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3D Artist. Game Dev. Esports TM & Admin for many TO’s. Stage Host/Interviewer, SoMe @ProdigyAgencyGG & Jack of all Esports trades ||

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@esportsbeia IKR! I HAD PEOPLE ASKING ME IF I WAS STILL ALIVE CUZ I HADN’T MOVED IN AGES Like what do you expect m… @ViciousHorizon Throwback to being too nervous to take my hoodie off inside a BOILING HOT BOOTH in case it looked l… @ViciousHorizon LMFAO @daveycsgo Hardly any players take up important discussions like this privately with TO’s. In my experience, they j… @ec1s_ Pls carry me
Warming up on Mortal Kombat X before my @epicLAN Host Challenge! Come watch me kick people's heads off 🥺 @ec1s_ @secretlabchairs What’s your secret?Spunj's rant about CS players not offering enough back to their Org really hits it home.
Retweeted by Jasmine @ Home👀 @JohnPeeOfficial Hello, I think I can be of assistance. Please file a formal enquiry to my management. Kind regard… @BanKsEsports The number of times I’d have to beg players to do interviews after their game because I was admining… @ViciousHorizon Swiftest unfollow ever. Disgusting human being.
@Deji_ex Why is this me tho @JohnPeeOfficial @Alstxr i totally agree with you ali @ViciousHorizon UKGT had other ideas tho @Luzuh @FluturaCSGO 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
@EndpointPete @FFFAAAYYYEEE CONGRATULATIONS!!!!“The air man” - @JohnPeeOfficial (when trying to think of the word for a pilot) @isaacCSGO 🥺😍
@sammylam_ Thank you sweetheart! 🥺💕Happy birthday to my partner in crime on the @epicLAN stage and my arch nemesis in the Host Challenges @Veracityy_ 🎂
Retweeted by Jasmine @ Home👀 @ReaperSteve1 @epicLAN Just because it’s my birthday doesn’t mean I’ll stop giving it Steve, you’re still gonna lose 😉 Thank you my dear!💕💕 @Dom_Sacco Thank you!! ☺️ @EGYellow Thank you my dear! <3Happy birthday @Veracityy_ 🥳🤓
Retweeted by Jasmine @ Home👀 @AnthonyEnglish_ Thanks old man @SimplySed_ We’re playing League together then! Make sure you’re actually active on the Discord so we can play games together again 🥺 @BillieTrixxx @jon_winkle YES! @SimplySed_ HELLO I MISS YOU SO MUCH MAN WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN YOU JUST POP UP OUTTA NOWHERE EVERY SO OFFEN?! WHEN AR… birthday @Veracityy_ keep smashing it 👊👌
Retweeted by Jasmine @ Home👀 @TobinCSGO Thank you lovely!! 💕Happy birthday @Veracityy_! Enjoy your day dear 💜
Retweeted by Jasmine @ Home👀 @BillieTrixxx @jon_winkle YAAAAAAS! We can do the guys’ makeup or something 😏😏😏 @Veracityy_ happy birthday you wonderful bean ♡♡♡
Retweeted by Jasmine @ Home👀 @BillieTrixxx Eeeeek thank you so much beautiful! I can’t wait to be back at LAN with you all!! 😘💕 @y0hami Thank you my dear!!! 🥰 @Veracityy_ Happy Birthday 🎂🥳🎉🍾
Retweeted by Jasmine @ Home👀
@JohnPeeOfficial Thank you so much for your continued support and for being you my dear 🥺💕 @awhnutss Thank you beautiful! ☺️Happy Birthday to one of the best human in the world @Veracityy_ hope you have a great day and can’t wait to celebr…
Retweeted by Jasmine @ Home👀 @JohnPeeOfficial Told you it would get announced tomorrow unluckeeeeeeee @portilho @Cloud9 CONGRATS KING!!! 💕💕💕 @sammylam_ Bro Among Us has just taught me that I trust everyone WAY too easily 🥺WE HAD A BIRTHDAY PARTY IN #AmongUs to celebrate my birthday🥺💕 STREAM! 🥳🎉 I wanna celebrate my burfday with viewers and my community who have continued to support m… @asantethetoad Why is this me? @ec1s_ @SpecialEffect @PixelChark @ScarletHeathers @TheBeardGuys @PUBG_EU SIGN ME UP! COME ON SQUAD, LET'S SHOW THEM WHAT… @epicLAN @CORSAIR @CorsairPas Seeing as tho you guys think you’re professionals now @JohnPeeOfficial @TaylerdoodleMissed our Women in Esports stream on Wednesday with special guest @Veracityy_ 🤔 Make sure to check out the full Y…
