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v! @veltqt tasha

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@vrofps @senaachu @aeluinn I love u so muich vor @senaachu @okazyey shut the fuck up please 🙏🙏support dis dick in yo mouf 🙏🙏 @senaachu @okazyey tasha im literally a 2 feet taller than u 4'10 jit @overcookpriv ilysm bobby thank u man i appreciate u so much u deserve happiness just as much as u think i do just know that @overcookpriv Ily @nxah_qt Ruin my life
new twitter rt so i can find my ppl will follow back
Retweeted by v! @senaachu @iamhcu No one laugh 😐 @senaachu @iamhcu Stfu fan @1HUNNYU Ur dog @senaachu @iamhcu ? What is g with u @1HUNNYU Yea I fuckinf hate u @AeroValorant @iamhcu Assist diff + triple double diff + impact frags + Molly’s are broken free kills + killjoy mos… @AeroValorant @iamhcu Uhhh @AeroValorant @iamhcu Not my problem u went negative I was farming @iamhcu Radiant 6’2 Btw @iamhcu Ratio @overcookpriv Ratio @lialovesyu Omg same twinzieeesss @lialovesyu Lia what grade r u in @lialovesyu As u should queen @ilyval_ @dogbackp6ck Mine are ass ask @iamhcu @ilyval_ @dogbackp6ck Like jett knives @dogbackp6ck Ratio his bitch ass @scrollval FR @aeluinn @karxoo @noxufps @Nipozy1x @deogiwheels @1kotaaa yum @karxoo @noxufps @Nipozy1x @deogiwheels @1kotaaa how big is the cat @ignovercook gas to 1k gang VALORANT KPOP JUNGKOOK HARRY POTTER LGBTQ FUNNY MOMENTS TRY NOT TO LAUGH FLAT EARTH GLO… @ignovercook gas to 1k in VALORANT @aeluinn ive been trying to do averee for like 5 minutes but this bitch wont load @aeluinn damn bruh @77Joeyy @karxoo Sounds good Joseph @ashpwo @FIockins Cry in my arms ❤️ @FIockins I know u are of the African American decent but that HAD to be racially motivated I ain’t ever hear that… @wunjii Ratio @senaachu @wunjii Ok @strawhatsade @wunjii Noti @senaachu @wunjii Yummm @wunjii S💔 @wunjii @merakidina Fuck me 🥺🥺🤤🤤 @wunjii Hi 👋 @sadIucas @veltomfan69520 Answer cup pong @sadIucas @Agr0fps @ShiftyVAL 2k likes at least @veltomfan69520 Ratio @fishszns Dawg what with the jumpscare at the end lil bitch scared the fuck outta me @mangosmxxthie @merakidina @Toastedtw @1EDEN_ @itsvivan @itsgloomie @ValorantRed U forget about jett or sum @sundownswrld Ratio @wunjii Ratio @1HUNNYU Be mine @mangosmxxthie @aeluinn @TrickAIM @duhlailuh @merakidina @aysu_akil @katie_missimerr @Toastedtw @menace_val Good shit Magno @Toastedtw @mangosmxxthie @TrickAIM @duhlailuh @merakidina @aysu_akil @katie_missimerr @menace_val Thanks senior daddy @aeluinn @mangosmxxthie @TrickAIM @duhlailuh @merakidina @aysu_akil @katie_missimerr @Toastedtw @menace_val I am in… @veltomfan69520 Sorry @aeluinn @mangosmxxthie @TrickAIM @duhlailuh @merakidina @aysu_akil @katie_missimerr @Toastedtw @menace_val What’s good Avy @mangosmxxthie @TrickAIM @duhlailuh @merakidina @aysu_akil @katie_missimerr @Toastedtw @menace_val I’d break his spine @1HUNNYU Sister more like mommy @senaachu @Kezyyz @_novaVAL These pfps are so ass @_novaVAL @senaachu Yap tell her my little munchkin @_novaVAL Yes I’ve been good just for u my baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘 @senaachu @_novaVAL Ur matching with urself btw @_novaVAL He did me @senaachu @veltomfan69520 @erinoil Fr @veltomfan69520 SOTP @Toastedtw @ignovercook im surprised how 2 find hope isnt 2nd that song is so good @Toastedtw @ignovercook @1HUNNYU oh esex is like 14 and irl is -3 so 11 in total @1HUNNYU esex or irl @dogbackp6ck @Ino_VAL ? @iamhcu holy fuck i literally just gave myself a boner my dick literally rose while listening to that
@whosmicheIa @ysk1ng @1HUNNYU THAT'S ON PERIODTTTT @senaachu @Shanks_TTV ARFARFARF WOF WOOFWOO FWOOF @tiffsny45lol Dms open if anything @senaachu @Shanks_TTV Vouch @wunjii @hhaleylol Wishing I was that sage @_novaVAL @senaachu @RemValorant I love u baby I miss u Text me more <3 Love u @tiffsny45lol R u ok @_novaVAL @senaachu @RemValorant Can u edaters shut the fuck up @senaachu @RemValorant He blocked me he a bitch @aft6r i got a good girl voice @ysk1ng Ratio @mangosmxxthie @ysk1ng LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @etherealVAL_ @KarraOf @iamhcu im so sorry man @ysk1ng Honestly bro I've played more than 15 games today I think I'm just gonna get the fuck off @ysk1ng No I am finding montage songs then gonna work on my montage for a little then I'll queue if I don't fall asleep @ysk1ng Are you currently in a good mood? If so, do you want to absolutely ruin it? If so, then sure! @ysk1ng Dayton I'm still queueing. @ysk1ng Raatio @aft6r put yo girls voicemail in between bar 29-32 and its certified platinum @aft6r how long have u been making music @aft6r this is so good bro @mitchchicken he kinda cute @mitchchicken no drinking tho i only take hard drugs @mitchchicken ya sure im down @Nighty10k WQHATS MY ACTUAL FUCKIGN RATING U BITCH IM NOT AN EDATER @senaachu @lialovesyu No ur typing not talking @senaachu @lialovesyu U are not talking rn @senaachu @lialovesyu Ok @senaachu @lialovesyu noti??