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Gamer, horror fan, Cajun swamp hag, collector of the strange, perfume lover, cat lady. She/They. ♥ @Pigletoos. Avi by @MischiArt.

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Titled it “No Way Home”.
Retweeted by Coldwitch Velgana @scottjohnson I love this. A very emotional image that sums up a lot of how I’ve felt over the past week.I had a nice walk, ate blueberry pancakes, and I have my new Yoshi game to dig into this evening. Oh and my matchin…
@Smirking_Lion Oh yikes, I had no idea about all this. I’m blocking and I want to say I’m here for you and Zuu. @Nekrokat I love the expression on the bottom elf. Been feeling that one a lot recently. @Kotaku Absolutely disgusting. 🤢 @TheScruffyDruid Much love to you Scruffy. 💜
You have my full support. Together. ❤️👊💙 #ActiBlizzWalkout
I stand in solidarity with the employees. through games such as Life is Strange (1 & 2), Before the Storm, Captain Spirit, and Tell Me Why, Dontnod k… @TheScruffyDruid I played the demo that was in the shop, and didn't realize it was like all the other Yoshi games I…
@_wholesomegames For me it was probably Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I remember spending my entire holiday bre…
@scribblebear That's a really cute cactus and very sweet of your Papa.It’s a bit uncomfortable and weird feeling to me how many people are praising some devs for their bare minimum word… @PostTraumaGame @horrorvisuals @UnrealEngine @RobertoSerraG @quixeltools This looks great. That monster in the last photo though 😱.
Friday meow meow. I'm currently playing: - Tell Me Why - Fallout 76 - ACNH (restarted island) What I'm playing soon: - Death's… @Xandara Happy birthday! 🎂
//INCOMING RIGLINK MESSAGE >>DISTRESS SIGNAL DETECTED >> UPLOADING… Dismember your worst nightmare - limb by limb…
Retweeted by Coldwitch Velgana @ImTheMeatbuffet Thanks for clarifying. Just reading your initial tweets made it seem like you didn’t care and it w… @ImTheMeatbuffet I don’t agree with this take. Women have been sexually abused and one even took her own life. It’s… @Frazleytastic I can tell, and you look wonderful! @dasmirts @MundaunGame Thank you so much for this gem of a game. 🖤 So many surreal moments. I can't wait to play it…’m going to limit my time here for my mental sake. I'm not quitting WoW, but I currently cannot login and feel any… @Cinderluna Having a Lion King moment. 😊 @Syrcorax Chaka is lovely. She looks like a tiny panther. Please give her some head rubs for me.I am disgusted at the news coming from the Activision Blizzard lawsuit that’s making the rounds. There always seeme…
@EchoofJustice Happy Birthday!I finished @MundaunGame. 🐐 I don’t want to share much because it's SO GOOD, and I highly recommend playing it. The… @Celtic_Sniper Thank you! @KottkrigArt The council gets my vote.I'm feeling much better today. Going to throw a pork roast in the slow cooker for pulled pork sammies later and cat… @Smirking_Lion @Peacelovechai I saw! Sadly there is only a little snallygaster plushie I’m interested in getting fo… @Smirking_Lion Hello Grae! @LimitGuild Congrats!
@Midsummer1942 Awesome! I also wanted to say that your shading is beautiful. @Nimyane Thank you my friend. 💜 @MischiArt Thank you for the opportunity. Here's my shroomy spooky gal Morella.💜Appreciation Giveaway!💜 It's true that numbers don't define your art, but they can be so encouraging & I apprecia…
Retweeted by Coldwitch Velgana @hemarookworst I just grabbed it. I'll probably be starting it this weekend. @stZa23 Sadly no, and I'm not sure why. It looks like it would be perfect for the Switch.Anyone planning on picking this up? It looks really fun. @StarfieldGame 🚀World first or not, I’m always impressed by Limit’s talent and camaraderie. It just feels like a bunch of friends l… @Frazleytastic I had one of those! Someone got it for me for a birthday. I’m still not sure what the point of them… @Zuulzilla RIGHT?! @Zuulzilla Omg, I'm about to pass out at my computer.Really missing my life from many moons ago. Laying out with kindred spirits, burning incense, listening to vinyl, a… @Smirking_Lion I still need to watch Grand Isle. From the previews I've seen, I'm positive no one involved in the filming has been there. 😆 @LifeinWoW Baaahh... good enough! 🐑 @Xandara I'm the same since I pay for my sub with gold too.
