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Writer of written things. Illustrator of stick figures. Analyst. Always activist. Coffee = consciousness. All significant cyber attacks are geopolitical.

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@TrumpWarRoom Fast forward to a few days ago when Trump knew about Russian bounties on US soldiers and did nothing. @GOP @realDonaldTrump Yet with Russian bounties on US soldiers heads... crickets... @realDonaldTrump Total US Cases = 2,839,542 Total US Deaths = 129,676 Total US Confirmed Cases last 14 days = 584,4…
Retweeted by VelvetBIade 😷 @realDonaldTrump Total US Cases = 2,839,542 Total US Deaths = 129,676 Total US Confirmed Cases last 14 days = 584,4… @TrumpWarRoom @realDonaldTrump Benedict Don @THEHermanCain And the following day... holy shit
Retweeted by VelvetBIade 😷 @GOPLeader Dear McCarthy - STFU If this is how you believe in America, you can pack your bags and take your Legos… point is, you all are being brainwashed if you accept on any level that what Trump is doing to the U.S. is okay. NONE OF THIS is okay. /7
Retweeted by VelvetBIade 😷You don't say... @MarilynHanbyDur @fight4freedom72 @RighteousBabe4 @MountainsStars @MingGao26 @Ex67T20 @loonyberg @ThomasS4217
.466/ In Malaysia during 2016, SCL seeded comments on Malaysiakini pushing Hilary Clinton conspiracies, upholding T… @denyessence AgreedA Canadian Armed Forces Reservist, radicalized by QAnon, rammed his car into the gate at Justin Trudeau's home. He…
Pence is creepy @RepBrianMast Wow. Still silent on bounties put out by Russia on US soldiers & ignored by Trump. Just wow. @BrianMastFL @GovRonDeSantis Trump's not doing so good in Florida. Maybe time to jump ship on your undying support? says it will retaliate. See above post about Israeli cyber attack (alleged) against Iran and Iran's (alleged)… one has betrayed those in uniform like Donald Trump. New ad by @votevets #BenedictDonald Thx… @kellythesequel @votevets This is great!Is Fox News catching on to what we’ve known for years?
Retweeted by VelvetBIade 😷New Biden ad uploaded to YouTube last night is very MAN
Retweeted by VelvetBIade 😷Iran claims Israel engaged in a cyber attack targeting the Natanz uranium enrichment previously attacked by Stuxnet… you can see this, let me know. Whenever I hit “certain” politicians my account is downgraded. @Mike5517918482 @Finn_McCoo The protests are not antifa. Antifa is not a group or organization. It’s an ideology sp… VOICE IS NEEDED. Reclaim your power. RT if you are part of the “People’s Firewall” to make sure Trump has no… must read on how Trump and Barr can cheat and win in Nov: How Trump Could Lose the Election—And Still Remain Pres…
Retweeted by VelvetBIade 😷National Guard member deployed to the peaceful protests in LA & is under investigation for involvement with Proud B…’s Ambassadors to Uruguay, France, Morocco & Italy sold shares in transactions that could have made them milli… @davidmweissman It will get worse before it gets better.Tax software from China-based Aisino was used as a backdoor to gain access to the networks of foreign firms doing b… with mild or asymptomatic COVID-19 have a hard time post-infection with a raft of symptoms, including dama… Facebook’s wiretapping tech allowed SCL/Cambridge Analytica to follow people around the internet & to more ra… have consistently been docked for charging exorbitant prices and violating contract terms. Nearly every c… reliance on defense contractors, once touted as a way to reduce costs and improve quality of services for the m…"In February, as the coronavirus jumped to Italy and Iran and began spreading unnoticed in the United States, Trump…
Retweeted by VelvetBIade 😷Lockdown has provided important research time for science
Retweeted by VelvetBIade 😷Never pick an outfit when you’re blotto.
Retweeted by VelvetBIade 😷You wear a mask not to protect yourself, but to protect others from you. If we all look after each other, we can…
Corruption crimes investigated by the unit include bribery, embezzlement, and frauds committed against local, state… Public Corruption Unit oversees investigation & prosecution of corruption crimes committed by elected & appoin… of Black Voices for Trump 👇 to note Berman was in charge of the Epstein case. @zerohedge From a non-Russian disinfo source: @RepDanCrenshaw Houston... we have a problem... @d0tslash @axon_us @threadreaderapp unrollWith Trump everything is black and white. @atrupar I keep saying that about Trump, but it’s been 3 years now... @vault9oh4 @caseyayers @KingM91 @CREWcrew @weareoversight @ACLU Thanks guys! I appreciate it!
Taliban commanders have confirmed that Russia has offered financial and material support to its members in exchange… is a sheriff in Jacksonville sending out scare monger letters telling people if they don’t register as Republic… Graham: “Terrorists and criminals routinely use technology, whether smartphones, apps, or other means, to c… Largest drug haul in the world. ISIS/Daesh finances its terrorist activities in part with the trafficking o… cos claim that giving consumers ANY control over their own data violates the 1st Amendment rights of broa… @RepDanCrenshaw Does this mean you’ll be suiting up & reusing a disposable 1-use mask for a week to help out? @NikkiHaley Here's what a true patriot looks and sounds like.
