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ty for joining my stream!!!! i'm going to be streaming!! come join me :>
@PopTartsUS Thank you babe✨
@Betas_Inferno That means she was married into royalty, but you can still make her your lil peasant @Liadnel My ultimate formWhat did you say, punk...
I had a nice look today✨ @DampOwlTweet awee!! these are great!!
i'm streaming this again, gonna do some line art today ;} come join me! @PandaPuncher OMMGG!!! This is so cute!!! Can’t wait to see it finished✨ @veronicandjelly trying to get out of my drawing slump and needed some ideas. Then i thought i wanted to try to dra…
Retweeted by BEE-ronicaandjellyWilly Wonka and the Charlie Chocolate Factory
@HellPerp Ok but like, what server did you main in?
@uricksaladbar OMGG you’re so right 🤮 @uricksaladbar I’m gonna have to leave a DISLIKE for this article @JohnnyUtahNG JEFFF!! Hahaha it’s so spot on!!!I don't think I have the life in me to finish this so into the coffin you go
Retweeted by BEE-ronicaandjelly @nikkinacks @LuisCastanon I second that, maybe with a drink in hand????Omggg beaut babes @nikkinacks
@Betas_Inferno @uricksaladbar YESSS!!!!! This is emo emulated pure angst “I hate you mom” MOOD✨💞EVERyONE BE WARNED!!!! @veronicandjelly and @uricksaladbar ARE FAKE EMOS!!!! JUST BECAUSE YOU DRESSED LIKE THIS ONC…
Retweeted by BEE-ronicaandjelly @ChrisRGun No this is @AGuyWhoDraws RUOCCO!!! This is looking so incredible✨ @RicepirateMick Where’s your luscious beard @uricksaladbar @SuprGothQueen64 He told me he was Clay Jensen earlier and my only response was this: Does this not… @uricksaladbar 👈👈🌝My friend @uricksaladbar actually got peeved at me for not knowing all the lyrics to a Fall Out Boy song
Thank you guys for tuning in the stream!! If you wanna follow along with my bee-ronica comic, the updates will be o… some Bee-ronica stuff!! c : come hang if you'd like!! case you haven't heard our new single just dropped!
Retweeted by BEE-ronicaandjelly @ChrisRGun @uricksaladbar and the music is fucking great @uricksaladbar i personally am all in for the platforming. some of the story is fun, but it's all a bit too childis… @ThatOlSwain You don’t see it, you don’t get it, I'm looking for freelance work as a 🌜3D Character Artist🌛 (Games, Promo Art, Concept, Trailers) DM if inter…
Retweeted by BEE-ronicaandjellyStreaming today!!! I’ll post a time soon. When my lazy wake up time is over✨ @plooper14 AWEEE!!!! YOU DREW BEERONICA SO CUTE!!! 😭✨ @plooper14 @uricksaladbar @Betas_Inferno @Saberspark Beta @Betas_Inferno @uricksaladbar @Saberspark this is after beta throws herself down the stairs🔪🔪🔪
Hey, party rockers I got my ko-fi page up and runnin again. I'd appreciate any rt or any support if possible :>…
Retweeted by BEE-ronicaandjelly @Chazoo92 Omggg you’re so pretty✨💞😭 @SweetBeanAmin This one suits me, surprisingly @JohnnyUtahNG Your obsession with graphic design
@LuisCastanon @TomFulp I would back this ✨ @ElCid_Tweets @supertrucker me some hard hitting Q’s bb!!
@uricksaladbar He got his beautiful goth gf
@MackStitch You are so smart 😭 I’m a filthy cheat and use a color balance to help give my things a red or pinkish tint @ToxicxEternity This is so fricking badass!!!✨
I made a lil drawing for my bro’s friend ✨ Episode of YOLO: Crystal Fantasy is available to watch on the @adultswim website!!! Go watch the ParTyGuRlZ f…
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@DoopieDoodles So mansum✨😭 @FaKanza I’m the hoboif anybody was curious what my future holds
@SweetBeanAmin @Oktoshrooms @Jean_VampQueen AWE BEAUTIFUL✨
@trudicastle God you’re so fucking cool
I bought my dogs a lil Gumby and each dog takes their turn playing with him, and none of them have ripped him up su… IT IS #ADDICTMV 🎶❤ the moment I heard @SilvaHound 's amazing fansong and @kovox 's performance the visuals in…
Retweeted by BEE-ronicaandjelly @MouseMagnani Maybe I’ll do just thatWill you ever sell fun wench prints? — I didn’t think anybody would be interested! Would you be??
The Neo Geo Jam is a GO! Categories for Animation, Fan Art and Neo Geo-like Music, with prizes. This one is really…
Retweeted by BEE-ronicaandjelly @LogarrStreams @earlynovfan @SweetBeanAmin “One of the things I hated was you had to get cores to progress through… @SweetBeanAmin Yeah he was telling me it’s so hard to get rare items. He was saying something about it being randomized, like the key words @SweetBeanAmin David says, “the one thing I hate about that game is the dungeons... they took sooooo long.... so mu… @Sorsmanet Planet mayo @Milkywaybay TBIS IS SO ADORABLE! Thank you✨Sailor jelly✨'m finally home and back into business, gonna stream tomorrow some commissions! will post times tomorrow @ThatOlSwain GOD BLESS U @ThatOlSwain side eye tire head
@Badskwall @HouTheGaardian @Zeurel i'm glad you can cry for robots and not a child and her kitty @HouTheGaardian No Disney + in the last standing gaul village, aye? @HouTheGaardian @Zeurel Dude... I implore you to rewatch Monsters Inc. it’s hilarious, and so fucking heart wrenchi… @HouTheGaardian @Zeurel Watching it now is sending me into a fit of tears 😭✨ @HouTheGaardian @Zeurel You’re telling me.... THIS doesn’t make you cry your eyes out with happiness those who I couldn’t respond to (in regards to requesting commissions) my slots are all full, but when I’ve fin… @Zeurel More people need to love Monster’s Inc. @Evanimations Ahaha!!!! It’s beautiful😭✨Sorry to miss you @veronicandjelly but I added to your whiteboard drawing to fit more w the theme of words that rhy…
Retweeted by BEE-ronicaandjelly @CodyJones004 And they all couldeach one is a different persona
i can live again
@LuisCastanon @ThatOlSwain @SweetBeanAmin 😍I had one of the best bdays ever! More so because @ThatOlSwain made homemade pizza!!!! 😭✨ this pizza with mushrooms… @djbigstinky INHAD EVER SINGLE ONE OF THESE!!!!Ahhhh!!!✨😭 @doublemaximus I LOVE THIS✨Thank you everybody for the sweet birthday wishes and messages!!✨💞 @blabberdookie Thanks Blabs!!! @DoopieDoodles Thanks dooopie💞✨ @L0Litsmonica OMGG MAMII✨ tyy @ZAWORLDO Awee!!! Thank you rhys!!! ✨😭 @nikkinacks Awee thank you nikki✨ I miss u 😭 @ajokolo Awe!!! This is great Hahah thank you!!!✨Happy birthday to @veronicandjelly!! Hope you're having a great day today and enjoying cake!
Retweeted by BEE-ronicaandjelly @Sabtastique Thank u sab😭✨ u beaut babe @_SrPelo_ OMGGG TYYY 😭💞✨ @LuisCastanon Awe thank you luis!!!✨ I had a blast hanging in your backyard so thank you again💞
@JAllenMc What is that!? Also thank you!!!