@Xandara Nice! I haven’t bought anything from him, but he does have a 1mil gold pet I’d like one day. I have WAY en… @starcrow Thank you! @scribblebear There’s some other pets on the vendor that require basically trash items to buy. That’s what I’m going to work on next. @WarcraftZai I had a bunch because I had nothing to spend them on, so this was a good sink for me. @scribblebear That’s what I was slowly saving up toward. Well worth it in my opinion.Here is the Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm. It costs 10k pet charms. The second picture is it buffing me with Prismat… @Xandara I had collected most of the stuff from the vendors so I was just kinda stocking them up. Is that a Mad Mer… grinding out a few extra pet battles this weekend, I have saved up 10k charms to buy the pet. Well worth it!… @ladyrinike So cute! I love that artist's Picrews! I played around with their planet one, but I'm definitely going to make one of these too. @_SpectreVision One of my all time favorite films with an amazing soundtrack. @Khalior YES, lol! 🤣 @Modradormi Hell yea! 👊
@Abashima That's beautiful! @MischiArt 😜The mythic Sylvanas phase is going to be the severed head of Nathanos floating around and trying to bite players.
@Nimyane Same! I think it would do well with the recent popularity of many simulation games. @EchoofJustice That's super nice. Me and my husband were looking at some of the props this morning. I'd love to gra… know what, this is a game that I wish would make a return - Viva Piñata! goals: Lots of gaming, late sushi lunch, Fear Street 1666 & snacks, bath bomb soak, and catching up on my comics. 😊 @EchoofJustice Those props look great! I especially love the Nuka-Cola bottle.
@Smirking_Lion Hell yea! I was trying not to cheer too loud because my husband is in a meeting and I didn’t want to… @Calamadee Goals. @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN I loved all the characters, but for me, Cliff and Die-Hardman stole every scene they were in. @Xandara That would be awesome. Hell, I’d probably never want to leave and would end up spending most of my time in there. @Paintzeebrush Sweet boy. I'm so sorry for your loss. *hugs* @Azmirastar I just wanted to say that I love that piece of art of your OC. Every time it comes across my timeline, I stop and look at it.SILENT HILL 3
Retweeted by Coldwitch Velgana
@Abashima I really enjoyed the demo! I did everything there was to do. Definitely going to get it. @WorgenBMHunter That's what I love so much about the Yoshi games! The world had so many little things going on in t… was messing around with my Nintendo Switch and saw there was a demo for Yoshi's Crafted World. I ADORE Yoshi and… @scribblebear It was. I love all his little hats. @scribblebear He totally would. I forgot to take a screenshot, but during the Primus’ return to Maldraxxus quest, h… @scribblebear KEVIN! 😍 @Jezinista You should totally give it a try. So many people are having a blast with it. @Khalior Thanks! There is an anima buff now, but before that I was doing all my anima dailies and had pretty much u… @Khalior Yea, I have my full renown set and the weapons that match. have bought and crafted everything the Necrolords have to offer for my mage. Just waiting for my new set and moun… @AscentTheGame Can't wait! @Abashima I agree! It's my birthstone and favorite color."Remember who you were, but take pride in who you are." Draka's words to Thrall. Damn, this week's campaign quest was so good.Lord of the Corpseflies mount hatched! I'm going to be using this one a lot more because I like the purple coloring…
@EchoofJustice So cute!I have Fleshwing's small corpsefly egg hatching in 3 hours, and I'm excited for my purple fly mount. I'll probably… @Readful_Things @NetflixFilm These are great!
@Smirking_Lion She was so tired this morning after breakfast, lol.This book is coming in today, so of course I’m constantly refreshing the tracking.I’ve been sharing cat pics in fleets, but Pat looked too cute not to share here as well. @Frazleytastic I guess the good thing is you had a lot of milk to make stuff with and to sell! 😆 @Frazleytastic LOL This is totally something I would do.