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Vernon Naidoo @Vernon242 Pretoria, South Africa

Proudly South African.All views expressed are my own.

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@BiancavanWyk16 Stay safe wherever u might be @BiancavanWyk16
Most interesting conversation on Master Class with @Azania_ and @JvanLogg @Radio702EAT THE VIRUS (REMAX)
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @Sli_Masikane you quote her out of context. It is not just what colours not to wear, but what colours not to wear because the…
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @kabelodick @ZolaAmanda @Maswanganye @tboseZA @ms_tourist @KayaFMMusic @Lulubel_hlela @Maphumzah @BagwellReloaded don't know if you ever wore Pink and seen how homophobes come for you ... That is violent. Sentletse, the woman…
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @ms_tourist @KayaFMMusic @tboseZA @kabelodick @Maswanganye @ZolaAmanda @Lulubel_hlela @Maphumzah @BagwellReloaded well I lost my job due to lockdown I decided to start a Toilet Paper business I won’t survive heading back to…
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooHahaha 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooNo heaven for me
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooWHERE DID YOU GET THE CIGARETTE 😂
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooLegendary 🤣🤣
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooFormer Springbok and Sharks hooker Chiliboy Ralepelle has been handed an eight-year ban after testing positive for…
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @ms_tourist @kabelodick He is just too much @ms_tourist @kabelodick @TransnetNPA Durban confirms the partial sinking of the SAS Durban, a minesweeper belonging to the Durban (Port Nat…
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooThe use of @SAPoliceService look-alike vehicles , uniform and insignia by certain private security service provide…
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooIntroducing... ROCKET 1
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooAs a uniquely non-aligned HEMS provider, we offer the EMS industry in South Africa a totally neutral and independen…
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@mfullard2 All 3 @Zwelinzima1 @AthiGeleba Condolences Sir to you and the family. Strength to you all🙏🙏 @BiancavanWyk16 @sarashni Might be on the cardsFormer #Prasa chair #PopoMolefe today testified at #ZondoCommission of the headwinds #ANC leaders like #DipuaPeters
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooTrying to monetize other people's grief FFS! Shameless.
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooPeople who use trending #RIP hashtags of actual people who died to promote their businesses or hustle should be ban…
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @mfullard2 It's totally disgustingAbsolutely,unfortunately we are blocked by that account for calling them out before so we cant report it. don’t know how Sally stayed composed during the Ryno de Beer interview. ‘iTs a ScAm.’ ‘ITs cRaP’. 🤡
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo4/ and thank you to our very good health workers who are doing extremely well
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo3/ Outstanding leadership @DrZweliMkhize
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo2/ here’s some more
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo1/ @DrZweliMkhize has released a detailed and informative statement on what SA health authorities now know about co…
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooWow.
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @Mefika1 @Diegochuene We need to start reporting and getting these accounts blocked. We can't be this insensitive shuuu
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @Diegochuene Well using #Rippheko to top get likes for your post is just as disgusting
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @LeratoLegoale @Diegochuene #DiegoCheuneMustFall @KirstyRuebet #DiegoCheuneMustFallShould #DiegoCheuneMustFall trend. Using a hashtag for likes and retweets is disgusting. #DiegoCheuneSmall business owners stop using sensitive hashtags to promote your nonsense #RIPPheko
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @AndiMakinana @osipuka @MTNza They upgrading to 5gThe Governing party has sent this communique to its staff on its failure to pay June Salaries. A similar letter was…
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooSomebody is telling lies Back to School Checklist. #SaferSchools #FlattenTheCurve
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @bhunlesganga @MbuyiseniNdlozi @goolammv raised an important point. He has never mentioned, wear masks,sanitise, keep social distancingMbuyiseni Ndlozi has tweeted out 12 times in the last hour, not once did the iceboy ask people to stay safe use a…
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @AldrinSampear What about accidents and deaths cause by those industries.Let's have a picture of that tooThe biggest #Airshow in Africa is not taking place in September 2020 #CoronaVirus 🦠 #AAD
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @Sli_Masikane @BiancavanWyk16 #TuesdayMotivation @JvanLogg Gillian Malouw, from the SA Navy, is the first female officer in Africa to navigate a submarine 🙌🏽…
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @beerwitching01
@AndiMakinana We waiting for @NoncebaMhlauli to be appointed are some of the reasons why the Western Cape has a high number of #COVID19 cases.
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooGauteng is expected to emerge as the country's #COVID19 epicentre within the coming days. Here are some of the reas…
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @YvetteDiedricks @SipokaziLilitha @SipokaziLilitha @SipokaziLilitha So I hear as well u can get R6000 in 24hours @somkheleomkhulu @ms_tourist @leokana_mrRnB @kabelodick For future I know. @kabelodick @ms_tourist @somkheleomkhulu @leokana_mrRnB I am with you now @ms_tourist @somkheleomkhulu @leokana_mrRnB @kabelodick Let me take my tweet back....she wasnt following me and onl… @ms_tourist @somkheleomkhulu @leokana_mrRnB @kabelodick These guys are not your friends if he looks familiar... here's why! Here's some advice for families working from home.
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo📺 That's live TV folks. I apologise on my cat's behalf for the interruption this morning @maggsonmedia.…
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @kabelodick @CoruscaKhaya My thought exactly, he missed all of the above @Vaneshree02 They must chop off their penisesWow 👀”Documents include letters from Hollywood studios, record labels & publishers urging the EU’s executive branch…
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo#COVID19Diaries eNCA tv anchor Shahan Ramkissoon tested positive for #COVID19 a week ago and is off-air while he s…
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooYou can tag him too @ShahanR you ever held a dark curiosity about why film & TV in SA is like the paraplegic child kept bound & gagged in a d…
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooDIFFERENCE: between a taxi and a plane on 100% loading capacity, explains Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula...…
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooOur prayers and thoughts are with the family, colleagues and friends of Major-General Theko Pharasi, Gauteng Deputy…
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @BiancavanWyk16 DOCUMENT: ANC denies authorship of deployment memo
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @Sli_Masikane Good morning Minister Zweli Mkhize has also expressed his disappointment at the taxi industry's decision to fill taxis to…
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @poobie_pillay Great news 🙏 @beerwitching01
More shootings reported from the Cape Flats: Hanover Park and also Kewtown. @mplaincpf
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @DJFreshSA can u put me in touch, I want to get them something used word #Uyajola99Sundays @wendyknowler Come to think of it, is there anyone who has not spilled. Maybe its time for a different design. @tumisole Enough of drama for the day, let's get ready for #Uyajola99Sundays @FavourIsMyName7 @ms_tourist @kabelodick Dick what are you driving @MbalulaFikile They dont care and as long as we treat them with gloves on they will continue to use government to their own advantageI appeal to the industry to reconsider their decision to incite lawlessness. While we have expressed support for a…
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @SA_Taxis @XoliMngambi It's not the way u want to communicate and get your message out there. @MissVezi26 @BagwellReloaded @Lulubel_hlela @ms_tourist @hunadi_mpho We blame government for this. They should have been firm long time ago with them. When eto… had my say. Support anarchy at own peril. When spread hits own relatives and friends you will get why anarchy everywyshould be stopped.
Retweeted by Vernon NaidooTransport department responds to Santaco - YouTube
Retweeted by Vernon Naidoo @mpha_kane @tumisole Mining industries are operating at 50% as per regulations