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Product & evangelism @AdobeSpark, podcasts @swordandlaser, fan @SFGiants, co-life @ryan! Dog mom. Views are my own.

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@LuriaPetrucci Haha, those were the replies to the first tweet! She was just holding her ground at that point.
@ZachariusD That makes me really happy to hear!Roses are red, Violets are blue. I’m wearing workout pants to dinner tonight. That’s the whole poem. @robert_j_zak @tamahome02000 @swordandlaser @romanmars random small world moment - I knew Ben from the “Whomst Among Us Has Let The Dogs Out” episode from when… @ryanboros Omg @milliman It’s not! It’s the replies to the post! @bittergiantsfan It’s not! It’s a privacy screen cover!! @ELahti What's that, you say? from home, they said. You’ll be productive, they said. @Drunk_Austen Omg I saw this via @gailcarriger and read the whole thing before I realized it was @FrankKnight (of C… @tamahome02000 @swordandlaser’s the link to create from that project: (animation is mobile-only right now) you forget to get a Valentine's Day card? Of course you did, who even does that any more. Here's some free temp… @wakingupfree @AdobeSpark Woot! Please show me what you make when you’re done!
@iamkarynelle This is so good! @socialforsmallb Nice, do any of these resonate with you? @Point31 Haha very cool! @KatieAndThePigs @RenaSaltsman Let me know if there’s anything I can help with on the Adobe Spark side! We just lau… @dragxn_z I mean…. I’m kind of into it? @abmack33 @LavergneNikki We also just launched MULTIBRAND last week! #AdobeSpark @Guyver851 Wonderful! @Mrsablund @AdobeSpark @WilsonElem @swoctm1 @ncte These are so fantastic! @texastogepi @swrightUDK Yes, Adobe Spark would be perfect for that. Let me know if you need any help! @wakingupfree @AdobeSpark Yes! They’re 1600 x 2560, the recommended size for KDP. @JohnJiao @jbrowder1 @DoNotPayLaw I know @jbrowder1 personally, so I'm confident it's not a scam. @AshtonCarter3 Sleep apnea, probably. @ixa_t Not to my knowledge!And yes, I am being tested (for the third time!) for sleep apnea. @CommandZer01 @GordMcLeod is it still "napping" if it's not on purpose?So, apparently it's not normal to just fall asleep in the middle of the day? #TILExciting news! We are launching a new service that gets you compensation from robocallers: 1. If a robocaller call…
Retweeted by Veronica BelmontOver on the Instagrams, I posted my first IGTV video all about learning some basic Bob Ross techniques and using th…
Retweeted by Veronica Belmont
@conradmuan @ryan sounds rightPresents in Google Slides: Uses Arial: I am a garbage human Uses Montserrat: I am a professional designer @rclstudio Unfortunately it’s a licensing issue. But we know that it’s a huge feature request! @rclstudio You can’t for branding, but you can for any project you’re working in: @rclstudio We're actually in a planning session for the first request now! We do have Adobe Fonts (frm TypeKit), an… @rclstudio Can I ask what we’re missing that you’re looking for in Spark?
CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 22 million flu illnesses, 210,000 hospitalizations a…
Retweeted by Veronica Belmont @joesherry Yes please! Veronica (at) swordandlaser (dot)com! @thisonerogue @swordandlaser I MISS THEM AAAHHHHJust finished listening to Gideon the Ninth by @tazmuir for our @swordandlaser February pick. IT’S SO GOOD. How am… @wirigendo Just go with it
@nicole lol @THM_T17 Yes! @MikeElgan @molekuleair @leolaporte @TWiT 😳I just called something a "dope-ass spreadsheet," which says a lot about where my brain is these days. @BrittanyCurran I am Veronica, patron saint of the weekend
@feliciaday everyone needs modern basics.Huge @AdobeSpark news today! We've launched the ability for you to have multiple brands in one account: great for f… @aarontrites Why.... why did they call to tell you that? @Nehalia Well, the main thing is that there is no delineation between what is a “bra” and what is a “shirt.” I also… @j4ckl3 I worked there for years. @robseth HAH!! that’s so weird and amazing. Like, WHY?If you want to feel every creeping moment of your middle age, walk into an Urban Outfitters. @Brandontheblade @SFGiants @MLB You assumed they did.
@linecook This entire article should be a literal orgasm of only waiting for 30 minutes on a Saturday morning after 9am for a seat at Plow. @linecook Richie don't make me click on this @Brandontheblade @SFGiants @MLB The fact that you assume this is a "token diversity hire" says much more about you than the @SFGiants @Brandontheblade @SFGiants @MLB She did get there legitimately. The same way we celebrated the first woman astronau… @Greg95384736 @coldwars @SFGiants @MLB do you know that? @coldwars @SFGiants @MLB thank you @Brandontheblade @SFGiants @MLB It is a significant thing, and it opens the door for other organizations to welcome… @AlecCap @SFGiants @MLB why do you have an issue with a woman being a coach?
@Veronica “I’m so scared....sorry go, I was saying I’m so...ok...hello?...sorry thought the audio dropp…
Retweeted by Veronica Belmont"Blair Witching": When someone is walking around with their laptop during a conference call
@MykeCole Whatchu gonna do with all that food? All that food inside your butt? I’m gonna fart fart fart it out, Far…
@zamn No specific goals, though planning to do some obstacle course races this year, and potentially some powerlift… @missmarisol Not right now, unfortunately!We have fun. @zamn I'm currently at 25.7%! I feel like I've been all bulk and no cut lately. Gained about 3lbs lean muscle and 3… @zamn whoa. I got my DXA scan done (after two years) this week and I'm not super stoked, but it wasn't terrible. @TheFowlerRobert @SamSykesSwears He piles those meat products into a towering mound. Mark Hamhill @zamn How do you know this? Are you getting regular DXA scans? @slickrate
@narendra @BadAstronomer NO! @SlackHQ whoa... was this All Unreads like yesterday? We doing this sentence case thing now?, I just trying to not have to invite myself to all of my own events. @BadAstronomer I have read that it is possible on WINDOWS., with all the combined human knowledge and technical prowess, it is still not possible to subscribe to m… @NathalieGregg @AdobeSpark of course! #abitbiased
@GoldieChan The #AdobeSpark team is hiring a Sr Data Science Analyst! @bitchimtheflash (Secret: you can remove it if you click on it from the editor window) @MrsLMJ @AdobeSpark No, we don't yet have that ability, but it's being worked on!And yet people like @scottjohnson get their entire channel removed with almost zero recourse for having a song play… @NathalieGregg Images, words, motion (of text or background images), narration. You can combine all those elements… @nicole I mean — yeah. Pretty sure we have an entire room devoted to them in our house.
@deyrajaye @clowerycontent @Promodotcom @TheAnimaker @AdobeSpark @WeVideo That’s actually something we say in our t… @MissBluniverse Nooooo why are we at war? WE SURRENDER! @NotTheRealKris @AdobeSpark Yikes! What are you having trouble with? Maybe I can help? @TheMojoMissy @AdobeSpark Yeah! It’s super easy on the iOS app too. @uxhacks_ I mean, I think we do a lot BETTER too, but I'm biased ;) What new features or content are you feeling? @azimamir18 Nice, what are you making?? @DanEdwardsToGo @JBowdacious @MrsLMJ @AdobeSpark Hey Lisa — I’m sorry about that. I’ll share your feedback with the team. We know it’s a big req…