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Would you do it all differently? ✨💙 #mlp
Retweeted by ؜ @VyletPony YOU'RE amazing!!! the fuck!!! (but tysm..🥺)the funny horse album ive been anticipating forever finally came out today, and its brought me more wonder than i c…🦎🐊🐟
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@hazmax_ wakko...stinkyI'm very relieved he's finally getting traction because some of your queer friends have hated him for years because…
Retweeted by ؜1/8 An MLP comic I collaborated with the amazing @monokuromatic on! She wrote it and made the original concept, I i…
Retweeted by ؜this is all still accurate info > new court date is oct 21, the voicemail is full but pls keep calling pls keep ema…
Retweeted by ؜Hi I’m Gabi, I’m a non-binary cartoonist, I love fashion and making my own clothes! As of right now I’m at 27% of m…
Retweeted by ؜another golden rule of the internet, dont look in the replies of pride posts from big companies. cesspool. every time.on the off chance you actually end up changing someones mind, youre still wasting energy you could have spent surro… every day, but especially today dont waste your energy arguing with transphobes. block and ignore. dont go… THE JIG IS UP!!! i love fairytails to death and it still feels surreal i got to be apart of it. its a beautiful… Pony World: Fairytails is my new album that I'm releasing in less than 24 hours. I couldn't have done it with…
Retweeted by ؜ @VyletPony cant recommend jdownloader enough :) fast as hell, you can choose between extracting just the audio or t…
thank you for greenhouse @everydaylouie i’ve been listening to it all week
Retweeted by ؜After I used the term "trauma porn" in class, a professor pointed out to me how often we use sexual language to poi…
Retweeted by ؜but don't forget that actually replying to a tweet is super helpful for artists so don't forget to leave your favor…
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Retweeted by ؜friends/lovers spanning over multiple past lives/timelines will never NOT warm my heart @thattwinkyBee ive seen this be used both as an allegory for reincarnation and the trans experience. either way makes me warm in the heart 🥺Professionalism is a myth. It’s just standardized whiteness.
Retweeted by ؜Our feature tutorial/artist fortoday is this ARM FOLDING guide by the excellent @kelplsss! This simple set of notes…
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Retweeted by ؜✌️ of the Deep #3dart #halloween
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Day 18 of Weretober! Amphibian!! Biiig Newt... #weretober #creaturedesign
Retweeted by ؜Fuck teachers for saying that Wikipedia was untrustworthy bcus anyone can edit it, that's specifically why it IS tr…
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Retweeted by ؜saw this trans man on tiktok get a tattoo of his top surgery scars, so they would never fade. and cis people were s…
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Retweeted by ؜I can't stress enough how important it is to make art you WANT to make and not just art you think others want to see.
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Retweeted by ؜I usually take pictures of the ocean, this year I had to create my own
Retweeted by ؜This is a pre-release version of Wii Menu 1.0 but it feels like a creepypasta video 😳
Retweeted by ؜AFAB and AMAB are not biological descriptors they don't mean anything about your body. AFAB and AMAB refer to a spe…
Retweeted by ؜my kink is ultra-specific world building details not worth caring about for the most part but make you tilt your he… @warbling_static this is too cool. do you think itd be, like, shaved and tatted normally or dyed fur? either way hard as wellif i studied human anatomy as closely as i did pony anatomy during my formative years itd be over for you bitches
stick a freakin leg ripped up a toy? wasn't me! ❤
Retweeted by ؜crunchy monst Phantom of the Paradise is still one of my favourite costumes in film.
Retweeted by ؜I wonder if these are related somehow
Retweeted by ؜Thinking about the unapologetic political comics with Bert & Ernie Daryl Cagle has made... Apparently the second on…
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Retweeted by ؜ @pokevii_ this is hell is good when you realize that life is not what twitter makes it out to be. twitter makes life look like hell.…
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@lane_bandito @justurprobIem PONY FANCAMS?????? YOUR BRAIN IS SO FUCKING BIGA very annoying brain feature I have is what I call Waiting Mode. Like today, I have to leave for an MRI at 2:45. U…
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Retweeted by ؜one thing i am going to mention is, dont pair the innocent clerk ringing you up with the big bad corporation theyre… if i had a penny for how many times i wanted to bring this up to someone well meaning during my shift... i… did it witch has been t h i n k i n g 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤
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Most cartoon drawings I see of kangaroos often don't get the feet right but I think that's because we won't have to…
Retweeted by ؜“ur rly funny on twitter” thanks i’m autistic and i can never execute all the jokes i want to tell correctly irl so…
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Retweeted by ؜ @Maki_Irl i remember seeing one of these with "intersex" on the list... uH @VyletPony it honestly feels like theyre trying to convince themselves theyre hurting you?? like without any other… side of tumblr, why do candles make my brain go quietstop commenting stuff like “my bisexuality!!” on trans people’s before/after transition photos. in both photos the…
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Retweeted by ؜ @hehymn "best purchase of my life. cured all of my ailments and turned me into a dragon. 4/5 mailman was rude"
@VyletPony "watch me own this tranny libtard by listening to their entire discography and giving them free exposure by bragging about it 😈" @VyletPony maybe im jaded but if youve acknowledged wrongness and have experienced growth, i dont see why toxic beh… @VyletPony modern purification culture is super stupid. upholding social justice is jolly n all, but its just plain…'s part of a prog-pop (?) tune from earlier this year. it's nice and sweet but i was very angry while writing i…
Retweeted by ؜even with steve's silly animations you can't even say he's low effort because of just how developed his moveset is!… would love to time travel and leak this exact frame onto /v/ and watch as im laughed off the board i cant get a gif of it but steve just..passes away while drowning and im laughing so fucking hard @arvalis i cant even put into words how excited the possibility of you picking it up makes me 🥺 zbrushs learning cu… i use art as a way to decompress and meditate, and i feel like 100% if i just got done drawing for money for 8… im biding my time working in retail its got me is dope and all but having it be my job would just tire me outJacktober 13 - upward facing muzzle I’m fallin’ behind on my quality I’m sorry y’all
Retweeted by ؜ @denis__draws why cant i select more than one its not fair @BubbyMomLover this is true john pony confirmed it
Im fucking disgusted. You should all know that this isn’t a unique case. There are MANY corporations destroying our…
Retweeted by ؜ @smol_andriusha ..this is so big brain wtf 😳 @smol_andriusha i forgot about zecora's whole line of herbs (and spices)! yea theres probably an equal balance of b… @VyletPony this song takes me to a place that feels like home where ive never been before, nicely done :) @smol_andriusha deep lore: derpy's horse lasik laser misfired 😞n thats only assuming a given hospital would encourage using uni magic. winter wrap-up kind of implied theres certa… that leaves you with a limited supply of workers lucky to end up with a health-related cutiemark (and hopefully… would probably be, like, so weird in equestria. like itd be easy to assume unicorn magic would be the en… @smol_andriusha you think magical horse LASIK is still a surgerical procedure or some form of magical horse magic?Franchise *exists* Hollywood:
Retweeted by ؜it is the early 2000s you obsessively self-insert as one of, some, or all of the following characters you are trans… too short fuck the government pirate coffee pods jailbreak your keurigcan someone make an account where they post this image with "NAFTER NOON!" every afternoon
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Retweeted by ؜ @nervwrack @buttjuiceYT why do i look like the guy on the lefti would literally do ANYTHING to work at discordof course celestia is homophobic why else would she banish her sapphic icon sister to the moon