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Version1. #NeverDone. | #V1RL for Rocket League | #V1VAL for Valorant | Follow our Call of Duty team at @ROKKR | Victory isn’t the end, it’s the beginning.

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These are the teams that have qualified for the #VCTChallengersNA Playoffs so far. Which four teams will earn the r…
Retweeted by Version1 @Noah_WBL Whatever this guy wants 😍We present: @ThatOneSuper is one talented decal designer. 🙌💜 #V1RL @ThatOneSuper WHAAAAAAT @Rec0nn761 @iamfroott Whew! @Rec0nn761 Only one way to find out ... @drdarkfire @jupeii @Noah_WBL Omg 😍 @Its_Midnyte 🤣🤣 @cyrt14 Someday 👊What are some of the video games in your backlog? 👀 @Jesusoulz Seems right @Cliquebait_RL We’ll work on that! @bmorr1123 Niiiiice @Noah_WBL Love this! What kind of dog do you have? @jonaahuwu @Vanityxz @Cliquebait_RL Acceptable @RedWolfxOG Mmmhmmmmm 😁 @jonaahuwu @Vanityxz 💜🙌💜 @NeonTulpa @FlashForce4000 We have one of @Diamond_Sota @iamfroott ....afraid to ask why a banana.... @mitchell_vrgn This is relevant to our interests 🤔 @Ghoul732 Essential.You’re decorating your dream gaming setup. What’s the first thing you get? @MamaTorment @SUP3RSoN1K 🙌
🤩, we bid farewell to an awesome player. Thank you, @_PLAYERR1 for being part of our inaugural #V1VAL Valorant…👀
This just showed up and I freaking love it. @version1gg #VersionWon #NeverDone
Retweeted by Version1Remember when we qualified for #VALORANTChallengers NA Playoffs? That was pretty cool. #V1VAL ⱽ #NeverDone @GlitterXplosion Love to see it💜Huge shoutout to @version1gg for the care package! 😍💜 This purple is 🔥 🔥 Which do I wear first?!
Retweeted by Version1It's finally arrived! Big thanks to @version1gg for the sexy merch drop. Gotta love a white hoodie, gonna rep this…
Retweeted by Version1.@Attach joins the #ROKKR Talker podcast during the off week to reflect on Stage II and address how the team correc…
Retweeted by Version1If you’re interested in supporting the Brooklyn Center community during this time of unrest, you’ll find details on… encourage those feeling traumatized to seek help. Please consider reaching out to the National Alliance on Menta… one, still few games from top 10
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GGs @TorontoUltra We placed 4th in the Major 💜 #ROKKR | #CDL2021 | #PlayAsOne
Retweeted by Version1(2/2) up with @effysgo after our run at the NA @ValorantEsports Challengers 1 ended. Broke down the tournament, h… bois 😔 GGs to @XSETGAMING Happy to reach Top Four, we'll be back for the NA Stage 2 #VCTChallengers Finals 🙌… vs @XSETGAMING, great showing from them, ggs.
Retweeted by Version11-2 vs @XSETGAMING time to prepare for regionals 😎
Retweeted by Version11-2 @XSETGAMING love those guys... time to prep for regionals #WeAreZellsis
Retweeted by Version11-2 versus @XSETGAMING I got clapped last map they played well. GG's to them and good luck to Clay moving forward.
Retweeted by Version11-2 @XSETGAMING astra is cringe stupid agent i will be maining her now
Retweeted by Version11-2 vs @XSETGAMING the pistol gods were not with us today.
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🥳🥳🥳 Bringing it to a Map 3. . . Time for Bind! #V1VAL ⱽ #VCT ⱽ #VALORANTChallengers 1 @OpTicCHI 😏 Time for the Battle of the North tomorrow!!! 2pm CT. See you there. 😈 #ROKKR | #CDL2021 |…
Retweeted by Version1Tough start to the series. . . Moving on to Map 2: Haven 🙌 #V1VAL ⱽ #VCT ⱽ #VALORANTChallengers 1…!!!!!! #ROKKR | #PlayAsOne | #CDL2021
Retweeted by Version1playing vs XSET in 5-10 mins for seeding and prize money
Retweeted by Version1playing vs XSET in 5-10 mins for seeding and prize money
Retweeted by Version1Time for #VALORANT 💥 #V1VAL faces off against @XSETGAMING for a spot in the Semifinals 👀 Games start NOW, join… run on rounds 3 and 4 of that Control 😤 Up 2-1 #ROKKR | #PlayAsOne | #CDL2021
Retweeted by Version1Told ya 😏 Series: 2-1 #ROKKR | #CDL2021 | #PlayAsOne
Retweeted by Version1what else ?