Retweeted by VelvetBIade 😷 @BrianMastFL This is excellent. Veterans need more resources to help with PTSD. Don’t you think standing up for ou… @BrianMastFL @RepFitzenhagen Is she mass fundraising from Big Sugar too? Asking for a friend. @Fla_Pol @BrianMastFL @fitzenhagen @jacobogles This is good? 🤣🤣🤣 @charles33708700 @BrianMastFL @Heatherfitz8 Mast supported DeSantis decision to open even after cases were spiking.… @Heatherfitz8 @BrianMastFL So excellent to be endorsed by Brian Mast who ran against sugar producers leading to alg… @MischiBinkley Outreach came Aug 15, 2016, after it was clear Guccifier 2.0 (part of Russian military intel agency,… fact, Brian Mast will pander to anyone for a buck & power. He says one thing, then does another, only self corr… regularly rubs elbows with racists & xenophobes. He attended Horowitz’s hate conference at least 2 years in a… @realDonaldTrump Trump was briefed on Russian bounties on US & coalition troops: Bolton - March 2019 Intel - AT LE…
Retweeted by VelvetBIade 😷 @MischiBinkley Yes. And mentioned in the Mueller report. What makes that especially distasteful to me is that he w… @TimInHonolulu @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @GOP @SteveDaines @senatemajldr @SenateGOP Floriduh rep Brian Mast too.
Retweeted by VelvetBIade 😷 @FreeBeYouMe @fight4freedom72 Like this hypocrisy? @BrianMastFL @Heatherfitz8 Like you? Mast tweeted, then deleted, a heinously racist statement about Kaepernick & #TakeAKnee Instead of acknowledg… @jdf754 @Stephaniefishm4 @BrianMastFL @RepBrianMast Mast campaigned on being eco conscious. Algae bloom, largely fr… @FreeBeYouMe @MsMariaT @jdf754 Why was Mast hanging out with the Chinese spy massage parlor owner? He had a securit… @FreeBeYouMe @MsMariaT There also the question why Brian Mast took money from Lev Parnas & did not donate it to a v… @AlexFTweets @MsMariaT @BrianMastFL @GovRonDeSantis @marcorubio Absolutely. Mast has tried hard to bury his dirt wi… @FreeBeYouMe @fight4freedom72 You take away their ability to lie & hide the truth. You do what you are doing right… @jdf754 @KlasfeldReports Thank you! @FreeBeYouMe @MsMariaT Brian Mast accepted & used leaked documents provided by Guccifer 2.0. Mast worked for the D… @FreeBeYouMe @fight4freedom72 He has been pushing several PR articles for every little letter with no teeth that he…’s always Republicans. Almost without exception.
Retweeted by VelvetBIade 😷 @FreeBeYouMe @fight4freedom72 Weird... 🤔Brian Mast is a disgrace @FreeBeYouMe @fight4freedom72 An opportunist who says one thing but does another. @jdf754 @Stephaniefishm4 @BrianMastFL @RepBrianMast Yes. Yes he did. & other seemingly tangential dirty money. For… @FreeBeYouMe @fight4freedom72 Then there was Mast’s Joe the Plumber moment. He hired an actor from out of his distr… @MsMariaT I thought you would find this part particularly fascinating: Recall Guccifer 2.0 first released DCCC hac… @FreeBeYouMe @fight4freedom72 He’s a bit duplicitous, no? @FreeBeYouMe @fight4freedom72 His contract for the house was 10 years. It’s a big deal because Helping a Hero does… @FreeBeYouMe @fight4freedom72 @stew0610 @kylevonende @DV_Stewart @RepTomGraves That’s his comms director. @FreeBeYouMe @fight4freedom72 Did you see where he moved super quick & breached is contract for that? I mean, they… @MsMariaT True that! I left out fascist Gorka, accelerationist Bannon & all around hate monger Charlie Kirk. It say… @ItIsIMack @ResistanceRules @Taylor614C @kellythesequel @kelly2277 @Stephaniefishm4 @RVAwonk @ThomasS4217 @fight4freedom72 @FreeBeYouMe @stew0610 @kylevonende @DV_Stewart @RepTomGraves Keep in mind it’s a perfect troll to just show that snip.There’s so much more, Twitterati! Twitter do your thing!You are judged by the company you keep. Who has Brian Mast hung out with? Katie Hopkins - racist (UK) James Damor… @SaveAmerica75 We need activated, energetic voters who will vote & help others to vote. And we need people like y… @fight4freedom72 @FreeBeYouMe @stew0610 @kylevonende @DV_Stewart @RepTomGraves What do you think? there was that time when Brian Mast tweeted a “happy birthday” to the Navy by tweeting a beautiful picture of… @fight4freedom72 @FreeBeYouMe @stew0610 @kylevonende @DV_Stewart @RepTomGraves Did you ever see VonEnde’s thesis?