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@theiwantjayclub @prbation u got hoes.ima end it. @sparlur wait okay nvm @sparlur why are u lying @theiwantjayclub @prbation i know ur ass cheating @booklovr222 ALL MINEcrème de la penis
Retweeted by jazz ☆ @DyGie_ ? @notsencti shut up @notsencti 🫵🏼 @kevscade that’s him at all times @sparlur @wlyrrr fuck u @sparlur @wlyrrr I HATE U @wlyrrr 🫵🏽🐐 @Pilterr why what @suibabie BRUH 😭 @suibabie HUH ???bout to smoke then think bout the bad bitch that fumbled me
Retweeted by jazz ☆ @sparlur i’m sleeping forever @sparlur @sparlur good @ajzchrist @theiwantjayclub he didn’t call me back. @lilixbby @wlyrrr UR SO FINE @lilixbby get naked @KaedenVAL @SecretMan326 i like the pfp for the priv @theiwantjayclub @Nipozy1x WHY ARE U LYING @givemeurdadspIs HE MAKING MY CAT PURRR @givemeurdadspIs RIGHT @prbation what … @zerofwq hmmm idk @zerofwq yup 😧 @cinimoroll HI BABE2.6k mfs @Nipozy1x oh @notsencti twin why u do me like that @crvingangvl UR SO PERFECTNigga I really know Tony Hawk fr. This not a fan flick it’s a squad flick stop it.
Retweeted by jazz ☆night gang 💤
@pohluhr 💀 @Enny_XP so real @prbation what happened @sparlur nah if i was straight i wouldn’t be saying half the shit i do. i do love women tho 🏳️‍🌈 @booklovr222 @sparlur eli hating 💔 @sparlur no but we both love pussy @booklovr222 nom nom nom @sparlur u homophobic or smtnme + oph = ✂️ @theiwantjayclub @booklovr222 liar @theiwantjayclub @booklovr222 which bitch u fuckin rn @theiwantjayclub @booklovr222 i know the mf that left me on delivered ain’t replying rn @wristaimer @aidsaidn get a grip @crvingangvl MY BEAUTIFUL WIFEhe must be an architect the way he’s building me up to my climax
Retweeted by jazz ☆ @777acid_ hey !!! @ysIpriv gorgeous @Enny_XP enny reply @crvingangvl MARRY ME @lilixbby tell kev i said thank u !!!! @theiwantjayclub @lilixbby here is a florida freak @sparlur @wlyrrr @lilixbby yes @sparlur @wlyrrr @lilixbby she only played these @booklovr222 thank you (i love my girlfriend)can everyone leave jazz (my girlfriend) aka my girlfriend (jazz) alone ty ! u all are a bunch of freaks
Retweeted by jazz ☆ @sparlur @wlyrrr @lilixbby 2019 bea @sparlur @wlyrrr @lilixbby at this point i ain’t surprised u here @wlyrrr @lilixbby ry you an exception, the other men weird @lilixbby I LOVE U SM @lilixbby they men are weird @nsfwrezz :)? @celcrium @theiwantjayclub @booklovr222 leave my lover alone. ophi get behind me @aidsaidn neigh @iluvacn i’m bored asf rn @iluvacn i’ve been good, how u doing @iluvacn hey @ugh37248 ily more @bunnwithrizz yes"satire"
Retweeted by jazz ☆ @sparlur @r4682762 @p4rtygetsmewett damn be patient @sparlur @r4682762 @p4rtygetsmewett that’s my private @sparlur cause @sparlur 🫵🏽 @sparlur i hate you so much @bvbymoo @azido @wristaimer @fazed you’re right all i need is you @sparlur ELI PLEASE STFU BRUH U ALWAYS LAUGHING FOR WHAT @bvbymoo @azido @wristaimer @fazed he left me on delivered @bvbymoo wanna makeout @bvbymoo AJJAJAJ @moonieie_ HOLA HERMOSA @sparlur ?? @juulpodlmaoo dw he’s being dealt withleerfps is a lame ass dude bro
Retweeted by jazz ☆ @bvbymoo i’m coming over @bvbymoo get naked @LAROFPS @hy7nn 💀