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we're not talking enough about those pictures of cats on glass tables. the ones where you can see their paws tucked…
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Retweeted by Tyrantula @soaprunsfast bad timeline @SyllArtemis commit crimes!hoping i get halloween off so i can help my nieces and nephews with trick or treating"man i wish twitter would listen to artists" *the monkey's paw finger curls*
Retweeted by TyrantulaFun fact! In Japan, Kermit the Frog was originally dubbed by Yasuo Yamada, best known as the voice of Arsène Lupin…
Retweeted by Tyrantulatheater is a dying art form because the seats too small. how you wanna stay relevant but you discriminate against b…
Retweeted by TyrantulaAre you more of a stay-at-home person, or do you usually try to be outside? — a mix is nice but if i am in a new pl… nft people have no soul @trashinn Millionaires amirite. He even said he was independent and started 8 years ago. Turns out he literally bel… @trashinn Oh no I mean the person who wants to hire me. So he's like "come in Friday" and I was like "that's 20 hou… boss wants me to work 8 hours on Friday as a test so that means I'll be working 20 hours of my day. 4 hours to sleepWe left cause it was almost an hour we waited for this boss person and then 10 minutes after we left we got a call… I only went to this interview cause a family friend said they needed workers so I felt I could help them. NvmWanted to see about a new job and went out of my way today to go see it and I've been waiting 45 minutes for the bo… capybara
Retweeted by TyrantulaDo you want to be alone with the gang?
Retweeted by TyrantulaHad an Over the Garden Wall party this weekend and made a whole ass feast!
Retweeted by TyrantulaI showed a guy my tits n he said “ah geez louise”.. I am so close to ending it man
Retweeted by Tyrantula🌻🌹SURPRISE!!🌷🌼
Retweeted by Tyrantula @ojomlem self fulfilling prophecydon't move, cuddle bug!💚❤️
Retweeted by Tyrantula @ampathplus Appreciated @WinnieOWAOWA I may have to soon. And thanks it just hurts like a bitch @larkitten It's okay next time if it breaks I'll apologise to yougot 25kg box dropped on my leg during work today and fuck me i am feeling it now @larkitten @ojomlem Damn they just want you to tell others to get better. Use Ur powerful energy to power others up.
Retweeted by Tyrantulayall ever look in a mirror and go "this is boring character design"
Retweeted by Tyrantula @larkitten @ojomlem They mentioned it to tell you guys to power it up
2 year anniversary
Retweeted by Tyrantula @dizzymarz She is a gamer club member after all @ToastMcGoats33 I will just continue to observe with ears and listen to Ur issues king @larkitten @WOOZIKINX Only started being cool recently? I agreeMy work is shipping the cast of Madagascar too @ToastMcGoats33 You and Ur kind are beloved @KrushKore Big White Women @ToastMcGoats33 U rat women are awesome to look at @WOOZIKINX @larkitten @ToastMcGoats33 Perform evil deeds @larkitten And I think ham so maybe they just have like. Crazy meeting sandwichesFound out my work ships a fuck Ton of shredded cheese to the church of Scientology @MerlinLeFae Aye of course @MerlinLeFae Ur the hand approaching off screen @sinsumii Grand return for spooky timeOkay
Retweeted by Tyrantula @Succycharms @larkitten Been listening to it during work cause only it, and a song call "riding it" or something, downloaded on SpotifyHell yeah @larkitten uncle is now a millionaire cause my old man got divorced when younger so got nothing in his uncles will (Ir… Night 2B 🎃 HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
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Retweeted by Tyrantula @Ariellex1_ I always say “stopp ur gonna make me shit myself🥺” as a go to cause i have no other way of respond to a…
Retweeted by Tyrantula @larkitten They must have noticed such progress they had to congratulate you. Good job Larkin! @ojomlem Chomp on them @larkitten What a sweet email. And well deserved lass for sure. And I'm glad I'm honourable @larkitten 1 I'm here so a cool timeline still 2 just done sleep like me easy!The things I think I should message friends while sleep deprived make no sense at all or when I do message someone… keep falling asleep for periods of 20 to 30 minutes only for the last 4 hours my body is dissolving
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Retweeted by Tyrantulathe idea that saying "i love you" a lot devalues it relies upon a framework of value stemming from scarcity which s…
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Retweeted by Tyrantulame and who have only one draft and one day i shall unleash it's power @itssekitv that is def a health benefit so for sureIf you had a million dollars to buy a gift for a friend, what would you buy? — clear debts or give them money for t… an old screenshot that i loved from a game i played @ToastMcGoats33 my old man got me into blood brothers!
Retweeted by Tyrantula @ToastMcGoats33 i like the weird modern ones like percy jackson musical, the classics pog tho @ToastMcGoats33 i love how urs are mostly classics and i have been vibing to shrek musical and death note musical lol
Retweeted by Tyrantulawatching cdawgva playing minecraft is pain cause he doesn't know how to craft even an axe and he is playing on a modded server, poor man @larkaru_ aye even super talented and genuinely good art can be subject to NFTs not just the shitty fast made artgoing back to shit i loved when younger is the best like earlier Gorillaz albums, Voynich hotel or FLCL
My friend Peppa Pig - All bosses + Ending (No Damage)
Retweeted by Tyrantula @alltimejaeee killua swag @ToastMcGoats33 PUSSY power @MerlinLeFae GeniusI’m housesitting for my sister and her newly-groomed cat is just so
Retweeted by Tyrantula @MerlinLeFae Hell yeah flclWas gonna harass Seamus and Asher suprised me by existing is asked to stop destroying aperture science
Retweeted by Tyrantulathere is 18??? make a reverse version of this tik tok where I go to cuba and stare amazed at the doctor who treats me for fr…
Retweeted by Tyrantula @necktara that sucks
Retweeted by Tyrantulasaw a snap story where they were blowing glass to look like a heart but it looked more like testicles. love is stored in the ballsGOTTA BLAST!
Retweeted by Tyrantulaboth times @meduzamusic worked with irish singers Dermot Kennedy and Hozier the music fucked @WinnieOWAOWA okay hun @WinnieOWAOWA what why @CDawgVA terrifying changewtf the Queen of England dies, never forget this
Retweeted by Tyrantula can’t believe your best friends can live in different cities than you. i don’t care where your “job” is, come here!!!!!!!!!
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