Retweeted by Jasmine @ Home👀 @canyouescape @JohnPeeOfficial @escapelond They don't have availability for a good time for my birthday tomorrow :(
@portilho 🥺💕 @Luzuh @FluturaCSGO PC advice from YOU????? Bro... @rocazor Yes sirrrrrr @standilan @ec1s_
Time for some games with viewers playing #AmongUs come and join in! 💖 We're interviewing UK tournament admin @Veracityy_ on her successes within esports. Host:…
Retweeted by Jasmine @ Home👀Going live soon on @British_Esports! Come and ask all of your burning questions in Twitch chat! ☺️… @BillieTrixxx CONGRATS BEAUTIFUL YAAAAAY! @stormidxe @JohnPeeOfficial why is this level of excitement me 😂😂😂
@ec1s_ @Alienware You’re so beautiful 😍😍😍 @EsquireUK TOLD YOU @JohnPeeOfficialOkay my back is H U R T I N G so bad from using an ikea chair all these years and now that I'm glued to my PC worki… on our #WomenInEsports stream we'll be joined by @Veracityy_ to discuss the ins and outs of being a tourna…
Retweeted by Jasmine @ Home👀 @AverageStriker @JohnPeeOfficial @WhiteyCS Who's gonna stop me crumbling in MM games now? Who's gonna coach me and believe in me now? FFS George nice one @forte_bass I'd like to start by thanking you for all your hard work & great game, you've provided me & my communit… @JohnPeeOfficial @Aleex_Harris DM’d him ☺️ @CoolerMasterUK Hi, how are you doing today? ☺️
@ruhan_q @Mrtweeday Inb4 I get scammed out of my Dlore, DM me dude😂Vote Mortal Kombat seeing as though you guys are making me play Halo instead of CSGO >_> @Aleex_Harris Hello pick me! 🙋‍♀️ @Marie__Binet OF COURSE! PLEASE COME! I can't wait to meet you all 🥺🥺🥺💕 @ViciousHorizon Imagine the Twitch clips... Think of the content 🤔Okay I wanna do GO Karting with my family, followed by drinks and a birthday live stream on Twitch (maybe live stre… @StaceyofGotham You miss, are absolutely gorgeous!😍 @awhnutss Please love me 😍😍😍😍😍😍
@EveryDamnDay__ @tofu_thots 😍 I cannot get over your hair !
@epicLAN @ReaperSteve1 I hate everything @sawlties I LOVE your lips wtf @rachellipstick @ateyo_ @ChampionEsports I know you don’t know me, but reading this entire thread is an inspiration…
Go give @Veracityy_ a follow on her Twitch channel. She is fantastic to watch. Currently playing AmongUs with her d…
Retweeted by Jasmine @ Home👀Help her hit 1.4K tonight people!!! Come help me kill the lobby in Among Us too!!!
Retweeted by Jasmine @ Home👀Playing #AmongUs with viewers right now 💖 Check out my NEW EMOTES and tell me which one your favourite is! 🤙 Single. Time. #AmongUs @PlayVALORANT FFS ofc they choose to do it NOW @JohnPeeOfficial @Vitality_ALEX You are going to break the internet @bt_uk Sure thing, how can you help? Because nothing has been done to make up for the fact that I literally had to… @ec1s_ @DonHaci Hater @Dunceantix @epicLAN @ReaperSteve1 @OverclockersUK WOAH TOXIC I'M SICK AT MONOPOLY @Taylerdoodle @tommyfuks @xacty_ 🥺😭 @CallMeTalha @CobrastanGuy I know, I was laughing at the joke 😅😂 @CobrastanGuy @CallMeTalha
@DonHaci 400 DPI @ 0.9 sens ganggggg 🤙 @epicLAN @ReaperSteve1 @OverclockersUK If you vote anything other than CSGO, we can’t be friends 😘LIVE 💖 Playing viewer games of #AmongUs, come watch our friendship groups fall apart and join in! 😅 @portilho Wanna Social Media Manage each other so we both get verified? 🥺 @robiinCS Du ser ut som ett kylskåp @CoolerMasterUK W H Y have so many people picked the mystery prize!? @GADThornton It's on a weekend anyway! @SAS_Raptor Me? Lightweight? NEVER @RyanAtRBM @priusOBS @_BrianCS Can I play? 🥺