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vylera @veyumii she/her

public diary tbh • priv: @vyleraa

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@NateBigBalls I would drop out @notaidn downbad hours 😕 @EridaniFPS hiiiactually maybe my priv isnt THAT bad 😭 @shuboxs its just random thoughts @NateBigBalls sure sure I dont use it often tho dhhshsif u on my priv plz do not think abt what i say .when he has a nice voice >>> @NateBigBalls yeS @NateBigBalls im more concerned abt drowning I cant swim... @NateBigBalls Dude i wanna visit hawaii atleast once its so pretty @NateBigBalls asia dhshbs @_nicollle__ heyhhaaha @NateBigBalls PRETTY MUCH THE WHOLE DAY AWAY .. @zekeiVAL they wont let me in my class @NateBigBalls 7:52am @NateBigBalls ur like over 12+ hrs behind i think .. @NateBigBalls isnt it like late for u 😭 @zekeiVAL heyy hruwho up rn @notaidn They not gonna know @notaidn I thought u were 5'1 and ginger @kizhybtw @magnum69420 yikes @kizhybtw 5'2 @notaidn It'll happen eventually.. @notaidn calling ppl mommy on twitter.. @notaidn thats gonna b u soon... @notaidn I think thas enough twitter for today..
@notaidn motherr? @notgmonster allgood bro @NateBigBalls hii @r66roku heyy hahha @notgmonster her @srrirachha walking like my sim character imcrying @edensarcade real @pnutphobic GRAPHIC AND ENGLISH IS EASY WJSHHS WYD @pnutphobic ur bad at subjects im good at HHAHA @cloudyerin_ ERIN NO WAY WE HAVE THE SAME MUSIC TASTE SJHSHS @cloudyerin_ me too i would have him on repeat sjhsbsks @cloudyerin_ Keshiii omg @hyarinnn ur joking @notaidn its mine aswell 😭 @notaidn one of her bests ong @notaidn U LISTEN TO CLAIRO AIDEN?waiting for som1 who listens to clairo to be friends w me @jov3lle suree @notaidn ok 🪳 @notaidn no its not wys @notaidn forreal 🐜 @Inocennts dream @notaidn yea @LeXiLy90_ Im staying up all night for school.. @LeXiLy90_ fix ur scheduleee @LeXiLy90_ most of my mutuals are 6+ hrs behind aswell so it fits my terrible schedule LOLwhy every1 up at 3am @laylabtw real
@notaidn nah coz why are we having a convo in ur replies.. @notaidn the spider ones better 🕷 @notaidn is that an ant wdfJust sayinIm 7'6 @notaidn SHUT UP @notaidn Im 5'2 let me assume i get a free pass 🙏 @notaidn I THOUGHTU WERE LIKE 5'7 ur so tall shhshs @notaidn WHAT @notaidn how tall r u.. @notaidn FRR @notaidn finally som1 who understands purple setups >> @LeXiLy90_ oh i just got off shhsns whats ur id ill add u laterwhy some of u make being immortal+ in valorant ur whole personality trait @wwond3rkid wait fr? @straycat_jpg yes more vira streams @notaidn noti go clean ur room too @LeXiLy90_ "try" 😭 @hyarinnn yea @notaidn never no wayI will not be downbad I will not be downbad I will not be downbad I will not be downbad I will not be downbad I wil… @notaidn yet @notaidn ur jus downbad wys @notaidn do i turn urs on . @kizhybtw ??? @sablewrldd @notaidn so real @sablewrldd @notaidn PLZ IVE SEEN LIKE 5 OF THE SAME TWEET @notaidn nah ur goodThe urge to post media @whosmichela WHAT IS THIS @kanatouu Just be taller than me im 5'2 @GGaB0T one daystreaming sounds so fun @notaidn LMAOO gonna wake up to more hands on the tl shhsjsh @notaidn ur gonna do it arent u
@notaidn trying @okazyey My whole tl today @notaidn dont. @notaidn hanDs? orwaiting to answer texts is childish just dmI feel rude if I dont add extra letters to my sentencess @mentalityswerve I will fight you @lylacVAL imt soon?! @GGaB0T FR