend 🥺I also sketched Ashe's Deadlock look! I wanted to include her slingshot from the origins video, but it didn't make… got to work on @PlayOverwatch's Deadlock Rebels cover! So excited for this release 🤠 update! (3 pages!) [Save file 4.9] ------------------------------- Update: ------------…
Retweeted by Xiao Tong 🦋CTC @tsumuispretty HAHA thank you for reading despite the stress!! It’ll get better... after it gets worse @graxwell Thank you!! 😭 @tellme_when Oh thank you!! 🥺Overwatch New Novel 'Deadlock Rebels' Official Poster🤠🍷 Full of high-octane chases and action-packed stand-offs, t…
Retweeted by Xiao Tong 🦋CTC @graxwell @OverwatchNaeri @PlayOverwatch Oh hey that’s me! @yeobopls It is Zhongli 🥰 @dasketcherz NDJDNSJD I’m honored to hear, thank you!! @D_letion Aaaa thank you! TT @miukumauk Aaaaaa thank you Carla!!! 🥺💖 @Dybubile HAHA THANK YOU ;) making iris' day harder is my job @DevinElleKurtz Aaaa thank you Devin!! 🥺 @myraleeyi oh gosh!! that means so much to me, thank you! <333🥺 @twotteracct she can bend cabbages because of the water inside them!!! she makes a name for herself as... CABBAGE BENDER! @amudork YES THATS THE CLIMAX dont spoil my masterpiece!!! its a deeply convoluted tale of vengeance and appeasing… @myraleeyi oh gosh, this is so sweet! thank you <3Avatar studios if you see this- I have a great idea for an avatar short based on a new avatar. so the avatar is an… @tvbIue oh gosh!! thank you! This is really a joke tweet ksdjbvsd i dont expect ANYTHING to come out of this but im honored!! @reirumii thank you!! TT @CRISPY_WRITES honestly i'd love to HAHA it would never happen but if it did, I'd channel all my chinese xianxia dr… @thundersnake69 kajcbasbjk thank you!!this was kind of a self clown tweet but i forgot to QRT the original post so now they wont even see the joke. the r…'s pitching to the new Avatar studios... now I'm not saying that I'm pitching... but I'm saying if they're… @kazusfine ahhh thank you! TT @shi_lofi Peace was never an optionCTC update! (3 pages!) [Save file 4.9] ------------------------------- Update: ------------…
@_gabrielpicolo Happy birthday!!! Hope you have a good week and treat yourself dude 🥺👊🎉🎉🎉 @tvbIue oooh! This is interesting, I think you're right :D