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Check out the best of #GlobalCitizenLive featuring Jennifer Lopez, BTS, Ed Sheeran, 5 Seconds of Summer, Davido & m… week, world leaders met at the UN General Assembly,to reimagine @GlobalGoalsUN. Consider it #WorldsToDoList to…’s Apple launch day!! Our #VTeam across the country is excited and ready to get customers the latest iPhone 13 li…
Retweeted by VerizonWATCH: @di_alvear catches us up on the week and jumps straight to the big 📱🍎launch! PLUS news on tomorrow’s Global…
Retweeted by Verizon @Bandana71391825 How do we choose?? They're all so talented! @FlashMa53163013 Current favorite Pokémon? @laniek08 Been waiting on this because it's SO BIG! Might just need to dive in! @Matthew_Quinn96 Go-to loadout??? @Always_Shmargie But who's your main tho...? 👀 @apfury34 @tatersoupking *patiently waits for new map* 🙄 @RafaelH64441613 You already know!! 💪 @chickenbox390 Playing life on hard mode we see...🌯.@Friendswithyou made amazing characters for #Hidden13 — a mind-blowing AR experience to launch #iPhone13. Which on… @drunksonja We understand the importance of having reliable service at all times. Have you tried to check for any r… @chausette120 Good luck!
@pengy1 Best of luck, Kari! 🎨 📱 @Virge Can we come???? @CuntryGurlSwagg Seems sus 👀 👀 @Polarbear605TV GET ITTTTTT! Also, have a good day at work! @GeorgeOConnor1 LOVE it! 🔥 @Bandana71391825 Who's your bias?! @ct_jester We love you!!! @AuntNYC All you need to do is click your vote in the prompt above and tweet it! Let us know if you run into any is… @Trich33Mike Good luck to you, Mike! #Hidden13Sweepstakes @mr_boiling with the power of technology, #Verizon5G, and some creativity.. we make amazing things happen 🥰 @DocGregith @Friendswithyou mood @DemonFury89 Sometimes light days are a must...especially with the weekend almost here! @MassoudFaquir13 That's what we like to hear! @Rywill0614 Amazing choice! 🔥 @TravisGrimsley1 On Verizon 5G we hope. 😉 @akn876_ Still haven't dived in yet. Thoughts so far? @AshleyGlassen @Friendswithyou @halsey keeping our fingers crossed for you guys🤞 @Pyrax338 Favorite Pokémon? @SabrinaRoyal3 #mood @Brooklynrage89 This sounds like a 10/10 day if you ask us. @wearenocomputer 🙌✨🙌 @vladabeast Bridge of Spirits is on our list! How do you like it? @MostusYT A solid lineup! 🔥What are we playing today? 🎮At live events content creators need to move fast. Watch @TimJumphreys use Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband and @GoPro to… have a skillset that goes way beyond driving ambulances to hospitals. #VerizonFrontline has tech that goes way…
Retweeted by VerizonHow customers enter your store after you upgrade to the #5G network.
Retweeted by Verizon.@Friendswithyou made amazing characters for #Hidden13 — a mind-blowing AR experience for the #iPhone13 launch. Whi… @Friendswithyou made amazing characters for #Hidden13 — a mind-blowing AR experience for the #iPhone13 launch. Whic… @SuprSonicChao37 Aren't they the cutest! 🙌 ❤️ @TSWilliams13 No additional questions to answer! Looks like you already tweeted your #AirPodsPro response 👍 Fingers crossed! @vicwizayo To participate in #Hidden13, go to to create a customized FriendsWithYou charact… @dasmfta Nope! We want everyone to have the chance to enter and win 🤗 Fingers crossed! @AnneStefunny Love to see it! 🙌 Good luck ❤️ @MichelleLeight1 Hi Michelle, you can still participate right at home! Just go to to create… @braydia17 @halsey We won’t be announcing the winners publicly, but once the sweepstakes is over we’ll be reviewing… @brianrose Hi Brian, you can find the black cube ⬛️ at Santa Monica Pier near the parking lot.📍🙌🚨 Customize your own character in #Hidden13, a mind-blowing new reality created by @Friendswithyou x @halsey, and s… @a1bengal You can participate right at home! Just head to to create a customized FriendsWit… @MatineeManatees They are custom FriendsWithYou characters! ☁️ To participate in #Hidden13, head to… the amazing #Hidden13 reality to this world: watch @Friendswithyou & @halsey talking about the creative proces… only 1 week left in the month, 📆 we wanted to remind all #VerizonUp members to claim your monthly reward. 🎁 💳…
Retweeted by Verizon @IORICUBS23 @TwitterGaming We beat the most important boss, the character creation screen 😳 @cupcaketutu Aren't they the cutest! 🥰 @lovelizel Thanks so much for participating Liz and good luck! 🙌New feature alert! You can easily find all your plan’s perks and benefits, online or in the My Verizon app. We’re w…🚨 #Hidden13 PRIZE PACK GIVEAWAY: LAST CHANCE TO WIN!🚨 Another #Hidden13Sweepstakes drop! VOTE BELOW for the chanc… @randydorney ❤️ @rpkn2131 Good luck!
