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Version1. #NeverDone. | #V1RL for Rocket League | #V1VAL & #VXVAL for VALORANT | Call of Duty team: @ROKKR | Victory isn’t the end, it’s the beginning.

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It all comes down to execution, but you haven't seen the last of us.'ll be back even stronger for the next VCT Game Changers event. tough one. we're lining up.'t count us out yet. Ace? @Rushhh__ and the VX girls are just built different.
An ACE for @katriggered. Would you expect anything less? in action. old is Beastmode? How long have Comm and Torment been teammates for? Promo code: Krissy:… @wrighteousj Appreciate you 👑A tough one. We'll be back later tonight. on stream but thats okay, we're still gonna frag out. Stay tuned for updates. today's match, you don't want to miss tomorrow. It's time to get loud in London. and loaded, we're ready to play.'s grind time. Sunday bound in V1ONDON. 🎉 @version1gg #RLCS
Retweeted by Version1TOP 3 SECURED AND WINNERS FINALS What a series, ggs to the kcorp guys they were nuts. See ya tomorrow
Retweeted by Version1My goodness that was crazy. Definitely didn’t play the best individually but im happy with how we played as a team.…
Retweeted by Version1 @RLEsports @RL_Comm Different IS V1ONDON BABY 3.'RE GOING TO GAME 7, @SUP3RSoN1K go-ahead TAKES GAME 3 50's STRIKES FIRST're not saving any boost. ARE YOU READY?💜 time to catch this Dub. in. @widthemid Has to? We WANT to. No mercy.Join us today for our New York watch party at @OS_NewYorkCity. 50 Bowery, New York, NY, 10013've rested. Top 3 here we come. this, is Rocket League. 🥲 the zone. are open, people are flooding in, time to get hype. get a T-shirt! You get a T-shirt! Everybody gets a T-shirt! @widthemid @RL_Comm @Torment @BeastModeLK who is your favorite team and why is it Version1? galore. It’s here and it’s happening. see this team across the stage from you, what you doin’?'s our guy! Let's Go @RL_Comm! us, your bank account says yes. live to fight another day's ZMM White. Our run continues tomorrow vs. Dart Monkeys observer feed, but we got you covered. B03 of the day, but we reign victorious! GGs FWOGS Vs. FWOGS Secured a playoffs bid! love Fracture. makes it look easy. 2 Agents - Fracture 1 was a breeze., okay buddy.
Series map set #1 seed losing? EU making a comeback? Let’s break down what happened on Day 3.'s do or die.'re not immortal, just victorious. regain. Round 5 of the Swiss stage up next. final Agents - Icebox to finish them. @TorDadRL Anytime TorDad 🫡Suffocating. @IanImmi @Vanityxz @RL_Comm @itskwissy @Fireburner @Torment @BeastModeLK Vouch @fishhr_ @RL_Comm Legend @SpacemanSR @RL_Comm @itskwissy @Fireburner @Torment @BeastModeLK Always catching dubs @AstralSkye @RL_Comm @itskwissy @Fireburner @Torment @BeastModeLK @REPPINjt Peep his arm bottom leftMap 2 Agents - Fracture to show you that they can bleed. @Chxncellr @RL_Comm @itskwissy @Fireburner @Torment @BeastModeLK Steak and fries 🤌 @widthemid @RL_Comm @itskwissy @Fireburner @Torment @BeastModeLK Next timeFamily dinner before we hit the stage tomorrow 1 Agents - Haven set vs. IMT time is now. Well, both figuratively and literally.’s shades are legendairy to drip out the team. Look good, feel good, play good. a strong showing is what you want, a strong showing is what you get. guess EU fans are alright sometimes. you ready? I'm noticing some Furia love here and some Faze clan contempt in the audience. or Phantom? Hot coals or LEGOs? Fruit or chocolate? Find out more about the VersionX team and their top pic… League celebs aplenty at the V1ondon Watch Party! Magician. @RL_Comm sweep? Moist sweep? NA >EU? Here’s the squad's predictions for today’s matches. all these people here to watch Rocket League 🥹💜
Retweeted by Version1ON OUR WAY TO CRASH @version1gg WATCH PARTY 👀😈🎉
Retweeted by Version1 @BlurrrEats Catch a flight ✈️ @RexyGgs First come, first serve! We’ve got wristbands up front right now!Who likes free stuff? We got you covered. Party Day ✌️ Why aren’t you here yet? @baileyryanne 🙋 @RLEsports @MoistEsports @PioneersGG @teamsecret @OpTic @FaZeClan @FURIA @G2esports @TeamLiquid When do we play RLEsports? 🥺