Retweeted by Version1Map 1 ✅ #ROKKR | #CDL2021 | #PlayAsOne
Retweeted by Version1WE ARE LIVE! Our match against @OpTicCHI starts now! #ROKKR | #CDL2021 | #PlayAsOne
Retweeted by Version1 @ValorantUpdates @100Thieves @Envy WOOOOOOOooOOOOOooooOOOOooooOOOOOOOO!!!!!Coach @IanImmi talks @XSETGAMING and having confidence moving forward. Watch as he recaps yesterdays match and pre… @XSETGAMING at 5:30pm EST today for seeding in Challengers + prize $$$. Not a very important match for us 🥳
Retweeted by Version1Playing @XSETGAMING at 5:30pmEST today for seeding in Challengers + prize $$$. Not a very important match for us💪
Retweeted by Version1It's time for Day 3 of #VCTChallengersNA! Who do you think will be facing off in tomorrow's Grand Finals? ⏰ 12pm…
Retweeted by Version1Playing @XSETGAMING at 5:30pmEST today for seeding in Challengers + prize $$$. Still a very important match for usFlexed biceps
Retweeted by Version1"Dallas got their revenge on us, but we're not gonna let it happen today." - Coach @BrianSaintt We take on…
Retweeted by Version1 @XSETGAMING @WedidOfficial @thwifo @PureRedfish @AYRINval @T1BcJ @SyykoNT Good luck, but not too much luck.#V1RL Match recap can be found here: W for today, and that means we're out for the rest of Regionals. Sad it's over but looking forward to The Grid… maybe not. GGs to @RBG_Esports Game 4 : 1-3 Series: V1 - 1 | 3 - RBG #V1RL ⱽ #RLCSX ⱽ Regional 2 a Game 5. . . Game 3 : 0-1 Series: V1 - 1 | 2 - RBG #V1RL ⱽ #RLCSX ⱽ Regional 2 start but gained our momentum! 🚙 💨 Game 2 : 5-1 Series: V1 - 1 | 1 - RBG #V1RL ⱽ #RLCSX ⱽ Regional 2 of a warm-up round 😅 Game 1 : 0-3 Series: V1 - 0 | 1 - RBG #V1RL ⱽ #RLCSX ⱽ Regional 2🔴 GAMES STARTING NOW 🔴 #V1RL ⱽ #RLCSX ⱽ Regional 2 be a fun day of Rocket League! Join us!
Retweeted by Version1Saturday Rocket League time! Our co-stream is now LIVE with @ZachHalverson from @KFAN1003 along with… #PlayAsOne | #CDL2021 | #ROKKR
Retweeted by Version1Huuuge day, all 3 of our teams going big today #NeverDone
Retweeted by Version1HIPS AND HALVY ARE BACK! ⚽️🚙💨 @ZachHalverson and @dillonpomeroy will be hosting the @KFAN1003 Co-Stream of #V1RL's… @StokelyyRL glhfYesterday was a wild ride with #V1RL, @ROKKR and #V1VAL all in action. If you missed a match or need a reminder of… DAY AT V1 SINCE YESTERDAY (AGAIN)! #V1RL Knockout Gauntlet of #RLCSX Regionals 11:45amCT - @KFAN1003 Co-St…"I think we deserve to be here and have this win and it feels great, honestly." @Zellsis breaks down the #V1VAL w… over @Cloud9 gg's to them :D Qualified for Challengers 2 (whatever it's called) :D Felt good to step it up a…
Retweeted by Version12-1 vs @Cloud9 we qualified for regional finals, unreal feeling right now, but job isn't done. #WeAreZellsis
Retweeted by Version1
Retweeted by Version1 @valesports_na TOP FOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSee you tomorrow, @OpTicCHI #PlayAsOne | #CDL2021 | #ROKKR
Retweeted by Version1GG’s, #V1VAL really out here T4
Retweeted by Version1Watching this on repeat (@effysgo) #V1VAL game winning 1v3 reaction 🥶🥶
Retweeted by Version1ranked
Retweeted by Version1 @jrush512 @valesports_na @Cloud9 👀 ^ @ValorantUpdates @Cloud9 @XSETGAMING @Immortals @effysgo is good at VALORANT.@version1gg strung together an impressive second half on Haven to get the comeback victory against @Cloud9 Blue, e…
Retweeted by Version1🎉 Bracket Update 🎉 We'll be back again tomorrow after the 100T/Envy match facing off against @XSETGAMING 🔥…