@TwitterGaming Can't die if you don't leave spawn @dorygrajeda speak it into existence, Diana !! ✨ @cosmickatelyn anytime, Katelyn! Thank you for participating and good luck ❤️ @emmaba2157 Hey Emma! Make sure you click your vote in the prompt above and tweet it to us to ensure your entry is… @KyanBasil Great question! All you need to do is click your vote in the prompt above and tweet it. Let us know if y… @GrittyGuapo speak the win into existence 🙌 #Hidden13Sweepstakes #Verizon5G @Lot2Tweet 🤩so many prizes, so much excitement🤩 @laniek08 MOOD! the pressure is on #Hidden13Sweepstakes @bakermama63 🤞🙌 WE LOVE YOU MORE!! GOOD LUCK, INGRID 🤞🙌 @id0pe_nrekless first time may be a charm, Jasmine!!! #Hidden13Sweepstakes #Verizon5G @CBRamirez818 Thanks for voting, Chris! Fingers crossed for that iPad 🙌 @marticio14 we're so sorry to hear about your iPad 😢 keeping our fingers crossed for you!! & THANK YOU for being th… @Daking_12 fingers crossed, Chris 🤞 #Hidden13Sweepstakes @ReneeAwilson83 So many prizes!! Good LUCK!! @GeorgeOConnor1 we got you covered, George! Thanks for participating and good luck!🙌 @ArmyGurl1999 don't worry, Trish– your vote is locked in😉 keeping our fingers crossed for you and the iPad Pro you… @Redredshuz Good luck to you!! @howbeck1 You're very welcome! Thank you for participating and good luck, Rebecca! #Hidden13Sweepstakes #Verizon5G @ftwrtoheaven @halsey @Friendswithyou #Hidden13 was created in partnership with Halsey to feature her track “Darlin… @17blkholegarden @halsey @Friendswithyou OBVIOUSLY, same🤩 #Hidden13 #Verizon5G @manicwithluv @halsey bestie you don't need to be a Verizon customer to participate! We want everyone to have the chance to enter and win 🤗 @LisaR077 @Friendswithyou Isn't it! So many prizes so little time!! 🤩🤗 #Hidden13Sweepstakes #Verizon5G @SupremelyWise @halsey The 🎶 to our ears is how excited you are for ALL THESE CHANCES TO WIN !! #Hidden13Sweepstakes 🤗 @LisaR077 @halsey Thank YOU for participating 🤩 #Hidden13 #Verizon5G @jotessaamanse @halsey I think so !! 😉 @PoppaMarc81 @halsey we're ready when you are 🥰 @DawnMarticio @halsey We got yo covered, Dawn! Thanks for participating and checking out #Hidden13 #Verizon5G ❤️ @TorreySmithWR Taking notes 👀 @AlvinRRivera @halsey music to our ears🎶🥰 @lovechristian23 @halsey The future of 5G and AR experiences is here with #Hidden13 ! 🙌 @Anisha_xx1 @Friendswithyou @halsey @Apple You can be! Explore the world of #Hidden13 here, 🥰 @CryptoKaijuIO Can’t make it to one of our participating cities? Create your own customized @Friendswithyou charact… @dignitas @starsmitten_ 😻😻😻The HACR Corporate Inclusion Index just awarded us a 5-star rating for Governance. This survey helps us evaluate di…
Retweeted by VerizonThe finale of #NinePerfectStrangers is now streaming! 😱 Catch up on all 8 episodes with #HuluOnVerizon. It’s includ…